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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 11 July 2013
THis is my first review on Amazon, but felt that this product had to be written about.

There are two things that I want to say about this mouse - and those are that it is the weirdest mouse that I have ever held or infact used. The packing is superb (although it seems to have followed Apple with its very very tight boxes). When I finally got into the box, the mouse comes flat. Which confused me allot! NOw i am technically savvy, and it might be that it was 11pm and I was extremely tired when I opened this, however, only when I went onto YouTwit and followed a review did I find out that it was a bendy mouse, which I have to say is a really cool idea!

I have now used the mouse for a good few hours, and as the title would suggest I am getting used to it. The weirdest sensation is the virtual scrolling wheel. It is a completely flat surface, except for the fact that you can treat it as a scrolling wheel. Which in itself is weird... (it even makes the scrolling noise!).

Overall I am happy with this mouse, although to be honest - I was after a wireless mouse for my Desktop and hey, this was the only decent on that Tesco's had. Made the plunge and I am glad that I have :)
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on 9 January 2014
The overall design and build quality is both robust and stylish. The mouse feels well made and gives the impression of a product built to last. The rubberised palm rest feels pleasant to the touch and provides grip.

The buttons require a slightly firmer press than you may be used to. The scroll wheel is sensitive and replicates the sound of a manual scroll wheel clicking away when you use it. The sound is pleasant enough but, in my opinion, there should be an option to disable for those times when you are working in a quiet environment as it can be distracting for others.

The shape and size of the mouse itself feels smaller than you may be used to, if you have large hands you may struggle to find a comfortable position when you first use the product. I find myself naturally curling my little finger beneath the arch of the mouse which felt odd at first but soon becomes comfortable.

Tracking is very accurate on all surfaces that I have tried so far (real wood, leather, MDF, cardboard and a mouse-mat). This ability to work on 'any' surface really adds to the portability of the mouse as you can set-up anywhere and be confident that the mouse will track straight and true. There is no difference in performance regardless of which surface you use it on.

The wireless dongle plugs into a usb port on your machine and is very small so does not protrude at all really. The bottom of the mouse has a nice magnetic spot where the dongle attaches for travel. I an using both Windows 8 and 7 Professional and in both cases there was no set-up required. The mouse worked perfectly out of the box without having to install any drivers.

The ability of the mouse to snap straight for travel serves two purposes that I think really add value: 1) The mouse easily slips into pockets designed for mobile phones in my briefcase or my jacket pocket. 2) As the mouse is battery operated this ability reminds you to turn it off and save battery, basically you know that if you leave the mouse in its curved (work) configuration it is still on - so a nice visual reminder there!

I thought about detracting a single star as the shape of the moue takes more getting used to than a conventional mouse but overall I think that 5 stars is warranted because the benefits of the design out-weigh the drawbacks, sacrifices have to be made for portability and style and this is the best portable mouse I have ever used. I'm already getting used to the unconventional design during use.

There is no reason not to recommend this mouse.
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on 14 October 2013
Beautiful to look at, sleek and cool - it certainly gets commented upon. Highly portable of course, as it clicks flat (although I was surprised it didn't come with any kind of protective case). However, I've been using it for about a week and it's not particularly good functionally as a mouse!

Conservatively estimating, I would say that it stops working once every 30 minutes (only for a few seconds (10-15), but it just disappears and doesn't react to any movement before all of a sudden coming back to life).

Again conservatively, once a day the scroll strip stops working. This doesn't start working again after a short wait, you have to turn the mouse off and back on to get the scroll working again.

It's great to look at and I can deal with the annoyance of it stopping working occasionally, but I wouldn't use it in front of clients and I wouldn't buy it again or recommend it.
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on 4 January 2015
I got this as a present for the wife. She really likes it.

We had one fail after 6months and amazon sent a new replacement which has been fine for over a year now.

A set of Duracell AAA's last 3 months pretty consistently. So that's about £3 a year to run in terms of batteries.

The mouse comes with a wireless nano USB receiver, so you need a spare USB socket on your computer for this to work.

It's not good for gaming because you can't rest your hand as comfortably as an old school wired mouse. But it's fine for general computer use like internet and working.
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on 26 November 2013
Simply the best mouse Ive ever used. It works immediately from turning on with zero lag in connecting to my surface pro and works on just about any surface including my glass top desk. Very clever design of the arc switching on power and snapping into flat position to power off. Build quality is superbly finished with an equally superb application of use. Easily recommended.
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on 28 June 2014
By no means perfect, but it looks great (sleek and modern) and it is very responsive on most of the surfaces I have tried it on. The battery life has been good so far (been used for about a month and no sign of the batteries going soon). A couple of issues I found more of an annoyance than a negative:
- The mouse can only be switched off by "snapping" it from its curved to flat position. I sometimes forget so leave it on all night. It really needs an auto switch off to conserve battery power.
- The scroller sometimes malfunctions e.g. is non-responsive or too responsive and the mouse requires switching on and off again
- The material the mouse is made off means that gunk builds up very rapidly, so make sure that your hands are clean before you use it.

Those are the only 3 negatives I can think of at the moment. Otherwise its a great mouse and does its job fairly well. One of the better wireless mice out there.
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on 21 June 2015
The mouse itself is lovley, the way it folds flat, the tactile feedback on the scroll "wheel" and the responsive click make the product feel premium. I prefer the gloss finish on this to the Surface editions matt rubber. It feels a little awkward to hold without thumb support but is much easier then a track pad for long uses periods. This is a great mouse for all laptop users, its compact without being small like a mini mouse and the battery life is superb.

But don't confuse this and the Surface edition. If your laptop supports blue tooth hoping to use this without the dongle forget it, you have to sacrifice that precious USB slot. If you have a Surface Tablet you should pay the extra money for the Surface edition, at first it didn't bother me but as I started using the tablet more and begun switching out USB sticks and the dongle every time I had to transfer files I eventually cut my losses and bought the more expensive Surface Edition Arc Touch.
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on 25 August 2014
Brilliant product. Been using it daily for a month. Even has sound when scrolling and double-tap to scroll faster.

Easy to remember to turn off, because it has to be folded flat to turn off, so if not flat, just slap it flat and it's off. I always used to forget to flip over my old mouse and turn it off on it's tiny button.

Only thing that is not ideal about this mouse is that it isn't bluetooth, but has a usb transmitter, and having an ultrabook with only 2 usb sockets, I would have preferred bluetooth. There's of course a chance of losing the transmitter if you're careless, but it does attach to the bottom of the mouse with a strong magnet.

I also bought the very tight faux leather case (it loosens a bit after a while, which is nice), so no chance of losing the transmitter now.

Feels very different to a normal mouse, but I got used to it fast. The rubber texture is very nice compared to the normal smooth plastic and sweat is not an issue. Having a very light and very slim ultrabook in it's transport case isn't exactly complemented by having a normal fat mouse in the case, which is why I bought this little gem. Best mouse I've ever had (though for heavy gaming, you're likely better off with a corded one with changeable weights and programmable buttons, but for anything else this is great).
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on 8 January 2016
Great replacement for your bulky mice that seem to take up too much space in your bag.
Update June 2016. Had the mouse since March 2015 and now it has simply stopped working. Will not switch on. very poor indeed. I would estimate that I have only used it around 50 times (ie once per week).
I would really expect a Microsoft product costing circa £40 to last a lot longer.
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on 23 February 2013
I am a gadget lover and have been waiting for it since I ordered it.

I am sure it is not the most comfortable mouse you can get compared some gaming mouse. I bought this for work where I need to travel all the time, it is very handy, very light, and of course very cool design where you can show off at work sometimes !

The blue track technology allows you to use it on any surface where I can use it even in bed or my leg. Cant use on glass but I am not complaining.

Definitely recommend it if you like cool stuff.
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