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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This toothbrush is designed to be used in the exact same way as a traditional manual toothbrush and it works - my teeth feel clean after using it but NOT as clean as when using an oscillating electric toothbrush head.

The handle is chunkier and heavier than usual and the battery life is seriously impressive and the motor is VERY powerful. All Oral-B Professional Care brush heads are interchangeable with this handle and that, ultimately, is the best thing about it. Use it with an oscillating head and, given the seriously poweful motor, it works so much BETTER than a bog standard Oral-B handle.

The wireless SmartGuide is easy to set up and acts as both a useful bathroom clock and timer. The brush beeps every 30 seconds as a reminder to change quadrants and it continues working after the standard 2 minutes. There are a number of cleaning options, but the standard 'Daily Clean' option should cover most people's needs.

In summary, use this with an oscillating head and you have the perfect electric toothbrush and, should you prefer it, you can use it with TriZone heads.
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on 15 December 2012
To be completely honest, this purchase was a big disappointment. I am not saying that the brush itself is in any way inferior, far from it; build quality, as you would expect from Braun, is very good indeed. My dissatisfaction stems from the sudden realisation after un-boxing it that I had paid nearly eighty pounds for a standard electric toothbrush, which comes packaged with a separate gimmicky electronic clock incorporating a timer mechanism and smiley face which displays if you are using the product correctly or, a frown if you aren't. Apart from that, the toothbrush itself is no better and no worse than Braun's lower-end-of-the-market, Professional Care/Precision Clean model that can also be purchased through Amazon for nineteen GBP, which, incidentally, I bought, subsequently and, thus far, is proving to be every bit as good as its expensive stablemate.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 June 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It makes a pleasant change to receive an electrical product that isn't from the Far East and the fact this is made in Germany, inspires a certain amount of confidence that this is a well-engineered and well-thought out product.

Certainly the impression you get on opening the box, is that everything has been thought of and covered off, in this package. There is ample documentation, an additional year on the guarantee if you register (taking it up to 3 years) and you even get two sets of Duracell batteries for the Smart Guide - no expense spared!

I have owned Braun electric toothbrushes before and have always found them to be the best and this is certainly a "top of the range" model - but whether you find all the additions useful or not, is probably down to personal preference.

The main addition is the Smart Guide, which could be seen as superfluous, but does give you additional information about what is going on - graphical icons for the different modes selected and allows you to time how long you are brushing.

The Smart Guide is a separate unit, with a large (if basic) display screen, that sits on a shelf or which can be attached to a wall using the two-sided adhesive pads provided. It links wirelessly to your toothbrush and this connection was very easy to get going. This allows you to set up programmes via the controls on the toothbrush while the SmartGuide gives you visual cues and stops the toothbrush with short delays at times to change over.

The other big difference for me, is that the toothbrush unit is heavier and it has a larger battery, which allows it to be used for longer. I also liked the fact that the toothbrush has a Charge Indicator on the handle - so you know when it's running low and when it's full. Previous Braun electric toothbrushes I have owned, have lacked this feature and it's very useful. The initial charge does seem to take forever, but in the long run, this seems to be an improvement.

Other notable features are the warning light that comes on if you are applying too much pressure on your teeth and the new style "TriZone" heads - you get two with this package and they can be stored with others in the neat unit that sits on the charger. You also get a large translucent plastic travel case, which can also hold a couple of spare brush heads.

The TriZone heads are longer than the normal Braun circular heads and I have tried them for a few days now and they do seem to get your teeth cleaner - it is a noticable difference. They get in all the small gaps and do a better job of reaching awkward places. I found them uncomfortable at first - stiffer and more awkward in your mouth. But I have decided to persist, as the results do seem to be better. You can always swap heads and go back to your preferred style at any time.

Overall, I think this is a high quality package and as good as you can get for this kind of thing. However, I am not sure the SmartGuide is really worth its inclusion. It's certainly a "nice to have" - but not essential. The visual presentation is a novelty, but once you are used to the toothbrush, I'm not sure how often you would glance at it and stick to what it tells you. After a few days, I use it more as a time check than anything else.

If you like this kind of thing though and are prepared to pay for the top of the range, then this really can't be faulted on quality.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Braun Oral-B TriZone SmartSeries 5000 Electric Toothbrush is a top-of-the range electric toothbrush that's designed to ensure that the user gets the full performance out of the device whilst providing a powerful brushing action to ensure that the user's teeth are cleaned to a very high standard.

To achieve this Oral-B have firstly designed an electric toothbrush that really works overtime to get the bristles cleaning off as much plaque and 'lodged in' food as possible. The TriZone toothbrush head that's included within the set looks similar to that of a standard toothbrush head, however this particular one provides a 3-way-motion of the bristles, to allow the brush to scrub away at all sides and angles of the tooth as the brush is glided around the user's mouth.

To help ensure that the user gets the full use out of the toothbrush, a separate wireless monitor is included that times the use of the brush, separating the mouth into quarters with a recommended 30 seconds spent on each quarter. The monitor can also be set for a Deep Clean, Sensitive, Whitening or Massage, or indeed manually customised for specific user requirements.

The brush and monitor also inform the user when too much pressure is applied to the teeth, with a glowing red light illuminating the reverse side of the brush and a warning icon simultaneously appearing on the monitor screen. To be honest, this turned out to be a bit of a godsend for me, and has already resulted in me adjusting the pressure I apply to the toothbrush after just over one week of daily use.

The rechargeable battery life seems to be pretty impressive. The manual states that you can use the toothbrush for up to 10 days without recharging. I can't say that I have any idea if this claim is true or not, but it does seem to hold its charge very well.

As far as the product's actual performance goes, for the week or so that I've been using it, I have to say that I've found the toothbrush to achieve excellent results; really getting into those awkward nooks and crannies, between the teeth and around the gum line. After brushing I always floss between my teeth and since using this particular electric toothbrush I have already noticed a slight but nevertheless noticeable decline in the amount of 'substance' collected during flossing. I presume that this is because the 3-way brushing action of the toothbrush has managed to reach in between my teeth to a greater extent and removed an increased proportion of the plaque that was lodged there already.

The various gadgetry and illuminating displays are all pretty swish (if you ask me) with the battery power indicator showing the user exactly how much juice is left in the toothbrush at any one given time. The toothbrush, although slightly larger than previous Braun Oral-B models, such as the Braun Oral-B Professional Care 500 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush (shown in the attached video), does still feel comfortable and ergonomically designed to fit snuggly in the user's hand.

The electric toothbrush set also includes a handy stand with a brush-head storage section as well as a hard plastic travel case for the toothbrush.

All in all it's a pretty impressive electric toothbrush with plenty of nifty gadgetry going on to ensure a darn good clean. It's unmistakably top-of-the-range and has a price tag to show it. All that's left to decide is whether or not all this extra fancy pancy malarkey is really worth it?
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on 31 March 2013
Recommended by my (rather expensive) dentist. He was right! Probably doesn't need the display gadget, but the core functionality is excellent. Got it at a great price so no complaint. Used it for three months now and won't be going back to manual brushing. They have come a long way since I last bought a Braun about 25 years ago.. (not too surprising).
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on 20 July 2016
Love this product as it thoroughly cleans your teeth. The beeps reminds you when one side of your mouth is done and to move onto the next. I love that. Battery last quite long before you have to recharge it. It lasted me like 10days. Awesome product! I wouldn't go back to normal manual toothbrush anymore
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on 6 November 2016
Bought this 3 years ago. It works quite good but it is very expensive. Most of the features are not really needed. Another problem is that toothpaste tends to get between the metal arm that moves the toothbrush and the plastic and restricts movement. Event hough i am very carefull and Clean it always after every use this is something that i can not prevent. this causes the toothbrush to think that it meets resistance and switches automatically to the sensitive teeth mode which has a slower speed. Unfortunately i can not force it to stay in the normal program that i am using. Also the battery life is not very bad. I know that i am using it for 3 years but it is not right to last only for 4 times and then to need to be recharged. Also the charging lights dont indicate anymore when it is about to get discharge., I have 3 lights on as if it is fully charged and suddenly it turns itself off. Battery is not user replaceable unfortunately.
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After using an oral-b profession care 5000 for the last few years, I decided to upgade as it wasn't cleaning as good as I would like. Its the circular head which I find does ok on the teeth but doesn't penetrate between the teeth gaps.
This new purchase is something else all together, as it cleans like nothing I have used before. This is due to the way it works. Rather then do just circular movement, this brush has a more conventional up and down movement allowing access to those areas which are hard to get to. Result a nicer feeling deeper clean.I can certainly see a big difference in the colour of my teeth after two to three weeks use. My teeth feel cleaner as well. It is a quality product, excellent value, and I am certainly very pleased with my purchase.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It is fair to say that I have gone through a few electric toothbrushes over the years, ranging from cheapo battery operated mini brushes, to this top of the range baby.

The box was unassuming and compact, but the product was very well packaged inside. It was really easy to set up and came with 3 heads and a stand for up to 4 heads.

This really is a solid piece of kit, the Smart Guide is brilliant as it works as a clock (I find that really useful for keeping an eye on how long I have been in the shower or bath). I like the timer function too and the way it warns you if your technique is wrong......mmm, maybe I could get one for my husband!!!

Anyway, My previous toothbrush was a top of the range Sonicare system but it is not a patch on this Oral B one. The heads on this brush have an oscillating tip which are superb for getting in between the gaps, it has all sorts of cleaning modes depending on what you want to achieve BUT by far for me the best bit of this toothbrush was the intensity of the massage was really powerful and constant. My teeth and gums genuinely felt better with this toothbrush than on my other toothbrush which was a comparable price and is only about a year old.

Would certainly recommend this brush.
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on 31 May 2013
I love this and I know that it cleans better than a manual or sonic as my dentist can never fault my teeth. I like the clock/timer with it's smilie face although I've noticed a lot of reviews criticising this. I find brushing my teeth really boring and this gives me something else to focus on. Also if you continue to brush after the two minutes the face changes!! Try it and see ;o)
I dislike how long it takes to charge as we don't have a plug for it in our bathroom. I can leave it for a day and a half before it is fully charged.
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