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on 19 December 2012
I've used a previous Philips shaver for 5 years, it needed another set of heads so I decided to upgrade to a newer model with the "3D" shaving heads and jet clean system.

It gives a good, close shave (not as close as using a razor), doesn't cause much skin irritation, and the jet clean system works really well, leaving the razor fresh and providing a noticeably better shave. The pop-out beard trimmer is good enough for a quick tidy-up, but you'll need a dedicated one for intensive work.

This is a high spec shaver, but for comparison here's what you don't get on this model compared to the top of the range one (SensoTouch RQ1280cc):
- battery display, you just get a 3-bar indicator of charge status rather than the time remaining in minutes.
- No audible beep when put into travel lock mode.
- Only one program on the jet clean system, the full model has 3 different cleaning modes

The actual shave head technology is unchanged within each range regardless of the extra features, this was £100 less than the top model and I think it was a good trade-off.
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This shaver gives me the closest and most comfortable electric shave I've ever had. That's after many different Philips rotary as well as Braun and Remington foil shavers. It's also comfortable to hold, the notch in the back making it easy to grip, and very quiet - no need to turn the radio up while shaving.

Now for the negatives:

* Replacement heads are horribly expensive, at around £50 every year, if you follow the recommendation for annual replacement (the shaver itself nags you after a year).

* If you use the Jetclean system every day, it'll cost you £120 p.a. or more in cleaning fluid. The system does work but rinsing the heads in hot water is simple and just about as effective.

* Cannot charge it without the stand or Jetclean. There's no way of plugging the charging lead directly into the shaver - a pain when travelling. A full charge should be just about enough for a two-week holiday, but as time goes on the batteries will lose their capacity.

* Very annoyingly, the printed, wordless instructions are very rudimentary. If you want the full, written instructions (which I'd recommend), you'll have to download them. You'll probably want to print them too, for easy reference when using the shaver.

So, would I buy this again? Probably not. I'd go for a more conventional Philips shaver with heads that only cost around £30 to replace and ability to charge without a separate stand, e.g. PT870. I'd forget about Jetclean which seems to be designed more to provide Philips with a continuing revenue stream than keep your shaver clean. That would probably still leave me very irritated with the instructions but I'd just have to put up with that because I do like Philips shavers.
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on 25 December 2012
Have had Philips shavers for longer than I care to remember and needed to upgrade. Looked carefully at whats around, settled again on Philips and their 3D head system and reviewed each of the models. The top end model has some extra features but not worth the cost in my opinion, chose this model over lower prices options, and when I went to order it had dropped £50 since I marked it, so even better. Have now used for a few days and its the best electric shaver I have ever had (and I have always been pleased with past Philishavers). Very close shave, easy to use, excellent value and with the cleaning bath in the price even better. My last shaver showed how many minutes was left, this one shows bars of charge left but thats really not a problem to live with at all. Neither is the one speed clean system compared to the 3 speed top end model. Excellent value and highly recommended.
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on 15 December 2012
I have used Philips most of my life apart from a short spell with a Braun. Philips are so much better with a fantastic battery life. I also feel that rotary cutters work much better. My old shaver was well past its best and I really had to get a replacement and needless to say it had to be a Philips again. A bevildering range of versions on the market and I have to say that the pricing structure is a bit strange to say the least. This version with the cleaner unit comes in cheaper than some stand alone units which is a bit strange but makes it a cracking buy on Amazon. I have to agree with the other reviews that this give you a very clean shave. A great buy!
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on 21 March 2013
I have a medical condition so though i would make the move from wet to electric shaving and although i had bought a cheaper Philips shaver before This is the first high end shaver i have bought. After reading reviews from amazon and which best shaver awards i settled for what is considered to be the best. Well so far i am a bit disappointed... I had some view that due to the incredibly high price and reviews technology had moved on in the world of dry shaving but sadly this is not true. So far i fail to see what all the hype is about this item. It sadly does not and never will come close to wet shaving in any form. Yes its true you can wet shave with it and it feel a bit better than dry but after a weeks use i had to have a good old wet shave to remove long neck hairs to feel as if i have had a proper shave.
A for the so named jet clean system DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY...As an electrical engineer i was longing to see how this item worked. Could i see any jets as the name implies NO. Is it ultrasonic bath that cleans jewelry to perfection No. It a boys toy that simply lowers the shaver into the bath and switches the shaver motors on and off , the heads of the shaver then move the jet clean liquid around the bath. For £70 less i could have ran the shaver in a bowl of liquid to gain the same results. I contacted Philips but so far have not received a reply... Admittedly its not all bad if you are used to a dry shaver its probably good if not don't spend as much money as i did. You will be disappointed.....
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on 17 March 2013
Purchased this shaver having owned various much cheaper electric shavers in the past with limited success.
Previous ones I found did not provide a good close shave and frankly ended up giving up with them and reverting to a razor.

I find using a razor a pain, and having sensitive skin find it painful shaving every day so thought I would research the latest electric options again.

I was rather sceptical about how good this shaver could be at £200 + versus a £40-50 model. I asked can it really be so much better ? At the end of the day it has blades that rotate like the cheaper models. However as I had already had cheaper models in the past without success, and having read other reviews on Amazon, I thought I would take the gamble and go for it.

The result:
Well I am happy with it, it does shave better and closer than previous shavers I have used. I think that must be down the the flexibility and movement of the head units that allow the blades to get closer on angles and contours of your face.
Have been using it for a month now. The battery seems to be good and strong and being Li-ion rather than the older Ni-Cad should fare better hopefully with charging/usage.

It is not as good as the best wet shave razors in the market, but it is good enough and I can shave with it every day without issue to my sensitive skin. I shave with it dry and haven't tried with foam etc so cant comment on that part of it.

The Jet clean I think is probably a bit of a gimmick as you can easily clean the heads manually, but it does clean the shaving head so does what it says on the tin.

Why 4 stars and not 5 ? Simply because of the price. It is very expensive and loses a start because of that for me. It should really be closer to £120 mark.
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on 1 January 2014
Well made shaver nice grip and easy to hold . Took me a couple of goes to get used to it but once I did have to say it does give a very smooth close shave . The skin feels nice after using and there is no rash with me . The charging stand seems fin, I have no problems sitting the shaver in it . The trimmer is effective could possibly be a little bit bigger but no difficulty really . So far I have mostly cleaned it under warm running water which is easy and effective . I have used the jet wash once seemed fine , but here will admit jury is out on if it is worth the price to keep getting the fluid .

I actually bought this as it was better value than the one without this jet system so I will use it again probably about once a month . Again it charges as it jet washes . The charge is quick done in under the hour and lasts for ages . So yes very pleased over all , price was high I shopped round got it on Amazon , I'd suggest if you decide to buy it look round at all the places selling it , but yes a good buy .
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on 21 October 2013
We bought this razor for our son & after about ten months the jet wash unit failed. My husband also has had Phillips jet wash systems & is now awaiting his third replacement in 20 months. We thought my husband had just been unlucky but judging by comments on the Internet this is a common problem. Cannot recommend any Phillips razor that uses the jet wash system.
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on 7 June 2014
I have been using a braun double foil razor with the clean/charge/renew system for a couple of years now and i have never been that happy with the cut as i had to go over each section 2/3 times and even then it missed a lot.
This RQ1251 arrived this morning. Just had my first shave with it....was expecting a bit of irritation on first use due to the lift&cut as opposed to my braun. Wonderfully pleased. Really close shave and no irritation. Didn't really need to keep going over each section either. The first pass was pretty much enough. It was a little awkward around the top lip/nose area but once I'd angled it right I got all the hair.
The cleaning system was easy to set up and is quite futuristic with the pod rising and falling with your razor in it.
For £150 I am really, really pleased. I wouldnt have paid the full £300 RRP though.
It is the best electric shaver I have ever used and am happy to recommend to others.
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on 31 October 2013
NOTE: it takes a few shaves to get this right. Like any new contraption you won't get the perfect result the first time around.

In my case I used it for maybe 2-3 weeks before I would get very nice close shaves without any skin irritation. Recommendation is to use some shaving oil rather than later, and shave while in the shower.

I have a very tough beard and after just a few days of growth it's already uncomfortable to shave with a razor - this is when the RQ1251 really comes into play and does a fantastic job. Never tugs at your skin or hair, and after just a couple of passes it smoothens up your skin.

Follow it up with some nice moisturising lotion and you're all set!
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