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on 6 January 2016
Detective Jackson, single father and homicide detective, is investigating a series of terror attacks on a sexual health clinic and the murder of one of its teenage patients. I found the story to be well plotted, this is not a "locked room" style murder mystery where the detective gathers the suspects together at the end and unravels the baffling sequence of clues to solve the case, but rather we follow along with the investigation's progress, gradually building up a picture of the events and major players. This is not to say that there are no twists in the plot, however, and the pace of the novel varies pleasingly between tense page-turning sequences and more relaxed moments to catch your breath.
On occasion the characters come across as a little bit overdrawn (of course the mayor is best friends with the police chief, the christian conservative parents beat their children, etc.) but this didn't bother me much, the mystery genre is more about plot than characterisation. At least Jackson is not a tortured misanthrope struggling to confront his demons. Overall I really enjoyed reading this book and have already picked up the next few in the series.
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on 6 February 2018
I am new to this author but I like what I've seen so far, (which isn't much) I liked how the story was told, Det Jackson running around like a headless chicken at times, made him believable. Being a single parent of teenager daughter, needing to have the sex talk, show's how every dad should approach the subject, and by that I mean, leaving the house till he calms down. WELL WORTH READING
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on 15 February 2013
I'd never heard of the author but thanks to my Kindle Daily Deals I'm very pleased I now know of her existence.
There are a lot of characters but LJ has managed to make them easily identifiable.
There are two plots that are assumed to be intertwined but not until you are nearing the end do you get to realise why Det Jackson and his team appear to be running up blind alleys.
A bit true to life especially with some of the real life crank religions and the dangers of cyber space.
I've already bought several more of LJ Sellers, particularly the Detective Jackson series and going on the standard and quality of this, I doubt I shall be disappointed.
I'd thoroughly recommend to anyone whose into crime thrillers but also anyone who just likes a good read and unpredictability.
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on 26 October 2014
Love the way this is written. It's gripping band although sometimes easy to work out the killer, it still keeps you gripped wanting Detective Jackson to smash the case open. Love the characters, unlike some writers where they make the characters totally unbelievable. All of th ed characters are very much the norm, even the freak Mum who you just can't wait to get to her comeuppance. Really excited about the next book but better feed my family first as they have been totally ignored while I've been gripped by this book. Heheheheheheheh! About time my lot learned to cook on their own. Lol!
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on 22 May 2012
This is a fast moving Detective novel, though arguably the main character is not the detective but Kera, the nurse who works at a Planned Parenthood clinic.
Thre are two intertwining investigations - one to identify the religious zealot who plants a pipe bomb in the clinic and proceeds to target Kera; the other to identify the murderer of a teenage girl who is involved in a 'sex club' with other underage teenagers.

It is also the story of the detective, bringing up his daughter as a single parent, and Kera who lost her son to the Iraq War and who is separated from her husband.

There are many twists and turns as the action plays out, with more crimes to come, and the author keeps the action moving at a frenetic pace whilst managing to find the time to explore some of the issues surrounding teenage sex, morality and religious extremism.

In the main a well crafted book with believable characters, a well thought out plot, and a mistrust of extremism in any form. The ending was signposted but did satisfactorily (and morally?) tie up the loose ends.
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on 18 February 2011
This is a book that is hard to put down. Its characters are sympathetically drawn for the most part, and the plot twists and turns along nicely. Jackson, the detective at the heart of the novel, has some of the requisite back story - separated from his alcoholic wife, single father to a difficult teenage daughter, works far too hard, emotionally repressed - but he's not so hackneyed that one doesn't relate to him.

There are a few rather unbelievable parts, such as where Jackson informs a Mother of the death of her child, and then immediately starts rummaging through the child's drawers for evidence in front the protesting Mother. I can't really believe that this is standard police procedure nowadays.

The baddies of the piece were all evangelical Christians and the book's portrayal of certain of these hypocritical "pro-life" lunatics seemed entirely fair.

All in all an enjoyable book - and a bargain to boot.
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on 19 July 2013
Having purchased this some time ago and forgetting what the blurb said, I kept overlooking this on my kindle due tot he title sounding a bit seedy.

However, once I started reading this and realising it's not about trafficking or the sex trade, I quickly got into it. It was quite a straight forward story, where two seemingly separate storylines soon intermingle and overlap.

I found this an easy read. It was a better than expected read and it kept me turning the pages and I'd certainly consider reading more by this author
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on 20 March 2014
I found it well written and plotted . The characters behave realistically and are developed well so that one has a real interest in the outcome. Also an eye-opener for an oldie like me. Thank God I raised my family before chat rooms, and moral and ethical values declined. To be sure we have gained a lot of freedoms but the book spells out some of the costs of that freedom. Will buy the rest of these novels if each one maintains this standard
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on 1 January 2016
There is no reason to deny this story five stars other than the fact that it has the required nasty boss and irritating family issues that seem to be part and parcel of any police procedural. It's tastefully written with good characters and an excellent plot. My only worry about sticking with the series is his daughter. She might really annoy m, but I'll be back
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on 7 January 2012
This is the first of the Detective Jackson series and I am very glad I found it.
There are many series of crime books by various authors around but this is probably the best first one.
If anybody reading this has read the Kerry Wilkinson Jessica Daniel series (which is also very good) there are similarities to this.
The main characters in this are very well described and you are able to get a feel for their personalities. There are a number of side issues and the author definately makes it hard for the reader to put the book down.
Its very well researched and I suspect there are elemenst of real life in the book that certainly makes you think.
Unlike a few crime novels where you cannot help thinking the story is a bit too far fetched, this is reaistic throughout.
I look forward to the next episode.
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