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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 18 August 2013
I purchased the btc450 for two reasons: 1. It would only work through the cigarette lighter. This would save the effort of charging it. 2. It had aptX which my friend said was better than a2dp, apparently my phone supports it (Galaxy S3).

The fact it had a hands free kits didn't bother me as there is one already in my car. Android devices allow you to choose what device you link up to. So I had the music to the btu450 and the calls to the car. I did test the hands free and the caller said it sounded much better than my car one. So I will be using it for both. Excellent.

The sound quality is very good indeed. Clear at all frequencies. I did hear noise through it though. This is not the fault of the btc450 but of the car (Mazda 6). I tried it in another car and there was no noise. It apparently comes from having the ground for the cigarette lighter and car stereo in different places causing ground loops. I purchased a kensington noise reducing cable (ground loop isolator) that Mr Sundareshawar recommended in his review along with the 3.5 female to female coupler. This worked excellently. No more strange noises.

To test to see if you will get this issue: charge your phone with the 12V socket you would use and plug your phone into the aux through the headphones. Put your stereo on aux, if there is noise coming though with no music you will most likely need the cable. Make sure the volume is not 0 as some stereos will cut the connection so you won't hear anything.

The usability when connected is excellent. The middle button connects to S Voice (a feature on Samsung mobiles) this allows you to ring people by saying the name in the phone book. It also works with my wife's siri Button on her iPhone.

I placed mine on the dash where the stereo is. The finish is very good and blends well with my dash. Enough that it could actually be there from the manufacturer. It was quite difficult hiding the wire. Most of my dash just pulls off so I could get it so far, but it is just visible under the stereo. I will try and upload a picture. I was worried about the sticky pad not being strong enough. This is not the case and will enable you to press the buttons without it coming off.

All in all an excellent product and well recommended. Make sure you do a test for noise.
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on 6 December 2014
I never usually review products but I was extremely impressed with this one. I own a BMW 3 series coupe. I wanted to connect my music wirelessly because I hate how scruffy wires all over the place look. I took a leap of faith going by previous reviews, but looking at the price I wasn't holding my breath.

This product turned out to be excellent. To sync it with my phone could not be more simple. Plug device in, search for it via bluetooth on your phone and conect. Not only does it sync with my itunes it also plays spotify. From the device you are able to skip tracks, pause, rewind and fast forward (and yes, this includes spotify). This means once you press play, you have no need to touch your phone again.

My phone calls come through perfect. The only time I notice any distortion is when I turn my cars volume to max and then it's noticelable, but quite frankly, this never happens. I have now stopped using my bmw bluetooth prep in favour for this. I also love that the cigarette usb port. It means I can stick a charger in when the batteries running low without hassle.

I think i've only ever written one review (which was negative) but this product is one that I beleive deserves it. If you want to spend little money but gain a top of the range product, this is the one for you.
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on 26 January 2014
Easy to set up and use
Excellent call quality
Useful button system to toggle podcasts or tracks
Automatically connects to my phone when I get in the car
Automatically stops playing music when a call comes in
Would highly recommend
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on 17 April 2016
Not working as I hoped: You set it up fine, you can operate it well too : use siri, stream music (the missing a2dp bluetooth capability that the (09) Freelander 2 didn't implement)
It doesn't play nicely with the Freelander's in-car bluetooth. You can stream music - ask siri to call someone - you make the call (which then streams to the Land Rover's in-car bluetooth) - but when the call finishes and it doesn't then switch back to the BTC450 to resume the streaming properly: The music player plays (the timer for the music is moving along), but no sound is coming out, it doesn't re-pair again.
Only a week ago I bought a cheaper £7 dongle that nearly worked - but it would randomly un-pair. Stumping up the extra, assuming a better product, this hasn't been a success either.
ALSO - it can't handle more than one phone at a time, from my experience too. I was on the drive, trying to use the phone, but it dialled my wife's phone from inside the house! (She had used the car last, on the previous day). I suppose, based upon that, it has a cracking bluetooth range!
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on 1 March 2016
It's difficult to sum up just how amazing this product is without sounding like I work for Kinivo!
Let me start by saying this is one of the easiest devices I have ever connected to via Bluetooth, no tricky button combinations, no press this hold that for x seconds etc etc, simply turn it on and its ready to pair up.
The talk back audio quality is very good, I personally believe that it is better than the blue tooth receiver in my car ( 2011 saab 9-5). So far I've had zero complaints about delay or quality so a huge thumbs up from me.
I use my phone for online radio stations, podcast's and music via stock android player, Amazon music and google music. Some of the Bluetooth receivers on the market transmit in mono only but this is definitely Stereo and superb stereo quality at that. I read a review on here where somebody thought the Kinivo somehow amplified the output beyond what the stereo jack out typically gave him before. I have to agree with this as the music seems loud and punchy with the right levels of clarity.
All in all really really impressed with this little unit and what makes it even better than others is the fact the wiring can be easily tucked away into the cars trim etc to allow for a clean install
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on 30 May 2013
Ditched the other similar looking one with the blue ring out of sheer frustration, for this.

There's no contest. Music and calls perfect, no interference, callers can hear me at motorway speeds, and auto-pairing when getting in the car - wow!
Easy install and initial pairing to iPhone. Always charged, and much, much better A2DP streaming quality. Tiny non-distracting, infrequently flashing light, dedicated music fwd/bwd buttons.
Delighted to have made the switch to this Kinivo.

Oh, and once Very impressed.
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on 23 September 2013
Can't fault this product. It was really easy to set up and the sound quality from my iphone to my car speakers is as good as connecting it via a cable. It plays music from my iPhone library or straight from the spotify app. I can also make and receive phone calls which are clear for both the caller and receiver. When the call is finished it starts playing the music again. Not all bluetooth products allow you to both make calls and play music but this one does. My Tom Tom sat nav app on the iPhone also plays over bluetooth to the car speakers. It also works whilst charging and the iPhone pairs automatically as soon as you turn on the ignition so you can almost forget it is there. I have a separate charger for my phone for long journeys but it will work if your phone is on charge or not.

I spent a long time looking at suitable products and this is perfect and great value for money. It just proves you don't have to spend a fortune.
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on 17 April 2014
As others have said, this is SO easy to set up. Just plug into the power outlet, plug into your AUX input, and stick somewhere you can get to it within easy reach of the buttons. Turned on my phone Bluetooth, it found it, and paired automatically. And every time I turn on my bluetooth it connects instantly. Audio is great quality- certainly on par with connecting via cable. And now I can pause and skip songs by tapping a button on the device instead of having to turn on my phones screen first. The build quality, although plastic, is actually very nicely done, and it's a solid build. Nothing cheap looking here. Well done, and thank you, to the makers.
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on 14 April 2016
I was very pleasantly surprised with this item. Smaller than I thought it would be, but that only makes it better as its less obvious. I paired my phone in seconds, and the sound improvement its made was quite amazing. I have a decent system in the car, but this has made it even better (bass is much more meatier). The volume of SIRI could be better, however I'm betting thats my phone setup rather than the device. Getting back in the car, it reconnects without doing anything, a simple tap of the button and it continues playing from where it left off. I haven't tried it with using Waze and playing music as yet but my old Samsung HS3000 worked a treat, I see this being no different. A great piece of kit, and delivered a day earlier than expected. Brilliant all around :)
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on 18 July 2016
I absolutely love this, I had a car with bluetooth already but moved to a newer car which didn't for some reason!
It has AUX and this allowed me to make my phone bluetooth enabled for music as well as calls.

I highly highly recommend it. The device itself is actually tiny and I have it all in my center console (BMW) hidden away yet it works perfectly.

Quality of music seems very high and it didn't actually seem any different than using AUX itself? I stream from spotify and that was fine.

Highly recommend.
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