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on 5 May 2014
I bought this for travelling - I already have a Bose Minilink, but felt decadent enough to want this as well. It's very good - play with the graphic equaliser on your player (I use the paid for Rocket app on a Google nexus), put it against a wall or window to boost the bass, and away you go. Is it as good as the Bose? No, but so what, it's a lot cheaper, and it's worth every penny (as is the Bose, by the way!)
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on 11 May 2014
Wow! This speaker just blew me away!

Here's why....

What is it?
The JBL Flip is an entry level bluetooth wireless speaker. In short, if you've got a smartphone (ie. any Android or iPhone) or tablet (eg. Nexus, Kindle Fire or iPad) or even a modern laptop you can wirelessly stream (play) music from your device.

No wires, no fuss just great sound quality!

Let's face it. Increasingly, we listen to music on our smartphone or tablet - not from a CD player. These little speakers use a "bluetooth connection" (a bit like WIFI - but it's designed to connect two devices together). You "pair" your phone to the speaker, and then press play.

What's the sound quality like?
Absolutely incredible!

Clearly speaker technology has come a long way in the past few years. Right now I've got a latest Damon Albarn album (bloke used to be the lead singer in Blur and Gorilaz), and the sound fills a 20ft by 20ft room. The quality and separation is so good, I can hear the sound of the artlists fingers as they quickly move down the strings of the guitar.

In short, the clarity, volume and pure sound quality on this is just amazing.

How does it work?
You simply "pair" the speaker and phone/iPad and play your music or radio.
On the iPhone (but almost certainly available on Android) I use the following Apps:-

* Music - to stream music stored on my iPhone and iPad
* Tune In Radio - An app to listen to world wide radio stations (or XFM London and Radio 4 in my case)
* Spotify - where for £5-£10 a month (or even for free) you can listen to unlimited tracks of your selection
* BBC iPlayer or You Tube - to boost the sound from your iPad or tablet
* I've even placed it below my laptop, and use it as a PC speaker - so much better than the tinny noise you get out of a laptop.

You also have the benefit that you have a built in "remote control" - your smartphone or tablet. This means you can adjust the volume or switch to another track quicly.

What's it like?
As I've already said, sound quality is simply brilliant!

In terms of size, it's about the size (and weight) of a can of coke. Sits nicely in the hand, and stands well either on it's side (it had a ridge to stop it rolling), or on one end.

Build quality is solid, and it feels very well built. I've been using it now for about two months, and had no problems whatsoever.

Battery life is the only potential let down. However, you've got to put this in context. You can pay £100-£200 for something better - in which case I'd jump stright to the "What else is available" section below.

Yes. Battery life (as other reviewers have said), is somewhere between 3-5 hours from a full charge. You don't get any notice (ie. sound quality doesn't gradually degrade), it just stops working.

What's Good about it?
* Stunning sound quality
* Remarkably small, but a nice weight
* Incredible value for money

What's not so good?
* Battery life is a bit limited - but you can play while it's plugged in.
* The charge connector is not a standard mini-USB - means you can't use an existing charger
* It's a bit of a pain to switch between devices. eg. Smartphone to iPad.

Update: Worth pointing out. You "pair" your phone to the device, and on some (more expensive speakers), it "remembers" the last 5 pairs. This means it's easy to switch between music being streamed FROM a PC to a tablet to your phone again.
This device only remembers the last device. Means you need to "unpair" and then "pair" the second device. Hence "Bit of a pain to switch between devices".

What else is available?
The alternatives I've looked at are:-

* Bose Soundlink Mini. Around £150. Beautiful "Apple" brushed aluminium design and fantastic sound quality.
* Base Soundlink III. £250, and even better sound quality. The "big brother" of the Soundlink Mini.
* Azatom Stealth Air: A mains powered only device. Great sound and price, but this device produces similar sound quality and is portable and rechargeable.
* Apple TV: Great option if you have an iPhone or iPad as you can connect it to a TV and external Sound Bar or speakers. I stream music to this in the lounge (and also watch films as a bonus!).
* Sonos Range: Fantastic sound, with the ability to connect several together - but not rechargeable
* AQ Smart Speaker: Disappointing sound quality given the high price - but you can pair two portable speakers to work in stereo.

I've owned and tested a series of bluetooth speakers, and this really stands out in the value for money stakes. That sounds like it's a bit of a compromise, but if so, it's not a compromise on sound quality.

Batttery life could be better, but in terms of sound, build quality and sheer value for money this is stand out brilliant.

Highly Recommended.
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on 7 April 2014
I never expected such a tiny and small looking speaker produce such amazing and wonderful sounds. It is a clear winnner when compared to its peers. It is small, easy to carry with that wonderful pouch and really produces some soulful sounds. I would certainly recommend this . I think I was lucky for me to get this for 49£. Not sure about the current proce though ..
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on 10 May 2013
I received my JBL Flip today which was charged from the box. I'm pretty sure I got a customer return as the box and contents had been opened previously (although the speaker itself was unmarked) It paired with my Galaxy s3 with no issues, BUT the signal cut off only after 5 feet of distance with no objects in between. Before I bought this item I did some research and found a review on the US Amazon which states that any Flip with a serial number below 0189100 has a bluetooth antenna issue. According to the reviewer he contacted Harman/JBL and was told this information, and that the new batches would roll out March/April 2013.

What I have here is a speaker that has the serial number 0089948 which is nearly a 100.000 (yes that's a Hundred Thousand) off the new batches which were supposed to be replaced in March/April this year! It also appears that the unit I have is very old stock (either from the seller or their supplier)

Anyway the speaker it's self is the best I've heard from something this size. Bass although not overwhelming is good and if I had any criticisms I would say the treble is too high (this could be addressed in the equaliser settings in the phone though)

Here is a link to the US Amazon review 'JBL releases Flip with new better BT antenna design'
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VINE VOICEon 8 September 2014
The JBL is a great performer considering its size. It obviously won't shake the windows but the bass that is there is very well controlled and the sound is fantastically well balanced and instruments sound real with lovely timbre and little sibilance. The presentation is projected out of the speaker and gives it an expansive feeling. For under £100 this is an excellent speaker and will better most, if not all internal TV or laptop speakers and many radio speakers. Highly recommended.

Well built. Feels like it will last forever.
Easy to use and works faultlessly. Connecting by Blue Tooth is easy peasy.
Looks pretty good.
Musically excellent. Given its size and price the JBL has a very pleasing balanced and dynamic sound with no major harshness of its own.Instruments sound real and voicing is very good.
Comes with a nice zip up case.

Quite heavy to carry around.
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on 28 January 2014
Needed a wireless speaker for my android phone and tablet(S3 and note 10.1). Read all of the reviews and bought the JBL Flip. Glad I did; for a device not much bigger than a coke can it produces very reasonable sound. No problems with the bluetooth connection and the bass is adequate. Might get another one for the wife, this time the Flip 2 as the USB charger is a plus point.
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on 6 November 2014
Couldn't really fault it to start with: Alarmingly small when you unwrap it but very good sound for such a small package and the Bluetooth quality is barely less than hard wired. Use on battery and you can take it with you from room to room - wherever you happen to need to be.....then it stopped working. The failure mode is that it turns itself on and off at random. Very annoying; will be going back.
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on 30 April 2014
Having previously bought a JBL Soundbar which I was very impressed with, I wanted something portable to take away on holiday for use with my MP3 player, so I thought I'd invest in one of these.

Very easy to set up, MP3 found the speaker via Bluetooth with no problems, and pleased with the sound quality for a speaker of this size.
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on 11 March 2014
I've been meaning to write a review of this for a while having now owned it for 12 months. It's one of the most satisfying purchases I've made in that time. I own and listen to a number of sets of speakers and listen to music for a big part of my day. I didn't expect this to match my hi fi setup, but I've been really impressed with the clarity and general quality. I'd agree that the sound is quite bright, but having owned JBL car speakers in the past I expected this and, in fact this speaker if far nicer to listen to than they were. Rich, detailed and quite full sound, really enjoyable listening and I haven't heard anything of this size and at this price that matches it. As a result I more often than not end up throwing it (in its case) in my bag before I go anywhere. You know, just in case..

Ideal for holidays, camping or just for moving to rooms where you don't have speakers set up. Wireless is good and I can take it outside whilst leaving the iPad inside, but stray too far and inevitably it'll cut in and out a little. Re battery life, I guess it lasts for around the quoted 5 hours if on low volume or more like 3 hours continuous at medium volume. A year on it's still about the same. Now at £50? I'm tempted to get another.. Very satisfied indeed.
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on 7 March 2014
That sort of sums it up, really.. It looks great and sound great for its size but the bass seems to come out of one end of the speaker, which offsets everything, so any stereo picture is somewhat disrtorted..

Okay if you just want a nice noise, but not if you want to hear the mix as intended.
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