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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Price:£79.23 - £158.89
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on 29 December 2013
I have three of these drives running 24 hours a day in a ReadyNas NV+ RAID unit, and I've been very impressed with their reliability. They have each been running without failure or interruption (other than occasional moves) for almost 25,000 hours (that's just short of three years), and the in-built health monitoring shows the drives in great shape with no recorded ATA errors. This is despite several power cuts which have shut down the drives instantly.

I have been very impressed with these drives, and plan to expand my network storage using them in the near future. Great stuff!

EDIT - Just under one month later.....

....and the most recent of my three 2TB WD Caviar Green drives began making my NAS unstable, with a SMART health multi-zone error rate of >110,000. I immediately regretted posting the review above - talk about tempting fate! To WD's credit, a replacement arrived two days later and is installed and working now. Their RMA process was pretty simple, and if you provide credit card details they'll forward you a new replacement and give you 30 days to return the broken drive, which is by far the best RMA service I've ever had to use. Still recommended!
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Style Name: WD Extended Warranty|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Western digital 2.0 TB Caviar Green hard drives.

What is it ?

This is a bare 2 TB hard drive from Western Digital (WD). It is from their green series of hard drives meaning it consumes low power and is low noise without losing too much performance.
Typical uses are in small server setups and backup drives where the user's needs a secure back up copy. My use is for archiving photos, music collection and videos.

What you get.

The drive is delivered in a simple box with the drive inside an anti-static bag. The box also contains details of the Western Digital extended care warranty. To activate this extra year of warrantee you need to register the drive using the code with WD in the leaflet.

Using the drive as a storage device.

This can be mounted inside an existing computer case, NAS server or fixed into a potable SATA external drive housing. The drive is supplied uninitialized or formatted. To get your system to see it you need to register it in Windows. To do this open the control panel, choose Administrative tools, Computer Management, Disk management and then initialise, format and give the drive a letter for it to appear in the My Computer listing. This is for Windows 7.
Many people have reported these as DOA's but have failed to initialize and format the disk first so don't be put off.

Using the drive for a new Windows installation.

You can also let a new Windows installation detect and set up the drive partitions for you if you are using this as a system drive. Windows 7 and 8 set up DVD,s automatically detect this drive and set it up.

Once initialised it can be used to store files like any other disk drive.


This series of drives have been designed to provide reliable back up storage platforms. I am the owner of many of these drives and have never had one let me down. They are low power consumers and make very little noise. As for raw performance they are not far behind the fastest out there and can be used as main boot and storage drives successfully.


This is a well-priced and performing series with plenty of storage space. For experienced system users / builders/ expanders they are easy to set up and use. From my experience they are a very reliable series and the extra warrantee is helpful - don't forget to register the drive to get the extra year. Highly recommended for reliable back up storage on all platforms.
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on 27 January 2013
I have several Western Digital 2 TB Caviar Green drives in my HP Microserver, their energy saving and power efficiency makes them excellent drives to use in home servers. You get great speeds with them despite being "green" drives so they function in any scenario such as backup or media serving. They also run nice and cool too, on average a couple of a degrees cooler than Seagate drives also in use in my HP Microserver.

They are very reliable drives after years of use and continue perform effortlessly, definitely recommended.
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on 2 September 2013
To be fair, for the price I can't really say anything bad about this drive. It's fast enough for games, works great as a secondary drive when paired up with a SSD for the O/S.

The deal breaker is always noise as well, I don't hear this thing whirr or clunk at all, it's silent!

Just try not to use this as a Primary Drive, use this as a secondary.
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on 17 May 2013
If you're interested in the WD Green range of mechanical HDD's, know what you're buying.

I bought this HDD as a 'Media' drive to free up my WD Blue of all my photos and music. This has certainly made operation a lot easier and faster on my system, with just the operating system and programs left (+ scratch files) to stretch their legs.

The WD Green is very silent + unobtrusive, whilst being responsive when accessing at variable speeds (apparently 5400-7200RPM). I would say that I wouldn't want it as a Boot drive due to frequent idling in a bid to be energy efficient (I would buy the Blue or Black or even a SSD for that). However on the flip side of that, when it sleeps it will help lengthen the life of the drive, easily enabling it to be durable in the system that will replace my current machine.

So great for vast Media/ Backup or scratch applications but a more suitable drive can be bought for boot, due to its environmental design, hence the name Green.
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Style Name: WD Express Warranty|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When my LaCie external drive finally gave up I really didn't want to throw away the drive housing, which was fine, so got this WD Green hard-drive to eventually become the new occupant. To start with I've been using it in an Inateck Docking Station, which has been interesting because I can hear and feel how noisy and warm the drive actually gets in use without the insulation of an external case. So I can report the spinning sound from the Caviar Green is virtually inaudible, you're hardly aware it's even running. However the familiar crunchy clicking noise the heads make as they flick back and forth is much more noticeable, though not really loud, and will remain slightly audible inside most cases. The heat generated by the drive is minimal too, I had mine running constantly for hours (zeroing out data) and it became warm but never hot. Of course, ongoing running temperature will be very influenced by the kind of enclosure it's fitted into but the drive seems to be fairly well-suited for fan-less conductive cases.

Speeds are really good, I was getting up to 140MB/s through a USB-3 connection, especially for sustained throughput. In order to save power the Green drives park their heads whenever possible, so maybe they aren't the fastest out of the gate but once they hit open road they're excellent. At first glance the WD Green range sounds like a good fit for small NAS servers, especially with low-power consumption and good speeds, but it's worth noting that isn't the job they're intended for and there may be problems if they're used that way. The main use for the Green range is as secondary drives, such as external drives or media storage drives that don't require constant access. The onboard error-correction routines and eco features can cause problems (even data loss in extreme cases) when used in 24/7 systems like NAS servers so it's best to go for the WD Red Hard Drive range instead - with some warranty options there isn't even that much price difference.

Speaking of warranty, if you decide the Extended WD Care option is worthwhile for you then you get a leaflet with the drive which has a scratch-off panel to reveal a code, you enter the code on the WD website to activate your extended guarantee. Beware when scratching off the panel to reveal the code - it's very easy to scratch off the code itself at the same time! I didn't realise until it was too late and it took several guesses on the WD website to figure out what the destructed letters were meant to be...
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on 21 February 2015
Maybe early days yet to judge this guy as I've only had it for two months but it's performing as one would expect.

Using an online calculator I've worked out I can record my gf's cat for 36 days straight onto this one hard drive, but I've only got about 4 minute's worth so far.
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on 15 May 2016
Love this drive so far! Initial filesystem formatting took a while, but not had any problems with it since.

My total system (2x Quad-Core Xeon, 18GB RAM, 120GB SSD and 2TB WD Green drive) idles at about 60W draw, so I believe the drive is living up to it's "green" name. Also cannot say that I've actually heard the drive audibly spin yet, although my server system's fans are always on and might mask this, it definitely isn't reminiscent of some of the 7200 rpm drives I had in the past.

Timing cached reads: 12992 MB in 2.00 seconds = 6501.78 MB/sec
Timing buffered disk reads: 394 MB in 3.01 seconds = 130.80 MB/sec

262144+0 records in
262144+0 records out
2147483648 bytes (2.1 GB) copied, 4.8667 s, 441 MB/s

Only time will tell about the longevity of this product, but I am hopeful.
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on 24 July 2015
Nearly 18 months on since I purchased this DRIVE, I brought 2 for a RAID setup, with the 2nd one being a Spare drive for emergencies.
Nearly 2 years on, and NO faults to report with the 1st Drive!

I remember when the years when you got the click of death from a drive, and that was it!
A thing of the PAST!


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on 21 October 2012
This is my second Green 2TB HDD. They were bought to setup RAID but after realising the storage would be limited only to 2TB, since data is duplicated from one drive to another, I opted to use a syncronisation program to backup selected files and folders instead, which is proving beneficial. The drive is quiet, takes a moment to spin up if it hasn't been used for a long period of time - and in my backup scenario this happens frequently - but is a small price to pay for the vast amount of storage available for the price.
I would recommend this product.
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