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on 13 August 2012
What I wanted was an affordable, reliable machine that makes really good, hot coffee, doesn't drip on the worktop, & has a sensible shaped jug. I had been looking for quite a while...
I'm a firm believer that Quality Shows, & when I came across this Andrew James machine my first thought was "It looks well designed", so I ordered it.
My coffee maker arrived 24 hours later.
It's very capacious...although I drink a lot of coffee, this makes enough to supply a small office - or a dinner party. It looks really nice too, which is a bonus as the machine is a couple of inches too big to fit in my kitchen cupboard when not in use. The cord is a little shorter than I need, but long enough for most kitchens.
When setting/testing the programming feature (I don't really need this feature, but wanted to check everything out) I found the display isn't lit during programming, & the numbers are not easy to see. But once set and switched to "on/auto" it lights up.
Now for the most important bit - the coffee!
This machine makes the best and hottest coffee I have had for years, a lovely smooth brew. And keeps it nice & hot for a couple of hours! There is no drippage onto the worktop, and no nasty cheap plastic smell to spoil the experience. The jug is a sensible shape, so it's possible to pour the coffee without resorting to contortions. There's a band holding the handle close to the jug so it feels secure. And to go back to the programming... I can have delicious coffee ready when I wake in the mornings, or come back from shopping in town! (Not necessary, but a touch of luxury.)
I'm not easily impressed by kitchen appliances, but this one has managed it!
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on 10 July 2014
A really nice machine. Makes lovely, hot coffee that stays warm for a couple of hours. Can also be set to a timer to start making coffee just before you wake up or get back from work, which always comes in handy. My one issue with the machine is the taste of burning/hot plastic that you have to suffer with to start with. My tip to get rid of it is to first, before making any coffee, pass a full jug of water mixed with salt or sodium bicarbonate (or a mixture of the two) through the machine. Once you have done this once or twice pass some pure water through it to give it a final clean. Hopefully this should remove the taste, it certainly worked for me.
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on 31 December 2015
The filter coffee maker arrived as described and I unpacked and, uncharacteristically, read the instruction manual. This is where the headline comes in - the whole machine has a sort of plastic/chemical/antiseptic smell to it and, apparently, the way to clear this and make the machine ready for use (unless you're particularly fond of that taste) is to run it with white vinegar first (lucky that I found a bottle hidden away in my kitchen). Then run it a couple of times with tap water to clear the vinegar smell that has merged with the other stuff. It takes about 10 or so runs, and cleaning of all removal bits with warm water, to get rid of the original taste and smell from a brew (the vinegar is masked after the first 2 runs). The coffee now tastes great and the machine looks the part (or my kitchen looks distinctly dated, which may be more correct) but, the scent lingers on. I guess that it lingers in the internal spaces and, as giving the whole thing a bath (it being electrical and all) is considered a touch hazardous, I'm learning to live with it.
Other than the olfactory incident, the machine does make a great jug of coffee and it does it very, very quickly (probably so you don't have to hang about smelling the ****ing machine!) and the timer works well too - for those moments when the oeau d'machine becomes too much or cannot be faced, such as first thing in the morning, after meals, without a nose clip etc.
To summarise: as a coffee machine the Andrew James 1100 Watt Digital Filter Coffee maker is excellent and gets 5 stars. The AJ 1100 WDFCM as a room fragrance addition sucks and loses it one star. Ideal customer: Filter coffee lover with a really bad head-cold.
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on 30 December 2014
Great little machine - makes good tasting coffee quickly and easily.

The 'cup' measurements on the jug are a little confusing (I'm not sure what cups/mugs they use, but it bears to relation to mine) and it's quite noisy whilst running, but all-in-all it does a good job and is easy to clean. Definitely value for money.
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on 20 November 2012
Would totally recommend Andrew James (and, of course their products) to all. The jug broke on my coffee machine and with no hassle Andrew James sent a replacement immediately. I am just about to order an ice cream maker. Refreshing to receive good service.
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on 31 January 2014
Coffee produced is good and hot. Hotplate keeps coffee warm and bubbling. Robust Machine, would recommend to anyone looking for a filter coffee machine. Only curio, sometimes I have to check the time on the clock, so that coffee is ready in the morning.
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on 30 November 2012
This is an excellent coffee machine. So easy to use and makes the coffee so quickly. Switched it on a couple of times using just water to get rid of any plastic taste.No need to worry there was no taste, just a lovely jug of hot coffee! We filled it up to 10 cups and it made enough for 4 large cups as coffee cups are usually quite small. Stayed hot to the last drop. This was purchased from an excellent seller and I can highly recommend this seller to anyone. Thank you so much.
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on 3 June 2015
You can't expect a lot from a rebranded Chinese import in this price range (this was never £80 and you can see identical machines on amazon in the same £20-25 price range) and that's reflected in the performance and features. Construction is fairly flimsy with lots of nooks and crannies that are hard to clean.
Very important to clean this one through; we put white vinegar through twice, water through 5 times and the aftertaste still didn't go until about the tenth pot of coffee.
Coffee brews to quickly; the resulting coffee is lacking in expected strength (based on usage of other machines)
The hotplate only stays on for 35 minutes which is pretty useless; most other machines we've had, it's been a couple of hours.
Spout on the carafe is off centre by about 30° which is off putting when you pour.
Visible line of glue within the filter which isn't good.
Haven't decided yet whether to keep this one as an emergency back up or to return it due to being a bit rubbish; certainly wouldn't buy another one
review image review image
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on 2 September 2015
I was initially happy with this coffee machine.
I bought it for the ease of coffee making in the mornings as I have a disability which affects my morning functioning. I hav also dropped & broken so many caffetierres it's getting ridiculous - then there was the time when I badly sliced my thumb on one, so it was time to move myself away from glass :\
It makes decent coffee within a short time & keeps it hot for a reasonable time after.
However, it's an awkward & clumsy machine, which doesn't sit wonderfully with awkward & clumsy me: The fixed reservoir means that if you overfill, you are either comitted to drinking or wasting all the coffee you made, or tipping the whole bulky machine upside-down to empty it; The jug doesn't sit well on the hotplate, so the coffee filtering through dribbles everywhere - as does the spout when pouring; It filters too quickly, so the flavour is not robust (& I like me some strong coffee!); The handles on both filter parts are very flimsy - one broke on 1st use, but it's not really a problem, as can be used without. I've never used the timer feature, so can't comment on that.
But the biggest issue is that 18months after purchase, the heating element has died. Imagine my horror when I got up this morning, having dutifully prepared everything last nighht so I only had to press a button, when, horror of horrors - no morning coffee!
Angels wept. Seas churned. Planets collided.
I'm deeply unimpressed that electrical items in general only come with a 1 year guarantee, after which they almost invariably break down.
This is no exception - like most modern appliances, it was built to break down.
Yay capitalism!
The coffee machine at my last workplace lasted the entire 6 years I worked there, as well as several years before. It was used at least 4 times as much as this one.
I won't be replacing this - back to a saucepan on the stove for me.
Oh, & the bit that says it's usually £79.99 - that's a lie! It's been around the £20 mark for since I bought it in Feb 2014, it's actually gone down by £2 since I bought it.
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on 7 April 2014
Absolutely disgraceful, I originally wanted the Elgento percolator but I thought I'd save a little bit of money, and this what happened, delivered today, got it out of the box, plugged it in, wouldn't let me set the time, so within 10 mins of it being delivered I'm on the phone with Andrew James trying to get them to come and pick it up, it was £28 with delivery, the Elgento percolator was £40, for the sake of a few quid and convenience buy a proper machine and avoid this cheap tatt like the plague, when I eventually get my refund I'll buy the one I should of bought at the beginning.
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