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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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*It's very hard to review this season without spoilers as such mild spoilers akin to what's been in trailers will be included but if you'd rather go in with no knowledge best to avoid.

Following the blood soaked finale of season 4 Dexter has had a lot to live up to, five fell short of this, six even more so with a lacklustre main villain and inconsequential stories, Dexter was showing signs of wear, maybe a season too far? However season 7 becomes a blazing return to from for the show, not perfect but a huge improvement and the most engaging the show has been since Trinity.

Picking up where season 6 ends (which should have been end of 5) Dexter faces the consequences for the murder of Travis before his sister's eyes but soon finds himself with bigger problems, a key figure of the kashca brotherhood targets him for vengeance and he finds himself a new love interest in the guise of the damaged and possibly dangerous Hannah.

Season 7 smartly decides to recognise its past; Dexter as a show has a tendency to hit the reset button at the end of a season with the exception of Rita, each season acts as a separate story rather than acknowledging what came before. Season 7 finally picks up on the rich tapestry the show has weaved for itself, connecting the dots right back to the start and how they play into present day, it's a smart move, one the gives the show new and exciting direction.

Dexter's revelation to Deb finally gives the two something new to do together and gives Jennifer Carpenter a real chance to shine, as the emotional toil takes hold of her, confused and conflicted about what to do next, a big improvement over the caricature she has become the last couple of seasons, pouting off potty mouthed one liners. Indeed the relationship between the adopted siblings takes centre stage this season and easily the most interesting thread, as what to do following Dexter's crime becomes a bigger and bigger weight, it will be a turbulent season for the pair and by the finale big changes will come.

Ray Stevenson of HBO's Rome turns up at this year's big bad and is easily one of the best. Rather than being all out nuts or irredeemable of any good qualities, Issak is a much more human character equally dangerous but charismatic and interesting, indeed Dexter and Issak's exchanges superbly written and acted by the pair are very resonant, the parallels between the two stronger than either would care to admit. Chuck alum Yvonne Strahovski also joins as the intriguing Hannah, as well as being rather nice to look at she brings a layered performance to the damaged Hannah, her relationship with Dexter neither enabling or disabling and a fresh take on Dexter's hidden/exposed relationships of the past.

The minor bad points, Quinn's side-story is poor, very poor, like taking a cliché from every cop show and rolling them into one, strippers with hearts of gold, money bribes, trying to go straight, undermining investigations, you name it, it's there and a distraction from the main season story. The character of Louis introduced in last season is handled very poorly, his motivations for his fascination with Dexter thin to say the least but thankfully his story is rounded off quickly.

The last few episodes see Dexter in serious danger of loosing it, and some real changes for the character down to his very core, and the finale delivers a shocking conclusion, easily the best since season 4, as Dexter again sees the price of what his need has cost those around him.

This season has restored my faith in Dexter and with the final season next year I'll definitely been tuning in.
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on 26 June 2013
A must have for Dexter fans, this is possibly the best series yet. The scenes between Dexter and Deb are powerful and moving, the plot twists and turns as unpredictable as ever. Major developments for several of the long standing characters and a shock ending. Can't wait to see the last series.
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on 21 November 2012
Just been watching these as they went out in America and there hasn't been one bad episode yet! It starts off exactly where the season 6 cliffhanger left off and just escalates from there. Can not wait to have this on dvd :D
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on 22 December 2012
I have just finished watching this season and it has been amazing, not wanting to spoil it but it moves away from the whole there is a big killer he has to take down but this story line has been so tense and exciting and I would say one of the best so far and any Dexter fan will enjoy season 7 which ends with you screaming nooooo I cannot wait till next year to find out what happens, I will be pulling my hair out till then I think!
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on 30 May 2016
Brilliant again like the 1st 6 Seasons really enjoyed can't wait to see the Final Season but bit Gutted there's no more but for anyone thinking about buying stop thinking and buy you will not be disappointed πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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on 23 November 2015
I loved season 7 with seasons 2,4 and 6 this is my favourite. Twists as always good killers for Dexters table and love the character Isaac played by Ray Stevenson, another great ending aswell which leaves you wanting more immediately, I watched it when it came out on TV and it was very painful waiting a full year till the next season to see the aftermath. Just finished watching this season again, just as good as the first time round. If you haven't seen dexter or even if you have you can watch them again again
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on 14 September 2014
I was always a fan of "Dexter", right from when I discovered it. But I never thought it could be among the really great TV series of all time !

Usually by season seven most writers cannot produce anything really good anyway, but in this case season 7 is actually the BEST ! The most interesting villains, a gorgeous girl (the first REALLY beautiful one Dexter meets) and the most "human" Dexter ever. Not a superhero anymore. Not the one who can fix everything and get the world rid of bad guys. He messes up. And he messes up for good. And - maybe exactly because of that - he's most likeable than ever. Along with the ruthless killers he hunts down, but doesn't kill.
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on 24 September 2013
Massive fan of Dexter and love this season. Can't wait for season eight now! I reccomend this to anyone who loves dark humour!
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on 18 March 2014
Do not read this if you don't want to know what happens in Season 7 of Dexter.

Right then. Let the moaning begin.

I am a long-time fan of Dexter but even I have to admit it. At this point in the journey, the quality of Dexter's storylines and characters is deteriorating badly. Unlike most reviewers I really liked Season 6 and even Season 5 before that. For me the worst of the lot was season 2 with it's shambolic "fatal attraction" plot. ...Which is probably why I disliked Season 7 so much: What we have here is essentially another shambolic "fatal attraction" plot with a few random sub plots thrown in. The whole thing feels like a re-hash of Season 2.

Here is what I mean. Remember that Season 2 had Dexter up against the femme fatale Layla while also contending with Doakes who suspects him of being the Bay Harbour Butcher? Doakes then died when he found out for sure, before he could tell anyone. Season 2 has Dexter up against femme fatale Hannah while contending with Laguerta who suspects him of being the Bay Harbour Butcher. Laguerta then dies when she finds out for sure, before she can tell anyone. As if to confirm the re-hash, the events of Season 2 are referred to in Season 7 through flashbacks and awkward back references.

But the lazy re-use of an old plot is the least of the problems in Season 7. Let's look at the characters. The ensemble cast are woefully underused this time around, the comic genius of Masuka barely sees the light of day, while Angel is conveniently set aside the events to open a restaurant for no reason other than give him some reason to exist on screen. The emaciated skinny cop (whose name I forgot) starts an affair with a stripper who is part of a murder investigation. (Yawn, seen it all before). We are supposed to believe he is madly in love with her, and worse still, we are expected to care. This cop is not likable and I do not care about his life. The writers seem confused, on the one hand they want us to hate him because he's corrupt but on the other they want us to see him live happy ever after. Result: I don't care either way!

Then we have the problem of the "main baddie" who is like something from an 80's Old Spice commercial, a suave Russian mobster named Isaak Sirko who has a posh English accent(?) and comes to Miami to avenge the killing (by Dexter) of his criminal best mate (and gay lover apparently). This mobster is pathetic and shallow compared to the excellent Trinity or Ice Truck Killer for example, and makes me yearn for those good old days of Dexter's "proper" bad guys. Even last season's Travis Marshall was a more compelling baddie than this lame duck.

Sirko seems to be there purely to help tie up loose ends and kill off characters whose Season 6 storylines proved too difficult to resolve. This "giving up" on characters really annoyed me. The geeky and creepy lab assistant Louis is a case in point. He was a good character! I had high hopes for the whole stalking/obsession thing between Louis and Dexter but no, that's too hard to develop so they just have Sirko shoot him in the head (for no good reason) and we forget the whole Louis thing ever happened. (And nobody seems to notice or care that he's dead!).

The waters are muddied further by the introduction of Hannah, a known killer who for no apparent reason becomes Dexter's lover when they meet during a cold case investigation. Now there is nothing wrong with this in theory, two killers finding out each other's secrets and dating each other... BUT Hannah herself is a horrendous character, there is nothing likable about her whatsoever (besides her good looks). Again the writers expect us to want this pair to live happily ever after, they expect us to be concerned when she's in danger. But NO, we don't like her! So don't set up a hateful person and expect us to give a damn how their story goes on, or care about her escaping captivity or being injured, or getting upset by her mean Dad. Personally I wanted her to die and was annoyed that she survived to escape custody in really ludicrous circumstances at the end.

And another thing: I did NOT like the way the writers dealt with the Season 6 cliffhanger. I mean really, Debs, the police lieutenant (FFS!), discovers that her adopted brother is a long-time serial killer and what does she do? She helps him cover it all up and then tries to 'cure' him as if he were a drug addict, thus implicating herself in his actions. It takes maybe 3 or 4 episodes for Debs to have apparently "accepted" the situation just get on with her life while keeping Dexter's secret. WTF? Just not credible. Oh, and nearly forgot, she is madly in love with him too. But to be fair this is the first series where Debs hasn't jumped into bed with a man.

That said, for me Debs was actually the saving grace of Season 7. The story actually challenged her and gave her something interesting to deal with for a change instead of just falling into bed with suspects or cops while swearing a lot. But the way she dealt with Dexter was a wasted opportunity.

I enjoyed the last two episodes and especially the shocking ending (see spoiler warning above!) but it could have been done so much better over all. They skipped the sickening body-disposal boat scene which I think was more essential now than ever, just to hammer home the point.

Now I look forward to seeing if Season 8 is really as bad as everyone keeps telling me it is!
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This season does much to try and tie up loose ends as we see a flashback to Deb and Dexter's childhood. The new villain of the piece is actor Ray Stevenson and he is set to play the head of a Ukrainian crime syndicate who lands in Miami single-minded purpose to find out who killed one of his associates. A rather unsavoury character is played by Jason Gedrick playing the manager of a Miami-area gentlemen's club that becomes connected to a high-profile murder case. Hannah McKay, a lady with a "checkered past" who arrives to help Miami Metro Homicide revive an old murder case out of joint benefit, and becomes Dexter's love interest. The season has its flaws as Quinn's side story is so sublime. Dexter's sister Deb now knows about her brother's predilections and the way her character tries to deal with the conflict within her is good television. LaGuerta begins investigating a blood slide Dexter accidentally left at the church and becomes increasingly suspicious of Dexter. This is season where Dexter fails in some of his attempts to kill and where his sister is tested - very sorely tested.
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