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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 September 2013
Love the film so that's why it's gets a three stars but how the special features have been released is a joke.
On the disk you get 35mins of extras all in HD
Creating the Red Planet
Attack on Starfleet
The Klingon Home World
The Enemy of My Enemy
Ship to Ship
Brawl by the Bay
Sainsburys will have an exclusive bonuse disk with another 35mins of extras
The Voyage Begins... Again
Rebuilding the Enterprise
Vengeance is Coming
Me. Spock and Mr. Spock
Kirk and Spock
Visual Affection
Tesco Blinkbox Online service gets 20mins extras which I think are
Down With the Ship
NIF: Home of the Core
Safety First
Unlocking the Cut
The Sound of Music and FX
Aliens Encountered
( [...] )
iTunes gets the audio commentary
Plus this version is the full IMAX scenes (ie no black bars in certain shots)
(which if you have the blu ray you can actually claim for free with the digital copy code, just claim it on itunes)
This is all a bad joke. But then there more if you want the special case like a metal one or one that comes with a ship then you can only get that from and even at £50 it still dosent come with the special features. So annoying as a fan.
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on 26 September 2013
Just to be clear from the start; I love this film. I've been a fan of Star Trek since the original series came to the UK in the late sixties and greatly enjoyed the recent JJ Abrams reboot and this its sequel. I was very much looking forward to the Blu-ray release as I assumed that it would be similar in format to the previous film.
What a disappointment! The actual film looks great and I enjoyed it in 2D at home much more than the eye straining 3D version I saw at the cinema. However, there is a distinct lack of special features, just a handful of behind the scenes shorts -no trailers, no deleted scenes, and, worst of all, no commentary. As for the Digital Copy, what you actually get is a code for a download from Itunes. This does give you access to the excellent commentary, but you can only watch it on your computer etc. and not on your tv. This should have been on the blu-ray disc.
So only 3 stars for this release, even though I would give the film itself 5 stars! Once again, we miss out on the best features on a UK release.
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on 14 March 2015
being a big star trek series fan (next gen/DS9/voyager)i approached the first 'star trek reboot' film with an open mind.i accepted that the next generation movies had run their course and they wanted to make star trek more trendy and appealing to new fans whilst not forgetting its roots/history.happily the result was an enjoyable,pumped up version with an appealing young cast that wasn't trying to be something it wasn't.which is why its a shame this follow up falls a bit flat.theres not much by the way of space battles,the plots a complete rehash of a story done to death in trek and the actors all seem to spend most of the film running round shouting a lot.a disappointment,unless your'e adding it to your collection i'd wait until its on tv!
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on 20 August 2013
Having really enjoyed the first film in this series I was really excited for Into Darkness especially as it was staring Benedict Cumberbatch who I love. Along with Chris Pine, Karl Urban and Zachery Quinto - how much eye candy can you cram into one film! I thought this film was great - very entertaining and with a great villain - something the first film lacked for me. Having been raised on Star Trek I love all the little nods and in jokes to the original series. My favorite thing about the franchise definitely has to be the friendship between Kirk, Spoke and Bones - it's great to watch. Zachery Quinto plays a great portrayal of Spock.

I didn't overly mind that the film is based on Khan, but I can understand how some people would have an issue with it. The first film so cleverly re-wrote the shows history and gave Abrams the opportunity to do whatever he wanted story wise so it was a little bit surprising to see he had embarked on somewhat of a `re-make.' I certainly hope that this is a one off and he does not continue to re-tell storylines in future films as that I would take an issue with.

But all in all a very good film. Great action sequences and great CGI - even if you're not a Treekie this is still an enjoyable film.
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on 18 February 2016
This is a sci fi film for people who don't like sci-fi, and a pure indulgence for those who do.This is probably the best of the prequel Star Trek films, and the reason for that is simply the presence of Benedict Cumberbatch as a reinvention of legendary Trekkie villain Khan. Because, you see, he isn't the real villain of the piece - and I don't intend to spoil anyone's enjoyment of this film by giving the brilliant twist in the tale away. He is a villain, but more than the villain: despite all he does and his cold heart you have sympathy and empathy for his lonely genetically engineered persona (a bit of a Flying Dutchman) and can understand what he does and why. The CGI is amazing.and JJ Abrams is a natural directing this sort of high octane stuff; the film never loses pace and tension. Chris Pine is so-so as Kirk, but suits the 2D role (with a mawkish noble death scene that makes you look away embarrassed), Zachary Quinto excellent as Spock, while Simon Pegg is brilliant as Scotty. Shame about the gratuitous and grating scene with Alice Eve in her undies, but to watch the spaceship plummeting to earth, and the no holds barred fight between Khan and Spock towards the end, you have a great film
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on 23 August 2015
A really good "re-booted" sequel. As an old Trekker or Trekkie (can't remember what I'm meant to be these days) this film is made by people who obviously give a crap about the whole Star Trek phenomenon. The new Enterprise crew seem much more comfortable with their identities and Benedict Cumberbatch chews scenery almost as much as the "Shat".

Effects are suitably impressive.

A really good watch.
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this the second instalment of 'Star-Trek's exciting 'prequel's to the
iconic and much admired series of yester-year.
after breaking 'Federation' guide-lines in an effort to save friend, 2nd
command 'Spock' ..'Kirk' looses his position as captain of the 'Enterprise'
after a unprovoked attack on earth's federation H.Q and the death of 'Kirk's'
friend and Commander 'Christopher Pike' circumstances have changed, the
ruthless 'John Harrison' known as 'Khan' has declared a one-man war on 'Earth'
and the 'Federation'
'Kirk' is re-installed as the captain of the 'Enterprise' along with his trusted
team, their mission ---kill 'Khan' .....however because 'Khan' has chosen a
'Klingon' planet in which to hide, use of weapons there could trigger a war with
the 'Klingon' empire.
things are not as cut and dry as they appear however........the adventure begins.
again, sympathetic and credible attention has again been afforded to the original
character's that many of us remember well, this is an action-packed thrill-ride,
with dazzling special effects on board.......this is again a must for 'Trekkie'
fans both old and new,
( superb on both B/R 3-D and Blu-Ray disc )
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on 29 April 2015
I have been a devoted Star Trek fan for many years and this was the first time ever that I was sorely tempted to give up watching before the film had ended. I persevered but shouldn't have bothered. Lots of action sequences doesn't compensate for an awful script and cardboard characterisation. Benedict Cumberbatch did his best but was no Ricardo Montalban - his new version of Khan lacked the charm of the original and his ability to draw us to him. I also don't know why Zachary Quinto was there, given that he had so little to do. Very disappointing.
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on 23 December 2013
Not being a trekkie, although I do admit to watching Star Trek when I was a teenager, JJ Abrams versions of the long running franchise are very refreshing. An element of comedy, action and drama keeps these films going at a pleasing pace and they never feel too long.

Into Darkness is the second film and stands up alongside the first. The visuals are pleasing to the eye and CGI is faultless as you'd expect from a blockbuster these days.

The relationship between Spock, Kirk and Uhura develops further in this film, but the one standout element for me is Benedict Cumberbatch's version of Khan. Extremely menacing and a quiet psychosis along with a general badassness elevate his character above the others. Then again, the bad guys in all great films always standout!

For me these recent Star Trek releases standup as their own films. You don't need to be a hardcore fan to enjoy them, just maybe a little familiar with the main characters. Not really knowing much about the original Khan personally didn't spoil the film for me.

At least its better than Prometheus ay?!?
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on 1 March 2015
Benedict cumberbatch is a skilled actor, but Khan he is not. Spock passes the torch between generations of himself. Nothing inherently wrong with this film but I found it all rather forgettable stuff. With the mega profits there will probably be another sequel. This is the Wrath of Khan for the current generation, which is not quite as bad as it sounds.
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