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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Mono Headset - Black
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Price:£56.38+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 24 September 2016
We bought one of these after all other headsets started the stop working or fall apart.

A reliable headset is a must for a professional driver & this one has stepped up to the mark.

Quick charging
Great sound on both sides of the call
Great build quality
After months of daily use, not one issue to report

Looks a bit bulky but actually quite comfortable to wear
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on 20 February 2016
A replacement for my old Sony Ericsson Bluetooth which was starting to come apart, and some online reviews suggested I try this to go with my Sony Xperia. The device is nicely constructed with a good feel to it and even though it looks bulky it is comfortable to wear, and Plantronics will tell you there is a waterproof coating on it so it will survive being used in the rain. Sound quality is excellent and it does have some good noise-reduction facilities as clearly noted by others with clear reduction in car and road noise when I am driving. Frankly I prefer having this on rather than holding the phone to my ear.
The controls are easy and quite solid to feel, including a mute button. Charge time is reasonable and it is fairly self-evident that the charge needs to be kept topped up or it will die mid-conversation.
Setting up, pairing etc. are very easy as per the instructions and it will connect to multiple devices. This is a 'smart' Bluetooth headset so it will tell you who is calling (up to a limit!) and give you the option to verbally answer or reject the call, which is fantastic (and thus truly hands-free in that context)! What it hasn't got yet is voice dialling and that is something to aim for. The old Sony Ericsson phones could be programmed to voice dial and worked very well; current Android apps in this regard are fairly hopeless!
And finally, a very stable device that sits on your ear and does not threaten to fall off with the smallest movement! Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Mono Headset - Black
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on 9 October 2016
Great headset, in fact amazing. The sound on both ends is incomparable.

Unfortunately the build quality is s***e!

The earbud snapped off within a week!

Relax! It came with spares...

Uh oh... the next earbud snapped off within the next 10 days. Shocking considering how careful I'd been after the 1st broke.

The positive reviews are 100% accurate.. The sound quality is spot on, the price isn't too bad. But if you're going to be using this product for work (I'm a truck driver) consider buying a more robust one instead.

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on 8 January 2017
I bought this for my husband who drives for a living and requires a good quality, robust, hands-free headset. This device is preforming very well for him. The sound quality is excellent and other people can also hear him clearly when he is talking back, which other headsets have failed to do consistently for him. The ear piece is very comfortable and a great little extra is that the device has some useful voice controlled commands. The headset was very easy to set up with an android smart phone and has a good battery life. Overall extremely pleased with the purchase to date.
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on 21 November 2015
I'm a truck driver and I'm wearing headsets for up to 17 hours a day (driving hours max 9 hours, working hours max 15 hours and travelling to and from work an hour each way). This is one of the best I've had.

The sound quality is excellent whether speech, Skype, Audible or Spotify. People who I've asked, have said that they can't tell I'm on a headset. And bear in mind I'm driving a truck; I'm sat *on* the engine near enough!

The range is very good. I don't lose signal even when I'm down the bottom of my trailer (trailers are 45-53 ft long, plus the cab length). Even if I wander into the yard and leave the phone in the canteen; it still takes a while to lose signal.

Battery life is very good. It says seven hours to start and it's pretty much on the money on that, I feel. Be aware that it has a PROPRIETARY CHARGER which means you can't just slam it into a USB to charge. This is the ONLY fault I have with it. It's dumb and why I didn't buy it before buying the Plantronics Edge (which has a standard mini usb charge hole and comes with a little docking station - also usb - allowing you to effect to have two charges).

The Edge however is by far a worse product - see my review of it.

The Legend is fantastic and I'd recommended it, my only gripe is the charging because given how long I'm on the road, I carry a second headset with me because I can't charge the Legend when I'm out.
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on 15 June 2016
The product itself is really good and works well however the enclosed documentation is sketchy to say the least. It refers you to their website to download a product updater unfortunately if you use widows 10 then it doesn't work at the moment. The customer helpline were very helpful they checked that it was fully functional but in all honesty if you download the handbook there is every bit of information you need. Its very comfortable to wear and I have it connected to my land line and mobile simultaneously when I am in the office- great.
All in all its a big step up from the £20 units and I would definitely recommend it if you are seeking to buy a Bluetooth headset.
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on 11 July 2015
I purchased this the other week as i work from home and got fed up with holding my iPhone 6 to my ear most of the day. I find it excellent in terms of hooking up to my phone and in terms of sound quality. I can clearly hear the person i am speaking to with no drop outs or noise and the caller cannot tell i am using a BT earpiece.
I like the feature of the earpiece notifying me of who is calling and asking whether to accept the call just by a speech command rather than accepting via the phone. It also lets you know how much talk time you have left when you hook up to the phone.
All in all a worthwhile purchase which has made my working day a lot easier.
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on 2 April 2016
So far so good. Bought this as i saw some good reviews on sound quality. This process from opening the box, to powering on, to conecting to my phone was seemless. I find it a little bit fiddly to put over me ear, but once i am wearing it... it is very comfortable. For its size it i not heavy at all. Size wise... it is not the smallest, but I personally dont mind. I would rather have good quality conversation. I also paired this to my laptop and can listen to music etc on it, then when a call comes in on my phone the headset switches to the phone automatically..... then goes back to the laptop afterwards. One information leaflet supplied in the packaging asked me to upgrade the headset firmware asap, which I did via my laptop ... and again was a smooth and easy process. Only negative coment I have is Plantronics packaging. It was a gross over use of materials. It looked very nice. High end shall I say, but for something that I opened, put to the side then binned, it did not feel very environmentally friendly.
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VINE VOICEon 14 July 2013
Normally, I only use a headset whilst driving. It's better than a car kit - the microphone is next to your mouth and the sound next to your ear. But I've changed the habit of a lifetime and this headset comes with me everywhere.
1) it's very light. My previous plantronics BTs (Discovery 610Plantronics Discovery 655 Bluetooth Headset, and Voyager 510Plantronics Voyager 510S - Headset ( over-the-ear ) - wireless - Bluetooth [PC]) were light, but this is very light. It comes with three sizes of rubber sound seals, but it rests around your ear so you don't actually put anything inside your ear, which is much more comfortable. I've had lots of other bt headsets, including a big Sennheiser, but the Plantronics are the ones I come back to.
2) the microphone is excellent. Most BT headset microphones pick up wind noise, even if they can cancel out the sounds of the car or the roadworks (and not many manage even that). This seems to avoid wind noise (when I listen to recordings made by it) and people at the other end don't know I'm driving. Sound quality is excellent - I've also connected it to my laptop (Windows 8 64-bit) and I've just written a report using Dragon Naturally Speaking and this headset. It also works fine with Rosetta Stone language courses which check your accent. Not that I like to talk a lot.... ;-)
3) sound quality is good. Of course stereo over-the-ear headphones are better, and since you don't shove anything inside your ear, there's less sound isolation with this headset, but sound quality is certainly better than all of the previous headsets I've used, combined. Oh, and it streams music and audio both from the phone and from the computer.
4) The physical controls are much better. An on-off switch instead of a button you hold down (is it on? Clearly, when it's on there's a big splash of green colour on the switch). A switch you push to change the volume. A mute button which doubles up as a COMMAND button. A call answer button that pushes down (lightly) instead of trying to cram the earpiece further into your ear.
5) Voice commands actually work. It tells me who's calling and lets me answer by telling it what i want. I've tried battery check (always masses - see my review on the Plantronics Charge Case for Voyager Legend), but I haven't learnt all of the commands yet.
6) Ease of use. To answer a call on headset, pick up the headset and put it on (if it's already on, see points 4 and 5 - much easier). To transfer from phone to headset mid call, put the headset on. Very smooth handover, like nothing I've experienced before. To end a call, so far I've only pressed the end call button but it's light and easy to press.
7) compatible software. When you connect to an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) then it tells you how much battery you have left in a status icon on the phone. When you switch the headset on it tells you anyway by voice, but that's another story. If you put the headset down somewhere, then your Android phone can find it for you, either by telling it to sing for you (eg if it's under some paperwork on your desk), or to show you on a map the last time it was used.
8) battery life. So far, I've charged the headset, charged the carry case, and not had to recharge - 10 days. There's still lots of charge left (headset is full, carry case 1/2 full). It claims 7 hrs talk time, and that's probably about right as it went from 7 hrs to 4 hrs left over one of my busy telephone days when 3 hrs talk is about right.
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on 24 March 2016
Got a noisy office, get one of these!
I have an iPhone 6s and I have struggled with the background noise of our noisy call centre for months. This totally eliminated the noise from other agents & even the god awful music they play all day long.
I simply followed the instructions, 10 mins to set up through planatronics website, download an update and I was in business. I set the voice quality to HD on the planatronics website as it said "some" phones support it, I guess the iPhone 6s does because the sound quality is so clear.
Even when I left my phone at my desk I can answer calls from 30 feet away and voice quality is still good.
People have wrote on here it's heavy or uncomfortable, I have not found this to be the case. I'v had it on from 8.30 am to 7pm without issue. It comes with a pack of varying size rubber ear pieces and I swapped it for a smaller one, put a foam cap over it and it sits very happily behind my ear.
I also read someone with glasses "would struggle with it". Well I wear glasses and it's absolutely fine.
I am very happy and would recommend this to anyone.

Ps I don't usually write reviews but this really deserved it.
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