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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 7 February 2014
Still all good! An update to the below, I have lived with this around a year, I am still very pleased with it, it is faultless, never let me down, still easy to use. To answer one question the volume does go really low - on speech radio at least, if you want it to, to not disturb someone trying to sleep next to you while you listen. Also the brightness does go low enough to not disturb you sleeping.
A minor thing that impressed me, if you turn it off or have a power cut, it recovers everything as it was quickly, to the correct time and remembers all the pre-sets and alarm settings. I tend to turn it off at the wall when I go away for a few days to keep the neighbours happy.
Also I regularly use the USB port on the back to charge a phone or a kindle, very useful as there is no socket within yards of it. I have never noticed the phone interfere with it, but I don't put the phone on top of it!
Got this after sending my Revo Axis X3 back in disgust. Bearing in mind this is less than half the price, in fact even not, I am extremely happy with this product. Good things that spring to mind:

I had it set up and running in less than 5 minutes, I didn't need the manual. It was obvious to do, and set the clock itself. just the way a product should be, simple and obvious. Even the 2 alarms. Very impressive.

Has separate alarm options for weekday/weekends. Vitally important as I need to be unconscious longer weekends.

Sound is absolutely fine for the speech stations I mainly listen to, volume is in small enough steps to finely adjust, unlike some products I have. I don't need superb 800 watt Dobly (deliberately misspelt) sound in my bedroom.

Has an easy to find in the dark real volume dial! (cry of triumph) No impossible to find buttons or daft touch screens.

Very importantly as it is by my head at night, the display goes really dim, enough so I can see in the pitch dark it but not enough to be the least bit irritating. It has several light level settings, maybe 5 levels, and works fine for me.

The display is very readable, maybe 20+mm tall, absolutely fine for across the room. I have good eyesight but the last one I had the clock numbers must have been around 3mm tall for some reason.

Blutooth link to phone/ipad works well, paired in a few seconds and even controllable from the radio itself for pause and previous/next. also seems to stop replay if the sleep function on the radio is used, so you can restart whatever you were listening to where the radio shut down.

It starts on DAB within 3-4 seconds, much quicker than several I have owned and tried, very good.

Displays the radio station you are listening to then drops back to the time shortly after, just what I want.

VERY IMPORTANT When the alarm goes off, it starts off low and gradually builds up to preset level, this impressed mrs Fantastico. I read another reviewer said you can't go below a certain volume level on the alarm level, I have yet to prove this.

Re the above, if you can have a separate preset level for both the alarms, and for regular use, so if you have the radio on quiet or loud before you turn it off, you are still woken up by a sensible sound level and not left fast asleep or scared to death by the thing suddenly being flat out at 6am. Although that would be funny if its not me.

Has sleep function as well, just press and hold the off switch then turn the tuning dial for automatic switch off for 15, 30, 45 minutes etc if I remember correctly - I saw someone saying this is a little obscure and though I found it fine myself, I concede their point.

Size of unit itself is fine, I was worried it would be too big, but its ok. And heavy enough to not accidentally push back on the table accidentally.

Build quality to me seems absolutely fine, it does feel and look well made, especially at this price. Again, I am really fussy...

Tuning is easy and obvious, just turn the other dial on the front (yes, a dial!!) and press when you find one you like. Favourites is the same, press the favourites button on the top, then turn the dial and you are now going through the favourites. Perfect.

Reception is absolutely fine, I have a pretty good signal here but that didn't stop the Revo axis X3 giving up on DAB a couple of times. So far, this hash't missed a beat.

Things I don't like, and please bear in mind I am really being picky, these are very minor and in some cases unfair criticism considering the price:

First impressions the antenna wire felt a tiny bit cheap, a little chrome aerial on some others would perhaps look better quality, but not a big deal by any stretch of the imagination. And who looks at the back anyway.

The buttons are a little tricky but not impossible to find in the dark by touch, but, er, they would be, wouldn't they? I can live with this!
*******(update having lived with it a while the buttons are easy - well for me - to find and use in the dark)

No remote, but to be honest An IR remote would add £10 - £25 to the price and would probably be so limited in range and direction without being even more expensive its probably just as well they didn't. Couldn't they use a bluetooth remote? Again I guess it would probably be costly. BTW, a bluetooth remote was the only good thing about the other £250 Pure Sensia alarm clock I have which currently hangs its head in shame in the corner of the kitchen. I hate that thing with a passion usually reserved for microsoft windows.

This is not really a criticism of this product, but it does not have wifi radio, but I have yet to find a wifi radio AT ANY PRICE that is not badly designed, doesn't work, or most of the time both. I have had several and have given up. They all seem to use similar poor quality and intermittent proxy websites for the radio source. Either they should do it properly or not at all. I just feed my iPad or phone through the bluetooth into this and it works flawlessly.

In summary, its a great, well thought out product, I would have happily paid a lot more for it, and if anyone wants a decent radio alarm clock I would highly recommend this, its a great product. Congratulations, Roberts!!
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on 12 November 2013
Colour Name: black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I recently got a nice, smallish Roberts DAB clock-radio (with a lovely analogue face) and was pleased with it's functionality, generally, but felt it was somewhat lacking in the sound department - the speaker was on the back, so reflected off the wall, and was generally tinny and weak on bass. Anyway, my mum commented that she needed a new clock radio and wanted to go DAB, so I gave it to her and bought this BEAST.

Make no mistake, this isn't a teeny tiny little clock radio, it takes up half my bedside table! It's not massive by any means, but easily twice the size of the previous one I had.

Unboxing and set-up was a breeze - simply plug it in, unravel the little wire aerial, and it tunes itself in. INSTANTLY I was hit by how much better the sound quality is - the bass is deep and vibrant, the mid and high ranges are punchy but without the tinny-ness of the previous model. The fact that the two stereo speakers are on the front makes a world of difference to the sound, and the .1 subwoofer (all included in the same unit, in case you were worried that it might need to be stashed elsehwhere like a normal subwoofer would be) really delivers.

Best of all, it excels as an alarm clock radio in all the same places that the previous Roberts did too, which makes it very surprising that this isn't being advertised as a clock radio. It has multiple alarms with multiple settings (daily, weekly, length of snooze, alarm source and volume etc, plus a multi-brightness dimmer for the display), as well as sleep functions. The buttons are simple enough to use, and I didn't need to consult the manual once - though they could have seperated out some of the buttons (e.g. you have to hold down the 'on' button to access the sleep mode, then twiddle the volume to adjust the length of time). Again, the buttons don't illuminate when pressed, making it much more difficult to operate in the dark, and there are no raised bumps or ridges to help you easily identify them by feel alone.

However I feel these are really just niggles. This is a nice looking, well made bit of kit that produces a big sound out of a relatively little unit - you could easily use this at a dinner party or BBQ to provide some tunes.

The blutooth is simple to setup - simply hit 'Mode' to cycle through DAB, FM, AUX to BLU, then ensure your phone/device has blutooth enabled and scan for the device (it shows up as a string of numbers like an IP address) then click 'pair'. Seconds later, you're playing music wirelessly through your speaker - you can control volume either through the radio or via your phone. There is also an aux in for MP3/CD players without blutooth, and also a headphone jack. And best of all, I just realised that there is a USB port on the back, meaning I can charge my phone through the radio, freeing up a plug by my bed. Aces!

I cannot recommend this system highly enough. I've always been a Pure man in the past, having bought two of their models and finding them increadibly easy to use. However, the Blutune 50 has won my heart with it's excellent sound quality.
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on 17 November 2013
Colour Name: black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I received the Blutune 50 and carefully unpacked it, uncoiled the aerial wire and plugged it in. I waited for it to scan for DAB stations but it found none. I forced a manual scan, still no luck. I know that we don't have the strongest dab signal where we live in rural Norfolk but I was still a bit surprised to get nothing at all. Tried the FM facility and got the usual FM static but no stations were found. Tried moving it to different locations in the house and even outside. Still nothing. Checked the Bluetooth and Aux input modes on this very versatile device and both worked just fine so I suspected that there was a fault with the aerial.

So I sent an email to Roberts explaining the situation. Got a reply on the next working day. They arranged for me to ship the unit back, at their expense, and sent me a replacement. Now that is what I call great customer service. Every manufacturer will have the occasional unit which fails, but how they address that is crucial so 5 out of 5 to Roberts for that.

Plugged in the replacement unit and immediately it scanned and picked up 17 DAB stations. The sound quality is first class. Even the wire aerial seems to function perfectly adequately. The unit is packed with features - dimming the display enables me to use it as a bedside radio (so many units have a display which is too bright and keeps me awake). It has a great alarm function with multiple settings. It has a fairly small footprint so doesn't get in the way. I like the look of it too. Hooking up a bluetooth device took just moments. It also has a usb charging port on the back so I can charge my phone overnight.

So, thanks to Roberts customer service I now have a fully working terrific piece of audio equipment.
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on 14 November 2014
Title says it all really. Sturdy radio with DAB and FM. Bluetooth works well so you can pair your phone or tablet for your music. Let down massively by the real heavy bass - no equaliser or tone functions to lower it. Ive got around it by unscrewing the bass speaker cover off at the bottom of the radio and then loosening each of the 4 speaker screws slightly. Not so heavy now and works a treat.
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on 10 January 2014
I had to send my radio back as I found the deep bass too annoying. I listen to a lot of talk radio, this radio just isn't clear enough unfortunately. Otherwise it seemed well put together and was easy to use. My other complaint is that I like to listen in bed with my light off. When I wanted to use the buttons they're not easy to access as they're flush with the top of the unit and hard to locate.
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on 2 June 2014
found this radio good as far as the dab function is concerned. the sound reproduction however leaves a lot to be desired. there is no way of adjusting the bass and treble, so the sound is very muffled, like the broadcast is bathed in cotton wool.
very disappointed roberts expected better.
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on 22 November 2013
I am sorry to say that as professional musician i am very disappointed with the sound , you cannot alter the bass or treble settings, so there is too much bass on spoken sound.
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on 11 June 2015
I'm frankly shocked that Roberts, of all brands, could produce such a sub-standard radio. Good points first. It looks great, and the display is excellent. It has a USB output, so a phone charger cable can be attached without taking up another plug socket in my kitchen. And that's about it.

The audio quality is nothing short of horrendous. It's what you would expect from the very cheapest plastic radio on the market. I don't have problems with my hearing, but because of the excessive bass, this unit has to be turned up really high in order to properly listen to speech radio, meaning the sound booms all over the house. Simple tone controls would resolve this problem, but there aren't any. Worse, the bluetooth appears to be defective. Occasionally, when my daughter walks into the room with her iphone (which has been paired), the radio suddenly locks up with a loud crackle, and has to be restarted from the mains. This has happened a number of times, without anyone laying a hand on the radio. I should also add that for the money, I expect to receive a proper aerial, not a flimsy antenna which has to be blu-tacked to the wall.

Sorry, but with a lot of regret, this has been returned for a refund.
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on 3 June 2014
I read all the reviews about the heavy bass and decided to ignore them because I quite like a bit of bass. The problem is the sound isn't exactly heavy on bass it just sounds like someone has put some cheap speakers in a box. I have a JBL sound doc for the iPod that only cost me £50 and the sound is a million times better. In fact I bought this to replace a Ferguson DAB radio that cost £35 and has much better sound than this.

Add to that the build quality is pretty bad and the reception woeful.

Why 2 stars then? Well, the connectivity is pretty good ( Bluetooth works well ) and it's good you can charge you phone from it, it's also pretty good as an alarm.

I thought Roberts radios had a good rep. Based on this one I won't be buying another of their products.
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on 10 September 2014
Just replaced my Sony Dream Machine clock/radio with this one. The main reasons for the replacing was to get better sound (listening to relaxation music at bedtime) and hooking up to TuneIn / Spotify via Bluetooth on my tablet.

The build quality is quite nice - not Apple standards, but better than most clock radios (but then it costs more than the average clock radio). The unit is smaller than I was expecting, it's quite compact.

The USB changing facility is suitable for smaller devices. Bigger devices such as tablets will take the entire night to charge up.

The unit has an impressive loudness to it. I was after a device with a quality of sound rather than a loudness. After all, the device is 2 foot from my head while in bed, it doesn't need to be that loud. Reading the recent comments on here people complain about the sub woofer distorting vocal radio. I agree to some point, but music sounds better for it. It's a compromise between voice and music. I still can hear the voice okay though - maybe the voice is fine and I'm being peer pressured from reading the other reviews.

It's got two alarms that can be set for specific days of the week (e.g. weekday, day, weekend). The alarms can be a buzzer, DAB, FM or Bluetooth.

It's also got backwards / play-pause / forwards buttons so that you can control the music playing via bluetooth.

Overall it's not a perfect clock radio, but it'll do me.
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