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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 18 October 2012
This speaker gives surprisingly good sound considering the price bracket it's in.

Clarity is very sharp on a wide variety of audio from songs, movies to general YouTube videos etc.

Bass reproduction isn't ground shaking but most importantly is distortion free and provides nice and clean sound.

Setup is as easy as any other Bluetooth device and range is sufficient.

Build quality is very impressive and would suggest that it should be in a higher price bracket when you take it out of the box and use if for the first time.

Overall considering price, quality of finish and product it's great value for money.

5-stars from me
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on 5 August 2014
I've put together a quick video so you can get an idea of the audio quality of this speaker. Stick some headphones on if you're on a laptop/mobile and hit play for a quick overview and 3 tests or read on for the normal review...

(Audio test starts at 3 mins 30 secs)


A well made, robust and stylish little speaker with many premium features at a very low price point. Excellent audio quality for the price and it comes with decent accessories. Battery life is just about as claimed and the bluetooth setup is quick and painless.


3.5mm jack (male to male)
MicroUSB cable
Non slip mat
Speaker itself


Excellent. That's all I can say really, it's brushed aluminium shell is lightweight, stylish and strong and the speaker grill is very robust meaning I'd have no qualms throwing this in a bag with other bits and bobs.

The rubber foot on the bottom provides built in non-slip for extra security which is a nice touch. The switches are positive, the little light isn't too annoying and everything has a nice feel of 'attention to detail'.


I'm generally getting the claimed performance. Standby lasts ages, I've not actually managed to run it out by just leaving it though I get about 8-10 hours playback when in use over Bluetooth. Charging is quick (a couple hours).


This has connected to a windows desktop, MacBook Pro, Nexus 5, iPhone 4s and 5s, iPad Retina and Nexus 7 (not all mine!) without any problems whatsoever. The only thing to watch out for it that when switching from one device to another you may need to make sure that the 'old' device is disconnected and Bluetooth is off, particularly on a MacBook as sometimes devices say they're disconnected but actually 'hold on' to the connection and won't let the speaker pair to a new device.


You can hear for yourself in the video but for those unable to watch it the quality AT THIS PRICE POINT is incredible. Remember, that's at this price point. More money will get you much smoother and richer bass and greater clarity all round but for this price then you are getting a very very very good product.

Bass response won't blow you away like a large speaker would but equally for it's size it's an very impressive output. It's much better than any of the speakers built in to a mobile device/tablet or laptop and the greater volume output makes this great for outdoor parties, trips to the beach, picnics, BBQ's festivals or whatever.
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on 14 January 2013
I was sceptical about some of the rave reviews of this product, but having bought one I can only join the ravers!

The packaging is substantial and looks good, the speakerSD SoundWave SW100 Rechargable Portable Bluetooth Speaker is heavy for it's size, and that too looks good.

Straight out of the box, without first charging, it connected to both my Galaxy S3 and my iPod Touch without any problem.

The sound quality for such a small speaker is amazing, and I can't wait to pack something so small to have brilliant sound whilst on holiday!

I fully and wholly recommend this product in all respects.

Just in passing - I am 72, and at that "grumpy" stage of life - so to find something as good as this to take my time to write about is a bit of a wonder!!

The seller shipped the goods very quickly too - so everything in my humble opinion is just tickety-boo!!!

Thank you!
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on 12 April 2013
I have other bluetooth speakers but wanted a small one to bring to work. Ordered this unit and it arrived on time.

Problem with bluetooth connection. It pairs as it should but the connection drops every now and again even when the connected phone is about 5 feet away from the speaker. This becomes worse when I try to touch the phone to change a song or change the volume. It looses the connection for about 1 to 3 seconds but reconnects again.

Before anyone comments about my phone, I have tried x2 Galaxy S3's and x2 Nexus 7's and the connection problem is the same, so I can safely say the speaker is faulty or has problem.

Edit 18/04/2013
I have contacted the seller and they sent me a replacement unit. I am happy to say that bluetooth problem has now gone.

What I like abouth this speaker:

confirmation beep/s when the speaker has entered pairing mode, when speaker is successfully paired, and when the and when it is unpaired.

10 hours of battery life as opposed to 5 hours on the Tecevo S10 which I also have.

The more universally used Micro usb port for charging against the mini usb port of the Tecevo S10

separate 3.5mm audio jack which is also universal, against the integrated port with USB with bespoke leads on the Tecevo S10

Sound quality is excellent, just like the Tecevo S10, but it is just a wee bit clinical, as opposed to the little punchy Tecevo S10, but this difference is really very very minimal you will not notice the difference when listening outdoors.

If you will ask me which one I like better, my answer will be this speaker due to the fact that battery lasts longer and I can use my phone charger with it. Aslo there is no loud hissing sound on this unit compared to the Tecevo S10. I have tested two of the SW100, and 3 units on the Tecevo S10, and the S10 had loud hissing on all of them.

SOLID 5 stars !!!

Please also read my review on the Tecevo S10, I gave it 3.5 stars -

I will post pics of the speakers later...
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on 5 April 2014
A mate in work brought one of these into work and we played with it for a while, pairing it to various phones and playing a wide variety of music through it. I was so impressed I bought one! Many have said how clear it is and that the bass is good for it's size but not window rattling etc. I would agree with these reviews but would like to add that as far as the bass goes, it may not be earth shattering but it is VERY tuneful - it is great to hear something like this that can discern the difference between a bass guitar and kick drums, most just have a low frequency grumble where as the bass on this really does play tunes. The story doesn't end there though because you can easily hear every detail right through the frequency range - it's very easy to pick out individual instruments in the mix like low level rhythm guitars and quiet backing vocals and percussion gadgets. As you may have guessed, I'm a bit of an audiophile and this thing has truly impressed the hell out of me! Okay it isn't going to replace your hi-fi system but for casual listening in the kitchen or the bathroom etcetera, it is just fantastic. I can't rave about it enough!
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on 22 October 2012
SD SoundWave SW100 Rechargable Portable Bluetooth SpeakerSmall size and a solid build, this little blutooth speaker took me by surprise..!! Easy to pair with your device, in my case an iphone. Once I'd switched it on I went into my mp3 tracks and picked "Key to life","Bakerman" and "white Horse" for starters...all track were by Laid Back which have some nice base riffs... And I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the way this little jem handled the sound, in short...impeccably...!!! Crystal clear highs, well defined and detailed midrange with a solid tuneful and punchy base.
I noticed that the surface you put this speaker on affects the sound, I first placed it on the supplied sound mat on the hard kitchen work top and got a really good solid and detailed sound, then I placed it in the centre and on top of my wooden box like bread bin which tended to amplify the base still further. I went out of my kitchen and into the bathroom oposit to get ready to go out whilst listening to the music from the kitchen, and had to keep coming back to convince myself that I hadn't left a bigger system playing. Such was the quality of sound this speaker produced, I did get the occasional blutooth drop outs during playback but this I'm sure was mainly due to my phone and not this speaker. Connect the suplied 3.5 sterio cable and no problem at all, overall...very impressed. So much so in fact, I bought the company...Ok, I was joking about that part....BUT....I did order three more from Amazon, two for presents and one more for me. So in conclusion, do I recommend the "Soundwave SW100"?..... HELL YEAH...!!!
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on 4 May 2015
Not a bad little speaker, but the pairing is flawed.

To pair the device you hold down the button for 7 seconds.

If there is a device already paired you hold down the button for 2 seconds to call the last dialled number on your phone (on the iPhone at least).

So, if someone else is connected to the speaker - and in a house full of Bluetooth devices this is likely - you cannot connect your device without hunting down the connected device.

Not a problem if this is a personal speaker, but this is our bathroom speaker. I am often naked when I discover I can't listen to any music!
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on 23 April 2016
Small and powerful. I am no sound engineer but this little speaker has made listening to music or the news so handy, without needing to carry the phone around.
The microphone needs to be aligned to be facing you to take calls, but that is a small matter. I have been using this for calls for over a month and its a godsend on days when there are back to back telephonic meetings. Sound is clear and crisp. Would have liked a mute button but that is just me being lazy.
The battery is phenomenal - I have used it for a full day of calls with no need to recharge in between.

I have no complaints and would buy this again. The only issue I would have if I was to want to carry it around is that it is quite heavy for its size.
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on 12 July 2013
I usually do a quick review on any product i buy from here but this little baby has just blown me away for a few reasons, let me start by this little speaker is not gona blow the roof of your house or even make your windows rattle but thats not what it says on the tin, what it will do is give you enough volume & bass to put outside on your garden table while having a few friends around or put in your bedroom or bathroom while getting ready to go out, it doesn`t surpass a volume level to a point were it starts to distort the little speaker inside but wow does the little thing produce enough volume and bass to keep everybody happy, when i first opened it and showed it to my wife she went yeh thats ok then i played blinkbox music through my Nexus 4 (which connected with in seconds through Bluetooth) her jaw dropped in shock and so did mine, a good volume a rich bass just brilliant for its size you really have to hear it to believe it, then i watched a movie on my Nexus 4 on Netflix just brilliant, i`l finish off by saying i`v not even charged it yet from straight out the box and its still going strong as i type, thats 2 nights of nearly solid use, pritty god damn good in my eyes ;-).
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on 28 December 2012
When I first opened the box,my initial thoughts were its too small to produce such a great sound.
The high range,middles,and bass sound very good,the bass is not earth shattering,but enough to get a good tone from whatever music,or movies you play using it.Its far superior than the one installed on an IPad,which is the main reason I bought it.bluetooth connectivity is very easy,it also has a built in mic,which can be used in a car.pairing to another Bluetooth device is very simple.
It sounds so good,I bought a second comes with a rubber mat ,which absorbs any bass and directs it out of the speaker.For the price,you cannot go wrong,and have no hesitation recommending it to anyone.
Great value for money.Go ahead and treat yourself.
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