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on 2 November 2012
In summary, for those who don't want a long review:
Pros - works with Samsung Galaxy S3, sync'd contacts well, good voice recognition, turns itself on and off, battery life good if not using Magic Words for outgoing calls
Cons - battery life terrible if using Magic Words for outgoing calls, unable to set own Magic Word, unable to use green and red buttons if clipped over slightly wide sun visor

First off, out of the box my unit was charged to 100% - that's always good. In the box was the unit itself, a usb cable and a car charger unit to plug the usb cable into, plus a sheet of instructions - none of them in English. So first step is to find the instruction in English on the web. I obviously skipped that step and just slide the power button on. Next I turned on bluetooth on my Samsung Galaxy S3, did a scan and it found the Parrot and connected. The phone book was automatically downloaded and the Parrot said "Phonebook downloaded". All good so far.

I would recommend everyone to use the default settings for Magic Words. "Magic Words" is the name given by Parrot for voice recognition. There are 2 options - Magic Words for incoming calls and Magic Words for outgoing calls. Magic Words for incoming calls is set to "ON" and when you receive a call the Parrot says who is calling (if they are in your phonebook) and asks if you want to Accept or Reject the call. Magic Words for outgoing calls allows you to say "MINIKIT" and then the Parrot asks who you want to call. This is set to "OFF" by default. It sounds like a good option to turn on, but a word of warning here - it will drain the battery in less than 10 hours even if you do not make any calls. Also, the Parrot never goes into Deep Sleep (in order to achieve the claimed 6 months standby battery life). I also experienced the Parrot asking me on several occasions who I wanted to call when I had not said "MINIKIT" - I had the radio on and I guess the Parrot thought it heard the Magic Word. You are unable to set the Magic Word ("MINIKIT") to anything else, and I keep forgetting the word - annoying. So as I said, once you have finished playing you will want to turn off Magic Words for outgoing calls unless you have the Parrot permanently wired into the car.

So how do you make a call then, if you don't use Magic Words for outgoing calls? You either push the rotary knob and go to the phonebook menu and then select the first letter of the person to call and then scroll through all the names starting with that letter until you find the one you want to dial (not easy if you have 800 contacts in your phonebook), or you press the Green button and the Parrot asks you who you want to call. The voice recognition works really well, and it seemed like I didn't need Magic Words for outgoing calls at all. That is until I squeezed the Parrot over the sun visor in the car. It fits pretty snugly and the "jaws" of the Parrot are opened as wide as they can. And this is when you realise that the Parrot has an engineering flaw, and that it has probably only ever been tested on a desk and not in a car. With the "jaws" opened as much as possible the Green and Red buttons will not depress, meaning you can't make or end calls using them. I've found that sliding the Parrot to the end of my sun visor, where it is the thinnest I can just get a little movement on the green button to make a call. I've really not got an especially thick visor (it's a Volvo V70), so I would say this is a pretty major flaw.

Battery life with Magic Words for outgoing calls turned off seems pretty good so far. I'm on 80% after 3 days with not too many calls made/received, so I'm expecting to have to recharge every week or so. The auto power on/off feature works well, with a tune playing when you open a door to let you know it's now turned back on, quickly followed by a beep to let you know the phone is connected. Volume is OK, but a little too quiet in my opinion, even turned up full. I can't really see the point in the NFC recognition. It means you have to take the phone out of your pocket and tap it on the Parrot - kind of defeats the purpose of having a fully automatic bluetooth device that powers up and down.

I was going to send the unit back due to the engineering flaw, but now I have found a thin part of my sun visor where the green key can be pressed 50% of the time I've decided to keep it. The reason for keeping it are the good voice recognition of the names you want to call, and who is calling you, the auto power on/off, and the fact that it works with my Android phone - the Samsung Galaxy S3 - which a lot of bluetooth devices just don't. The Magic Words for outgoing calls remains firmly off.
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on 27 November 2012
I was looking for a Bluetooth solution and had looked at the headsets and plumb in options then came across the Neo. The other reviews here cover the units capability well I use it for 2 phones and you simply press the knob for a few seconds and the master phone ( the one you voice dial out from ) is swapped over. Incoming calls are routed all the same.. it is a good piece of kit. I have seen some comment about battery and the magic words enabled for out going calls , i cant say that ive noticed this problem but have not had it working that long. If you have an iPhone with SIRI you can voice activate this from the Neo and get all your info back , the over sound quality for what this is in my opinion is very good and it means you have a proper hands free system that doesn't need an earpiece or assorted cables and widgets attached to your car. Ive called Parrot support for a couple of things and they have been excellent :)
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on 10 January 2013
Received my Parrot Mini Kit Neo from Amazon this afternoon. Firstly really impressed as it was delivered quicker than estimate which is always nice.
Out of the box, I turned it on, went into the Bluetooth settings on my Iphone 4 and I was paired and making phone calls in less than a minute. Had to activate the magic words for outgoing calls (to make the device touchless while driving) but that took all of 15 seconds. One click on the toggle wheel, 3 turns and another click and we are there.
Understands my voice great once I remembered what I had everyone listed as in my phonebook. The only person it won't seem to ring on my phone is my Mum. When saying Mum it seems to want to ring any one else except her. I am sure I will work out eventually why, hopefully its my voice. Might change her name to Mother on my phonebook and see if this alters the results. No other problems with other family members or friends.
I would like to re-illiterate the point from previous reviews that some thick and solid sunvisors (read very thick) it will not clip onto, fit my VW Polo, Dad's Renault Scenic, Triumph Stag (thick but squishy sunvisor) and various others I tried it in today. If you have a normal car I could probably even try it on most if anyone has any worry (my dad owns a garage).
But if it don't clip onto your sunvisor find somewhere else to clip it is what I say.
Really impressed, calls are clear and the people I rung said it sounded great too.
This is the first handsfree I have used but think its great, perfect for what I need getting in and out of loads of different cars and its not an in ear as I don't like people who use those!

Also download the app if you have android or an Iphone as its great if like me you can't remember where you have parked your car in a car park as it gives you the address, coordinate and even a little map.

Hopefully this is useful anyone who is thinking of buying one, I don't think you will be disappointed. Feel free to comment with any questions and I will try to answer them as best I can.

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on 13 January 2013
Having bought a new small car without a built in Bluetooth device the MINIKIT Neo seemed like a good solution.
The Parrot website provides phone compatibility tables and a downloadable 'user guide' which encouraged me to make a purchase for use with my wife's Motorola GLEAM mobile!
On receipt, My Iphone would operate all functions and I was impressed with the voice recognition and sound quality and the ability to 'dub' a more recognisable sound if needed. However the GLEAM refused to 'automatically' accept the phonebook link and needed 3 button presses on entering the car to be able to use it, including after leaving for only 5 minutes when the 'Neo' goes into sleep mode!

No manual is included with the product, "paper saving", yet it appears essential to print out the 15 page guide in order to set up this relatively complex kit! As there is no visual display, only sound signals and no 'logic diagram/ flow chart of functions, it takes a bit of understanding.
On meeting problems the Parrot helpline is accessible and after assuring me that the 'GLEAM' should work OK persuaded me to re-set both phone and Neo, install latest firmware etc. Unfortunately the upgrade system would not work with a Safari browser on 2 of my Mac's ( a problem known to them) and I had to install Firefox in order to upgrade from 1.05 to 1.06.
Parrot concluded that the phone was the problem and after another call to Motorola they confirmed the need to manually confirm the phonebook after each connection! Whilst Parrot still maintain that the GLEAM should work with all functions another contact to an experienced car bluetooth installation company confirmed the Motorola software idiosyncrasies!

The MINIKIT has been returned to Amazon and we have reverted to using a simple but reliable BT device which does not need reconnecting after 5 minutes and works every time with both our phones!
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on 14 November 2012
The hand free kit is easy to set up and use. The voice recognition is very accurate, dialling numbers from phone book is easy. It has a button to check the current battery level and a reminder when the battery drops below 20%.

The sound quality is quite good, can hear the call quite clearly. It is handy to use on multiple cars.
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on 20 September 2012
I had the earlier Parrot visor kit, and thought it excellent. This one has the following advantages over the old one..

1. It turns on as you enter the car and turns off a short while after you leave. Never need to touch it.

2. Fully voice controlled and independent of the phone. Again, never have to touch it.

3. My phone enabled sat nav comes though the speaker, loud, clear and as the visor is near my ears, I can hear it over the radio.

4. It is small, so if I flip the visor for the sun, it doesn't get in the way like the older one does.

5. It can get my personal iPhone and my business Blackberry at the same time. Outgoing calls always on the iPhone but incoming from either.

The things I like about the old one, such as excellent voice recognition, long battery life and people can hear me OK still stand, so no real reason not to buy it.

I am dropping a star for two reasons, both to do with Parrot rather than Amazon.

It shows that an updated firmware is available (1.02, I am on 1.02 according to the bluetooth screen on my phone,) but the file on the update page of the website shows page not found...

The advertising indicates an iPhone app but nothing in the operating instructions or indeed on the apps on the iPhone to indicate such an app exists. It reckons that this app can send a busy text or email, read out texts etc. But seems to have disappeared from the final release unless I am being a bit thick here?
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on 28 May 2015
I had the option to return the product and wish I had. Originally the phone sync was using my phones voice calls, hence it not working. It was suggested I had not set it up correctly. Parrot spent about 30 minutes on the phone dealing with this issue. The support was good so I gave the Neo a second chance. Over a few months, I've had minor problems, asking me who I would like to call, even though no one has said anything, I can only assume it must respond to something on the radio. The magic word does not work. That said when playing the mini game it asks who we want to call. When returning to the car it does not recognise my phone. We have to turn the Neo off and on again. Despite names being used for voice commands, it often starts to call a different name. The icing on the cake, the battery only lasts a day when it would last a week normally. The features on the phone when they work are good, but I won't be replacing this with the same brand.
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on 11 February 2013
I was told about this and was a bit unsure if it would be as good as my husband in car handsfree kit but it is brilliant. Charged it up and was off straight away. Battery life seems to last at least a week and the voice recognition has picked up my midlands accent no problems. The only thing is my phone bill has now increased because it is so easy & safe to use
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on 8 January 2016
Ok for incoming calls , but totally drove me mad when I tried to talk to it , asking to call a person by name , it could NEVER , get it right ...... I thought it might be me , but two other friends found the same thing , crazy !!!!
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on 23 May 2014
Generally the minikit is ok but it has it's flaws. My car (Toyota Auris) is not the quietest of drives and therefore the voice activation more often than not fails to pick up the right command, often dialing the wrong person and leaving me shouting at it, frantically trying to get it to hand up. Stand-by battery life does not live up to the manufacturers claims either. When in conversation however the unit works well and two conversation is quite easy.
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