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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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[August 2015] At the time of writing this little beauty is under £20 including delivery.

It's not top of the range.
It's not an overpriced fan .It's not worth it
It's not stunning or unusual.
It doesn't make you more attractive to the opposite (or same) gender.
It's not very quiet.

Really good value.
A really good fan. It blows hard. It blows fast.
Although I've said that it's not quiet, I have to admit that it's not noisy either. I can sleep with it on.
It's easy to assemble. Takes about 10 mins to assemble.
It oscillates. (turns from side to side.)
The oscillation can be turned off so it can blow in one direction.


Well. Not exactly. If it's going in the corner of a room it'll be ideal. However if it gets a knock or two it doesn't look or feel like it would survive.

I'd buy it again as it does the job very well, is cheap and is reasonably made.
Hope this helps. Any questions post a comment and I'll try to help.
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on 1 September 2015
I almost didn't buy this because a lot of reviews said it's noisy, hard to put together, doesn't work well, is flimsy, etc. etc. Then I remembered that a lot of people just like to moan about things because they have nothing better to do. Thank goodness I remembered that because this fan is great. The price was good, delivery was fast, I put it together in less than 5mins without having to look at the instructions, and then you know what happened when I plugged it in and turned it on? IT COOLED DOWN MY ROOM! I know... crazy huh? I don't find it noisy at all because I expect an electronic device that is designed to push air around a room to make at least some noise, but the noise it does make is not loud at all. If yours is loud, try tightening the parts that you have clearly not screwed together tightly enough. Sure I would love to have a remote control with it cause I'm too lazy to reach to the end of my bed to turn it off when I get too cold but I am also too tight to pay the extra for one with a remote. Other than that, I'm 100% happy.

Bottom line, don't bother paying a stupid amount for a fan. If you are serious about cooling and want to spend a bunch of money just bite the bullet and get air con; if not, get this fan.
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on 1 July 2013
I purchased this to replace one that just stopped working and needed a fast replacement. The delivery speed on this took 2 days which was ideal for me.
Once assembled and switched on the 1st setting, the breeze was very welcome, cooling me down well and blowing a fairly good amount of cool air my way, speed 2 is obviously even better and speed 3 is absolutely fantastic, but perhaps a tad too much for me.
When I placed the fan on the metal tubing to which it stands, I came to tighten it so it fitted snugly but I actually over tightened it which caused the tube to dent, so be careful when coming to that part.
For the price this is a great buy and ideal for the hot weather were having at the moment. I’m very happy with it and use it on a regular basis.
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on 10 June 2016
This fan is great, it's not exactly one of those fancy Dyson £400 bladeless fans but it's works really well and doesn't look to bad either!

This product is amazing, it works really well and has a good range of power settings that are controlled by some well made high quality buttons, not only this but the rest of the fan is made well and feels like it should last a while, the lower part of the stand is very stable but I feel like the feet themselves could be a bit more supportive but they do the job well so can't really complain. The general motor back top part of the fan is great and the angle adjustment is great and easy to operate. The oscillating function is fab and works very well, this is controlled by a button that you pull in and out to turn this function on/off. The grill and the fan stay together well and they nice and sturdy and feel like they should be nice a durable if an accident was occur.

The fan was generally easy to assemble thanks to the big plastic nuts that hold the fan blade on and the reasonably well written and illustrated instructions. The fan was very easy to assemble and also easy to opperate thanks to simple buttons. The postage was great and it came a day earlier than expected and was packaged well so it wouldn't be damaged during postal.

Overall personally I think that this fan I well made and works well. It looks decent as well. It's easy to assemble and operate and I would definitely recommend for the price and would probably buy this product again.
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on 24 August 2016
This is a weirdly hard review to write. Is it a good fan? It's okay, but is it good for the price? I initially thought so but over time it's 'hey it was cheap, what do you expect?' issues have made me wish I'd paid more.
Those cons are:
The vertical tilt feature has never worked, if I try to point it straight or down it reverts to an up position. It's not VERY up, but it's still not the desired level.
The feet/stand are all too shabbily made to really put together properly. The screws are expected to meet up with nuts that have been bonded to the inside of the feet... Except they don't line up so a fair amount of force is needed to bend and twist everything into place and even then it wobbles. Eventually I took the feet off and wedged it at the end of the bed. Not ideal but it worked.
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on 26 September 2013
The fan does its job but is very cheaply made, for the price that it is, was a bit of a pain to put together too
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on 6 September 2016
The east thing I ever purchased was this fan in a spat of hot weather. There doesn't seem to be very much the hat you can say about a tools you down...its cool stuff has three speed levels and it can either be fixed in position or can rotate.
It's a decent height and is adjustable. You can tip the fan forward as well so it gives you plenty of ways to alter the position of the air flow.
It's a strong fan which is great. Being able to change the speed setting is a great function too. The only things I would day arrived it is loud when up on speed levels 2 or 3. I've got it in my living room.and have to really turn my telly up quite loud to hear it over the fan. Not really a problem as such but something worth mentioning. I DO have minor to moderate hearing loss, which means background noises make it difficult for me to hear the telly or people talking, so if you yourself have hearing difficulties it's just a point worth mentioning really. Ours also makes a bad creaking noise if you let it turn from side to side. We have taken it apart and put it back together to see if it was something we had done wrong when assembling the product but it still does it. It's almost as if the wires are too taught. It doesn't make this creaking noise when in a fixed positing hough and we are going to try a little dab of WD40 on the parts it would be safe to use it on.

It arrived within a few days of being ordered even though it wasn't available as a prime order item, which was really.imoressive. it arrived in the usual highs tankard packaging you come to know amazon item.
Really happy with my purchase. If it had a longer power lead and didn't creak it would get five stars. The power lead is about 4 feet long so a longer one would improve my score of the product
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on 17 June 2014
Upon delivery we opened the box, unpacked it to find that literally half the fan were missing. There were no stand and only 1 leg base, instead of two.

We were very disappointed and as this isn't an Amazon product we now have to spend extra money returning this back to the seller, who (so far) has been very quiet. I've sent two emails to the company, but have heard nothing. I'm sincerely hoping we weren't duped into buying a product that were known to be as it was sent.

I would think very carefully about ordering from them and it's only a shame i didn't have a review, like this, to warn me.
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on 5 September 2016
I had high hopes for this when I bought it during a heatwave but I already have another one the same size from a different retailer and this does not compare.
Flimsy feeling, it came with a cheap little plastic circle to put on the front of the fan to show the maker, where my other one had this already built on. It just felt low quality when I was assembling it. After putting it together as per all instructions it is a bit unstable due to quite short legs which don't support its weight properly, particularly when you extend the height. Not only that but the frame of the fan is made with quite soft, bendable metal, easy to damage, and when you adjust the angle it often ends up with the fan arms inside hitting the frame.
On certain angles it starts making annoying clicking sounds. Also on certain angles the button on the top allowing it to oscillate gets stuck. Generally just poor quality, but that reflects the low price. My advice would be to buy a slightly higher range one if you can afford it.
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on 23 July 2016
The base and actual fan body seem much better quality that other cheap fans I've had in the past but the actual blades and the piece of plastic that screws them down are incredibly flimsy and feel quite cheap. I'm sure it will be fine so long as the fan cover is on but previous fans have fallen over and sustained minor damage... I think this one would just shatter to pieces if that happened. It is quite a lot more powerful than other fans I've had on the highest setting so that's all that really matters.

Took less than ten minutes to build but this was increased by everything being in individual plastic bags and there being unnecessary disposable bits of plastic covering some parts. Really the packaging seemed both incredibly excessive for a cheap fan but also shockingly wasteful. For this price a box full of bits and nothing else would have been fine. I'm sure the cumulative worldwide plastic waste from all the plastic plug prong covers manufactured pointlessly each year must be huge...
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