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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 1 April 2013
I started watching this when I was 14, and now at 18 its over. It's safe to say that the end of 'Gossip Girl' marks the end of my adolescence.

I don't generally watch American dramas but this is an exception. What makes this show special for me is the characters and of course the omniscient narrator. Using a gossip site to publish the scandalous lives of manhattan's elite is pure, pure genius. The style on this show is also unparalleled; Eric Daman has impeccable flair and rightly commented that the show would be used as a catalogue similar to a fashion magazine or website to showcase the latest trends.

This show is biting, witty and full of sex and scandal. The first two seasons are set in high school, and I would say that this is generally a far more effective setting as by the time they have stopped going to college the drama seems a bit repetitive and tiresome. Season 4 however remains a highlight, with the Paris episodes in particular standing out.

Gossip Girl is visually stunning, well-written and acted for the most part, and insanely addictive; certainly a guilty pleasure at the very least.

I definitely have not done this show justice in this review but its seriously unlike any other, even if towards the end it goes slightly downhill (but does pick itself up by the final episode!)
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on 16 May 2013
ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. How I managed to buy 6 seasons for less than £35 when each individual series is up for sale at around £15, I don't know! Absolutely awesome series that will forever be a highlight of my teenage/young adult life. From the actors, to the fashion - this series is SO worth watching. Huge fan and couldn't be happier with my purchase.
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on 14 June 2015
At 25 (almost 26) Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure. It's so easy to be drawn into the world of over-privileged teenagers and fall in love with them. Spend a weekend watching back to back episodes and you'll fall in love with the characters as I did
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on 4 January 2016
For anyone who's a huge fan of Gossip Girl, this is a must-see!! Full of glitz, glamour and high fashion, not to mention the scandal, sex (mostly Serena) and hot guys, I was gripped when they showed it on TV and wanted the box set so bad! This was a lovely Christmas surprise for me, and I've reached Season 5 now!! Although I'm in my thirties, I still love this show! Definitely one for the girls - perfect for a girlie night in !!!
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on 19 May 2013
Love this show even though it is a teen drama and I am not a teen. About a group of over priviliged rich teens from New York that are subjuct to an anonymous blogger called gossip girl. A very girly show, most teens and young adult females will love it.
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on 19 June 2016
I started watching this on Netflix (a few years behind everyone else, I know) and loved it so much from the start that I had to buy the DVDs! It's very more-ish with every episode making you want to watch the next one straight away! It does get rather complicated towards the last couple of seasons, but it maintains interest throughout. I must say that having found out who "Gossip Girl" is in the last episode I have been inspired to watch through again - seeing it in a whole new light now I know!
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VINE VOICEon 30 August 2013
I absolutely loved this whole series. I gasped in shock; laughed out loud; cried along with the characters; felt their indignation and anger when they were wronged. I couldn't helped but be dragged in to the Upper East Side and all their plotting.

This is light-hearted entertainment at it's finest. The characters are brilliant and bought to life with excellent acting. The storylines are superb and the stunning sets all add to a fantastic show. I love it!!

The box set itself is beautifully presented on the outside and discs 1 - 4 are well designed, whereas discs 5 and 6 look rushed and don't have the same wow factor that the other discs do. This in no way detracts from the series itself. It's one to watch again and again.
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on 4 May 2013
i was waiting for a box set of gossip girl, and this one has every season with dvds and covers exactly as they were sold separately. it is as small and simple as it can be and doesn't take much space, and it is great!
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on 29 March 2013
I really enjoy watching Gossip Girl. I got into the show rather late. As a result, I had to watch series 1-3 back to back online. I know this is probably something that many will frown upon, but unfortunately I missed when the show was on TV in the UK, and let's be honest it's something many of us do in this day and age! (It was only showed on ITV 2 in the UK).

[There may now be some spoilers now]

However, if a show is good, you'll definitely be happy to spend your hard earned money to actually own a copy of the series. And, Gossip Girl (GG) is great, so it's completely worth the money! As many of you will know if reading this review, GG's an addictive, sexy, fast-pace, funny, fashionable and exciting show! I think those adjectives describe the glamorous side of GG, which is definitely the second main reason why I love watching this show.

But, the primary reason why I was hooked (and probably so many others) is the Chuck and Blair relationship (or the amalgamated Chair as they're so loveably known to us fans). I loved Chuck and Blair as individual characters, but put together, it made the show so explosive, exciting and heartfelt to watch. I was always rooting for these two, and I was so happy they got their happy ending. This relationship was the ultimate reason why I kept watching the show. I must add that I also loved both of their preppy fashionable style, especially at school!

There were other relationships that I found interesting and loveable too. For me the next one was Serena and Blair's friendship- I was always hoping they would remain friends through all of their trials and tribulations! But, I must admit I did enjoy their fights, not in a sadistic way, just in a believable way. Sisters fight. Best friends are those that can be completely honest with each other, and except the other's good and bad traits. So their BFF friendship was very believable and a gem in the show.

Watching the show again, I now really enjoy Dan and Serena- and I see why they both went well together. In my first viewing of the show, even though I knew they should end up together, to help keep the show's creative integrity (meaning, having these two together made sense for the story). I was never really rooting for them, as I found Dan so annoying due to his judgemental ways! But Derena was my main issue against the controversial DAIR relationship. Of course CHAIR was the obvious argument point, which fans love to debate about. But I thought, Serena's a central character, so who will she end up with? It made more sense for her to end up with Dan then Nate, even though they do share a half-brother! (Yes, I've just finished season 2 again). But now, knowing his big secret and all, I have learnt to enjoy Dan a lot more viewing the series the second time round. As, let's face it, he was probably the most hypocritical character of all!

Anyway, my review is probably way too long. And there are a lot of issues that could be discussed regarding the relationship dynamics in the show. But, I think you should own it and create your own views! I will definitely miss GG, which I'm glad about. It shows GG ended on a high! I'll never own the whole of One Tree Hill, because it definitely ended on a low for me, by running for three more seasons, and introducing characters I did not care about, and removing the most poignant characters/relationship (Leighton).

Practical description of the boxset: It contains all of the seasons in the versions they would have been released in on their own. So you'll have all of the individual covers for the seasons, which I love, as, I really wanted the season 6 DVD cover!

On the main boxset cover, it has Ivy on it, which I didn't like, as she was only there in the last few seasons. It should of had maybe Lilly and Rufus, any of constant characters throughout the whole series. Just my opinion though!
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on 6 November 2014
Purchased booked set early in September for a birthday present end of October, yes I like to be organised. Usually don't buy a lot of DVDs from Amazon. The set arrived with no plastic cover I didn't think anything was wrong. Until my friends daughter loved her gift and decided to watch full series with my own daughter. Season 4 disc 4 has a scrap as does season 6 disc 3, but season 5 disc 4 is completely missing. I do believe this was a return, sent out again. As Amazon only give you a 28 day returns policy, I do not know how to return faulty item, as by law there is not a 28 day returns on broken or faulty items. Otherwise the girls enjoyed the show, well what they could see of it.
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