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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 March 2016
This was a perfect gift for my partner who is an amature photographer. She always panicking what if her laptop fail to boot and one day will stop working and will lose all her photos and files.

☆Box Contents☆

This item came in a plastic box well sealed, inside was one Samsung 1 TB portable HDD, an ultra fest 3.0 USB cable to connect with your computer or other devices which one are compatible. Also include user manual too.

☆Set-Up & Functionality☆

It is very easy to use, this is a Plug and Play device, once you plug into your computer after a few seconds will be recognised by your OS and ready to use. 3.0 USB connectivity gives you the opportunity to upload or download any documents and files with fast speed. It is working with Windows, mac OS, Linux etc. Another really nice future from Samsung is the SafetyKeyTM protection for your data, you can set up a password so no one else can open your important and personal documents

☆Build Quality☆

Looks very stylish, not as slim I was expected but still really small and compact you can carry easily with yourself anywhere. Durable black plastic cover and only 150 g in total. The price for this item is a bit high you can find cheaper ones on the market or with bigger capacity for the same price but to be honest it is a Samsung product so worth to pay more because this portable HDD will not let you down.
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on 12 October 2017
This is the second one and it is a poor as the first.
The first, I bought when it firs appeared on the market. The second I bought several months ago.
The common faults are as follows.
The battery discharges over a week, when switched off and not used.
Does not shut down quickly and even if you wait to be sure it has, often the first one would spontaneously restart. This did not happen to the second drive.
WIFI is far to slow to be useful with most files.
1080P stutters as the data fails to keep up. 4K is impossible to stream on wifi or cable. A normal external with cable works perfectly with 4K
The supplied software is cute but totally useless. A teenager could do better for a school project. You can byepass this rubbish on a PC using file manager.
Why did I buy again? With at least a year to put things right, I expected the manufacturer to sort it. I re-cased the drives as normal cable connected externals and they work perfectly and quickly.
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on 2 July 2016
Well.... Initially I was very pleased with this. Easy to set up, connected perfectly on XBox One, which is what I bought it for. Less than 6 months later however, though it spins up, and the light shows blue, it's not being seen by either the XB1 or a Windows laptop. Run Seagate Tolls on it, they don't appear to show any problems present, but it's still not useable, and contains a lot of games and data that now, I can't even upload to my XBL account, ready to load on a replacement. Unhappy, because now it's too late to return, and I'm left with a doorstop (albeit for a very small door, and nicely finished). Wouldn't recommend, sorry.
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on 21 February 2016
I own quite a few external hard drives and while this one isn't my favourite it's definitely value for money and worth your consideration. I've only used this with my Macbook Pro, reformatting was a breeze and didn't take long at all. Afterwards I did notice a slight delay in my Macbook recognising the drive but it's not been a big problem for me. The read/write speed is pretty much as advertised although ever since I replaced the default folder images with pictures it has caused the drive to load content more slowly.

It's light but feels well made and the design looks elegant however it's only one-sided, the back/bottom is plain with a only sticker and the foot grips which by the way are brilliant at their job. I haven't had this one slide off any surfaces yet. It's been about 10 months since my purchase, it's been in regular use and is still working just fine.
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on 12 December 2015
I use this hard disk as a time machine back up disk for my MacBook. The USB 3.0 functionality ensures decent transfer speeds while the size means I can fit it into a laptop sleeve if needed.

A few negative points to note however:

- this is 2011 technology, the disk speed should be 7,200 which would give a 33% faster transfer speed, instead it's 5400
- the transfer speed is capped to 480 Megabytes Per Second, most other drives are at 625

That being said it is a VERY reliable drive. I would recommend this as a daily backup drive. It is not suited to the heavy demands of a dump for video files while editing or for any large files that demand very rapid access.

Overall I'm extremely happy with the drive, for the price it's a great bargain!
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on 16 October 2016
I have bought 5 of these Samsung external hard drives..........why?, because I bought 2 to store my huge amount of photos (from an older hard drive that failed and luckily I got the data back) and they still work perfectly.......but never trust an external hard drive! (EVER), they will all break down one day, for sure!!!!..........so back up. back up, back up!!!!!............this is not an advert for buying anything, I personally would want external Solid State Drive storage for all my precious files but it's too expensive for me right now.........so I got five 2 TB M3 Samsung's in the mean time and it's working OK for now..................i've given 5 stars but don't forget, NEVER fully trust a HDD........EVER!, because it will fail on you one day and they are also easy to damage in an accident!...........but I still give 5 stars for my experience of this product, just don't trust a single HDD for all your treasures, it's a recipe for sadness................when one of mine fails i'll back it up again from the copied version.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 2 December 2016
It does what it's supposed to do.

The price is £30 more than it was when I bought one. I sent it back as I wanted to take out the 2.5" drive to put it into my PS4, the problem was that this drive is soldered to the USB3 circuit board. Not a bad thing if you are using this drive as a portable hard drive, but it limits the flexibility of the product.

As a portable drive, it's nice and solid, seemed to be well made, it's a reasonable weight. All in all it does it's job well.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 September 2015
I purchased this as a backup hard drive as I had filled my other. I found it easy to use with windows 7 and I haven't found it over heating or any issues with loading it as of yet. I had no issues with loading the information needed to run the hard drive. It immediately downloaded itself. It is also a nice looking portable hard drive. I also thought it was an excellent price at 39.99, although I have seen the price of it go down. This being a samsung portable hard drive was a very competitive price even with lesser known brands. Excellent and I would definitely purchase again. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a 500 GB hard drive.
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on 19 November 2016
The hard drive just stopped working after about 5 and a half months!
Everything went perfectly fine until yesterday and all of the sudden it just doesn't show up at all on my Mac and I can't access any of the files. I tried it out on another computer, but it couldn't be detected there either. Tried out different USB cables, but no change at all. The little blue lamp on the disk is working when attached - so the disk is getting power. But that's all it does...
Thankfully I had a back-up of the same morning, but of course I lost many hours of video editing that occurred after backing up.... Well, I am gutted, but glad that I didn't loose all my data because of the back-up! That would have been a disaster!!
It is still very unsettling and terribly annoying to have this happening and I would not recommend this model to anybody... it really isn't worth the stress!
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on 28 September 2016
Bought this to go with my Hisense 4K Tv and enable the PVR functionality. Connected it up to the USB3 port and the drive was ready to use immediately, no reformatting required, it works flawlessly!

Also managed to pick it up from the Amazon Warehouse for silly money - so makes it an even greater purchase!

Very pleased!
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