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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 July 2017
'Troy' is a star-studded 'swords and sandals' thriller, with copious attempts at also being dramatic, dating from 2004 and directed by Wolfgang Petersen. I've seen a few of his earlier 'Hollywood' films ('In the Line of Fire', 'Outbreak', 'Air Force One') and found them to be well-made, overt in nature but largely forgettable - the only contradiction to that form is he also responsible for the excellent 'Das Boot', which manages to combine drama and thrills much more effectively.

And so to this film, quoted as being based on the poem 'Iliad' by Ancient Greek Homer, but being much wider in scope as it essentially covers all of the matters arising from the decade-long Trojan War. As I have never read 'Iliad', nor do I have any knowledge of the history related to the Trojan War, whatever controversies are prompted by the content of this film about historical accuracy they were never going to be an issue for me.

Instead, I viewed 'Troy' on Blu-ray purely for it's cinematic entertainment value as an evening's viewing of the 'popcorn' variety of movie - I was not disappointed, but boy do you need the whole evening free if you watch it in it's entirety (the standard UK disc contains only the Director's Cut) as it runs in excess of a bum-numbing 3hrs ! Fans will also be pleased to know that despite that film length, it still manages to look and sound very good in HD and there are a stack-load of disc extras with a running time of over 1hr...!

If you read the Amazon synopsis for this film it gives a good idea about the overall direction of that lengthy story; it also gives you decent insight into the polar-opposite lead cast in terms of screen 'beauty' and (in my opinion !) acting ability/screen presence. With a central Brad Pitt, balancing Orlando Bloom, Diane Kruger and Eric Bana we have the esteemed talents of Brendan Gleeson, Brian Cox and (albeit in an almost soporific state !) Peter O'Toole.

The production-values and battle-scenes in this film are very high and copious/expansive respectively; there is a lot of CGI to depict the respective masses and enormous ancient cities etc. The performances are, unsurprisingly, proficient rather than outstanding and occasionally you might sense the potential use of soft-focus for the various emotional/love scenes - this is a Hollywood blockbuster after all !

Even the standard cut (issued in a few other countries) runs for over 2hrs30mins, so whatever has been added should be acknowledged with that in mind, either way I never really got the sense that any of the scenes were either superfluous or needlessly long - the story, it's timeline and the plot lines (essentially sexual/political shenanigans) were always going to make this a long film; fans of pure action will just have to swallow the periods of reflection, discussion and emotional interaction which help to contribute to that lengthy running-time !

I've attached photos of the case front and back, with all the disc info, as those on the Amazon webpage are devoid of the front legends advertising the extended cut AND the front/back cast/production credits which mine has....

One thing I did find surprising was that the film has a '15' viewing certificate - a lot of 'strong battle violence' there might be, but it never really struck me as being of the '15' variety (ESPECIALLY after recently seeing the '15' certificated 'Deadpool' !!!); blood yes, but no true gore or violence - so some may consider this film (when the overall type of content is also taken into account) more worthy of a '12'...

On Blu-ray everything looks and sounds as good as you would expect of a modern release; the regular periods of energetic action and expansive external sets particularly lend themselves to an HD presentation, which also helps to show-off the decorative armour/buildings etc - even if a lot isn't 'real'. One surprise was the soundtrack is 'only' of the TrueHD variety - however, it still sounded perfectly acceptable to me.

The disc extras, all of the featurette type, are extensive and individually quite short, but they are playable in themed 'chunks' - I've watched a few and they were quite informative and not overly 'promotional' in nature.

So, whilst I cannot comment on (or get distracted by !) historical accuracy matters, overall this film delivered no great surprises in terms of content or presentation as I approached it as a (rather lengthy !) Hollywood blockbuster action type flick. It has well-depicted action, adequate acting performances, very good production-values and a decent HD presentation plus a good collection of disc extras.
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on 29 September 2017
This is a review for Troy (2-Disc Special Edition - Director's Cut) [DVD].

What was Agamemnon's response to Odysseus when he was told that after twenty years of ceaseless attacks the walls of Troy couldn't be breached?

He said: "Well, Troy, Troy and Troy again!".

Riiiiiiight... bad joke dispensed with so, on with the review!

Troy received many reviews from indifferent to bad upon its initial release. This was due, in no small part, to its inevitable comparison to the Oscar winning Gladiator. Some of the criticism was aimed at the performance of Orlando Bloom, as Paris, which was probably justified. Take for instance the scene in which he is standing upon the walls of Troy and watches as his brother Hector (Eric Bana) is brutally killed by Achilles (Brad Pitt). A brother who has a wife and baby, who has everything to live for, who just now has had to sacrifice his life because of the foolish actions of Paris who, apparently, does all his thinking with his "little head" when he decided to snatch Helen (Diane Kruger) away from her husband Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson), and whisk her off to Troy. So, how does Paris react as he sees Hector's lifeless body falling into the sand at the feet of Achilles? Does he sob, wail and beat his chest in anger or sorrow? No, he does not! During this very emotive scene the only expression of grief he makes is that of someone who's suffering from a very mild case of dyspepsia! This is Bloom facial expression No. 2. Also, within his extensive dramatic repertoire, is Bloom facial expression No. 1, which is to look ever so slightly perplexed - this is the one he chooses to use the most.

The rest of the cast acquit themselves well. The script is reasonably good, apart from a speech delivered by Achilles on board his galley which is more than a little cringeworthy. Sean Bean, as Odysseus, makes his mark as the man who develops the idea for the wooden horse. The sets and costumes are lavish, the scenery is beautiful, the cinematography is perfect and the score, by James Horner, is suitably heroic and, when necessary, poignant.

Film ratio is 1.78:1. Audio is DD 5.1. Both are fantastic.

Extras - too many to mention.

This is an excellent sword and sandal spectacle. The director's cut is much superior to the theatrical version. Troy is far better than its reputation would have you believe.
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on 30 April 2017
Clarifies Homer's epic story for a modern audience. I'm sure the relationships and minutiae of the times were garnished. Likewise the religious symbolism of the gods fighting (and being seen by the protagonists) on the battlefield. An enjoyable and colourful adventure.
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on 16 May 2009
I didnt really like the original cut of Troy, but when I watched this after pre-ordering it I realised how much more exciting and epic it could get, and how err 2D it was before.

You get the whole package really with the additional scenes not just four minutes here and there and a couple at the end like some other directors cuts. The extra scenes come to about half hour, and consist of extra depth into the the love of Hector and Andromache, Paris and Helen and of course extended battle scenes which are awesome and couldn't be better.

I really think even if you didnt like the original cut you should get this because it does feel like a more rounded, polished film which goes further into making this a sort of classic and a great film.
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on 15 July 2017
Such a long film but good nonetheless. Brad Pitt is excellent as Achilles, but Orlando Bloom as Paris is laughable what a coward. the Trojan Horse is brilliant and how gullible of the Trojans.
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on 4 November 2005
This is just not the Iliad but quite another story, so why call it Troy? Why not simply make another movie? And i could have done with a lot less of the spirit of the time ... OUR time, not that of Troy. And there is a curious mixture of battle logic and ahistoric glitches.
Brad Pitt, whom I'd have cast as Alexander, but never as Achill, nevertheless does deliver glimpses of Achill. That took some acting ability, not to mention a sound classical education, with this script to work against. Orlando Bloom is not afraid to play Paris as the unwarlike dandy he was, trying to go through motions he was in no way equipped for. Hector does fine, so do Menelaos and Agamemnon. The female cast is as usual in such productions just too streamlined to be in any way convincing.
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on 11 August 2017
nice item at a great price well worth the money.
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on 11 July 2017
Perfect !!! Thanks, Jose
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on 20 July 2017
Just love the film
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on 11 June 2017
Excellent product
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