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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 1 April 2013
An absolutely brilliant CD which I would definitely recommend getting! It has been the only CD I've listened to in the three weeks I've had it and I still love it just as much as the first time I listened to it. Yes, the swearing in 'Treasure' particularly is a little unnecessary, but then there's also the clean CD version so not an issue! It's hard to pick favourite songs but 'Treasure', 'Natalie', 'Money Make Her Smile' and 'Young Girls' have the edge for me! 10/10... Keep the brilliant music coming Bruno! :D
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on 11 December 2012
I liked Bruno Mars' music from a distance for a while, but was really taken by his recent release 'locked out of heaven' (perhaps because, in my opinion, the bass line and guitar sounds lot like The Police from the early 80's)

Anyway, I downloaded the album and I have to say I am impressed with the quality and overall production of the album

Sadly, I can only give the album (which was an easy 5Star album) 4Stars as I find swearing on albums like this unnecessary, and dropping the MF bomb into songs like these is a total no-no in my view and does not 'add' anything to the overall enjoyment (imo, only hardcore artists like Eminem and Dr Dre etc... can use MF and get away with it)

The swearing detracts from an otherwise great album
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on 10 December 2012
Nothing to dislike here (apart from the swearing which is all a bit unnecessary) not sure why he felt the need to drop the odd F word in? Catchy songs, especially like Moonshine. Last album was brilliant this is just as good - well Done !
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on 6 September 2013
good album, I enjoyed most songs and the language isn't too bad. I bought this for my friend as well as me and she loved it too I wouldn't recommend buying it for any one under the age of 12, oh and there's quit a good range of different song types as well :) so something for every one
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on 12 December 2012
I was so happy to hear that we would be getting a new album from Bruno before the end of the year. 'Locked Out of Heaven' really set the scene for the kind of direction that Bruno would be taking. And the album does not dissapoint. Here are my thoughts on each of the tracks.

YOUNG GIRLS: Bruno uses the base of his debut album to open this effort, playing on the strengths of his past hits, 'Grenade' and 'It Will Rain'. Add a double bass and a strong vocal harmony arrangement to the recipe, and you've got yourself the perfect opening track. (5/5) LOCKED OUT OF HEAVEN: Bruno uses his inspiration from artists such as The Police and Sting to create a thumping, modern yet vintage opening single from this collection. The wide range of instruments used on the track to create a catchy jazz-influenced backing track cements this as the album's strongest track. (5/5) GORILLA: What stars off as a dark, mysterious drum-lathen electro romp turns into a piano and guitar led anthem for the items, with some subtle uses of 'oooh ooohs' to create the dramatic stadium effect. As they say, there are two sides to every perfect story. (5/5) TREASURE: Laden with pumping '80s synths and sound effects, Bruno manages to blend two of the finest eras of music together to produce something that sounds like it was made thirty years ago, but yet only came out of a studio this year. (5/5) MOONSHINE: A soothing piano riff infused with the sound of a pumping electric drum beat makes this one of the catchiest and funkiest tracks on the album, and one that cries out to become a future single. (5/5)

WHEN I WAS YOUR MAN: Bruno slows proceedings down a little for this piano-led power ballad. A simple, stripped back vocal and instrumental performance show a strong ability for versatility, and a softer side of an otherwise strong artist. (5/5) NATALIE: Take the instrumental from 'Grenade', tone it up, add a pulsating clapping rhythm, twist the vocals a little, and you'll find yourself with this latest offering. Despite leaning heavily on 'Grenade', the track is one of the most pleasing tracks on the record, offering both suttlety and mainstream interest. (5/5) SHOW ME: Bruno looks to his roots for his next reggae-infused effort, which takes inspiration from the likes of Bob Marley. Personally, i think it's a little thin on the ground compared to the other tracks on the album, but certainly not a poor effort. (4/5) MONEY MAKES HER SMILE: A vocal choir introduction, followed with a thumping electronic bass riff sets the scene for this uplifting stadium anthem. The addition of a rap-style chant to the chorus lets it down a little, but it definitely still holds enough dignity to not be dismissed. (4/5) IF I KNEW: For the final effort of the album, we are once again thrown back into the 1980's, with a powerful soul-infused rock anthem. Standing alone, you could class it as the perfect track. But against the backdrop of the already perfect album, it finds itself lost in amongst tracks which are slightly more memorable. (4/5)

So, in conclusion, i think that two years in the studio has really helped Bruno create one of the finest albums to be released this year. The only reason i gave the last three tracks only four stars is not because they are bad, but because the first seven are of such high quality, that they are very hard to live up to. Taking elements of the entire musical spectrum, blending them into just ten tracks, and mixing them with a fine voice leaves the final result a piece of pure musical perfection.
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on 5 August 2013
Loved every track, Bruno is amazing, very well written and talented, lots of toe tapping songs to see to in the car.
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on 8 July 2015
Wow. Bruno Mars exceeds all i could ever imagine the music he produces is amazing , unique and up beat. Never thought i'd like the lyrics to songs as much as i do. How he expresses himself in the music and lyrics is amazing. Wish there were more people like him who express themselves in music. The Deluxe edition is great and love how it gives the clean version of Gorilla and re-mixes of the other songs.
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on 22 February 2015
Bruno Mars, how I hate you. This is the man who, thanks to an incredible proposal, which can be seen on You Tube, based around his song "Marry You" from his 2010 debut album "Doo-Wops & Hooligans", has ensured that a guy like me, in a long-term relationship and contemplating a proposal, has a lot of work to do to make it acceptable. What's also really annoying is that he's rather good at what he does.

This is an album that starts with a completely up to date sound and ends in the 1950s, with stops in most decades in between. In the hands of any other artist, such a variety of influences and sounds could have gone badly wrong, but Bruno Mars somehow manages to pull it off. Admittedly, he's not the best lyricist I've ever come across, descending into triteness on more than one occasion, but he has a wonderfully soulful vocal that seems to hold even such varying musical style together very well. This is an album that you can either play straight through or put on shuffle and you wouldn't hear two songs that sound the same either way.

On this album, every track sounds like it could have been someone else. That is perhaps the great success here – whilst Bruno Mars may sound like everyone else at points, he nearly always sounds like the very best of everyone else. Listening to the album too closely may take the edge off it, but if you have this album on whilst you're doing other things, or whilst driving, and don't concentrate too hard on the lyrical content, it's liable to be a delight. It's a pity that, with only 10 tracks and a 35 minute running time, it's a rather short album, but it's still pretty good value for money.

As good as the album is, I'm not sure this will become an instant favourite of mine and, despite the variations in sound, I can see my enjoyment of it becoming dulled quite quickly with repeated plays, barring a few tracks. But I can also see this being an album that I will come across in my collection a few years from now, having not played it for a while, and discovering that it is still a delight. This is an album that may not be an instant classic, but may prove to have some staying power somewhere down the line.

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on 3 March 2014
What a singer Bruno Mars is...it's hard not to fall in love with his voice.
This album is amazing..has one or two beautiful ballads, the hits 'Locked out of Heaven', 'Treasue' and my favourite 'Gorilla'.
It also has a cool reggae song. It is definitely unorthodox but isn't that what make Bruno Mars?
I love his honesty in his songwriting and like I said before I love the song 'Gorilla'..it's so raw and passionate and sexy!
Love you Bruno!
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on 10 December 2012
I absoloutely loved Bruno Mars' debut album and thought it would be impossible for him to top it but my, I was wrong. There's such a variety of songs from different genre's and I just love his old-school sound. My favourites are 'Moonshine', 'Natalie', 'Locked out of heaven' and 'Gorilla'. Give it a listen cos there's something for everything and I'm just gonna put it out there - there's no way he can top this! ;) Gonna be permanately stuck in my CD player for the next few months!
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