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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Nuketown 2025 Edition|Change
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on 2 December 2012
Like many people, I have been a Call of Duty fan for many years. Every year since MW2, i've told myself "Wait until the price drops". But the nearer the release date gets, the more i want the game, until I buy it. Having bought MW3 last year, I was anxious to see if this game could surpass it, not too much of a hard challenge considering how disappointing that was. As soon as it arrived i tried the CAMPAIGN, which as usual seemed very good (although I find it more confusing than usual, especially with the time periods). I then tested the MULTIPLAYER, which I personally haven't loved in any other COD since MW2. It turns out that it's pretty good as well and I can now say that it's already better than the first Black ops and MW3. My main reason for buying Black Ops 2 was the ZOMBIES. I can safely say I am not disappointed, the maps have different options and are huge. I always think 'the bigger the better'. I now cannot wait for the DLC and have to say that this year, I will purchase all of them.

So, to anyone considering buying Black Ops 2, I highly recommend it.
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on 25 March 2013
I understand this review is quite late, and may get lost in the plethora of other reviews, but I was hoping to try and give my thoughts on the many pros and cons of the game. I'm hoping to try and make the review as detailed as possible to help any newcomers to the game, and to help anyone who is still on the fence. (probably not many)

I'm going to split the review into three sections, as this is how the game splits them on the main menu, and it seems appropriate.


I would like to get this part out of the way firstly, as it is usually the part that is overlooked mostly in the call of duty series.
If you have played any of the previous games you will probably know exactly how this goes. Spend 4-6 hours shooting similar looking bad guys, with a little bit of forced story involved, and not much else. Except this time... it's different! I think the thing that sets this game apart from other COD games is the many small tweaks Treyarch have added, which make for a fresh feeling experience. The first thing I would like to speak about are the strike force missions. These are missions that are outside the story of the main game, but tie into the overall campaign. They basically play out as small RTS style levels where you are tasked with defending a base or fighting your way through checkpoints. There are many different types of units to command, from soldiers, to drones, to huge mechs. Unfortunately, the RTS section seems slightly pointless, as the units don't really do what you ask, and the temptation to just take control of a soldier and spray the countless AI enemies is all too high.
The main change to the COD formula is the story choices. Whilst these won't rival mass effect, they do add an interesting twist, and surprisingly, actually do affect the ending. I think the main appeal of these is that based on certain circumstances, it is actually possible to miss certain choice opportunities, and it adds a small sense of replay-ability to anyone wanting more of the campaign. The main attraction that I found with the campaign is the fact that you can choose your own loadout, with many of the perks and weapons from the multiplayer, but there are also a few perks that are exclusive to the campaign. The most interesting of these is the perk "access kit", this allows you to open up special parts of the map where you can find different items such as mortars or animal traps to use against enemies. It is not essential that you use this perk, but if you don't, you are missing out on a good chunk of cool stuff to aid you. There isn't really that much else to say about the campaign, except that I have to admit I really enjoyed it. Some of the locations such as nightclubs and aircraft hangars look utterly brilliant, even running on the dated engine. I should also probably mention quickly that the the main antagonist, Menendez, is a well fleshed out character, and has a very interesting backstory and motive to his actions. Giving an honest rating for the campaign, I would have to give it a 4/5. It is probably one of the best COD campaigns I have played yet, but the strike force missions do fall slightly flat.

Unfortunately I don't have an awful lot to say about the multiplayer, whilst it is functional, I don't feel that Treyarch have made any changes that would make it feel different in the way the campaign does. One thing they changed is the create a class system. They have added a new system called the "pick ten". In a nutshell, this means that you can choose any 10 "slots" from perks to weapons to grenades. You no longer even have to have a primary weapon. Want to have 6 perks? Or maybe 2 fully fleshed out primary weapons in place of perks or equipment? I think this is the feature I probably enjoy most, because it gives the freedom of choice that the COD series has needed for a long time.
I personally have not experienced any of the lag problems that others are mentioning, and think that some people may be over exaggerating. All cod games have slight lag but nothing out of the ordinary is present here. One thing I must say is that the maps unfortunately don't feel terribly exciting. Some of the spawn problems from MW3 seem to be back, and the interactivity with the maps can sometimes frustrate, rather than thrill. For example, a train that runs through the map "Express" which can kill the player. Whilst it can be argued that it is your own fault for standing on the tracks with no effort to move, it isn't always possible when in a tense firefight.
Something I should probably mention are the perks themselves. Disappointingly, the perk system has had a slight overhaul, whereby seemingly useless perks such as "Toughness" which reduces flinch has been added, and many fan favourites have been taken away. Also, something I personally don't like is that perks like "sleight of hand" have instead been taken out and used as an attachment for the gun.
I don't really have much else to say about the multiplayer. My overall verdict for this section would have to be a 3/5. Whilst it does work fine, it doesn't feel as exciting as other call of duty games. I don't want to feel like I am using the word "stale" as my explanation for how the multiplayer section feels, but that seems to be the best way I feel I can describe it.

I have never been a huge fan of the zombies mode (I'm sorry!) but I have spent a few hours playing it with friends.
It seems that the new change has caused a lot of controversy from a lot of people, some people seem to love it, and some hate it. The main change is that instead of just running around a map with different doors to open and perks etc. to find. There is now a bus that takes the player to many different locations. I personally find this quite tense and exciting, sprinting towards the bus as it drives away, leaving lone players behind to fend off the zombies. I can however, see people's annoyance towards it. Another main problem people seem to have is that there are many cracks in the ground with fire that hurt the player. In my opinion this does seem to slightly ruin the gameplay, as getting from point A to B can sometimes be a chore, especially when you have 50 zombies on your back! Many people complain that Treyarch have moved away from tradition, but I would like to point out that the tradition some people are mentioning isn't. The first zombies map didn't have any pack a punch or special weapons, as people are mentioning as accustomed.
That is all I really have to say about the zombies, apart from the fact that there is only 1 map, which may put people off, and it isn't really fun unless playing with friends. My overall verdict for the zombies is a 3.5/5

The end verdict for the game in my opinion is a 3.5/5 Whilst I gave the campaign a 4, I don't really think such a small part of the game can justify any higher, especially when I found the multiplayer and zombies to be quite average.

Sorry for going on a bit! If you read the whole review and have any comments then please leave them in the comments section, any feedback would really be appreciated!

Please note that this is my first review so don't be too harsh! hahaha

I really hope this helped people, I understand it is late but I know from personal experience that some people still haven't got this game, and are being bombarded by loud opinions from either side. I hope my opinion didn't feel too forced, I was just trying to help people make an informed decision by themselves.

Thanks guys! :)
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on 13 November 2012
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is finally upon us, the game follows on directly from Black Ops 1 and puts you in the shoes of Alex Mason and his son David. Since last years Modern Warfare 3 I can honestly say that the story is a bit all over the place but still fantastic for a military themed first person shooter. You'll find yourself travelling the globe fighting Menendez and I have to say hotspots like Angola, Singapore will remain in your memories for a long time. The voice acting is brilliant and in all honesty I was quite surprised to see the inclusion of a branching story line, don't get me wrong this no Mass Effect, its more like Spec Ops The Line but this inclusion is refreshing to say the least. The campaign does its best to entertain you but sadly to many of the best moments in the game are unplayable and require you to just sit and watch. However, although he campaign has its lows this is definitely the most thrilling Call of Duty single player campaign to date.

As a shooter Black Ops 2 feels brilliant. The game is still zippy as ever and will have you feeling like a real man of action starring in your own action movie. The game is alot of fun and it never gets as frustrating as other shooters and this is very much due to the brilliant spacing of checkpoints. Unfortunately, all positives aside the engine is starting to feel slightly dated and for Call of Duty's sake I hope the engine will get an overhaul for the next gen as the physics and environments could be better, it would be nice to see some genuinely destructive environments which actually impact the way you approach and complete missions. In an age where everyone is talking about who copied who, Call of Duty BO has definitely taken some inspiration from metal Gear Solid 4 and Crysis as active camouflage suits are in. There is also a strategic mini game which I have taken liberty of naming COD Tactics, this has you taking a tactical view: directing troops, tanks and drones. I found myself slightly unimpressed by the tactical options and decided to play run and gun by jumping into a soldier and mowing down the enemy. Its a nice inclusion but isnt going to keep me coming back for more.

I review FPS games on a 27 inch Asus Monitor with zero input lag. Call of Duty looks brilliant on this and is running at 1080p. However, when I tried it on my 46 inch LED TV the graphics weren't as crisp, I could make out individual pixels and I found myself moving 10 feet back but I find FPS's unplayable from this distance. By current gen standards the graphics are good, textures do suffer a bit and edges aren't as smooth as they could be but as we all know next gen is just around the corner. The action is smooth and the frame rate didn't really suffer even when I had multiple enemies and enemy vehicles on screen. However, one word of warning if you are a 46 inch plus gamer please adjust your seating position as the graphics won't appear as good as they should if you are sitting close.

Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer has also received an overhaul. Instead of selecting individual loadouts, you are given points to spend and its up to you what you choose to spend them on. Each loadout has a total of 10 points to spend, but what you choose to invest in is mostly up to you. However, there are wildcards that you will most definitely put to use. The other light tweaks make for a particularly engaging arcade multiplayer which I'm sure if you devoted hours to gaining Prestige ranking in MW3 then this is definitely for you. Another welcome if not patronising addition is the inclusion of last years Combat Training mode which is fully integrated into Multiplayer mode this year. It's essentially noob training mode, AI bots will teach you the multiplayer ropes. I am sure many won't admit to it BT will use this to get some extra XP.

Although Call of Duty is rated 18 you will find the multiplayer lobbies littered with 13 and 15 year olds and for those of you who find their juvenile troll like antics too much. Zombies mode may be for you, its both offline and online and will prove to be particularly challenging even for the most hardened gamers. Tranzit, Grief and Survival modes will provide a somewhat welcome break from multiplayer modes and will force you to work as a team especially if you choose to play online.

I found myself let down by Black Ops 2. I found myself having mixed feelings about the single player campaign, the 8 hour campaign can be quite brilliant at times but let's itself down on occasions. The overhauled zombies modes are refreshing but multiplayer mode is really where this game excels it is fast paced and fun and if you're the kind of person who pays 45 - 35 pounds for a multiplayer game then you undoubtedly love Black Ops 2. For the rest of you who are sitting on the fence I would suggest that remember that Black Ops 2 is a multiplayer game which just happens to have a single player element and for that reason I would advise you to wait until January and try and pick the game up when it is on special offer or trade in some games for it. Black Ops 2 certainly won't be to everyone's tastes but if you like fast paced first person shooters and don't ask for much, you'll love Black Ops 2.

+ Completing Single Player will make you feel like an action hero
+ Great Multiplayer: I love the new Pick 10
+ Fun Zombie modes

- Strike Force Missions
- Expensive: £44.99
- Terrible Vehicle Controls in Campaign

I hope you found this review helpful. ObjectiveReviewerRT11
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on 14 November 2012
I enjoyed Call of Duty several years ago, I think it was the first Modern Warfare title. But then it got really stale, looked dated every year (each year seeming worse and worse and more in need of a fresh coat of paint). Each year I have given the game a try, just in case, and each year so far I have been terribly disappointed - until now.

I simply couldn't believe what i was seeing, and hearing, and playing when I put the disc in last night. The game looked so good and so beautifully smooth at such a consistently high frame rate. And then I tried the multiplayer, same feeling - this is so cool, so much fun, so much... better.

Then, for me, the killer moment - you can play all of the multiplayer game types offline (or online with a friend) against bots. Bots that are actually intelligent and darned challenging. I do really enjoy playing online but I am not terribly good and often just get really frustrated as players with skill trample me over and over. And then there's the ever present issue of bad behaviour and horrible communications you get online in games like this. I can cope but would rather not have to. So being able to play matches with and against bots with a friend or two is IDEAL.

Am thoroughly smitten with this game, and very surprised that it turned out this way. But very pleased too.
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on 28 November 2012
I like everyone else looked forward to the release of BO2 after BO1.Why oh why did i even bother?
Zombies are good, that is the only reason i have given 3 stars.As for Multiplayer, well, it is by far the worst COD multiplayer ever.I did not like MW3 but this is far worse.If you enjoy emptying an entire magazine into someone for them to turn around and shoot you dead with 2 or 3 bullets then you will love it.If you enjoy camping and spawn killing then you will love it.The whole type of gameplay has changed since the days of COD4 and WAW.I can only imagine that is kids who camp and spawn kill to get a high K/D ratio to boast to thier mates.It ruins it for people who like to play for fun and enjoy a good first person shooter.Every corner you turn you will encounter someone sitting there aiming on a doorway or entrance waiting for an easy kill.To me, this is MW3.1 not BO2.It is too similar to the MW series and just caters for campers and quickscopers, unlike the previous BO.
And as a footnote, i have owned this for 2 weeks now and switched on the game the other day to find that the leaderboards had been wiped, including Zombie leaderboards as there are so many people cheating already.The person in 2nd place globally was apparently scoring in the region of 4400 points per minute.So we have all been punished for mindless cheating.Thanks Treyarch for wiping out all the hard earned points.
So with this it is goodbye to COD from myself and hello to Far Cry 3 when released.
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on 13 November 2012
First of i have been playing cod for years and in my opinion this has to be the best one.

the sensitivity and general aiming are more smoother its more easier to get an accurate aim when running and seeing an enemy and looking down sights so they have made improvements to the engine also i haven't experienced lag unlike when playing mw3 which i was always lagging out.
The smgs generally are the most powerful guns so far they kill in a few bullets while the assault rifles seem a bit weak this year with the enemy having to take more bullets to die.
As far as i know when you reach rank 55 you do not have all the guns every time you rank up you get a token and you can use the token to buy guns,attachments,killstreaks etc.
The maps are small to medium in size with a few flank routes some of the maps do have camping spots so there will be people camping.
Also perks can no longer go pro.
IF you choose the wildcard greed you can have 2 tier 1 perks.
There seems to be a glitch when someone gets near you and presses RB you die so treyarch need to fix that.
If you are under rank 10 if you go to combat training then select boot camp you can rank up till level 10 then you have to play normal pubs matches.
Just remembered domination is know a 2 round game mode with each round being 5 minutes which i think is stupid and they should have kept it the same.
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on 18 November 2012
It's COD, you'll either love it or hate it.

I wasn't expecting too much, if i'm honest. The previous games in the franchise have been dire, but this is the exception.

1. Campaign.
It variates between the past and future, including unique missions that feature some pretty cool technology. It's a good length campaign; features such as mortars and molotov cocktails have an appearance.

2. Multiplayer
The maps are fresh and exciting, with a variety of scenes. Nightclubs, Train-stations and more are sure to get you happy about the game. Instead of kill-streaks, score-streaks exist. These are a massive improvement and really offer a better gaming environment.
So literally you're allowed 10 items, get rid of your perks and secondary if you wish, it's entirely up to you. That's what I love about the game, the freedom now.

3. Zombies
Is it possible to replicate the amazing Zombies? I'd say yes. The new maps are once again fresh and include the all important mystery box. There's a bus station, where the bus will transport you around an eerie, gas-filled map, driven by a robotic 'thing'.

Activision and Treyarch have actually made a really good effort for once, you'll be surprised.

So, feel free to hate the game and refuse to purchase it because of the name, but at least realise that naïvety is stopping you from playing a really fresh, modern and good game.
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on 17 November 2012
Before anyone gives me grief for not saying this is the most amazing game of all time I would just like to say that I have played and own every call of duty game. I feel the series peaked on mw2 with cod 4 being the best in the series. Black ops wasnt one of my favourite games but I still felt compelled to buy this sequel. Now the graphics and general storyline are ok nothing spectacular but nothing that I hate. The single player campaign is short but this is to be expected with cod, it is generally a good campaign same as usual. If you enjoyed the previous installments then you will enjoy this campaign. However I did not like the almost RTS mission in the game, if i wanted this I would buy end war or a C&C game, also sometime you feel like abit of a passenger during the story and there are alot of cut scenes which can be abit long winded but give a good story line.

The biggest let down is the multiplayer, this has serious lag issues (but i suppose this may sort out when the game has been out abit longer). The respawning is a joke as enemies can spawn directly behind you or you in front of them. Hit recognition seems poor and inconsistent sometimes one bullet can kill the next takes a full clip. There is also prolofic camping, not the games fault, but the maps seem to encourage it although to be fair some are quite good in design and once you have played them a few times easy to navigate. Im not a fan of the scorestreaks or the weapons I have played with so far.

If you enjoyed black ops then you will enjoy this, if like me you prefered cod 4 or mw2 then I could not recommend it other than to complete the single player or play private with friends.

Sorry to all those who really enjoy it this is just my opinion on the game, anyone who hasnt got it yet I would suggest renting it before laying out the cash.
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on 24 November 2012
I have been playing this game for a week and i feel i am ready to write this review.

i am basing my review on the 3 ways of playing the game. campaign, multiplayer and zombies.

campaign: 8/10 this is a great stage in the call of duty story as it is following up really well from the first call of duty black ops. graphics are fantastic. however, i am a huge fan of the story that was set through the modern warfare games and i don't think this story is up to that standard.

multiplayer: 2/10 again i am a huge fan of the modern warfare multiplayer. however when it comes to this game, it is a total let down, it seems everything goes against you. the graphics are good but my overall multiplayer experience has just been awful with this game.

zombies: 10/10 i love playing zombies, call of duty 5 set a huge benchmark. call of duty black ops stepped that bench mark up. call of duty black ops 2 has taken zombies to a whole new level, this is probably the best feature of this game. never get tired of it and brining more game modes together instead of just survival was a fantastic idea.

overall, i will give the game a 7/10 as the campaign is good and the zombies is fantastic, but the mulitplayer has let the game down this time.
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on 20 November 2012
Well as a follower of the Call of duty series for a few years now i have to say that this version has to be the end of the line for the Xbox 360.

I hate to harp on like some others but WAW and the Modern Warfare titles were great fun - how Treyarch have over hyped the follow up to the original Black ops is scandalous!

Run shoot, run - get shot, run shoot, run - get shot in the back the moment you respawn, run shoot, and so on, blah, blah, blah.....even the Zombie gameplay / levels are'nt as good as before.

A real shame because if anything it was a great excuse to get online with friends and have a laugh but i could'nt see my interest lasting longer than a few days.

If you want a half decent war type game with big maps, weapons and vehicles and some form of tactics then try Battlefield 3 - it's an underrated Xbox title that deserved more credit than it got.
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