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on 16 August 2013
The item arrived fast, 5* for that.
Simplicity of design, 5*
Suction, 4*
Functionality, 4*
input and output of device 4*

Yes, I like the product, but the socket joints used to swivel it on 360 degree can be quite loose and with the weight of the phone, it tend to go out of place(bend down) I tried to fix or tighten the screw but with a little help and I think it would still be loose again in due time.
The Suction was great, esp with the help of the fix-plate. Otherwise it can't be use on a dashboard even if the surface is flat and has a bit of texture on it. Windshield fixing was good option too, if it wont be too far away from you since this product has a short neck/joint to come any closer too your face, but wasn't a problem for me.
Take extra care when putting the device/mobile phone, as the thing holding it was quite stiff and can scratch the sides of the phone if not using a case protector but once put properly it stays put and has a cushiony protection inside.

What I love about the product was the simplicity of design, Foldability, Manoeuvrability, price and delivery
bit on down side is the stability of the socket joint and stiff teeth handle.
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on 16 August 2013
No problems recieving the product and was great for first few days but after a week or so my galaxy note 2 got the better of it and it couldn't handle my phones weight. Its very loose and everytime I go over a bump it droops. But that is with my galaxy note 2 which is colossal. if you have a lighter smaller phone I'm sure it'll work great and you'd be happy with it. Ps. If you have a heavy phone dont get this.
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on 17 July 2013
Purchased for my Galaxy S4 for use as a windscreen mount (optional dash mount is provided and is a great addition to the value of the product)

Company were prompt and courteous to respond to my email which goes along way these days.
The aesthetic design of the product is fantastic, it can be folded up when not in use and thus is unobtrusive.
Variable grip support means that if any phone can be used and a replacement holder will not be required.
Another positive to the variable grip is the phone does not need to be removed from its case, as would generally be required with a custom holder.
The ball join socket allows great flexibility to position your phone as you wish

However, the ball joint also provide a challenge to the design, for what I would say is the main design flaw, namely
The ball socket does not seem strong enough to support the weight of my phone and thus the phone is wobbling on its vertical plane (safe and will not fall out, but distracting as its moving). On bumpy roads the phone will end up angling downwards as the issue of wobbling is amplified. Thus, to alleviate both symptoms, I have to have the phone resting on the dashboard to keep it level, thus prevents charging if using it as a sat nav.

You need to decide if the pros outweigh the cons. For my general everyday use, the looks and design do outweigh the issue of the ball joint. If you are someone who needs a sat nav then you will need to use the phone in landscape. The phone as well does not extend a large amount beyond the dashboard, this is not a con, it's the design, but again if you intend to charge your phone you would need to use the included desk mount adaptor instead of windscreen mount.
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on 11 November 2013
This is a superb product. It's solid, doesn't feel like it'll fall apart and more importantly it holds my phone regardless of how bumpy the journey. Too stuff.
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on 30 January 2016
I originally wanted this to help with my new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I had just purchased it and was keen to use the size of the Note 4 to help with navigation whilst driving. The issue I had was that the Note 4 is quite big and I couldn't find a replacement holder (from my current one).

After spending a little on the net I came across this. On initial inspection from the pictures and reviews I was dubious as to whether this device would be able to support my Note 4; after a short installation in the car I was pleasantly surprised to see that the suction cup did work and that it was able to hold my phone steady in place.

I should probably mention that in order to engage the suction on the holder you need to twist the dial on the base unit, this will then place the suction cup under pressure and attach itself to the windscreen.

I have enjoyed using this holder as because it is small you don't really notice it on the windscreen. The only down side to this is that over use or extension of the arm element can weaken the grip from the screw base, this makes the arm holding your phone droop. Apart from this I would highly recommned this to any driver.
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on 23 April 2014
Bought for holding my small smartphone (Experia E) to use the "daily road" app. It sticks to the windscreen like glue but there is too much play on the bit that holds the phone and it vibrates like mad! Same would be for the sat nav app so I'm looking for another product . Probably OK if all you want it to do is hold a smartphone somewhere within easy reach.
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on 16 September 2013
Very compact and light. Fixes easily to windscreen. Adjusts to any angle and is very stable. I can use a number of different devices with it
Very happy with this product.
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on 28 August 2013
I bought this item hoping it would be good quality based on the good reviews. The item came well packaged with instructions so I remained hopeful. After mounting the holder on my windscreen following the instructions, 200m down the road on the first turn the holder detached it's self from my windscreen hurling my phone into the footwell. I thought I must have not attached it properly so i stopped, reattached and tightened the holder. Again, the next corner I came to I gently turned to not provoke the holder to fly off as before.

Guess what? It detached and once again threw my phone by my feet. on inspection the locking mechanism is now broke so it just hangs loosely on my windscreen without being able to hold any weight.

within 40 seconds of use it broke, I advise people to spend a bit more and get a decent phone holder.
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on 26 September 2014
Good for tar roads. Can't cope with rough paved roads.
I took this with me to South Africa to use with the Sygic sat nav app on my LG G3. At first it worked brilliantly on the good smooth tar roads out of Durban and north to Greytown, KZN. Next day however I met with the paved roads which dominate off the main route north to Dundee. I was heading for Rorke's Drift. The paved road (compressed stone) started off smooth enough but deteriorated shortly thereafter as the smoothness gave way to larger and larger stones.

Once the stones were sufficiently large to cause the car to judder and shake the ball and socket end of the arm was not stiff enough to keep the mobile stable and it simply fell down. I had to keep lifting it up to see the screen, and so it continued. Granted the road led to the Knostrope Pass which scared me senseless at one point, but even on less hair-raising paved roads, any shaking at all caused the mobile to fall down.

In fact the paved road experience took it's toll as even a minor pothole or two on the tar road caused the mobile - which isn't heavy - to fall down.

The arm simply can't cope with any shaking.

So if you are on smooth tar roads this little device works well. If you are going on paved roads or off road then spend some more money and get a sturdier model
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on 8 April 2014
...well, the first issue was my fault. I should have remembered to make sure the dashboard was clean before sticking the mount to it. I didn't and as a result, it fell off. I then tried using contact adhesive and that worked for about an hour and then the mount fell off again, and I'd cleaned both surfaces this time. There was still some of the manufacturer's adhesive on the part of the mount which attaches to the dashboard however, so perhaps that's why it didn't work. Next time I'll try super glue.

The second issue was that the phone needs to be fitted in the mount so that there's the least weight of cable on it, i.e. as close to the accessory socket as possible, otherwise it starts to droop. Also most of my dashboard slopes or is sort of contoured and if the unit isn't upright on a flattish surface it wobbles a bit unless the road surface is super smooth.

Finally, it takes a bit of effort to open the 'jaws' of the mount wide enough to take my Galaxy III with its slim cover, but again, perhaps you're supposed to remove any covers.

To be fair, all of my negative comments might have been as a result of my own stupidity but I managed to install a similar fitting for a Garmin sat-nav with no problem at all and it was a lot sturdier. And a lot pricier.
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