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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
American Dad! Volume 1-7 [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£33.40+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 2 March 2016
Can't believe it's about 10 years since I first saw American Dad. The repeats are still funny and Seth McFarlane's creation is a bizarre as ever. To really appreciate the humour, it helps to have a basic grasp of the set up. The Smith family are all weird. They live in Virginia. Dad, Stan is a CIA agent. He's married to Francine and they have a couple of kids, hippy Hayley and geeky Steve. Then of course there's the talking goldfish, Klaus who's a German athlete and Roger the alien who's adept at disguise.

The series isn't a Family Guy spin off in any way. A family set up is the focal point, but the relationships are central to the humour and you need to believe in Klaus and Roger as part of the family. It's irreverent and eccentric and based on gags around bigotry, liberalism, the establishment etc. It is weird and surreal and you'll either absolutely love it or hate it. It's difficult to be indifferent about it! I find the humour very funny and every time I watch an episode I hear something new. I missed a few of the early episodes, so this boxed set is ideal.

This boxed set has 21 discs with 115 episodes and a stack f extras including audio commentary, deleted and extended scenes and featurettes. Around 2375 minutes of viewing. Absolutely brilliant.
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on 30 June 2016
The series collection is Awesome and is the best show I have ever seen as I expected! I wish the Family Guy And American Dad collections would be released on Blu-Ray Disc as well.
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on 21 October 2012
Seth Macfarlane's American Dad is a fantastic show, a different style to Family Guy but with similar humour.

Controversial comedy at times but I think that is what makes American Dad so funny and popular.

The collection is great, I am always coming across new episodes that I haven't seen on Television. You will be laughing for days!

If you are a fan of American Dad you should buy this collection. If you are a fan of Family Guy but haven't seen any American Dad, you will probably enjoy this but maybe hold back and not buy the full collection.

Great box set. The most complete so far with some great extras. Will keep you viewing for hours.

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on 5 June 2013
It came right on time, all seasons works perfect, I'm watching them from 1 to 7 and am right now at season 3. The season 1 - 6 box set is even more expensive, so if you're going to buy something it's this. I'm a huge fan of Family Guy and owned all seasons, wasn't really into American Dad, watched it and bought this. It's an amazing show, not better than Family Guy though, but American Dad season 5 is a must have for any Family Guy fan. Box sets are better than buying seasons because if I'd buy 1 season at a time it would cost over 100. Good price, great show, awesome DVD.
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on 21 February 2013
I was introduced to this series by a friend a while back and was instantly hooked! Seth McFarlane is a genius! (along with all of the other people involved with the programme too)
You can really relate to nearly every situation the family find themselves in and is not for the faint-hearted! There is the odd bit of swearing here and there but not constant. I am not sure if Stan (main character the actual "American Dad") is based upon anyone in general or just a collection of everything good and bad in people across the globe but although he is sometimes insensitive, rude, brash, callous and way out-of-line, he does it with style and everyone always gets their own back on him in their own way and all is well again. Although some of the situations and dialogue may seem politically incorrect it is still a laugh a minute series and cannot wait to see the rest of the episodes and see any future series too. If you have a great sense of humor and not take anything too seriously I would well recommend this to you. If you are offended easily I would suggest not watching this.
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on 27 June 2013
As I said, American Dad! is hilarious. Well thought out characters with a proper story every episode unlike Seth McFarlane's other show Family Guy which is continually interrupted.
Stan Smith - what can I say? He's all man! First few series he's a ridiculously bigoted, misogynistic, right-wing fascist but gradually improves over time but without really learning any lessons from one episode to the next.
Francine is fantastic as the "dumb blonde" wife who in reality much smarter than CIA agent Stan.
Hayley & Steve are typical teenagers - Hayley's sole aim in life appears to be to annoy her dad as much as possible and Steve's is to get laid even though, due to his geekiness, this is clearly never going to happen.
Then there's Klaus, the German scientist trapped in the body of a goldfish who lives in frustration with only his crush on Francine to entertain himself.
Finally, the one, the only, Roger the alien who lives in the attic having saved Stan's life. He is so morally repugnant, obnoxious,hedonistic, self-obsessed and frankly sometimes insane, that you should hate him but he's just too much fun. His disguises and caricatures are so spot on (Reaganohmics Lamorghini - jacuzzi dealer) and his wit and sarcasm just irresistable.
Anyway, once I started watching this set I just could not stop. I annoyed the pants off my mother who happened to be staying with me at the time as I seemed to watch it consistently for a week.
watch clips on youtube all you want but there's nothing like 7 seasons to become truly at one with this fantastic family!
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on 4 September 2015
This is AMAZING value. Series 1-7 and 40 hours long for only just over £13. The box was in great condition and every single episode was a complete pleasure. Talking on value it was even a lot cheaper to buy this via amazon than CeX which is very unusual maybe its becuase its just generally cheap on amazon or CeX have messaged up on there prices or what ever. Overall an amazing dvd, series and whole boxset with condition as well... A MUST BUY FOR EVER AMERICAN DAD FAN
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on 27 March 2014
American dad, family guy are just 2 of the best shows on tv or bbc three but soon the only why I will be watching them is by DVD I guess as I don't see the bbc putting them online, if you like tv that's not mindless but funny not PC then check them both out and don't forget to watch breaking bad all three shows should keep you very busy for weeks
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on 4 December 2013
3rd best animated comedy show ever brings us all the seasons from 1-7 in an American dad extravaganza jam packed with hilarious episodes such as 100 ad home wrecker and stan of Arabia

Also it doesn't beep out the swears so you may here a few f's in this box set

Basically want it buy it you'll love it trust it
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on 9 September 2013
I bought this as we it worked at cheaper than buying the next two and it made us save a lot of room on the DvD/Blu ray rack than buying them all. American Dad is better than Family Guy. The series are stronger and funnier and Roger is a mentalist! I can't recommend the show enough and the price for this is excellent!
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