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on 24 January 2015
I want to update the review I wrote from the end of my tether yesterday on this product and which I'll leave on at the foot of these new comments:

UPDATE: Following on from yesterday, I took up some very helpful suggestions from other reviewers and did eventually and thankfully manage to connect the product to my network. It helped also downloading a couple of HP printing apps to my phone and tablet.

The most useful tip was to ditch the CD installation altogether and connect the printer to my network by pressing its WiFi button and the WPS button on my router. They found each other within a few minutes and, so, the printer now appears on my network. Very simple, really.

The supporting documentation, sparse as it is, suggested that I needed to go through the CD installation after the so called HP Smartinstall (which was supposed to kick off automatically when the printer was USB-cable-connected to the netbook) turned out to be non-existent.

So, anyway, thus far, I have been able to print documents from my iPhone 4s and my Google Nexus 7 but, when sending them from my netbook, the printing process takes much longer. I assume that can be sorted out and will persevere. The interesting thing for me is that I had to rely on what others had written about their experience; the docs that came with the printer really didn't help at all.

The print quality is very good and printing from the phone and tablet has been pretty well instantaneous and has been successful sending the documents from upstairs to the printer in my office at the other end of the house.

By the way, I have still not been able to get past the part in the CD installation when I am asked to connect the printer to the netbook. It just doesn't work and, as a result, I have no supporting software installed from the CD other than a folder with a set of hyperlinks to HP shopping online. Maybe I was unlucky and got a faulty CD.

However, with grateful thanks to other contributors, I do now have a functioning printer which does the job I require of it.

Had the product information been more helpful and had it not led me down several frustrating and time-wasting paths, I'd probably feel justified in giving four or even five stars. But the irritation and annoyance caused unnecessarily by the poor supporting info means it now gets 3 stars from me which is a vast improvement on yesterday's solitary star.


ORIGINAL COMMENT: I have a perfectly functioning wireless network on which I have used a number of wireless printers over the past few years. I know my way around and have installed at least three previous printers on my network without a problem - usually within minutes of unpacking the printers.

Contrary to expectations, this printer does not come with a so-called Smartinstall program built in. It does not appear in the My Computer window and fails utterly to set up for wifi. I am totally frustrated with it after four hours of switching things on and off, unplugging, re-pliugging, installing, consulting with HP FAQs etc.. You have to use the accompanying CD but it only takes you so far. It does not install properly as a wifi printer.

It prints: yes, but only via the USB connection which proves it is connected to my netbook. However, during the CD installation process, there comes a point when I am asked to connect the printer to the netbook via the USB cable (see picture). At this point, I do so again and again and again and it sticks on telling me that it is 'waiting for you to connect the product'. Useless, bloody useless! I am not techy but I am also not an idiot.Can anyone suggest what to do?

The on-CD manual is no help because it assumes the installation program will automatically go beyond the 'waiting for you to connect the product' bit when you connect the printer via the USB: BUT IT DOESN'T!!!
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on 5 October 2015
In over 20 years of using and installing printers, this has been the by far worst experience so far - it is really true that for this product, HP has done an extremely sloppy job, and as a result many features cannot be installed. I am able to print using a USB cable and my Windows 8 x64 laptop as Windows managed to install the printer on its own - the HP software simply does NOT work, and almost everything about it is faulty. Examples:

(1) The package contains an information sheet "Smart Install Removal", saying: "The Smart Install Feature is now disabled by default. For more information, please visit www.hp.com/go/SmartInstall - trouble is, if you do this, the HP website returns an error saying that the requested page doesn't exist!

(2) The "Getting Started Guide" offers two routes towards installing the wireless printing feature, writing that this depends on whether a certain blue light is on. It also mentions that the computer has to be connected to the network and the printer has to be turned on - but they don't mention that printer and router should be paired as well (as was pointed out on the "answers" sections here in amazon). Sadly the pairing didn't work, and I didn't get a blue light, so I tried the installation via USB cable.

(3) The "Getting Started Guide" then predicts that the "Smart Install" installation should start automatically but offered a back-up plan using the CD included in the package. Given that HP seems to have realized that it isn't smart enough to install the printer and had communicated the removal of Smart Install, I used the CD. Here the "Getting Started Guide" instructed to double-click on SISetup.exe - however, this file didn't exist on the CD!

(4) The CD has all kind of other files, however, including several exe files - so it took a while to find "HpSetup.exe" which does launch the set-up wizard.

(5) The set-up wizard works fine until it asks to connect the printer via USB cable - as it will NOT recognize that the printer is connected, even though Windows recognizes it and happily prints documents on the printer!!! Following the advice of another buyer in the "Answers" section of amazon, I waited 30 minutes - but the HP set-up wizard just wouldn't recognize that the printer is connected. As a result, also no wireless set-up was possible. By the way, the wizard also couldn't recognize the printer when trying "connect via USB". The set-up wizard really should have been named "set-up moron"!

While HP legitimately may argue that a user's particular configuration may impede its software to run properly, there is no excuse for things such as manuals referring to files that do not exist on the CD provided. It shows that the entire installation software is extremely poorly done and that hence it is not at all surprising that nothing works. I on purpose have bought a wireless printer but now cannot use it because of this software issue - I feel defrauded and would not buy an HP product any more. If you want wireless printing, I strongly advise against this product (and probably HP in general)!
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on 26 January 2016
My daughter is doing exams, and consequently printing reams of paper. The replacement ink for our existing inkjet printer was costing a fortune, so I bought this. It has saved us a fortune! In addition, it is much faster than an inkjet, and no worries about smudging or the ink running if the paper gets wet. My only niggles are that it is not the most user friendly device to install, so that took longer than I would like, and sometimes you need to wake it up manually to start the print process. However, on balance excellent!

I spoke too soon. The hardware is great, the print quality is excellent but getting the wireless connection to work has always been something of a pain, needing a large number of complex steps. However, now with an upgrade to Windows 10 the printer no longer works wireless. That is, I can make it work once, but then need to re-start the print spooler EVERY time. The final straw was when, I was printing a 70 page document. The printer ran out of paper, so I put more paper in. Does it re-start, nope. Can I print anything, nope. Am I going to have to turn everything off and on again and probably re-install all the drivers yet again, I guess so. I have two wireless printers. This pile of junk and a Canon which works without any problems at all. I won't be buying HP Printers again.
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on 16 January 2017
This is a sleek small printer which is great for small/er spaces and isn't to ugly to heavy to lift if needed.

Firstly this printer is very economical with the cartridge, I am still on the original cartridge which came with the printer (I can only assume that it wasn't a full cartridge). The clarity is great and am more than happy with the quality of the print. I am also happy with the fact that there are not too many buttons etc (which nobody ever uses as far as I know!) and is simple to use.

The design is sleek and looks OK on a desk f you really need it there. It does not take up too much room either.

The only reason I have not given it 5 stars is because whenever I try to use it wirelessly it NEVER works and every thing including my laptop just crash...(I have been using this printer for over a year and still cannot get it to work despite following both paper and online instructions...I have also contacted HP support but to no avail). Now considering that I bought it to use wirelessly then you can imagine my disappointment at the fact that it does not work wirelessly..
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on 30 May 2014
Bought one of these as a little compact laser for the house for printing from phones, tablets and laptops. I've installed the original USB only versions in work for years and found them very reliable and cheap to run, so I decided a wireless version would be perfect for the living room on a shelf out of the way. It works great from my iPhone, iPad, nexus 4, Sony VAIO and Linux think pad. At first it was printing graphics really slowly from ios, but a firmware upgrade fixed that.

Setup was simple enough, although it needs connected to a PC via the USB provided first even if you only want wireless which is quite odd. Once setup it need never be connected to a PC again. Replacement cartridges hold about 2500 pages and cost as little as £12 making it super cheap compared to others. Recommended
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on 12 July 2016
For our purposes (mainly printing tickets, booking confirmations and random documents for relatives) a much better buy than a cheap inkjet, no worries with printer ink drying or expensive refills. When we want to print photos we take an SD card, USB stick or phone to the supermarket and use their machines.

Installed it using a sacrificial old Windows PC I installed the drivers on, after that my Mac and several iOS devices in the household plus various iPads people have brought round can all print to it fine as long as they are on Wifi, no messing with any additional drivers, Apple AirPrint is great.

Have occasionally had the printer not want to connect to Wifi, however the blame there could well lie on the Virgin Media router as it can be a bit temperamental.

Would be 5 stars if it had a control panel and little screen for tinkering with settings, but can't argue at this price point.
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on 28 April 2014
This is a really neat little printer, and in spite of previous comments here I got it working quickly and easily with my MacBook Air and OS X Mavericks 10.9.2. - details below. No need for a Windows laptop or a USB cable or anything other than five minutes of your time, if you have the right kind of router.

I decided on this model after a lot of looking around. Basic requirements were mono laser printer with wireless, less than £100, and preferably a brand where compatible toner cartridges are available to keep costs down. I didn't want Samsung (previous not-so-good experience and no compatible cartridges) and although I looked seriously at Brother, to get a model that I was pretty sure was up-to-date in wireless use and fully compatible with my Mac cost more than I wanted to spend. So the HP it was, but unpacked carefully because of all the negative comments here. Any trouble and Amazon could have it back!

Delivery was Amazon's usual excellent service and the packing was great. The printer is very easy to unpack, fitting the cartridge is no problem and everything worked as it should. There is a CD (and a USB cable) but I didn't need anything except a cursory glance at the instructions.

So here are the details: note that I happen to be a BT Broadband user and have a HomeHub 4 (same procedure is fine with HomeHub 5) which has a WPS key on top. If you want to look up instructions yourself the hub details are online ([...]) and HP has full instructions for Windows and Mac ([...]).

Here's what I did: turn on the printer, make sure you have paper loaded. Go to the HomeHub 4 (or 5) and press the key labelled Wireless WPS. Now press the Wireless key on the printer. You will get a blue flashing light, just leave everything alone and remember this stage can take up to two minutes. The light will go continuous blue. When that has happened, open System Preferences on your Mac and go to Printers. The box will ask you if you want to add the HP P1102W and obviously that is what you do want. I don't have a fast broadband, took about a minute or so to install. And believe it or not, that was that: printed a test sheet from Preview, no problem, lovely quality. When you want to turn the printer off, hold the power button until it turns off, takes a handful of seconds, just like your Mac or Windows computer would. When you turn back on later, press the Wireless button on the printer, it will quickly go steady blue, indicating it has found the WiFi.

iPad printing is a doddle. Just open an app (Mail will do - I also tried Byword), select the print option. You're asked which printer you want to use and the P1102W is right there, so the answer is obvious. Select number of copies, press print.

Warning: this is a very boring printer. It just works and is no good at all if you are a techno-fiddler and want to waste time.
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on 15 August 2015
A brilliant printer! I can now print from each PC without any needing to be physically attached. It's also very quick. The printer can be located anywhere within WiFi range.

The printer has an email address so it will print anything from anything if you really want. I associated that with my Google cloud print account so I can now print anything off my mobile phone, chromebook or hudl. The only downside is that the HP ePrinter can sometimes take 5 mins before the printed document comes out either via the HP ePrinter service or the aocciated Google cloud print service. ... It's still brilliant though!

I was out and about doing my work, and realised that I needed to order something. I found what I needed via mobile phone, ordered it, then printed the invoice straight from my mobile phone so it was ready for when I arrived back home. How convenieniant is that?!

The print quality is nice and crisp... I'd say flawless!
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on 19 January 2015
When we bought our P1102w, we did so exclusively to use it with AirPrint. Everything we read suggested that to use the printer we would need access to a PC, so our son dutifully rolled up with his laptop to setup the printer and connect it to wifi.

An hour later we still hadn't got it to connect to wifi (it would print from USB no problem) & we were starting to think it would have to go back, but then we discovered a buried guide on the HP site which gave us hope. So this is what you do to set up your P1102w on your router if you don't have a PC. By the way, when we did this, the printer drivers had been uninstalled from the PC and the printer was not connected by USB either.

Before you start, make sure your printer is unpacked, powered on & has paper installed.

Enable WPS on your router - if you don't know how, Google it for your router. If your router doesn't have that facility, you cannot go any further.
2) Turn on WPS on your router. Often that involves pressing a hardware button on your router which then tells the router to scan for devices that will attempt to be connecting.
3) Press the wifi button on the printer - the blue light will flash. This indicates the printer is looking for a wifi connection point using WPS.
4) When the printer finds the connection point which might take a couple of minutes, the blue light will stop flashing and will stay on solidly. Your printer is now connected to your router.
5) Open an AirPrint enabled app on your iPad or iPhone and use the action button to print. Select the P1102w and off you go. A document will print immediately.

Easy, isn't it & it takes about 5 minutes. :)
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on 22 July 2015
The good:

* Decent print quality.
* Decent speed.
* Reasonably quiet.
* Wireless capability.
* Low price.
* Quite compact (though the effective footprint increases when you load a stack of paper into the feeder and open the output tray hinge).
* Cheap third party toner carts available.

The bad:

* Official toner carts are super-expensive.
* Can be tricky to set up - in my opinion you need to be quite technical if you want to use the wireless as the setup process seems prone to glitches. (Not an issue if you just use USB.)
* The 'cloud print' feature is completely broken. Printouts sent via HP's ePrint system take an age (typically 4-5 minutes) before there is any output, if they even print as quite often cloud print jobs just disappear into the aether. Since the 'Google Cloud Print' capability simply piggybacks on ePrint, this also suffers the same woes with the added complication of another layer of complexity.

Luckily, if you are an Android owner at least, you have a solution (though you have to pay for it). There is an app called 'Printer Share' which actually is capable of talking directly to the printer over WiFi, with its own drivers, completely bypassing the hopelessly flawed ePrint. This produces near immediate output 100% of the time. The drawback is that this is a paid app - IIRC about 7 or 8 pounds. I think it's also available for iOS but I've only used it on Android - however, I'd expect it to be equally good on that platform.

HP really should license it and give a free copy with the printer as without it, a large part of the the selling point of the printer is gone.
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