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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 29 November 2013
I purchased one of these direct from Amazon when it was included in their "Black Friday" deals. When it arrived, the signs were not good, especially bearing in mind I have genuine Samsung 64GB and 16GB cards to compare it with. I have also detected fake cards before. It was printed only in white when a genuine one is printed in grey, with the exception of "64GB" which is printed in white. The printing was less well defined, slightly broken, misaligned and misplaced compared to the genuine ones. On the reverse it stated "Made in Taiwan". A genuine card will state "Made in Korea". The packing was also cheaper than that of a genuine one, particularly the plastic "housing" for the card, although the remainder (the easiest part to fake) was quite convincing.

I then tested the item in two separate computers using the respected and free testing program "h2testw". This showed that while the capacity was roughly correct (and so the card would fool a lot of people), the operating speed was less than half what the genuine one achieved and well down on the performance expected from this product. The card will now be returned to Amazon for a refund. I was very surprised that an item sold directly by Amazon would be fake.

As for genuine Samsung cards, they are excellent and I would recommend them to anyone over alternative products.
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on 3 December 2013
Before ordering I knew there were massive amounts of fakes of this product, so I was very careful and selected Amazon as the retailer (avoiding cheaper marketplace sellers).

I got a new phone last week and bought this card to put in it. It was painfully slow transferring MP3s into the music folder (so much so that I left it running overnight. I got suspicious straight away but thought the phone was perhaps transferring stuff to the card at the same time as I was copying files over). The next morning I was on my way to work and listened and went to listen to some music (on public transport) and the music player(s - I had a few installed) would only read 5 or 6 albums from, at least, 10x that number which I'd put on the memory card. I could navigate to them using file viewer, so I tried to play one and the phone (a brand new, 1 day old, Samsung S4; fully updated) locked up. I had no choice but to reset it and them when I went back to view the folders they were all corrupt.

Google results on the problem suggested a fake SD card and, like the other user, suggested using H2testw to measure the speeds. I first tried it one of the front USB ports, before remembering these are often slower than the rear ports, so I plugged it into a USB3 port (and also tried a rear USB2 port, in case it was the port!) and the HIGHEST speeds I managed were 7MBps read and 3MBPs write (this card is promised as 70MBps/30MBps read/write)! I've also tried it in a USB SD card reader (to ensure it wasn't the phone or cable giving slow readings). Same speeds!

I've never ordered a Samsung card before (I usually go for Sandisk, but with it being a Samsung phone it seemed an obvious pairing), so I had no way to visually compare two cards, but mine says "made in Taiwan" too - another reviewer states is relevant and proves it is a fake - I can't comment, but a quick google search finds another website which also says the genuine cards are from Korea. The front of the card looks exactly like the picture on this page, but the back (compared to another picture I found of a genuine card on the internet) looks completely different, very faded and difficult to read and the text is aligned differently.

The name you trade under is of vital importance, if people cannot trust you to sell genuine items then it damages your brand. This single transaction has caused me to lose a lot of confidence in Amazon, who I've shopped with for at least 10 years, and with whom we (as a family) have a family Prime account with.

There is simply no excuse for selling fake cards when you're a (inter)national retailer, and the worst problem is that most people who got one of these fakes probably won't realise! It is frankly scandalous that Amazon are still (I bought this last week) selling these! I shall be contacting them and ask them to ensure they contact everyone who's received a card from the same batch to inform them of the issue (and of course, I will be asking for a full refund).
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on 15 November 2013
The card that I've got was counterfeit. Most of the data that I've written experienced corruption. Printed label rubbed off after just a couple of days. The speed also was slower than advertised. I've returned this item.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 November 2013
GENUINE Samsung products deserve 5 star reviews. But is yours genuine?

Many have been fooled by thinking they have got a bargain with high capacity memory cards at very low prices.

A "Best Buy" or "Star Buy" product is not always what it seems. The Orange Emporium is also listing obvious hacked fakes.

"Fulfilled by Amazon". Amazon are storing marketplace trader supplied goods in with their own. The Amazon product may well be genuine, but if they are all mixed in together, it's pot luck if you will get a genuine one or not.

Hacked, fake capacity memory products are mass produced in hi-tech factories in China. Authentic looking products in authentic looking packaging are getting harder to distinguish from the real thing. Even if the product does pass the h2testw test on capacity, you will have received a low grade reject chip. As has been stated here by others, read and write speeds will fall far short of genuine article. The favoured size for the hacker rarely exceeds 8GB, more often lower. The unit cost of a low grade 64GB chip will obviously be higher for the hacker and is more likely to be used in counterfeit goods commanding a higher resale value.

Protect yourself by buying directly from Amazon. Returns and refunds are by far easier this way. No matter how genuine the product appears, check with h2testw regardless. Read and write speeds must also be checked with these cards as the hackers appear to getting clever.

If you do get a genuine Samsung product, you will be delighted and very happy with the product. All the leading brands have excellent quality items but are too often copied with the result that reputations are being sullied through no fault of their own. Victims of their own success.
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on 8 March 2013
Just a quick review to say that this is superior to the SanDisk SDSDQU-064G-U46A 64GB microSDXC Ultra Class 10 Card + Adapter alternative, both in terms of speed and IMO reliabilty. I own both btw.

I have added a picture among the customer images to illustrate the difference in Read and Write Speeds between the two, but highlight the main difference below:

Samsung Read Sequential ~68MB/s Samsung Write Sequential ~21MB/s
Sandisk Read Sequential ~43MB/s Sandisk Write Sequential ~11MB/s
[Tested using Transcend Super Speed USB 3.0 Multi-Card Reader, and CrystalDiskMark software.]

I realise the Samsung is a little more expensive. However I also had a bad experience with my Sandisk 64GB MicroSD over the weekend when it became corrupted while in use with a GoPro. Better point out that I have another of the Sandisk 64GB MicroSD sat in a tablet, and it is fine for that purpose.

My recommendation: go for the Samsung, at the time I purchased it, it was £45.72, ~14% dearer than the Sandisk (~£40.) The extra money I think is worth it, for the advantage in speed alone.
review image review image
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on 13 June 2013
I recently got a GoPro Hero 3 with a Kingston 32GB "class 10" micro SD card. When recording on e.g. 1080p @ 60fps the GoPro would stop recording after about 50 seconds, but I could record indefinitely at lower resolutions... after much research it turns out that with the higher frame rates/fps you need better than just a "class 10" micro SD card.

The Samsung 64GB Class 10 UHS-1 card arrived today: Put in the GoPro, formatted it (in the GoPro) and immediately I was able to record for many minutes with 1080p @ 60fps. I definitely recommend this card if you are having problems with your GoPro, or just need very fast micro SD storage.

WARNING: If this is the first SDXC card you have had then beware, as it may not work in your SDHC memory card reader. I found that I could review recordings on the GoPro (using the LCD backpack), but if I plugged the SDXC microSD card into any of my 3 card readers (Windows 7), the card would appear as drive F:, but when I clicked on it Windows said that it was not formatted! Turns out that I need a card reader that supports SDXC, so that's more £ hey ho!

Also FYI: "An essential difference between SDHC (such as 32GB cards) and SDXC (typical for 64GB and up) is the file system format: SDHC uses a variant of FAT32, and SDXC uses exFAT.".
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on 3 December 2013
I bought this in the Black Friday sale without reading the reviews. Ran the H2testw tests and found only 3.1gb of the card was usable. For interest, the test findings are below:

The media is likely to be defective.
3.3 GByte OK (6927360 sectors)
59.1 GByte DATA LOST (124111872 sectors)
58.9 GByte corrupted (123554816 sectors)
Writing speed: 8.29 MByte/s
Reading speed: 9.54 MByte/s

Amazon processing a full refund, but surely shouldn't be selling this at all ...
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I bought this when it was on a deal for £35 via the Amazon Black Friday deals.
I contemplated the Samsung one over the Sandisk one as they were only £5 apart when the Samsung one was on deal.

As soon as I got the Samsung one in - first thing I did was transfer files across to it. I have about 10GB worth of 4MB files (music) and this surprisingly took over 1 full hour to do.
So straight away I was dubious.

I then went ahead to check the content I had copied across and what do I find within my SD card?
Corrupted files, lost files and tons of DIR errors.

I then proceeded to insert it into my Samsung Galaxy S 3 - and there were even more problems there.
I did read/write tests and most of them failed. Some that passed gave me horrible 5mb read/write speeds.
I then plugged the EXTSD to a USB3.0 Adapter I had from USpeed and formatted the SD card.
Once doing that, I then re-ran tests. Again poor, really poor results.
I then finally, in a last ditched effort did some benchmarks via the PC, whilst it was connected to the adapter - and the results were shocking. It also failed certain tests.

I'm really and utterly pissed off. I bought this off AamzonUK for a reason - not a 3rd party seller. Because I was hoping to get a proper working card at a good price.
Turns out this card is either broken or fake.
Either way, I won't be buying this Samsung card on Amazon ever again, nor recommending it, nor wanting a replacement.
I've already, within the space of 4hrs of receiving the card, sent it into AmazonUK via Collect+ for a full refund.

I'm not sure who should be ashamed here, Amazon for selling such a horrible product or Samsung for being as useless as their kernels for their phones.

STAY WELL AWAY from this horrible product.
Take that from an experience Android user, a top 500 reviewer and a YouTuber who reviews a lot of technology.
review image
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on 7 November 2013
Got this from amazon for more than I could have specifically to avoid getting a fake to use with the new Microsoft Surface Pro 2.
I have tried writing a few large files to it. The average write speed was 4.3mb/s with a peak of 7.9mb/s.

Which is disappointing, but not as disappointing as the fact that most of the majority of the files were then either corrupt or unreadable.

Credit to amazon for instant refund, but I am still without a suitable micro SD card. Will give it another go and hope to get a genuine article this time around.

Edit: Ordered another from amazon as well, and it is exactly as it should be, fast and reliable. I guess even amazon is not safe from all teh counterfeits out there.
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on 3 January 2014
I tried it with a Galaxy S3 and a Note 8 (both supporting SDXC as per Samsung specs). It works initially, then starts to hang and give errors, or sometimes not giving errors and not saving the files, then completely corrupts and need reformatting.
Tried both exFAT and FAT32, formatted both from phone/tablet and PC. No way to make it work more than 5-6 days in a row.
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