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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 9 December 2012
I love a good musical film and TV shows like Glee so when I saw the trailer for Pitch Perfect at the cinema, I knew it was something that I had to go see. The trailer was funny and only showed clips of songs sung so it didn't really give too much away. The plot is pretty basic and quite predictable but that's normally what you get with this kind of film anyway. In a made up university, different a cappella groups battle it out for places in the national championships and to prove which group is the best in the university.

Anna Kendrick has begun to do quite well for herself since having a small part in the Twilight films. I really liked her in What to Expect When You're Expecting and because of that, it made me want to watch this film even more. Kendrick plays main character Beca, who can be described as alternative compared to the other girls at this particular university. She has a strong interest in making her own mixes of music and generally walks around with a big pair of headphones on. Beca is a witty and outspoken character which I liked about her. She isn't afraid to state her mind when she thinks she can make something better or thinks that something is wrong. Kendrick was really good in this role and played in perfectly.

Being a film about musical groups, there is quite a large cast. From The Bellas, next to Kendrick, Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson shine in particular. Snow plays one of the leaders of the group and is one of the nicer girls while Wilson plays Fat Amy, a larger Australian girl. I loved the character of Fat Amy so much because she was just hilarious. She has some amazingly funny lines throughout the whole film. Actually, she was probably my favourite character in the whole film and now I want to see more of what she has been in. Unfortunately, the male characters/ cast in the film were nowhere near as good as the girls and even love interest Jesse played by Skylar Astin was a let-down.

Pitch Perfect has a pretty strange soundtrack. Along with some really current songs such as Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars and Right Round by Flo Rida, there are also songs such as The Sign by Ace of Base and Eternal Flame by The Bangles. However, the mix of songs was something that I found to be really interesting and something that set this film apart from other musicals. The mix of songs is done in such a way though that they go really well together and there are certain reasons for some of the songs. The soundtrack to this film is fantastic and one I would actually like to own.

Overall, as cheesy and predictable as this film is, I loved it. The cast and characters are what made this film so good and along with a funny script and great songs, it was an instant hit for me. This will definitely be getting a place in my DVD collection.
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on 24 April 2015
I thought it was BRILLIANT!!! I didn't know Anna Kendrick could sing? The characters that didn't overshoot the mark were absolutely spot on. I'm not a fan of the woman who plays Fat Amy, usually she annoys me as other characters, and was the main reason I avoided this movie so long, but she was integral to the group chemistry. What makes this film, is that aside from the major 'boy gets girl' obviousness, the majority of the scenes don't play out as you would expect, and that's a major plus. Great film. Watch it.
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on 2 May 2014
Also glad to hear a second film is coming in a year or two. I don't usually like movies that just seem to act like Glee, but characters such as Fat Amy which is what she is called on film so not being offensive, but yeah she just made it a right laugh.
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I just rented this to watch last night and this had me in hysterics laughing. My husband actually watched this a few months ago on Amazon Instant Video for free when it was one of the Prime Video offers when he was looking for something to watch and he recommended the film to me as he knew I would love it. I'm not normally into the whole Glee Club singing type films ergo why I probably hadn't already watched it, but this film is so funny and made so well with Rebel Wilson in it that I am now looking forward to renting Pitch Perfect 2 when it releases. Elizabeth Banks is really funny too and although she has a small part she certainly makes it memorable. A very funny and enjoyable watch and if you are stuck for something to watch and want a good giggle then maybe give this film a try.
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on 9 April 2013
At the end of the day we all know what we're going to get from this film.

Yes, the plot is predictable, but there are some serious laugh out loud moments in there.

Films like Pitch Perfect aren't everyone's cup of tea, I love them because they're so cheesy, and with the added bonus of songs you end up singing along to.

So if you want laughs, cheesy romance and some good songs to sing to, this film is for you. If not, well don't watch it. Simple.
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on 28 October 2013
This film is just BRILLIANT. Loved it from the second it started in the cinema to the second it finished. One of few films I could have stayed at the cinema to see a second time in succession! Good acting, great storyline and the music / singing is just fantastic. Love Anna Kendrick in it, she acts the part really well. Singing is truly amazing, loved it so much I bought the soundtrack. Oh and Fat Amy ha ha ha ha ha ha worth watching it just for her. Funny girl !
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on 30 March 2014
We love this film, gets you singing, gets you laughing and gets your feet tapping! Really good film!! Can't find anything bad to say about this film!!
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on 22 October 2013
Let's not pretend this isn't a shining example of how good musical comedies can be! The fact that this will never win an Oscar (let's not get into the whole comedies debate here) is a crime. The writing is brilliant, the acting is great and the songs are so good that almost a year later I'm still blasting out the pool party mash up.

The downside to this film, if I HAVE to point one out, is that the male love interest is so 2 dimensional it's painful. You want to score soundtracks? Then how come you never show any musical know how, other than being able to belt out Cee Lo to a strangely mature audience? I also wish that they'd managed to prove that these kids WERE actually in college, by, I know know... showing them in class or studying or something? But I suppose the movie would have been longer... (which I wouldn't have minded!).

Watch this if you like any teen comedy movie/tv show/musical aka Bring it on, Mean Girls, Glee etc.
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on 5 March 2013
I ordered this DVD from the US ahead of the Uk DVD release date as I wanted to give it to my daughter for her birthday. I am so glad I did, it played fine on my DVD player and I have a very very happy daughter. The delivery was super fast, well ahead of the predicted delivery date and it was very well packaged.

The film is excellent, good story, great characters, lots to sing along to and very funny. Not sure who loves it more, me (at 40 years old) or my sixteen year old! :)
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'Beca' joins the college at which her father teaches.
despite the best efforts of the 'Bellas' group leaders,
'Beca' doesn't seem interested at first, her music interests
being in a different field.
the group are rehearsing to try and reach the '2012' acapella
contest, a competition the 'Treblemakers' from the same college
as the 'Bellas' had won the year before.
the leader of the group is reluctant to create a new image using
the style and songs that had failed 'Bellas' before.
to move forward and have any chance the group leader will need
to listen to 'Beca' and the other new recruits.
must admit because of it's teen theme I did struggle through much
of the early part of the film, however as the contest got nearer
the music got better as did the story line.
stick with it and you'll maybe have...the feel good factor.
(Those that enjoyed this one have 'Pitch Perfect 2' to look forward too.)
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