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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 12 January 2014
After purchasing many Sandisk cards, and having some problems, after researching up I found some main points.

1 - Sandisk are the most brand currently counterfeited, and it is getting harder to check and find real working ones.
A - The printing on the fake products has got better.
B - The packaging printing is perfect on some fakes.
C - Even the hologram on packaging is perfect on some fakes and some are using stolen ones from Sandisk.
D - Sandisk will say that do not buy micros if they come with a adapter as they are fake as they do not put adapters with micros. This is not true, Sandisk do supply them, they are made by Hama for Sandisk, and the micro cards are real.
E - Some fakes are infact real, they are real Sandisk cards which are faulty in some way, these are then stolen from the factory and then altered. So these packaging, hologram and card are in fact real but faulty. These serial numbers will come up on Sandisk warranty as destroyed at factory, and on return to Sandisk they will confiscate them and not refund a card or money as it is stolen property. You will just get a letter saying just this.
F - Fakes are either OK and working with the size purchased but made by some one else, a cheaper rebadged maker/factory.
G - Fakes are either not OK and not the real size you purchased. Thus either a real Sandisk card mainly 4Gb altered to look like your size, or worse a fake did made by some one else. This can be a size or speed issue ie. States it is a 10 but is a 4, or standard SD instead of hcsd or xcsd.
H - To make thinks worse. In 2012 Sandisk made some cards wrong and they got out of the factory by the millions in various packaging, these mainly are Ultra. The fault seen is that on phones and tablets using android or Linux the card drops out or goes corrupt error, but intact not currupt on reboot of the device. Some are getting the normal faults also and just die to early.
I - Sandisk still make Ultra II. I ordered a U2 and got a ultra so it must be a fake, no this is not true. Sandisk renamed U2 and U2 plus as just Ultra now. As technology standard has gone up, was speed 2 is standard 4 ultra and 6 ultra plus. Now ultra just means 6 to 10 and extreme is better than 10. So a ultra card with 10 u I on it that does say 7 MB/s is not fake it is within spec. If you get speed 9 or 10 or 11 MB/s then you just got a good batch. As 10 MB/s and above are labelled up as extreme if they do 9 and above. So if you really want speed 10 = u1 then buy extreme version.

So it is really hard to know if you have a fake now. Even if real the size and/or speed are under par, or worse is a factory stolen fault batch product.

What to do : -

Only buy from direct either Amazon directly or Jessops or Picstop which are main dealers.
Sandisk only will replace fake cards from Amazon direct and not fulfilled or marketplace, although within the 30 days Amazon will refund the money.

Most on EBay are fakes.

Fakes are also found secondly on Kingston and Samsung.
Most fakes are found on high capacities as this are easy pickings and low prices.
Do not buy 32 64 at cheap offers
Never buy the new 128 or higher from unknown sellers as these will be fake.
256 512 and 1TB are made to order only and in small batches. Sandisk to order only, Crosair have limited ones in stock directly at Amazon direct. Expect to pay more that £1 per GB on them any cheaper then ask why before buying them. 128Gb is around £105 and 64Gb about £50 as price is now dropping. 32Gb no less than £18 in sale and £25 normally. Extreme x600 are around 70 higher and extreme pro 150% higher. Ultra are x200. The more in size means slower speed. So a 1Tb USB key is very slow is speed 2. So if using for video watching or video taking or photo taking then you need speed not size first. Size first if you using MP3 or storage, phones and tablets need 6 and above. Normal cameras just need 4. SLR cameras need 10 extreme and above. PC / Mac / Linux PC any speed OK for storage and MP3 else above 6 if watching YouTube HD or 720HD video or speed 10 or U I for 1080p HD video.

When you receive the card do these first before using them
1 = do not open, but type the barcode in Google and check it matches to your Gb size and text under the barcode as most fakes the Barcode will come up as 4Gb.
2 = check the card with a SD checker program for check and verify. Search free program on Google.
3 still get this far and passed all, then place very large media files and play for 4 hrs, if this gives an error bad video file or SD card has been removed or SD card is corrupt or needs reformatting , but on reboot it works then you have a real but faulty batch. Refund or warranty or just buy a Samsung or Kingston. Lexars are sandisk now. sandisk own lexar.

Side note ... Sandisk cruiser USB keys are getting couterfeted so take note and do the same as above
And also nearly all cruiser nano USB let's are fake, never seen a real one, even directy from amazon. And Sandisk will confiscate them if you do a warranty claim, so check within amazon refund times to check and if not OK then make a return claim with Amazon. Amazon know all about this I have asked many time what is their counterfeit procedure as the website states they have one, but I have never seen or got an answer how do you put in a claim ony told put in a claim with legal services at amazon.
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on 20 February 2013
I purchased two of these cards in early January - one for my wifes HTC Desire C and one for my own Galaxy S3.
Within the month, my card stopped working. The phone could not recognise the card and neither would my PC so I was unable to try reformatting it. I have returned this card to Amazon for a refund which is in process. My wifes card is still working ok.
In parallel with this return, I have been in contact with Sandisk and they have confirmed that my wifes card is not a fake as it has a serial number on the reverse which they have validated. My card (although purchased with my wifes) has no such serial numbers on it. Sandisk advise that these can become "rubbed off" but advise purchasing only from Amazon directly and not one of their resellers on their MarketPlace. They can't say conclusively, but I believe my card is fake. You can register your card with Sandisk and I would recommend you do this if you buy one of their cards to find out quickly if you've been supplied with a dud - you only have 30 days in which to return your card with Amazon so be aware!
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I have never got reliable operation from this card which I bought in February. I had thought it might be something I was doing, but having tried it in different devices and using different card hosts it remained unreliable. I have messaged the seller but they have not responded.

This week I gave up and contacted SANdisk direct to invoke warranty. I sent them photos of the card and today they have informed me that it is a counterfeit product. So now, unless Amazon give me a refund I reckon I am out of options and will have to buy another card.

Thanks Amazon! They gave me a full refund so I can now buy a proper working card. No more Amazon resellers for me. Only buying direct now.
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on 25 November 2012
Item arrived on time as stated matching the description. Works brilliantly with Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I simply inserted it and bingo!
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on 4 September 2012

just to let you know I brought this from Amazon (they are an authorised scandisk dealer). I had to wreck the packaging to get at the card, so in this respect it seems a genuine product (compared to knock off ebay copies for which the 'retail' card was only glued at the corners), plus there are reference numbers on the back of the card (though I have not checked with scandisk about these numbers).

This micro SDXC Card was reported as damaged when I inserted it into my phone, tablet and computer (I assume because they don't natively support SDXC formatted SD cards). Neither my phone or computer would re-format it into FAT32 or anything else acceptable (I tried the windows formatter, command line formatter and a couple of downloaded formatters including the one from the SD organisation, none worked). Luckly my trusty HTC desire HD automatically reformatted it into a format that was accepted by the computer and tablet as well, hurrahhh!! Suddenly the supposed 32Gb MicroSD card limit on my new Samsung Tab 2 and HTC Desire HD is blown away!!!

Windows reports it will take 2 hours to fill the little disk. therefore at that rate it would be about 9 Mb/s which is high (remember this is the write speed), or rather this is about right for a class 10 product.

I will report back with a full review shortly.

In short nice little card with a big memory, but beware if you don't have an SDXC compatible device or some means to re-format the disc, otherwise you are looking at a pricey tiddlywink.
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on 1 January 2013
Sd card was exactly as it should be.
Package/ delivery was excelent.
I had it for almost 1 1/2 months now. Everything was working ok but suddently my card was unespectacly removed. That happened 13 days ago. I tried so many ways to fix it by plugging paper on the sd card for a better pin connection , format, take out battery etc but nothing worked. I even broke the sd card tray.... I replaced the sd card try with a new one but problem was still there....
After hours of searching i found out that Sandisk admitted that it is a known problem between S3 & several SD brands (?) but Sandisk has resolved the issue with the new batch of cards that has just arrived in Dec 2012.
I had no problems with my old 8Gb micro card tho.
I would like to have a refund or a replacement with that new batch.
Hope i helped...

Btw i was using that card on a Galaxy S3.
Be aware!
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on 10 October 2012
This 64GB card installed flawlessly in my Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300, and happily read/write. Just ensure that the card is formatted in the phone first , because it has to be FAT32. Plenty of capacity. It reads as 59-ish GB available, and I've only half filled it so far with thousands of mp3s. Plays ok, no probs. I hope it remains reliable.
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on 15 July 2014
I have produced flakes of dandruff bigger than this, yet it has the memory capacity of a small herd of elephants (or a herd of small elephants? Who can say?). Isn't modern technology wonderful?

I bought the 32GB version to pop into my new smart-phone (a Samsung Galaxy Ace) so that I could use it as an mp3 player as well as a pocket camera (oh yes, and a phone). 32GB is twice the capacity of my old Walkman which was beginning to groan at the seams so, short of shelling out more than a half-ton for the 64GB card, it seemed like a decent choice.

Popped it into the phone and watched it format and then started to transfer my entire music collection. I may not be John Peel, but I do have a few albums (I daren't count them) and they filled the card up to just over half-full. Excellent! Plenty of space left for musical expansion, apps and photos.

This is supposed to be an "ultra speed" card: presumably it's quicker to load files on and off and access them as well. I can hardly comment with any authority, never having timed that sort of thing, but I will say that I managed to transfer on all of my 16GB of music in the time it took to run a bath. Well, OK - I exaggerate, but I would have expected something like that to take up a long and boring evening in front of the laptop and was VERY pleasantly surprised.

The card comes with an adapter that allows you to use it as a full-size SD card should you so wish - a miracle of electronic engineering all in itself, if you ask me.

The only down-side is that the card is so small that if you take a deep breath, you're liable to inhale the bloody thing.
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on 12 April 2013
Other reviewers have covered this but thought I should still post this. The card worked ok for a few months then died. Thanks to google I found out there is a known issue with this brand and the galaxy s3. The card fries and cannot be formatted or anything. Contacted sandisk and thought I would see how honest they were. In short, not very. They took me through about 30 mins of questions including reading the serial no from the card ie like writing on a grain of rice! Plus they wanted photos, purchase dates etc etc. At the end of it I was told "you have to return it to us at YOUR COST to the Czech Republic and we will send you a new one once its been received. Can't remember the time scale but it was weeks. All through a known issue with their product which costs pennies to produce. When I came clean about the known issue they did admit it but weren't forthcoming. And said it was only a few cards that were affected. Google it and you will see lots and lots of issues with sandisk. I contacted amazon who, although its not their fault, were as helpful as they always are. Within a few minutes they agreed to ship another one out to me. Why can't sandisk do that? WELL DONE AMAZON, good service from a massive company is a rare thing. Won't touch sandisk again. I think the newer cards have this issue addressed but is it worth the risk? Try a different brand if you have a Samsung phone!
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on 14 July 2014
Fake card,tested with H2test program shows just 500mb usable rest is corrupt and I can see that was not the first time it happened. Avoid unless u like ur photos/videos to disappear after a while :((((
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