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on 29 August 2016
This is fantastic value for money. A great box set which is really space saving as to store all the original DVDs would take up alot of space. A lot of people have commented on the packaging. I agree that the outer box is a little boring for a summary series box set and the box had torn in the post slightly when it arrived (the DVDs are too heavy for the box really). However, I have had no problems with the DVDs themselves, or the plastic cases they are in. The very slight difficulty in getting the DVDs out of the case is much better than having hundreds of DVD cases to store and deal with.
Excellent- I would definitely recommend!
p.s. the 18 rating is a bit misleading- this only applies to the first disc of season 1 as the other discs/seasons/movies are PG/12/15 rated.
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on 26 June 2016
I'm hard of hearing , despite saying there are subtitles on all seasons . Sadly there's no subtitles on the first season ( very disappointing ) It cleary say's on the dvd cover that there are subtitles .. Only recieved this today 26/06/2016 I was excited to watch it all over from the begining only to find i have to start on season 2 with subtitles .. Not happy with this .. Hope whoever will clearly state there's no subtitles on first season ..( i'm hoping therre will be subtitles on the rest , if not i'll send them back regardless of when i send them back ..
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on 14 April 2017
Love this series and had to buy the box set! The dvds are good quality and all playable, As with other reviews the numbering of the discs does not follow the first series it's like the first series is from a totally different box set? Still watchable though :) My only other grumble is on one of the discs it repeats two of the previous episodes it was a bit confusing when I started watching an episode i had already seen? Hence the 4 stars!
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on 9 April 2015
Just what it says it is - a complete SG1 DVD set.

Watched to season 3 so far. No problems beyond the trivial. Some of the episodes at the end of season 2 seemed a bit swapped around (the final 'cliffhanger' episode, was several episodes before the end of the season!), but otherwise no issues. The disc designers also took a weird 'disk cover art ' decision which doesn't use a 'standard' picture per season - whic is just cosmetic and fine once you realise.

Frankly I started watching it on TV, but go so annoyed at the constant advert edits/breaks that I decided to buy it on DVD. Then got so frustrated trying to find a genuine DVD set on ebay (ie. one that wasn't some cheap knock off ripped copy being 'shipped from Hong Kong') that I bit the bullet and bought a new set on Amazon. Very pleased that I did, Its a good series that's stood the test of time - well produced, well written (mostly), well acted - and well worth the money.
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on 10 April 2012
Anyone that has enjoyed the Stargate SG1 series will find this particular box set of interest. It is the complete set of all 10 seasons and includes the two films that were produced to "round off" and tie up some of the loose ends left by the slightly precipitous ending of the project.

The programmes are complete along with a number of short vignettes and extra material recorded for the DVD home purchase market. These include a number of clips with the actors, writers, directors and producers all providing some extra depth to the process that went into creating this superb television drama.

It's true that the box is a little bit basic; just card with a laminated stick on cover, but I found it OK as a container. Each season comes in its own plastic case with the appropriate season information, so they could be taken out and stored separately if preferred.

Mine was bought as an "open box" product, one that had been returned to Amazon and was therefore sold at a reduced price. Subsequently, I realised that 1 disk was missing; however, I have been able to obtain a copy of the missing disk, so the set will now be complete.

All in a great product and a good price, and one that I will treasure.
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on 31 January 2018
I really like the show and the product has a good quality but I can't give it 5 stars because the menus are a bit slow and finding the episode you want is math and luck. Discs have numbers on them but the numbers aren't mentioned on the case and it doesn't say on the disc what episodes it contains.
It would have been nice if it also had the first movie, still, I'm happy with them and recommend them.
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on 4 March 2016
The dvd's are ok but the packaging ls the worst side of awful!!!!!!!! All 60 discs come in three--yes three cases, open them up and you take all the discs out inone great mess.Dont drop them or you will spend the next half hour trying to put them back in order, providing the holder does not break.
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on 19 August 2012
For any fans of Stargate SG1, this is the definitive collection. All of the seasons are here, plus the TV movies that were made after the series ended. Great to go through them all, as I have done twice already (or is it three times?), looking forward to those favourite episodes as they come round.

Season One can be a somewhat of a struggle, as there are no subtitles, and I don't pick up every word said. However, once I get past that, I am comfortable. Would it have been that hard to install the subtitles?.

Gripe aside, all viewers with the remotest interest in TV sci-fi should pick up this complete and highly influential tv series that spawned two spin-offs.
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on 13 February 2011
For Stargate fans this boxset can be described as only one thing
Fantastic it contains ALL of the episodes that were made right up to the end. all 10 seasons but then on top of that it also has two films Continuum which is a film about Ba'al and Ark of truth in which you find out how they finish of a certain bad guy excellent
well acted well shot and funny Even when richard dean anderson leaves Benjamin browder is the perfect replacement because he is just as funny and you can tell he has tried to imitate richard dean anderson as much as possible with out being a complete ripoff so the film maintains it's humour which I think is one of the things that makes the series sooo good.
the only complaint I have is that some of the boxsets were damaged.
the boxsets also contain loads of special features which is cool
now all I gotta do is buy atlantic
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on 13 June 2011
Being an avid science fiction follower and brought up from the very first star trek series and Doctor Who in black and White
with William Hartnel, I am a little biased in my revue.
You will not be disappointed in having this boxed set of Stargate SG1 complete series with 10 seasons and 210 episodes, plus
2 feature films.
My only criticism is a few CD's are a little grainy on reproduction, but is hardly noticeable.
Stargate through the series just gets better and better, as more money is spent on effect, and the
actors become settled into their rolls.
Like some film sets, such as The Mummy, Mummy Returns, and Scorpion King, you can watch Stargate SG1 over
and over again, without getting bored, ans certainly if you have 210 episodes, by the time you reach the end
you can start at the beginning again. That is = 4 episodes a week for a year, and good value for money,
especially if there are 'no adverts' !.
Recommend BUY IT.
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