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on 27 January 2013
Before buying I read all the reviews online for this camera was a little put of by comments about poor image quality once printed/ viewed on big screen but BEWARE the cameras they use as comparisons are all £300/£400 DSLR , that is not what you are paying for here....what you actually get is image quality both Video and stills on a par with samsungs wb150f/wb850f (specs etc almost identical to wb850f) with a few extra effects etc.BUT on top of this you get an android device with the same specs as Samsung note11/s3 ( but without the phone bit!) device capable of taking good to very good point and shoot video and stills but also easily copes with 3d /complex games,email,browsing,kindle ap,social media/ sharing and watching HD quality movies downloaded to watch offline from google idea device if travelling ! You also get 2years 50gb Dropbox,a way of storing and sharing photo/video across all devices..really great service,lots of preloaded photo editing/effect apps and access to more via play store,great wifi (picked up public access spots even iPod had problems with) and the ability to add 3G sim...comes with 1gb months p&g sim from 3 but should be able to use micro sim from any provider (home or abroad) just like a phone.

The free battery charger being offered by most sellers at moment is TINY and comes with spare battery (or it did when I purchased it) very light and uses same power cable as camera,charges with a couple of hours, would be an idea to purchase several spare batteries (they are cheap!) as battery life is only down side of this device...with wifi on and heavy app usage would last three/four hours of continuous use (Internet,games etc) without wife expect double that and just used as camera with wifi on some of time would last day or two

Other reviews mention lack of case , it is an odd shape being thinner than samsungs wb150 but about 1 1/2 times the length due to large screen with thicker hand hold at one side and obviously the 21 times zoom adding thickness....I found that soft cases/travel cases meant for Nintendo ds/3ds (not the Xl version) fitted really well , are cheap and normally have space for spare micro sd cards

You will need to purchase large capacity (32/64 gb) micro sd card class 10 or above..this will cost an extra £25 plus even from a amazon!

In conclusion a great device if you want an all in one device to travel with and accept its limitations.....
Screen great quality/ responsive but only a little larger than an iPod
Camera / Video quality good but not as good as a DSLR for same price
Same range of usable apps/ movies as on android tablet (and full play store / amazon app store access) but MUCH smaller screen
Battery life about half you would expect from smart phone or tablet
Same text/3G access as phone but no voice calls
Much heavier than normal point and shoot camera or smart phone , but lighter than both together

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on 25 January 2013
It's fair to say that if you take the trouble to trawl the internet for reviews on this camera, you'll find a pretty mixed bag of opinions. Most of the negative ones seem to dwell on image quality compared to some of the competition. I think that this is purely down to the fact that this an expensive piece of kit, and you possibly could pick up a 'normal' compact/mirrorless for a bit less with better image quality. But have no fears - the photo's that this baby takes are clear, vibrant and pop out at you, even on a full size computer screen. If you're used to having a mid/high range compact camera you will be more than happy with the results. My personal opinion is that there's a lot of nit picking going on from dedicated photography sites that dont neccesarily approve of the Samsung's jack of all trades approach.
All you need to know is that it takes fabulous pictures which can be edited on the fly with loads of fun editing apps from Google Play, shared immediately and the zoom is amazing. And you can play Angry Birds - nuff said.

UPDATE : Just to press the point home, a friend of mine bought a Panasonic GH3 mirrorless compact over the weekend. That camera is generally recognised to have very DSLR qualities and is a fine piece of kit in its own right. So, we took some comparison shots while out sledging with the kids in the snow and you really would be hard pressed to tell the difference (to the naked eye). If anything, the colours with the Samsung are more more vibrant in my eyes, and the detail is just as good.
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on 24 July 2014
Never have I been as pleased with a digital camera as with this fascinating Samsung Galaxy Camera. Top of my list is the big screen which is so wonderfully wide it occupies the entire back of the camera. Its size has even pushed any physical buttons and knobs off into the software and therefore onto the screen itself! And what a screen it is. I will just pick out one terrific feature from it, the tricky sounding 'Smart Pro Mode'. Whoever invented this is a genius. It nearly presses the button for you and yes, 'we really do the rest' as Mr. Kodak once said.

You will have complete strangers looking over your shoulder, in no time, at that big screen, to see the photos you have just taken. As an aside, the screen ensures anybody using the camera will not be inclined to cut people off at the knees by having too much sky in the photo, the 'too much headroom' syndrome. Your compositions will be Rembrandt like.

As to picture quality, Everything so far has been razor sharp from postcard size to A4 enlangements. This is despite pixel-counting reviewers who also must pick nits. Intriguingly there may be a reason for this. I decided to install a battery and micro SD memory card only, for the moment. No SIM card because I don't yet need to avail of all the apps and sharing love-in hippy stuff that goes with that. I mean to say, it is a camera is it not? I have been told that since there is less demand from the Android, not to mention the Jellybean (what is this? Snoopy meets Dr. Seuss via ET?) that all the power goes to the picture making elements and even the anti-vibration device. It makes sense.

Buy one soon, if you can, at Amazon's great price, before Samsung either delete or improve it!

Tim, Dublin.
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on 22 November 2012
First impression is a quite fantastic device having 3G, WiFi and GPS. I go to loads of gigs and have 3 million hits on YouTube so there is much potential here, particularly with the 21x optical zoom lens. Live tweeting close up quality photos is very satisfying for both me and my followers. If ever EE have the decency to deliver my 4G mobile wifi unit ordered 22 days ago then I may even upload videos immediately after recording.

The still picture quality is exceptional in broad daylight, in darkened environments where a flash is not appropriate no better than my Canon G12. The video quality so far has been promising. It's a little soft for a 1080p device but the two gigs I have made videos at were in a dark church in Hackney. Somewhere with a full-on lightshow may prove sharper. Like every other camera I have had it runs into problems standing down the front right by the speakers, things get a bit muffled and distorted. The auto-focus is rather slow to respond when zooming in and out leaving 3-4 seconds out of focus at times, again this should improve outdoors in daylight.

The Android functionality is only hampered by the Samsung customisation. I expect it for the camera hardware and the menus are very easy to use other than an apparent lack of recording volume options leading to sound distortion as above. It's just a shame they can't leave well alone in other areas.

Anything I can do on my other devices I can do on this. I ignore DropBox and use Google+ Instant Upload instead. It's just a shame I can't remove DropBox completely. Facebook still bombs out when trying to share directly from the gallery as it does on my Nexus 4.1 phone.


Battery life is very short. 3 hours at a gig taking 2-3 videos and 20-30 photos sees the battery down by 50% despite being on power saving. This may be down to Instant Upload struggling to get a 3G signal but I shouldn't have to switch off that functionality to see if there's a difference. 5 days at Glastonbury next year might require 5 batteries unless I switch off 3G completely.

The fatal flaw leading to this particular item's return and replacement with another is the video zoom. When initially zooming forward there is no problem. But zooming backwards and subsequent zooming in either direction leads to an extremely loud crackle in the video recording. Hopefully this is just a one off with my unit and wouldn't stop me from recommending it.


Having had the replacement which came in blue rather than the advertised black a couple of points.

Our office Christmas Party was in a very dark night club in London. In these settings taking shots with the flash is pretty random as you don't get the green squares around faces very often leading to lack of focus and red-eye reduction simply doesn't work.

I went to the XFM Winter Wonderland and had my first occasion to test out the video on the new one with high volumes blasting out of the speakers. Unfortunately the previous issue with crackling/distortion when using zoom is still very much present. It also takes quite a while to regain the auto-focus when zooming quickly. I may just have to live with the crackling or simply use the zoom a lot less. In so many other ways it is a brilliant camera with no apparent rival on the market, very reluctant to return again.


Very impressed with Samsung via their Contact CEO facility. I had a very helpful reply from their head of customer services when I said it seemed a bit pointless to return the camera a second time only to discover the very same issue a 3rd time. He contacted their technical guys and came back with a request to try the latest software update, Android 4.1.2. I had already applied this but hadn't had a chance to test it out. I did note, however, this also contained a firmware update. Not having any gigs for a few weeks I put my Led Zeppelin DVD on and progressively turned up the volume to the point my receiver safety cut-out kicked in, zooming in and out all the while. Result, zero crackle. A minor amount of motor noise when no volume but this will not affect me. There wasn't even any high volume distortion and the levels were similar to front row Brixton Academy. Hoping this holds true at a real gig but looking great so far.
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on 22 November 2012
Not a lot i can add that hasn't been said already....but it is NOT a phone,it can send and receive texts,but can't make calls.
overall,i am impressed,yes the battery life is probably crap,but as it takes samsung galaxy s3 batteries...just buy a couple,they are dirt cheap! I haven't taken a lot of pictures yet as it's been chucking down with rain every day,but indoors is fine and look good...really my only complaint is that their is no case available,get with it Samsung,why make a great camera then not bother even having a case you can buy!But overall, it's expensive....but it is fantastic fun and in my opinion a good camera.
9/4 2013.
Update....My wife liked this camera so much she bought one too,and despite hardly using it,the damned thing went very wrong about a fortnight ago. The touch screen wouldn't work and it was basically useless. As she purchased it from joy there! So we phoned Samsung and they insisted on treating it as a phone! So it was duly collected and as i write this it is being tested and we will eventually be told if it can be fixed or not. My point is,i have always liked Samsung but this is shoddy unfair treatment,in fact they even told her if it got lost or broken on the way to them it was her fault!
So my opinion of them has changed radically,and i would advise anyone planning on buying one of these cameras to think twice as Samsung are complete rubbish at pleasant,helpful service! So i am changing my rating,because if it goes wrong you are pretty much screwed!
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on 27 February 2013
Only had a couple of hours to dabble with this little beauty and I'm already impressed. It can do so much more than advertised. If you search 'youtube' deep enough you will find several tutorials that go in depth on how to use the camera and exactly what it's capable of such as viewing a pictures details using the 'tilt' of the camera instead of zooming in all the time!. Picture quality is very good on all modes I have tried so far. Slow motion of the sparrows on the bird table are a delight to behold. Voice recognition/control is literally faultless - tried to catch it out first time of use with "isometric workings of an equilateral triangle" and it got it word for word! wow!! Indoors with low lighting it took pictures like I was sitting in daylight, never had a camera that did that. I'm already using DropBox so don't have to go through the hassle of sitting in front of my PC to download pictures. I'm off on a two week cruise to the Caribbean soon so will extend this review on how it performed when I return. it's actually what I bought the camera for.........

Footnote: Just downloaded some pics manually to iPhoto (MAC) no problem...... but there IS a problem downloading video! investigated on several forums and apparently Samsung/Apple have issues with Mp4 video format and have this problem on a multitude of Samsung devices for at least TWO YEARS!!!!!. So... if you have a MAC and are using iPhoto and are expecting to download videos from the camera think again ? co's it ain't going to happen (shock, horror!).

Footnote 2: Found a long winded way to do it.... put micro SD card in an adapter, put the adapter in a usb sandisk reader, put it into a USB port, open it, drag each MP4 file into iPhoto.....
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on 12 December 2012
I like the camera and added it to my basket today but cancelled transaction after i realised it was available 120£ cheaper on amazon france. I really like this camera and have a playlist on youtube of videos of this camera (youtube username veryannoyingname ) BUt i cant justify buying this by paying 120£ more than people in france. Amazon price today for both black and white version is 449euros plus they get 100euro cash back from samsung as advertised on amazon effectively making this camera £281 in france with free delivery. So why are we in the UK asked to pay £399 for the same camera. Rip off. SO will wait till price crashes in the UK too. I have posted this on samsunggeeks blog and xda forums and youtube so that more uk prospective buyers are aware f the actual price in france and how we in the uk get ripped off 120£ more. I am not going to pay the present prices and will wait till prices come down to £281 like in france today.

I have seen almost all the youtube videos on this camera and loads of online written reviews and like the product and its features. I checked out both the black and white versions in a shop. I can find that there are other versions like red / orange / pink shown on other websites like engadget where an old post shows the different colours for the two types of official cases for this camera. Also on xda forums a picture of the red one has been posted as well. Was interested in the red one but cant find it in the uk yet. Will update my review after prices drop and i actually buy the camera. My present review is based on trying it out in a shop and seeing prices in france compared to the UK.

Update on 20.12.12:
Netherlands also gets the 100euro cash back as posted by others on XDA forums for this camera.

There is a £50 cash back for this camera on Samsung uk website if you buy a Samsung Galaxy note 2 or Samsung Galaxy S3 see detailed terms and conditions on Samsung website and also closing date for cash back scheme. The cash back scheme is very poor compared to France and Netherlands schemes.

Decided not to buy this camera yesterday as a better deal can be got on the Samsung WB850F for £175 but you get £50 cash back from Samsung for that camera making it £125. That camera has the same zoom and sensor and has Wi-Fi and can do remote link and viewer from android and iOS phones just like this camera with free apps, it can upload to internet to just like this camera. But the WB850F can't do other apps. But the other apps are available on my phone anyway. Since I was getting the WB850F for £125 after cash back from Samsung I thought that was a better deal as it has same zoom and website and Wi-Fi and internet upload options. Hope this helps others interested in the features I was looking for rather than just the other apps which isn't available on the WB850F. Bought it from amazon and getting delivery tomorrow.

Please note that I have checked various Samsung cameras in shops and found that the white ones in shops are grimy unlike the black ones and the grime really sticks to the white ones. The paint finish on other Samsung Cameras is similar to the Samsung galaxy camera so i would expect the same grime to accumulate on the white version of the Samsung Galaxy camera too. Consider this before buying white ones. I will upload a video of the grime stuck to white one (Samsung wb150) tomorrow to my YouTube channel. Shot the video a few days ago but haven't had time to upload it yet.
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on 5 January 2014
*****Updated review: February 2015*****

After sending the original camera and all accessories back, I repurchased this camera in April 2014. I am most definitely impressed by the quality of pictures and its fantastic battery life! The first one I purchased must have been faulty as I've had no problems with the one I currently own. I can leave it for a while without using and the batteries stay charged. They are quick to charge and last for ages, which I found out when I went to NYC in October 2014, 1 battery lasted me 2 and a half days with continuous use without having to be charged!! Amazing!!! I have some fantastic pictures that look professional!! My advice is go buy this camera, you won't regret it!!!

*****Original review: January 2014*****

I got this camera as a present for Christmas after mithering for it since it's release in 2012.

Although it is a fantastic camera and I'm quite impressed with its features, I am extremely disappointed with the poor battery life.

The package I got came with the battery charger and extra battery, needless to say after both batteries being fully charged, one being placed back in the camera, other not, after turning camera on once and taking a COUPLE of pictures the battery went flat. Recharged, left camera for a few days without use and fully turned off, not on standby mode, and now both batteries need recharging, one hasn't even been used!!

Not sure if anyone else is having a problem with battery life to this extent, but considering sending the camera back and getting a refund, then re-purchasing at a local store, at least I would get warranty if something where to go wrong!
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on 8 January 2013
I hate to write a less than glowing review about a Samsung product as I am a real Samsung fan boy - but I really have to be honest and am slightly disappointed with this camera.

I love taking photos and own a Panasonic compact camera, a Panasonic bridge camera and a Nikon D90 DSLR - all of which I am happy with. I own a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone and this phone takes amazing photos so I was expecting a Samsung camera to be as good as my phone - but it isn't! ( I see another reviewer also prefers his Note 2 phone to this!)

I had high expectations for this camera - hoping that it would replace my DSLR on my hill walks, save having to carry the huge camera about in my rucksack and give me the extra zoom that I have not got on my Note 2 phone - but no I am still taking them with me because I am not happy with this camera.

The 3 mains let downs for me are:-

1)- NO HDR function. This is present on my Note 2 phone and I use it on most of my landscape shots and it is great and I presumed that it would be available on this camera, but it is not. So I find myself having to use my phone when I want HDR shots. I know that this is not a function that everyone wants - or even knows about, but once used it is so hard to live without and one that really should have been included in the Smart option. I really hope that Samsung can do a software upgrade to include this.

2) -The battery life is not good and I have had to order 2 more extra batteries to take out with me on my hill walks as it cannot last a day out in the hills.

3) - The photo ratio is odd. I am undertaking a 365 project this year and will be taking a photo every day (the main reason for purchasing this camera) but when I have come to print off the first weeks photos in the 6x4 aspect which will go into my album - have found that the pictures have not been taken in a 6x4 ratio. I had composed the photos beautifully in the large screen on the camera - but to print them have had to crop them such a lot that much of my composed scene has had to change. I am now faced with the prospect of not being able to compose my shots as I like - will have to go further out so that when I come to print them - can crop to include everything i want in the shot.

These 3 let downs with the camera have meant that it has not become my daily camera of choice as I had hoped that it would - hence my disappointment with it.

Being a real Instagram fan I wanted to use this camera to upload my photos directly to Instagram - but lack of HDR function means that I am still using my phone mostly for my Instagram shots.

On a positive note there are a few good things - I like the integration with Android and that my photos are uploaded directly to dropbox.

I like one of the new smart function - best face - have used that a couple of time and like the ways I can use the best face of each of the people in the shot.

So on the whole its a decent camera and I applaud Samsung for its new approach to a smart camera - but I wish that I had not rushed out and bought one because of my 3 major issues I have with it.

This is the first camera of its type - perhaps later versions will be improved.

UPDATE - 26/1/2013

I have continued to try and use this camera on a daily basis - every day since Christmas day and another niggle has appeared!

On 2 occasions when I have been out and using it - a warning has come up saying "not enough memory" - so unable to take any photos! I have a 4Gb Micro SD card inserted - so it is not enough memory to store the photos, but not enough memory to make the camera function! The first time I thought that it was just a one off and did a factory reset - but the second time - I investigated and yes all the memory was all used up by apps etc. Well I have only installed one - Touche note - to send postcards direct from the camera - the rest are all the pre installed apps etc. I don't understand why the camera is filled with so much stuff that it actually grinds the camera to a halt. I have removed a lot of the apps as I dont need them and hope that this will not happen again.

So come on Samsung - version 2 needs:-
1 - More memory!
2 - Better battery
3 - HDR function - found this now - its called RICH TONE - not HDR!
4 - the ability to change photo ratio in settings
5 - a self timer function - opps found this now as well - hate not having a booklet - takes so long to find hidden things!
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on 26 January 2013
Ok, ok...I nicked the title from a long forgotton Seiko TV advert from the 1970's when they introduced their Quartz watches onto the UK market back then.

But I think this Galaxy Camera is every bit as revolutionary.

It's the worlds first device which successfully integrates the world's most advanced cellular phone OS (Android 4.1) with a top quality digital compact camera. Some things of note is the fact it has very similar functions to the Galaxy S3 and as a result is easy to use. A whole host of apps are included, Social networking is particularly well catered for here. Basic photo manipulation can also be done.

But the really revolutionary part is the connectivity.

Imagine you're travelling and want to do a photo essay on your holiday destination. The potential is all there with the Galaxy Camera. Not only does it incorporate WiFi and the latest edition of Bluetooth (v4.0) but also houses a Micro SIM slot for a 3G SIM Card. This gives the freedom to take pictures and send them anywhere on earth provided there is your chosen network coverage present of course. Even some types of photojournalism can be performed in this manner.For those of you wondering Three UK offer the best deal for data-Unlimited for £15.90 per month on their Ultimate 500 deal (as things stand at the moment)

The Galaxy Camera allows emails,reports etc to be written on the spot and sent via your normal email account.AFAIK a first for a camera.

Sporting a massive 21x zoom, good low light capabilities, Optical Image stabilisation and a decent built-in flash there are few situations this camera can't handle.

At the time of writing I've owned it for only a few days but am utterly blown away with the package. Yes for all those saying "I can do it all on my iPhone", well yes you can but not with 16mp res, removeable 64GB storage and a 21 x zoom.

It also sports a mega 4.8 inc Super LCD screen which has proved crisp and easy to see properly with excellent colour rendition and contrast. Handling is also very good, reassuringly solid and the major controls falling easily to hand.

I've been delighted with the results so far,the majority of which are crisp and contrasty . An irritating foible ie colour fringing or Chromatic Abberation rears its ugly head in some very high contrast situations. This can be corrected by using a decent photo manipulation package such as Photoshop.


Well I'm surprised Samsung didn't include their top Schneider lens, this would have almost certainly have eradicated the colour fringing or Chromatic Aberration I mentioned earlier.And although I'm very pleased with the results, even better can be obtained with similarly priced offereings such as Samsungs own NX1000, Nikon V1 etc. Battery life is average, this can be made up for by a bargain purchase from Amazon in the form a a battery kit for less than £13.

And some functions such as an MP3 player are superfluous on a camera.

But even so the Galaxy Camera is a truly outstanding effort from Samsung. It isn't the absolute last word in picture quality-those expecting Hassleblad performance (should be prepared to pay a Hassleblad price!) will be disappointed. But it offers a superbly integrated package with connectivity and versatility unmatched elsewhere.

Samsung have a real winner on their hands and one I can heartily recommend.

UPDATE-The Chromatic Abberation had become just a little too irritating on a few too many occasions. It could have been corrected via Photoshop-costing more than the camera! Cost was uneconomic so off it went to a good home. Replaced with the EX2F which has a much reduced zoom but an AMAZING lens....maybe Samsung should have fitted a Schneider lens to this camera as well!
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