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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 2 March 2017
This is a great series that continues the saga of True Blood .
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on 14 December 2013
Brilliant series and well worth buying just to avoid the adverts on telly.
Just love this sort of thing.
Highly recommended
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on 11 November 2013
DVDs don't actually work. I can see about 20% of the film but the rest is broken up or won't run at all. What I saw seemed interesting.
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on 13 April 2015
Received and meets requirement.
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The witches have gone. Focus this fifth season is far more on the vampires themselves. Enter Vampire High Command, the Originals, around from the dawn of time. Their Bible long preceded the human one, which they reject as full of distortions. Now they are divided about future policy: integrate or dominate?

Such matters also concern the other supernaturals in misnamed Bon Temps. Humans too, for they have become a minority group. Self-preservation is order of the day, vigilantes out and about creating havoc. The whole area bubbles, restraint overdue.

Meanwhile Sookie, unwitting catalyst for so much that has gone wrong, yearns to be normal. Fat chance, especially with her and brother Jason now reeling from hints their parents' deaths were no accident.

All characters are evolving interestingly. Eric and Bill for a while seem almost buddies, but how long can this last? Tara has a startling transformation. Pam remains formidable and amusingly abrasive. Sam has a good season, shapeshifting more than ever before - at one point devastatingly.

This is not for the squeamish and easily offended, but humour is never far away. (Lafayette, now a medium, dismisses comparisons with Whoopi Goldberg in "Ghost", declaring he is "wa-aay prettier".)

In short, a gloriously gruesome mix - writers, cast and all having fun as the blood gushes and body count mounts.

Too complicated for its own good? (Some would also claim this of the books) I am amongst addicts who find it hard to keep up - grateful for those bonus background details on each episode.

Like so many, though, I remain hooked.
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on 21 May 2013
I've been a huge fan of True Blood since the first series aired (have not read the books), as it is one of the more original series to come out of the last decade. It is fair to say that series 5 is one of the weaker instalments of the franchise, however a bad episode of True Blood is still better than most things on T.V.

This series is still full of some very interesting story lines, with some great twists and action, especially in Pam's story line which I thought stole the show in this series, however like other reviews have suggested it is still fair to say that some of the other story lines, about the less interesting characters, were not as engaging. However every series has a few "filler" story lines and that should not distract from the fact the majority of the season is well scripted and produced staying true to the usual standards of HBO.

I won't start reviewing the different narratives in the series as I feel there is no need, however, if you are a fan of True Blood, ignore the 2 star reviews as they are completely unfair, yes this series is not as good as the other series of True Blood, however it is still a cracking series none the less, offering interesting debates about vampire religion and ethics, still offering us a some what social commentary of the western societies we live in today.
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As usual, the season got off to a relatively slow start, it seems to be the pattern that you have to give it a while to warm up.
As far as the books go, we're off the edge of the map now, don't assume that the books and the TV series are in any way related
other than the names of the characters.

I felt this was quite a strong series, if only for the fact that there was so much going on that there was no time to be bored,
you had to pay attention and keep up, or you were going to miss something (always an excuse for a rewatch). I found the vampire council
laughable (really, you've survived how long with minimal social skills and a tendency to trust a man standing behind you with an axe?),
but it gave Russell an excuse to vamp it up to such extremes that he'd make a pantomime dame look like Jane Austen. So the funny bits worked
for me, but I found it hard to take the drama seriously.

Bill and Eric did strong, silent plotting although Bill also seems to have taken an unpleasant direction into mumbo jumbo fanaticism, Terry did bewildered, Arelene did gormless, Sam dependable, Sookie psychic, Jessica and Jason gorgeous much as usual. Hoyt breaks my heart in his scenes. Pam got several new dimensions, which I love, because I think she's great. Tara has given up being the emotional punchbag, but this now seems to have become Lafayette's role, which is so wrong because Lafayette exuberant is just irresistible.

Not as good a storyline as some other seasons, but everyone got plenty of screentime, which made for an exhilarating ride.
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on 29 May 2013
This isn't the best season of True Blood by any stretch of the imagination but it also isn't the worst. Once again there is far too much going on at too fast a pace but I suppose it wouldn't be the show we've all come to love if that wasn't the case.
The central themes of this season are really interesting and I thought that the politics/religion at the heart of the Authority were riveting, rather than the snore-fest that some other reviewers have hinted at. It was also fascinating to see Bill's transformation from a sane, kind-of-good-hearted realist into a crazed, religious maniac (and I'm really not giving much away there so I refuse to cry SPOILER) but he still remained totally in-character with his continuous political manoeuvrings.
Other good things about this season: plenty of Eric time; the return of the wonderful Russell Edgington and hilarious Steve Newlin; Pam's back-story and a few lovely little vignettes between her and Eric; a lot less time spent in the company of the achingly awful Sookie Stackhouse; some brilliant interplay between Tara and Pam; and the beginnings of a blinder of a storyline in Season 6.
But there are still too many bad things: Terry's side-story is just plain dull and no amount of topical jiggery-pokery (the war in Iraq, the terrible plight of so many soldiers, the atrocities committed there etc. etc.) can ever make up for that; Lafayette seems to have been included just for the sake of it and nothing much comes of his many story arcs; the Jess and Jason thing feels forced; Alcide and his werewolf pals add nothing to the season; and, perhaps worst of all, those pesky faeries are back again, boring the pants off us - all would be forgiven if only a single one of them could act!
So a bit of a mixed bag all in all, but as the central storyline concerning the Authority is so much better than the whole witch fiasco of Season 4 and as True Blood continues to surprise and delight with its innovative twists and turns, it seems unfair to give it any less than four stars. It's not the show it once was, but there's plenty here to suggest that it can be that good again.
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on 10 June 2013
I was a bit worried when I read some of the reviews. I thought that after the rubbish season 4 that was it for True Blood (If I ever hear the phrase 'I am Antonia' again I will go mad!!). However I have to say I was pleasantly surprised!! Season 5 is still very good, just not as strong as season 3, but then how will they ever beat that? The Terry/fire monster storyline was the only thing that totally got on my nerves, it was just silly. That plus the constant product advertising throughout each epsiode.....getting a bit too obvious now!! Other than that all episodes are very fast moving. The central storyline based on the 'Authority' is good. It seems to be getting funnier too. Less Sookie in this series, possibly a good thing, its more based on Eric and Bill. Great performances from Eric, Pam, Andy Bellefleur, Jason. They are all really funny. Good storyline with Russel Edgington, probably one of the best characters True Blood will have, Steve Newlin is back too.....all very entertaining. The fairies are all a bit dumb, silly accents and poor acting. They come across better in the books. Anyway overall I liked it!!
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on 3 August 2014
okay so i love true blood but the dip in quality is really showin after the great storylines of seasons 1-4 it now comes to season 5 which the storyline personally had me close tears of boredom im still to watch the final 2 episodes as i stopped and never went back to it as i ran out of interest.the only plus i can take from this season is taras revolt into vampirism and becoming pams little lacky aw dont we all think pam is awesome haha anyway i hope season 6 is alot.better as im still to get to .as alot of shows it seems like the writers jus run out of ideas and its a scrap show still if you are a true blood fan give it go .3/5 stars for me
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