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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 2 September 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having read the 2 previous reviews I think it might be useful for readers to hear from someone who's epilated before; a lot of the negative stuff in the other writeups, in my opinion might apply to any epilator newbie. Hang in there people, it really does get better! It's so many years since my first epilator that I can't really remember any pain, so sorry if I sound unsympathetic, I'm not.

Right. Epilators. I'm comparing this one with my most recent ones; the Braun Silk Epil Xpressive range. I've had 2 or 3 of these, upgrading as the new ones came out to get rechargeability or wet/dry capapbility or whatever. And I've actually been pretty happy with them. If you take an averagely hairy leg, never waxed, never epilated, and attack it with any epilator, it's going to hurt, but for my sturdy pins which have been regularly waxed and epilated for more than 20 years, it isn't so much of a challenge. The "pain"; it's no more than a mild prickling once you're used to it. Out of the box (nice packaging) the Philips set looks the part, though marginally less "quality" in appearance and handle than the Braun if I'm honest. I charged it up and set to. First, the instructions are entirely diagrammatic, but unless you haven't read an instruction book for a very long time this shouldn't be a problem for most. As long as you note your model number and which acccessories you should have it's ok.

So the set contains the epilator, a special head, and a smaller "disposable-battery-powered" epilator for sensitive areas. This last one I can't understand at all. Philips spend tons of money and time developing a state of the art rechargeable wet and dry super epilator, then for the bits most people are most careful of (underarms, bikini)they offer us a cheapo low tech battery powered one which isnt as good as the main one? Why? I can see that a smaller head is useful but Braun got round that a few models back with exchangeable epilating heads. Never mind. It will be useful for taking with you in case a stray hair threatens to ruin a night out, but so would a pair of tweezers. I'll make use of it by keeping it in my emergency overnight bag; at least you could buy batteries anywhere.

Moving on to the main epilator, I've got no complaints here at all. The "fit" of the head to the skin is quite a bit more comfortable than the Braun, and after the first 2 or 3 goes I think the pick up and hair removal is a bit better too. It is as I've said, a whole different ball game if you're used to epilating.

If you've been shaving, go to a salon, get a good wax, then maintain it with the epilator. I do still occasionally wax but only once in a while, such as before a holiday. It takes a long time epilating 2 whole legs, bikini and underarms, and waxing is quicker once it's set up. (I do my own but obviously a salon wax would be the no hassle luxury option). However, I'm very happy epilating every few days after that to stay smooth, and the Phillips does the job. It's telling that although both the Phillips and the latest Braun are on my dressing table ready to go , it's the Phillips I've chosen recently, for legs underarms and bikini. I do use it in the bath, though more for convenience than because I've noticed any improvement in the result. It copes fine with the water and is simple to clean up.

If you want to use a cream after epilating be careful which one you choose. I suggest a paraffin based one from the pharmacy, cheap and non irritating. they're sold for eczema and such, so safe to use on tender legs. I exfoliate regularly too which does help prevent ingrowing hairs or the ones which lie flat and get missed by the epilator head. This applies to any epilator though so isn't a minus for the Philips.

It's comfortable, quick, gets the hair out as well if not better than other epilators, and I'm happy to recommend it to anyone who finds shaving too stubbly , waxing too messy, and being hairy, well, just not an option. It is a learning curve though, don't expect miracles or instant painless hairlessness. Everything good is worth working for and for me this is a quick clean way to keeping on top of body hair without spending loads on salon waxing or having the hassle of home waxing. Buy one and give it a go; in a few months you'll be glad you did.
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on 6 November 2013
I needed a new Epilator and I thought I would go for another philips since my first Epilator was a philips and I was extremely happy with it and I had if for about 6-7 years and thought it was time to treat myself to another one.

My previous philips Satin Perfect must have been one of the first ones on the market back then. It came with 3 different head pieces and a cooling device that you attached to the epilator to cool down the area that is being worked on, it was brilliant, never left any redness on the area you were working on and I felt your hair growth was less frequent. You also got an exfoliating head and a shaver head.. It worked a treat.

So, I decided to go with another Philips Satin Perfect band again... Oh deary me, guys what have you done!! It was not an improvement from the one I purchased 6 years ago, to me it is not worth the money I paid for:

You only get two heads, both are almost identical, yes the little light is the only improvement I can see. When I epilator any area, it leave red spotting marks, so I really missed the cooling device that came with my first one.

Yes, you can use it wet but I would rather have one that worked off the mains as you dont have to charge before use.

I find the epilotor is not getting all hairs and I need to use this more than my previous one.

I have my epilator 3-4 weeks it looks like one of the head pieces is coming lose so it spots working even thou the motor is still running, I can't return it as I have throw away the packaging, as I didn't think Id need to return it.

I feel it is not as sturdy as my previous one, I have to keep turning it off on on to work now due to the head moving out of place and creating a squalling noise as the motor is running but the head attachment isn't moving.

I must say, Im very disappointed with my new Philips Satin Perfect epilator, considering the first one that I bought was so BRILLIANT.

Philips what have you done, you have gone backwards with your device in my option, such waste of money. I have gone back to my old Philips satin perfect epilator since their new one is appalling.. bad job guys

Anybody thinking of purchasing a Epilator, try and purchase one that supplies a cooling device... Im sorry I went with Philips again and I dont think I will buy off Amazon again since I cant return my faulty device without the packaage.
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on 19 February 2013
I felt compelled to write a review of this product, due to the fact that I spent a lot of time reading epilator reviews before making my final choice so I think it's only fair I contribute!

I was lucky enough to get this product practically half price on Amazon, that compiled with some Amazon Christmas vouchers made it a bargain purchase.

I have been getting waxed for years, including Hollywoods and Brazilians but like most people feeling the pinch (pardon the pun) on the purse have cut back on a lot of 'luxury' items. I tried to do my own waxing at home (too finicky and messy) and had resorted back to shaving (IPL too expensive and as my hair is very fair , didn't really work that well)

Yes it hurts, but In my opinion the pain is as bearable as getting waxed, so didn't really feel as though I was getting any more tortured than usual and the bits that I find most painful (usually legs) were the same. Underarms I hardly felt at all.

Very impressed, I feel as though I have just had a salon wax. I took a previous reviewers advice and slapped on some cheap paraffin based emollient (Boots own, £5 for a huge tub) which done the trick. Yes the main epilator does the biz, and I used that the most, although the precision isn't as good quality, certainly helped in more intimate areas. If you can bear it use the main one for the lot. The light is brilliant too.

As far as I'm concerned this appears to have paid itself back to me even with one top to toe session. Looking forward to being able to keep on top of things and avoiding that embarrassing getting surprised at the gym while waiting for a waxing appointment. If you are watching the pennies please invest in one, you won't be disappointed. Having seen the result I can't believe I haven't tried epilation sooner!
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on 31 October 2012
My friend bought one of these and told me that it was way better than my epilator. I have to say I was skeptical as my Philips Satinelle is pretty hard to beat. But I was blown away by the Satin Perfect when I tried it. The wider head means that you have a larger hair removal space, and it is about twice the speed of the other one, so I recon I can halve my hair removal time. The light is simply a stroke of genius as I normally have to sit right under a lamp to get a really good finish on my legs. And the ergonomic grip (which I normally think is over-rated) actually made a surprising difference when I compared it with my old epilator. Oh and the ceramic discs (I was skeptical) were much softer on the skin considering it was brand new (with the metal ones I've found they take a bit of 'wearing in' when you first get them). I'm converted. Both of them are brilliant products, but when I come to change my Satinelle, I'm definitely going to spend the extra and upgrade to the Satin Perfect! My only criticism is it sometimes takes a bit of repetition to turn it off. But that's such a small thing.

I have epilated for about 10 years, so it doesnt hurt AT ALL, and I can do it as i'm running out the door as there is no irritation or redness. For all those people who experience pain at the start - it is longer term hair removal, so it will hurt a bit while your body gets used to it. Persevere. I promise you it is well worth it! The hair really does grow back so much finer, and for all you ladies like me with dark brown hair, it means you can get away with a lot more time out having fun instead of worrying about stubble!
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VINE VOICEon 22 September 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I had this for "the other half" a few weeks ago and she loves it.

The heads are easy to change, and the desgin of them has meant that there has been no nicks or cuts when using it - the two speed setting helps with this issue. This has been the case with the "main" epilator and the smaller, more "delicate" epilator too. The heads are easy to change and In terms of cleaning the wet one, you simply remove the heads and just run it under the tap. Although you prefer to clean it dry, it does come with a cleaning brush. It also holds its charge well too.

All in all a good product and well worth getting!
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on 24 November 2012
I had already been using this type, although not this make, of epilator for some years, but this one - or, rather, two - has several features which makes it a better product. The main one has ceramic blades, not metal, which are far less irritating to the skin (I use it regularly to epilate armpits, which are more sensitive than legs, which I also do). It turns very fast, so the job is done in a trice. It is cordless, which is more convenient from every point of view (no more getting tangled up in the electric lead). It is waterproof and, although I haven't tried it in the shower yet, this makes for efficient cleaning. I haven't found the light particularly useful. The smaller epilator doesn't have ceramic blades, which is a shame, and rotates more slowly, but is useful for getting at the fiddly bits. I re-charge it after use and then it all packs away in a neat bag ready for next time.
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on 9 May 2013
I usually wax and this has definitely worked out as a cheaper alternative in the long run.
Was a bit scared to use this as the loud lawn mower type noise it makes is quite off puttin and daunting but you actually get used to it.

Advice; shave your legs first and use the epilator on the regrowth..this is much less painfree than straight on longer hairs. I've used it in the shower too and it works perfectly fine and much less pain free. The results are very good. .definitely worth it.

The precision epilator is good too for underarms and knee caps.
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VINE VOICEon 23 August 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
At first glance this looks to be a good package, there are two epilators supplied, one large rechargeable for legs, and one small battery operated for 'delicate' areas.

I had never used an epilator before, so was keen to follow the instructions to the letter to make sure it didn't hurt more than necessary. Here was first problem - the instructions are awful. They are entirely pictorial - which will no doubt save Philips lots of money as they no longer need a translator, but it caused me an absolute headache to understand as some of the pieces supplied are indistinguishable in the pictures.

After scratching my head for a while, I finally got the larger epilator assembled and ready for my legs. I plucked up the courage and began with my lower leg on the outside. OUCH! I persevered and finished a patch of lower leg, then applied some cream as per the instructions. Ten minutes later I had an awful rash on my leg - fortunately this had disappeared by the next day.

However I did not have a beautifully smooth patch on my leg - no! it was no better than if I had shaved it the day before. All that pain for what felt like one day old leg stubble.

BUT I did persevere, and now I use it every 2 to 3 weeks. It still hurts A LOT but immediately after using it my legs do now feel very smooth, and the hair grows back quite soft and downy.

The epilator also has a useful light on it which shows up my fair hairs very well.

I have to say though that I will NOT be using the small one on any 'delicate' areas!!
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on 25 September 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having tried several different types of epilators in the past, the biggest problem I had was my skin getting irritated and red after. However this product seems to avoid all that, could be down to the hypo-allergenic tweezing discs they mention that protect skin from pulling.

The cordless epilator charges up pretty quick after an hour or so and can be used for about half hour continous which is more that enough before it needs recharging.

They have thrown in a massage attachment to help remove flat-lying hairs and shaving head that is supposed to also help have a smooth shave, and a gadget for the delicate areas.

As most of them, you can take the head off to wash all parts. Both wet and dry shaves work well depending on what you prefer. Bit on the higher price end (hence 4 stairs only), but overall a good decent product.
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on 9 June 2015
The best epilator I have used in all my 2 decades, hands down, barely hurts at all and I use it on my most sensitive areas, it is excellent quality though Ive only had it a couple of months so hope it has lasting value.

I do think it is a little stiff to open up the smaller epilator t onset batteries however & still cannot seem to do this but probably just need someone with more strength but otherwise perfect! Brilliant buy! Will only buy this companies epilators from now on.
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