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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Size: 0.9 m / 3 Feet + 4.6 m / 15 Feet|Style Name: 2 Pack|Package Type: Frustration-Free Packaging|Change
Price:£9.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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I have had several AmazonBasics products before, and always found them good. These cables are no exception. They come in a simple padded envelope and the only packaging is small plastic caps to protect the plugs on the end. As noted by many other reviewers, since HDMI is a digital signal, you do not need super-duper expensive cables to get 100% perfect transmission. These ones will do the job, at a very reasonable price.
As with other Amazon cables, the plugs at the end of the cables are really solid, with nice "shoulders" to make sure that the end of the cable cannot kink where it joins the plug.
These cables are only 3 feet, which makes them perfect for joining equipment sitting in a typical TV cabinet - DVD, PVR, games console, etc., without leaving metres of cable hanging around to be tidied away. Be aware though that these cables are relatively stiff, so do not expect them to bend at tight angles around awkward furniture.
In case you do not know technicalities, these cables support HDMI v1.4, which means that they are cable of taking signals up to that for a 4K television, and also have a separate connection for Ethernet. What this means is that, suppose you have a PVR box plugged into your router - rather than have to connect your smart TV separately to the router, you can just connect the HDMI cable to your PVR box and it can receive internet content over the HDMI cable (i.e., one less cable cluttering up the space behind your TV. Obviously, you also need to make sure that both your TV and whatever else you connect support HDMI v1.4 too!
However, the cables are backward compatible, so you can happily use it for normal HDMI connections now, and know that later when you upgrade your TV or other equipment, you have something that will still work as well (or even better).
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on 22 October 2011
I bought this cable to connect my laptop to my LED TV.. Fantastic results - the picture is amazingly clear and sound quality is great. Highly recommend it for watching TV online.
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on 2 December 2013
It's an HDMI cable. It's a long one. It's a cheap one. So if you want a long HDMI cable at minimal cost that will work just as well as any other cable, then this is what you want.

There's no need to be misled by monstrous claims that some HDMI cables are better than others at transmitting your data; that's just a combination of marketing and ignorance of basic physics. The only two things where paying more can get you better quality are a) the standard of construction (how likely is it that the cable and its connectors will fall apart), and b) how thin the cable is.

Despite being cheap, this cable is well-made and robust, so you're unlikely to experience any problems on that score. The only thing that gives it away as being a budget product is that it is fairly thick and inflexible by comparison with some. If that matters to you, then something a bit more expensive may be more appropriate. But for a situation where flexibility isn't hugely important (such as a permanent connection between two items that don't move much) then this is perfectly fine. If all you care about is getting ones and zeros from one end of a wire to another, then this will do the job with absolutely no problems at all.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 November 2012
HDMI cables are like the Emperor's new clothes it seems. You can spend an absolute fortune on such a cable (and I am talking hundreds) and yet I defy the average man in the street to tell the difference in either audio or video quality between a well made cable such as this, and another costing many times as much. Yes the expensive cable will look nicer and will feel good, but that - to me - is not the point. It's going to spend its' life stuffed in the back of your DVD or BluRay player, where nobody will see it.

I use this cable to feed the video signal to my projector in a home cinema. I needed a quick replacement for a rather more expensive cable which I - er - broke. My screen is a bit larger than most at 3 metres wide (a bit more diagonal). I project a high definition signal from a BluRay source.

Trust me - this cable is absolutely fine.
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on 7 December 2010
This cable is designed for connecting 2 HDMI devices together. It supports the latest version of HDMI which means it can carry Ethernet traffic alongside the AV signals... in practical terms that means it's up-to-date and worth having to be future proof. What it is not (and you could be forgiven for thinking it given the title) is a cable with an HDMI and an Ethernet (RJ45) connector at each end - instead it's an HDMI cable which can carry Ethernet if the devices at each end support it.

Cable quality is good (quite thick actually) and it has Amazon Basics branding all over it (connectors and the cable) with gold connectors (and a throw-away plastic cover). Some reviews have mentioned a difference in quality using this compared to older cables - I must confess I can't tell any difference - to my understanding this is carrying a digital signal so what should matter is the components at each end; perhaps there is a difference if you are using older cables which had a lower bandwidth rating??

From that perspective and to conclude... this is a good value cable for connecting 2 HDMI devices and it does the job well, and given the spec will continue to be usable for a long time. I use it to connect a Sky HD box to a plasma TV, both of which have HDMI sockets, and the results are great.
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I bought this HDMI cable to go with my son's new bedroom TV. He can now connect the love of his life aka the Xbox to his new telly and decapitate zombies, call air strikes in, fight Loki as The Hulk and worryingly steal a car and mow down innocent bystanders on GTA!

This cable is 3 feet long and feels very well made/not flimsy at all. The connections are good/solid with a nice tight fit. There's no 'wiggle' once it's in!

Apparently air strikes have never looked so good!


PS - Never pay more than a fiver for any HDMI cable. They're pretty much all the same!
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on 16 March 2013
No issues with the cable what so ever. After staring surprised at some HDMI cables in store that ranged from 5x to 20x the price of this and reading a bunch of articles I can now say for sure - this is the cable you need. Forget your fancy braided cables and gold plating etc. You are transmitting digital signal over a distance less than a meter. Does not matter what cable you use as long as the connectors don't fall off upon first installation and it doesn't shatter when bent. Analogue cables could have justified their costs (to a point). Digital does not care much about quality as long as distance is not exceeded and minimum standard is met.
Buy with confidence and use it proudly.
review image review image
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on 8 December 2011
I purchased this high speed HDMI cable for use with a Samsung Blue Ray player playing 3D films. The quality has been excellent and I have had no problems. I'm glad I paid £4.99 instead of the £39.99 on the one that the the salesperson in PC World recommended.
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on 2 May 2015
😍😎💯👍🏽i have bought a few of these cables and they are absolutely perfect for my needs, I know you can buy pound shop HDMI cables, but I have had some that would not work, something to do with the signal from the device you are using. My friend said the signal is coded or something like that.
😉 I bought this particular HDMI for an Apple TV box, and it's perfect.
I also wanted an HDMI cable that I could recognise at the end that plugs into my HDMI Splitter box, I have in excess of 20 HDMI Cables and when they are all black and all look the same, it can be difficult to find what device it is for, unless you trace it all the way back to the source.
Now I have a few Amazon orange & black HDMI Cables I have a better idea of what device they are for.
review image
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on 29 April 2011
It functions as a HDMI cable connecting two HDMI compatible devices, works perfectly. This is my second Amazon basics item, first one being 21-to-1 USB flash memory card reader and it has done a lot of hard work for me since I bought it 5-6 months ago, and is still going very smoothly. I whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone, don't be put off from buying becuase they appear cheap, they are 'smartly cheap' since they are produced to serve the mass market.

Few more words, it is an HDMI 1.4 spec cable, means it has ethernet channel capability enabled. There are only few manufacturers out there in the market with devices/equipments (for e.g LCD TV) that currently supports HDMI Ethernet Channel functionality. I could write a long essay, but put it simply, if your TV is internet enabled via USB/Wifi or using an Ethernet(RJ45) cable, most likely you will *not* be able to watch streaming videos from internet on TV using this cable, even via a PC. Please check with manufacturer for "HEC" (HDMI Ethernet Channel) label on the device's HDMI ports, which means, the same HDMI port is enabled to communicate as an ethernet port too. I hope this review is not too technical and helps someone to understand what it really means.
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