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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 22 May 2015
This is a Genuine Samsung product sold by Amazon. I have been using this Portable Drive for the past 3-4 months and haven’t faced any issues yet. Its a nicely designed compact drive and is easily portable which means it can slide into your pocket.


Plug n Play – Didn’t have to install any drivers. I just plugged it in and it started working. I have used it with Windows 7/8, Linux and Mac OS X (Yosemite) without any issues.

No Format Needed – The drive comes Pre-Formatted to 'NTFS', this means the drive is usable straightaway after removing the packaging. You can re-format it to 'FAT' if you are an advanced user, however for most casual users NTFS is fine.

Fast Read/Write Speeds – I did a test of copying 50GB of files which included music, movies and other small files onto this drive within 20 minutes. This drive is USB 3.0 so to get the fastest speeds possible I recommend using a USB 3.0 port. If you do not have a USB 3.0 port then it still will work as its backward compatible but you just won’t get the fastest speeds.

Extras – There is some software included on the drive which can be used if you are backing up content from your PC, however I haven’t used any of it I just simply copy and paste data.


Short Cable – This drive is shipped with a very small cable which is around 0.5 meters. I bought an extra 1.5m USB 3.0 cable so I can use this drive without it falling of the desk.

This is a minor fault and I would definitely recommend anyone to buy this portable hard drive.
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on 19 January 2013
This item arrived quickly and was well packaged (as would be expected from Amazon).

Fast - I copied 320Gb onto this drive and then back onto a new Hard Drive in a matter of hours. It must be plugged into USB 3.0 to have this speed. If you do not have USB 3.0 then it will still work - it just won't be anywhere near as fast. You can get USB 3.0 upgrade PCI card (available separately for about £35).

No formatting required - the drive is formatted to NTFS by default (the type any modern Hard Drive should be using), this meant I was able to remove the drive from its packaging and start using it right away. You can format it when you open it or reformat to 'FAT' if you want - there is nothing to stop you, however this is not required and will suit casual users.

No power cable - all power needed to operate the drive is drawn through the USB cable (once plugged into you computer!) There is only one cable that comes with the external drive: the USB 3.0 cable.

No need for any other software - there is software on the drive - but it is not required for backups. It is just an added extra if you want to take advantage of it.

Short cable - the cable is around 30cm in length. This is fine for me as I have a USB 3.0 at the rear of my computer and it sits within easy access, but I can see how it will be a pain for some users.

That was the only bad thing I can say about it. Fantastic bit of kit, well worth the pennies. You will not be disappointed.
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I have used quite a few external USB Hard Drives over the years but this is the first one that has used a micro-B USB 3.0 Cable. This has a regular USB Type A male connector at one end and a USB 3 micro-B male connector at the other which plugs into the M3. Don't confuse this with the Micro USB (2) connector used with most mobile phones as they are not the same. You can use the old style cable but it will be a lot slower.

It's not a big deal as a short(47cm/18in) USB 3 cable is supplied in the box with the drive. However, if like me, you tend to leave cables lying around and then forget where you left them, you may have a problem. They are not difficult to find and Amazon sell them just make sure you search for 'USB 3.0 Micro-B' (if you paste that into the Amazon search it will take you straight to them).

The drive itself looks fine, feels quite sturdy and mine did not make any noise or vibration. In fact, I had to look at the LED indicator on the back to be sure it was on. It is about the size of a smartphone but twice as thick. It comes with some Samsung software, the installation of which is optional for Windows users (Apple users may need to use the supplied NTFS driver).

If you are a Windows user and don't want to install the Samsung software (I didn't) then you will be up & running in seconds. All you have to do is plug one end into the drive and the other into your computer. The drive uses the computer to power it. Some computers cannot deliver enough power through the USB port to run the drive. In this situation, the manual recommends buying a 'Y' cable. Again Amazon sell these but make sure you get one with the USB 3.0 Micro Type B connector at one end.

Apple users may need to install the driver which is supplied on the drive as it is pre-formatted with the NTFS file system. I don't use any Apple computers but I believe some of them cannot write to NTFS partitions without using the driver.

As to the performance, it seems fairly quick. I copied 110GB of large files to it in about 40 min using the USB 3 port. This works out at about 2.75GB per minute. Copying the files back was about half as fast again.
According to Windows 7, the speeds were:
Computer to Drive : 58MB (megabytes) per second
Drive to Computer : 80MB (megabytes) per second

If you want to, you can use this drive with a regular USB 2 port instead if USB 3 but it will be a lot slower.

UPDATE 7 March 2015. I have now had this drive for over a year and it is still working perfectly so it is reliable too.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 2 September 2014
Arrived promptly, boxed well and it has a nice look to it.

This was the first time I'd ventured into the world of USB3. I'd kind of expected maybe a doubling in speed. If I'd had a hat on, it would have flown right off, because from the yawn-inducing days of backing up to my old USB2 hard disk at 20MB/S, this little fella was coming in at around 250MB/S for the larger files. At first I couldn't believe the numbers Windows was giving me. It slowed down for the smaller files (of course), but I'm still scratching my head as to how so much information can travel through such a small cable. It must be witchcraft, but I ain't complaining.

Suddenly, my life was transformed from the "leave it backing up overnight" to "done in half an hour" !

I now find that my inner Kharma has increased 10-fold. I no longer wave my fist at pesky children, and my wife has noticed an improved swagger in my walk. The restless nights spend wondering "is it still backing up?" are replaced with me tucked in sleeping like a baby.

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on 26 May 2014
Yup it works just fine... Had every game transferred across quickly and it works with no problems... Happy times.. order it with confidence. UPDATE: Almost one year on... used every day. Still no complaints.
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VINE VOICEon 21 August 2012
Had the 1TB for a few weeks now and I'm very impressed , the image doesn't do the drive justice - it's a BLACK chequered and textured finish to the top, piano black around the sides and a Matt Black Durable underside with 4 rubber feet (These little rubber feet/touch pads are a great idea as its stops the drive clattering on the desk and sliding around ). In the box is a USB 3.0 micro cable (The drive and cable are fully backwards compatible with USB 2.0 which I'm currently using )a quick start guide and the warranty document (3 Years ) - on the drive there is security and back up software which i have yet to use but helpful if you don't have any.

So far it's done its job perfectly and I'm very impressed - recommended purchase 100%
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on 28 December 2014
Personally, at first it comes across as being a great drive and it does what its meant to but mine failed for no apparent reason and wouldn't read files. Samsung we're contacted and put me in touch with a dept of Segate as that's who make the drive and the support was not very good! Basically, you pay a hefty price to have the data recovered by them or take it to a data recovery business yourself, return for a replacement under warranty (which means you loose your data anyway) or you attempt opening the drive yourself to try re-parking the heads (which is not advised) but possibly an option to try and recover some data but voiding any sort of warranty! A no win situation all round really!
I chose the later and managed to recover some data but now have a dead drive! The moral of the story, only use as a back up device and NOT single storage. * Note after checking various forums, many people have encountered issues with Samsung drives.
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on 22 March 2015
If you're looking for a decent external hard drive for your Xbox One then look no further! I bought this for that exact reason and it works perfectly, and setting it up is quick and simple. Now my Xbox One has a good 900+ gb free, enough room for even the biggest games i.e. Halo Master Chief Collection.
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on 4 April 2013
I have learned a harsh lesson over the past few weeks to backup your backup!

I had my new Samsung HD only 6 weeks and then it just stopped working. It hadn't even left my house, or been mishandled in anyway, yet it just wouldn't power up. I followed a lot of online DIY diagnostics and it still didn't work. It then took 9 phone calls over a 7 business day period to get to the right person who could help me. It turns out Samsung take nothing to do with this and you deal with a company called Seagate. When I did get Seagate, they said I'd have to pay them to recover any lost data. It then took another 7 phone calls where I was passed back and forth to get this sorted: it was very stressful. Seagate have had my hard drive for a month now and only now am I getting a new one with my recovered data back. In their defence, one I did find the right department, they were so understanding and really tried to help, but a month is rather excessive. I don't expect to buy an external hard drive and for it to fail after 6 weeks.

I choose the device due to the great reviews, so I can only conclude I was terribly unlucky and got the "Friday" machine! Please be careful guys and backup that backup device.
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on 10 November 2012
I bought this to connect to my home network and allow me to backup both a Mountain Lion Mac and a Windows 7 PC. Although this drive is advertised as working with both operating systems I was a little disappointed to find that the drive only comes with the Windows compatible software installed. Even worse, when I followed the official links to download the Mac software I found it relied on a piece of software made by google that was no longer available. As such this drive will not work straight out of the box with a Mac operating system.
In the end I reformatted the drive using Disk Utility on the Mac, wiping all of the Samsung software off the drive. This means I have lost some of their security options, which some people may want if they are using this as a portable hard drive and are worried about loosing the disk at some point. For me though I was happy that the security of my network hub would suffice and was easily able to plug the drive into the USB and have both Mac and Windows machines read and write to the drive.
The product is otherwise great. It is tiny, it doesn't seem to get too hot and doesn't whirr or click in any noticeable way. For the money I would definitely recommend it, and I particularly like that it draws its power through the USB cable so there is only one thing to plug in.
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