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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: White|Size: 4GB|Change
Price:£75.61+ £4.39 shipping
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on 21 February 2013
I bought this phone with the same worries others probably had such as,
1. Will it lag with it's single core CPU?
2. Will it freeze if i run more than one application at a time?
3. Will it have an obvious problem that irritates me?

I can safely say that none of these things pose any problem with this phone. The single core cpu that worried me so much actually does a very good job at running the phone very smoothly. I know some people on the older reviews have complained of some lag, but i think Sony updated the software since and it has sorted that issue out nicely. The phone browses around its menus and home screens without any glitches and i can also confirm that apps such as facebook, youtube, twitter and Chrome etc also work nicely without any freezing. I must say this phone has excellent battery life (rare with smartphones these days) battery life similar to the old 2G phones that would last several days.

The camera: Completely rubbish, I actually laughed when i tried it out it's comical. Supposed to be 5MP but my tablets 3MP camera puts this one to shame. It's more like one of the older 1.3MP cameras. Not a phone for the people who care about their picture taking. Loses 1 star for this.

The Walkman and sound quality from headphones is very good. Loud speaker is fairly decent in this price range too.
Also the 4 inch screen looks fantastic. Really bright and clear.

If your looking for a good android on a budget that just works an allows you to do most things a smartphone does then i think this phone suits your needs well enough. (Have not tested it's performance on demanding games)
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I like Sony handsets, they tend to do a good job and look a little different. The Xperia J has a nice, curved, design which is let down a little by it feeling a bit on the plastic side. It's a nice size and will fit well in most peoples hand.

The screen is nice and crisp to look at, but is let down by being a bit unresponsive (for example when swiping menus it doesn't seem as instant as it should). The camera is OK, but a bit of a let down considering cameras are something Sony generally do well. It's fine for the odd snap, but if you're looking for a handset that can also be a dedicated camera this is probably not the handset for you.

If you're looking for a budget Android handset that has a nice style to it then you'll likely be very happy with this phone. Would suggest seeing if you can play with one in a phone store first to make sure you're happy with it in the hand.
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I have now had this phone for 2 months on contract.

I got it silly cheap on voda, less than 20 notes a month, so i am not that bothered about the price if im honest.

I upgraded from a blackberry bold and let me tell you, wow what a difference.

The 1st month i had it, i absolutely hated it. I still hate texting on it, in fact i have found i despise touch screens entirely and i miss my qwerty keyboard, but that is a personal preference, nothing to do with the phone.

So then, response times.

Turning on the phone, pain in the neck, you press and hold the power button until it vibrates and then it takes 30 seconds to load. I don't know why i find this frustrating but i do.

The screen for me also is unresponsive at times, i have found the trick to it when it wont do anything is to just press the power button to hibernate the screen for 30 seconds and then turn it back on. Job done. No problems at all.

Music, some people have complained that their music isn't loud enough and for that reason alone have given the phone 1 star. Ridiculous.

There is a trick to making it louder but the problem isn't with the phone but with the headphones which are absolutely awful. They are stiff, not comfortable and tend to sit outside of the ear, even though they are supposed to be in ear headphones.

I replaced my headphones with some ones I had bought to go with my iPod and they work perfectly. They are not a hands free headset though so you need to take them out of your ears to answer calls, but personally i don't mind doing that as I detest the spaciness of hands free voice calls. The headphones will play a noise though when you get an email text or phone call and the music automatically cuts off when the phone is ringing allowing you time to take out the headphones and answer it. When finished plus headset back in and music will play from where you left it.

If anyone finds a decent hands free set though, please leave a comment on the bottom of this review.

Anwyay I am just using my cheap ones in pink, Philips SHE3570PK/10 In-Ear Headphones - Pink they are brilliant, loud as you like and with a few alterations will in fact blast your eardrums out.

You can also get them in:

Green: Philips SHE3570GN/10 In-Ear Headphones - Green
White: Philips SHE3570WT/10 In-Ear Headphones - White
Black: Philips SHE3570BK/10 In-Ear Headphones - Black
Blue: Philips SHE3570BL/10 In-Ear Headphones - Blue

When you play your music through the Walkman app, press the right hand side menu button on the phone (4 straight lines) then select sound enhancements, then you can change the equaliser to whatever you want, personally I have mine on heavy. Before you go back though, if you tap the equaliser name on the top left of the screen and choose more, you go to a new screen, make sure that xLoud is ticked, then select headphone surround and you can put it on one of 3 settings, studio, club and concert hall. For my personal tastes I chose studio, but mess around with all 3 and choose which one you prefer.

Job done, loud as you like music with just a few seconds to change things

The camera in my opinion is absolutely rubbish, I have a dslr, and a point and shoot camera and try as I might, I cannot get superior image quality from this phone, they are ok now with a few tips and tricks but luckily I did not want the phone for the camera. If however you just want it for some brief snapshots for Facebook etc it should be ok.

Tips, always keep the scene on landscape, I don't know why but that seems to give the best image. In addition, the flash is ridiculously bright so do not use it unless you have too, as it will wash out all of your pics. I always have mine on off.
Now for focusing I have found that having it on single auto focus is the best and having it on auto for the white balance is also better.

If you press the menu ( 4 straight lines) button whilst in camera mode, there are 9 options, scroll the screen to the right and you get 3 more. If you press the capture method button and then select on screen button, that's the best way to get good results.

Also whilst you are there, press the data storage icon and change the storage to sd card because the app will batter your internal storage and you will have to keep deleting pics.

Best trick then whilst lining up a shot is to point the camera as you do, and then keep your finger on the camera icon button to take the picture, keep it pressed down until the shot is in focus and only then release your finger. If you do it without doing that all of your pictures will be blurry. There is also a little inbuilt trick to know when it is in focus too because once you have held it down long enough, the little square in the middle of the screen will go green to tell you when to release your finger.

Easy as pie right !!!

Ooo one more thing about the camera, just like the new spanky iPhone 5, it will take panorama pictures. Easy to switch over as well, whilst in camera mode, press the top right hand side icon (whilst the phone is upright) and you can select, normal, front camera, or sweep panorama. The results are brilliant, I will upload the one I took so that you can see the effects.

The phone comes with 50gb of free storage from The box but you need to download the free app to your phone to activate it. This expires on 31st December 2012, so if you haven't got it yet, I would recommend getting it, if just for your pictures and music.

The phone has gorilla glass which is super tough, but I very highly recommend you put on the free screen cover that comes with it because it is amazing at how quickly screens become damaged. Be patient though, because it takes some practice and I had air bubbles in mine the 1st time I tried it, but doing my partners, I did it perfectly.

One little thing for users of twitter, the hashtag. I nearly threw my phone up the wall trying to find this so I will share it with you. When you are typing a tweet and go to locate the hashtag and cant find it, it is there , press the 12!? Button on the bottom left of the keyboard and then the numbers and a few icons appear, but no hashtag, however if you look to the bottom left, just above the keyboard button you will see a button that says 1/2. Press it and woohoo hashtag plus the pound sign, brackets etc. It took me almost a week to figure that out, I had to ask someone on a forum how to do it grrrr.

The internet, absolutely fine for me, I have no problems with it at all, it is very limited in vertical mode though but the minute you flip it to horizontal, no issues at all.
I find copying and pasting text a pain though, you have to press and hold down the screen, then 2 little blue arrows appear, you change them to accommodate the txt and then go to the top of the screen and press the double page strangely and it copies.

Doesn't tell you it has copied though and then you can go onto somewhere else and press down on a blank page and keep your finger held down until the paste button appears and then press it. Absolutely ridiculous and one feature I would like to change.

Word to the wise, you cannot do this in Facebook for some reason, it will not allow you to copy text off the page no idea why..

Apps - Without doubt the best app on this phone is Google Maps. It's the full version which isn't available on other platforms, haha iPhone .

Plus it has free voice navigation, woooo no satnav needed. Bonus.

It has Navigation (Free, turn-by-turn GPS system), 3D Maps , Offline reliability ,Latitude ,App Store ,Traffic ,Driving directions, Layers. Love it, and I would happily pay for it.

Tune in Radio - The 2nd most used app on my phone. It's a digital radio app that can pick up any radio station in the world. My partner was super happy with this one because he is originally from Liverpool and can now sit and listen to Pete price at 10pm.
We have also sat and listened to college football, Nashville country radio stations, ryan seacrest on kissfm. Its amazing the radio stations you can find.

Angry Birds - boy is this addictive, I personally have Angry Birds Star Wars, Space, Seasons, Rio and the Original. Drives my partner nuts because I am always on it, his choice of tv bores me so I need something to occupy myself.

Jewels Star is good as well, a cheap version of bejewelled.

Other apps that are worth the download are 3D bowling, Bad Piggies and shot bubbles.

I am sure that there are many other things that you need to know but I will let you discover them for myself.

I think it is very unfair to compare this to the iPhone 5 or Samsung galaxy s3 which I had and hated btw and much prefer this one.

A worthy choice for the budget conscious and you can get some really great deals atm all for less than 20 quid.

Winner !!!

Oh one added little extra, the case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 fits this phone perfectly and I have bought several from the same seller.
He has them in different colours, I have 4 so far, cheap as chips and worth every penny, the Yellow is my favourite.

KC-Electronics Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Dark Purple
KC-Electronics Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Orange
KC-Electronics Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Red
KC-Electronics Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Green
KC-Electronics Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Yellow

Up to you !!
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on 23 November 2012
Compared to I phones and top end htc or Sony etc this cannot compare. But for a cheaper smartphone with nice size screen and functionality it's great. Looks the business and 1ghz processor seems quite nippy to me. No problems here and camera seems decent enough for our general use. Anyway this will be mainly used as a phone not a plaything. If you can accept the slight compromises of a cheaper smartphone I don't think you will be in any way disappointed
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on 25 November 2012
Recently get this nice phone. It's stylish,slim and great build phone. I was looking for a cheap smartphone on Android for calls,messages and wifi.

Pros: (just in my opinion)
+Great quality screen
+Gorilla Glass
+Size and weight
+Good sound quality (it's loud enough for me)

-Not fastest CPU and RAM (just 1Ghz)
-Does not support 720p videos even with another player from GooglePlay (it plays 480p clips-no big difference between 720p)
-Sometimes it's laggy (thanks to slow CPU)

Would not reccomend this phone for them who are looking for a powerful phone for HD games,HD videos and many many multiple tasks. This one is basic smartphone for a people who wants to get big and quality screen,for a good sound and cheap price. It could be your best first Android phone for a basic tasks!
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on 10 February 2013
Much has been written in reviews and some online articles about the Sony Xperia J being laggy and under powered.The latest software release (no:11.0.75.A)appears to have addressed this issue.Fundamentally the phone has very good build quality - screen - sound etc. For the price it is indeed good value. There is a lot of info i.e tweaks , tips on the XDA Developers website.
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on 18 November 2012
The phone is really stylish and nice to look at and hold, but start using it and you change your mind. The screen is not brilliant, lacks smoothness and feels as if it is easily scratchable, but no scratchs so far. it is a good size though and things look good on it. The real problem is certain lack of responsiveness and stuttering during operation. It certainly can use a more powerful CPU or more RAM or both. I had a much lower spec HTC explorer with only 600 Mhz CPU and much less RAM, but it was running much more smoothly on Android 3.6 (I think it's gingerbread). I thought that this one with 1Ghz processor and 512Mb RAM would be much better, but it's running android Ice Cream Sandwich v4.0.4 which is just barely able to cope with.

The front cam, the micro SD slot and normal size SIM slot are all bonuses. I am keeping it as my son is happy with it, but can't recommend it really.

Not sure whether future upgrade to Jelly Bean is on the cards and if it would improve responsiveness, I guess not. If anything, newer OSs are usually more, not less, demanding on the hardware.
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on 29 December 2012
Having recently recieved this phone I am quite happy with what I have got so far
For the price, the screen is very good as it is colorful, bright and vibrant. For me the highlight if the phone is definately the music player; it has sony's walkman and Xloud technology to make the music very clear to listen to even at high volumes. No distortion is heard when you turn the volume up.

However the big set back is the low amount of ram onboard making it laggy at times. Yes it has a front facing camera for video calls but dont be fooled so easily; skype is very bad. I tried skyping my friend and it was very slow and ended up almost crashing the phone. You also have to be in bright daylight to use it as it is too dark indoors. So don't get the phone because of its front facing camera

The rear 5mp camera is ok for the odd shot but anyone who wants a good quality camera should stay away from it. Pictures come out grainy and the more you zoom in the worse the picture gets as they become unclear. However should you want to take a quick picture it is good but don't expect to capture those truly memerobale moments on this device.

Overall I think it is a decent phone for it's cheap price tag offering a good screen size and a sleek design that looks like a high end phone. It should not be used by gamers or photographers but for anyone looking for a decent phone that can play most games without a problem or surf the web occasionaly and text your friends it is the right phone for you.
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on 12 November 2013
After reading the reviews of this phone - good, bad and indifferent, I decided to trust the brand and hope that this mobile would work for me. And it certainly does! It is much faster than my previous one (HTC Wildfire S), has much sharper definition on the screen and looks good. I particularly like the intuitive way the phone operates - I've never had a Sony mobile before (and I'm not a techie) but I found it easy to work out how it operates on a basic level. It also has a far better battery life than my last one (but that wouldn't be hard!) with it needing to be charged every 2 / 3 days, although I am a light user.

There is a great deal more the phone does - more than I need - but I will explore these extras over time.

For now I'm just pleased I bought this particular phone and model because it more than satisfies my needs and wasn't too expensive.
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on 2 February 2013
I have always resisted smartphones ; although I did get Sony xpperia mini pro for £130 . this was a good phone but at the end of the day the screen is too small ; for me . As I got the Xperia J for free from o2 on a £10.50 contract I dont have to worry about loosing it or damage or theft . Some of thses smartphones cost an excess of £400 or have very expensive tariffs . Having used the J for a few weeks now it seems to do all the things it should do in reasonable time . Sony have put all the vital widgets pre loaded on the screens turning data , wifi ; sat nav etc on off which saves battery and unintentional use of data allowance . The features you dont want can be dragged into a bin . though I found it difficult to remove Ebay app . You can tap and drag the unwanted features into a bin middle bottom of screen appears as you drag it towards it , a bit tricky but kinda of fun . If you dont want to be stung for a lot of money for a first time user this is a great phone as Android 4.0 maybe Sony will upgrade this soon. highly recommend atFoliX FX-Antireflex screen-protector for Sony Xperia J (3 pack) - Anti-reflective screen protection! Top quality made first class application on first go . 2 more supplied if you dont . Significantly reduces glare as well as protection . For phoning and texting though , still prefer simple Nokia phone .
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