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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 May 2014
For those wanting MacOSX details, see later notes in my review. Generally pleased with this. Looked for a while for such a device giving more extensive access to keyboard shortcuts, mouse functions, OS navigation and a little data entry etc in a small portable unit for teaching. Previously used a bluetooth keyboard and a mouse but was not such a good solution in a big lecture theatre. Saw this at an Adafruit supplier but at a much higher cost so finding it here 30% less I thought it worth a try. It can also double its keep as a discreet media controller (Raspberry Pi etc) but beware of unsupervised living room use because of the laser. Don't leave it lying around with young children. The keyboard is backlit which is good for both lecture theatre and I guess home theatre. Its not bright enough to be noticed in daylight and unfortunately not particularly even spread of white light either when viewed in the dark, for a few keys the characters are barely readable.

The inclusion of the red laser pointer indicates the target market, those giving presentations (Keynote, PowerPoint etc). Instructions stating that this laser does not come on if the keyboard power is switch is off are just plain wrong. The laser comes on whatever the power switch position, charging or not charging. This could be the cause of unwanted power drain in a bag or pocket as well as a safety issue. The power and wavelength are not stated anywhere and is easily activated by a light press of a side button.

My first charge did not seem to last long a couple of hours of experimenting and only a little use of the laser. The top LED flashes near depletion. Maybe I need to leave it charging longer. Charging LED is red at first progressing to orange later. Details of the battery are not clear beyond Lithium-ion Battery. The capacity is unknown at this point. A user replaceable set of AAAs would be better. The unit has 6 tiny PH0 crosshead screws, so dismantling should be straightforward enough.

Remote connection range has not been a problem in lecture theatres I have tried but this is a radio device and locations can vary I imagine. The USB receiver dongle is the typical tiny stubby item thats easily lost. Thankfully it is either in your computer or it can be stored in the mini keyboard but annoyingly this has to be done with another bit of dumb plastic to make it fit the storage hole in the keyboard. Someone missed a design meeting.

Thats the general remarks so on to the MacOSX findings which are thin on the ground from the supplier.
The issue many MacOSX users want to know will it work with their setup as no mention of that OS is made in the specifications or instruction manual.

I can confirm I have it working in 10.9.x with a few tips to make it a smoother experience.

Assuming you are charged and the little receiver shoved in a USB port the OS tries to identify the keyboard type With a wizard (which will not succeed), but do not worry, just get through to the screen where you choose Japanese, European or US keyboard. Choose US. If you choose European the ~` (tilde forward single quote) will be the one key not mapped correctly. This can be redone via "change keyboard type..." button that appears on subsequent connections in Keyboard prefs.

For Windows common shortcuts use ctrl key which is easy on this keyboard eg cut ctrl-x, copy ctrl-c and paste ctrl-v and so on.

MacOSX users will want know about getting to the Apple key (command key, ⌘ Gorgon loop) for the equivalents cut ⌘x, copy ⌘c and paste ⌘v. By default out of the box ⌘ maps straight to the "Win" key which is unfortunate as it is a "Blue" feature accessed by pressing both Fn + ctrl. This is awkward and in fact does not work for OSX as it turns out. So do this:

Go to keyboard preferences (in system prefs) and look at the top for "select keyboard" and hopefully see that "2.4GHz receiver" is available in a list. You can remap modifiers just for remote keyboard without effecting any other keyboard. My suggestion is this: you swap just two:
Control (^) Key: to ⌘ Command
Command (⌘) Key: to (^) Control
(see my screen shot in customer pictures). That's it. Now cut copy paste or anything works more easily by pressing Ctrl on its own with the key you want.

I managed then to do everything I normally do with a normal keyboard. There will be some combinations that won't work where you need ^ and Command together but those are much rarer than those using ⌘ or shift-⌘.

Only other notable is The Fn key on the remote keyboard does not map to fn in MacOSX. so triggering dictation (fn fn) will not happen.

Amazingly the media control blue functions on the F3 to F8 keys map to media control in MacOSX (which are on different keys). So sound control, movie, slide show start etc work via those.

The small touch pad area 32x33mm works just like a single point touch pad whose x-y orientation can be rotated 90 degrees for holding the control lengthways. Overly sensitive perhaps to interpreting an initial touch as a mouse click (double touch?).

[UPDATE: If receiver is plugged into this hub I just got Inateck Bus-Powered USB 3.0 Hub then the trackpad does not work nor do the media keys. Kind of odd. Works if removed and directly put in same laptop. Tried a Logitech K400 which is a full sized wireless and thats OK]

Bizarrely discovered two finger side-swipes work as a scroll up and down just enough room for this. Forget any other multi-touch. Underneath is right and left mouse click buttons and cursor keys which double as page up and down with Fn.

Worth a punt in the end and the English on the packaging is the funniest I have seen for a while including such gems as: "Allows you to be more human", "Meet the golden section of the mini size", "The instructor must have the best weapon"
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on 29 April 2014
When I watch movies on my laptop I hook it up to my TV, and also when I play simple games. I needed an affordable keyboard which also had a mouse built in.

I bought the 2010 edition with high hopes and I wasn't disappointed.

+ I plugged it into my MacBook and it's plug-and-play which is very useful.
+ Test range was between 6ft and 10ft, no issues. Unit prefers to be visible to receiver, didn't work too well when view was obstructed between device and receiver.
+ Impressive touch pad. Once you've adjusted the sensitivity of the track speed on your computer/laptop it's nice to use. What's more is that you can adjust the track direction so that you can use the device horizontally (typing mode) or vertically (presentation mode).
+ Backlight keys. So far I've not had to use this feature but I've not seen this feature on other cheaper keyboards.
+ The size is convenient - small enough to take up small space during travel but big enough not to cause mistyping.
+ PRICE. This is a major plus for me. A wireless keyboard with built in track pad, built in laser point AND includes a charger? There doesn't seem to lack much quality so it's great value for money.

- There's no keys that will let you use the native Mac CMD button which is a little frustrating if you're used to using shortcuts. So far not been able to "add as a new keyboard" as the Mac wizard requires you to press the RIGHT-SHIFT which this device does not have.
- The space bar can be a little finicky. Unless you press it directly in the centre it may not register the button press.
- Key layout is like a grid rather than staggered like a regular QWERTY keyboard. I find that I can't touch type on this keyboard, but this isn't a major setback as I understand that they have to cram all the keys in to make the device as small as possible.
- The keyboard is nice to use in small bursts, such as searching for YouTube videos and films in your directory, but repetitive use does cause aching very quickly. I tried using this to send emails/IMs and I found myself going to a standard keyboard after 30 minutes.

In summary, if you're looking for an affordable keyboard for use with a PC based media centre then this is a good buy. If you're looking for a more permenant keyboard solution I would recommend getting a full sized keyboard.
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on 8 June 2014
Not Blutooth, there is a bluetooth version of this device available which I think also includes the RF dongle as well.

just got it and am using it to type this. its a good size, easily portable with a button to turn on the leds that light up the keyboard. Typing is a bit awkward, bit like txting, but i'm mainly going to use this to fill out quick forms such as email and password on my android tv device as well as navigate around it to run xbmc. no dedicated media buttons but then again i wasn't expecting any. All the buttons work, can use the touch pad and the laser pointer sends my cat crazy chasing reds dots. Came within a few days, ordered Thursday got it Sunday.

The biggest problem seems to be the receiver, I can be typing away watching the little orange light flash on the device and half my letters in the word I just typed have not showed up. Don't know if i'm just typing too fast or not but its not too big a problem for my needs. Final problem is the touch pad feels a bit too sensitive, the mouse pointer moves a lot more with just a little movement of my finger compared to the touch pad on my laptop. Not so much a problem, just takes some getting used too.

Overall not a bad little device, has a few problems but is still pretty good and cheap. Now I just have to wait for the android device and i'm all set.
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on 22 February 2018
I’m writing this review years after I stopped using the keyboard but I remember it would regularly think a key (any key, not one specific button) was held down when it was only pressed. It would put that character on the screen until you pressed the key again. I suppose this means a “key up” instruction was getting lost somewhere.

Besides this one flaw, everything was fine: It worked on all sorts of machines and operating systems you wouldn’t expect it to out of the box; it didn't drop its connection; the touchpad was very useable despite its size; my cat enjoyed the laser pointer. Sadly that one sticky key issue made it too frustrating to use regularly.
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on 27 October 2016
Bought this mini keyboard/touchpad some time ago for the Raspberry Pi I'm using as a smart TV.

Quite satisfied so far! Below is my review:

- build quality is sturdy (tough ABS plastic and the back seems magnesium). Fell a couple of times from 1m and didn't suffer at all.
- good handling (not too light, not too heavy and good sized keys, considering the small format)
- good battery life (almost a week with daily usage), goes to sleep when inactive and charges reasonably fast
- keyboard is backlit
- really plug-n-play (no drivers required usually, as it's just a USB keyboard)
- might be a bit uncomfortable if you have small hands, because of the touchpad placement which makes it difficult to reach the right side of the keyboard. (There is also a model with the touchpad in the middle, but it's more expensive).
- touchpad click is very sensitive (sometimes you may accidentally left click by pressing too much on the touchpad) and doesn't seem it can be disabled in the keyboard itself

Overall: good, cheap and easy to use mini keyboard/mouse to use as a remote or for basic functions. Of course not comparable to a real keyboard for typing.
If the touchpad click function could be disabled, it would be perfect!
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on 14 February 2015
I used this for a couple years with indows 7, 8 and 8.1 on my HTPC. All throughout that I had troubles with range and operation. It was basically a complete PITA to use and frequently I'd bring out a wired keyboard to do anything serious.

I finally made the switch to Linux in Oct 2014 and ever since then I've had absolutely no issues whatsoever. With Vanilla Debian, Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux Mint 17 It's faster to connect, stable, operates correctly, the trackpad is more responsive and doesn't jump and all round things are just better.

I guess this is down to drivers, but even so I've had a big battery boost with this since switching too. For whatever reason I now only have to charge after about 5 weeks of reasonable use and not every week like I did before if I wanted to sit more than 2 feet from the receiver. Literally nothing else changed but the operating system. The hardware is the same in the computer and the receiver is in the same USB port.

In terms of construction, my both my babies regularly nabed it and chewed it, preferring it to their expensive teething toys and liberally covering it in dribble. Still works perfectly after a couple years abuse.

I know there are mixed reviews on here but it's really a great bit of hardware, it might just be that the software is letting it down.
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on 17 April 2013
Works brilliantly with XBMC Media Centre.
I bought this to control my NAS stored movie collection via XBMC Media Centre and I am well pleased.
The unit is so compact but even my fat fingers can manage the keys which have a very satisfying feedback so you definitely know when a key is pressed and when it is not.

What's more, it is brilliant at controlling this:"Mini Android 4.1 Google TV Box HD IPTV Player Android 4.1 Mini PC"... also available on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B008XX29WS/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_5 The touch-pad is great for pseudo mouse movements and can be adjusted in XBMC to be fast or slow as you sweep across the screen.

Although I didn't buy this for the built in laser I have had loads of fun with it and my daughter's dog chasing around and around.
If you want a compact, well built, totally usable mini wireless keyboard and touch-pad that you can put in your pocket - then this is the best device I have seen. OK, it's not the cheapest device on the market but you really do get what you pay for.
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on 10 July 2014
Encouraged to buy one after seeing the good reviews here, I've now had this device for a few days (it arrived very quickly btw). Had I jumped in feet first, I'd have given this a terrible review. Within five minutes of unboxing it, I hated it.

The keyboard takes some getting used to. The trackpad is the biggest learning curve and, as far as I can tell, it cannot be adjusted. Initially, it made me shout in frustration. But, the more I use the keyboard and trackpad, the more I'm beginning to like it. No wires and a rechargeable battery are big plus points. No idea why some suffer problems with range. I use mine across a 5m room with no trouble at all (receiver in a front USB slot of an old PC used now as a home media centre).
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on 12 March 2015
When I received the package I thought "Oh crap, it's going to be too small." The clever design makes it perfect. Using this item on a Philips Screeneo projector, I had no idea if it was compatible and it worked first time and I have tried this item on a few other gadgets with no problems. This item is the very definition of plug and play and probably the best item I have purchased in a long while. The build quality is very good and I am extremely relieved that I spent the little extra on this particular model. Talking of price this item is a steal.
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on 24 February 2013
I was a little skeptical when I purchased this item as I was expecting pretty poor build quality. However, when the product arrived I was very pleasantly surprised on two counts - Firstly, it feel rock solid, and certainly feels a lot sturdier than the price tag would have you believe. Secondly, it is much smaller than I was expecting, which in the right context is a great thing. I needed a keyboard that I could leave in my bag all the time without it getting in the way, and this definitely fits that bill. It is the same width and thickness of an iPhone 4, and a little bit longer. Yes, it's a touch fiddly to use, but that's to be expected when they have squeezed so much into such a small space, but for light work it is great. One small frustration is that the Windows key doesn't work as a function key on a Mac, so no shortcuts, but not the end of the world. Overall - I am extremely happy with it, and would recommend it in an instant.
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