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on 9 December 2016
How BORING is this book ?!!!!!! It's unfathomable, incomprehensible to me, how it can be such a success.
Ana, poor girl, is BLUSHING endlessly, page after page after page - to ALL of her thoughts about Christian (and she thinks a LOT about him) and to almost EVERY remark he makes. Christian, immensely rich, incredibly generous and unimaginable beautiful (as we're told in every chapter again and again and again) - I tired of him (and HER !) almost immediately. The dialogue between them ? SOOOO BORING and predictable !!!!!
The slightly pornographic scenes ? Don' expect too much. Although it makes Ana tingle "down there" (= her words) - but the explanation for that could be that she is 23 and still a virgin...
I gave one star, because I'm not sure if you can give none; if possible, I would have given 5 stars UNDER zero.
I couldn't read more than 100 pages max., for the rest I just read a sentence here and there - more repetition of course - more boring stuff - thus I was immensely glad when it was finished and I could throw it out (you always hope that somehow the story will become more interesting as you go on - more often than not in vain, but certainly in this case).
How the author got away with this style of writing, the constant repeats etc., and still made a success of this book (and I'm told there are two follow-ups !!!) is beyond me. I'm sorry, E L James. And I truly wonder about all these women who seem to have read this book in a breathless frenzy...
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on 25 April 2017
I put off reading this trilogy after seeing the mass of negative reviews. But, curiosity finally got to me.
These books definitely have their faults: there's far too much sex, to the point where I simply skipped passed them; the writing is a little contradictory and repetitive, and it's in no way suitable for anyone who has experienced an abusive relationship.
However, if you are looking for an enjoyable guilty pleasure ,where you can leave your brain at the door and simply have a fun read, then it's great.
Don't take any notice of the neigh Sayers. This book was never meant to be a literary classic or a serious piece of literature. This book is all about indulgent fun. If that's what you're looking for, have at it and enjoy.
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on 5 March 2017
Much better than the film, as you imagine the characters a completely different way. The film picked out the certain lines and then portrayed the characters as one dimensional, whereas the book delves a bit deeper into their makeup. I know it 's impossible to get the characters flaws etc portrayed correctly on screen, but I personally think this would help the cinema/movie watcher understand more.

I quite enjoyed reading the book, not for the salacious love/sex themes but for the background story and how a naive, innocent girl from Portland slowly wins around a hard, dominating CEO from Seattle. She she's through the cool exterior to a vulnerable lost boy lurking within a man.

It's the build up to the climax of the book that makes you want to read the next installment and find out what happens.
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on 2 July 2014
This starts with the newlywed Christian and Ana on their honeymoon.

The return home finds the new Mrs Grey with the same issues plus others she had as Miss Anastasia Steele.

However, Ana has found confidence and this is shown by the way she deals with the interior designer and with the chancer on the dance floor at the night club. This is shown even better in the bank and the surrounding incident. She is also handling Christian the control freak better.

Like the previous two this is a book to long. Although this has more interactions with other people and situations like the car chase, the demand for five million dollars in cash, the hospital scenarios and Christian's early years. Plus the regular intimate action.

This is the best book of the series which has had a fair share of criticism. A lot of people in their own reviews on Amazon make their points on the grammar used and have given up on the whole thing.

I can understand these views. For me there is to much repetition and is predictable. Again there were opportunities to develop this story more but that did not happen.

The film of the original book is in production. I am not sure if this instalment is due for its own cinema release or if it will be included within that movie.

When that comes around the critics of that media will give their opinion.
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on 4 July 2013
There are only two ways these characters speak to one another - they whisper, they murmur and they don't actually stand still and freeze , they actually " still" . This idiosyncratic way of writing that E L James had dreamt up is a measure of the utterly dreadful writing, poor plot lines and deplorably badly written sex scenes that make me want to throw up . Insulting to real women everywhere, and dreadful when you consider in one scene.
, Christian Grey flogs his heavily pregnant wife. Distasteful in the extreme , It deserves minus stars - I cannot believe that this Mummy Porn had been lapped up by millions of women who clearly relish the idea of the kind of ill treatment Grey dishes out to women - it saddens me ,women are still subservient to men sexually and they seem to love the idea of it - very sad , what was emancipation all about ? But aside from the subject matter, it's just trashily written ,the book should not be allowed to reference real authors like Jane Austin , it's insulting , E L James had set back the cause of women - I hope the film is NEVER made .
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on 17 June 2012
I saw Fifty Shades as the best-seller of the week in Waterstones and, deciding to trust the public's opinion, purchased it on my Kindle. Later that evening, I settled down to read what the blurb suggested would be more than just another romance/erotica novel. Credit to EL James here - she kept me turning the pages. However, this was because I was waiting for the story to start, waiting to discover what mysteries lay behind those dark grey eyes of our hero (or villain as James would have us believe). Sadly, I read the final page and closed the book with a severe sense of disappointment. For me, it just didn't lift off the pages.

The book follows Ana, a young lady of virginal innocence as she falls for a classic tall, dark and handsome billionaire - Christian Grey. Ultimately, the twist is that his bedroom fantasies are somewhat on the dark side. If you're not comfortable with BDSM, this book is not for you. (On a side note, I avoided reading this book in public for fear of people catching glimpses over my shoulder and wondering...). Fifty Shades also explores the roles of dominance and submission - both in the bedroom and outside it. I found these paragraphs the most difficult to accept due to Ana's swinging from one extreme to the other, depending on the proximity of Mr Grey.

The basis for a gripping story is there and it was a shame to see such potential wasted. The characters were not developed properly and I often felt that their actions were in direct contrast to the way they were portrayed. I feel that the next two books in the trilogy will merely be rehashed versions of this one and at the end, I'll wonder why it took James three books to tell Ana's tale. So whilst I'd like to know what happens, purely out of curiosity, it's not strong enough to make me willingly suffer through more disjointed, mismatched writing that often left me feeling confused and cringing.
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on 16 September 2016
An atmospheric classic that haunts you with its beautiful writing and setting. The author builds deep characters full of wild passions, intense love, and equally dark hatred to evoke our own deep rooted intense emotions that rule us and to explore the human condition. The beginning of the story is so memorable you will never forget the scenes till you die. The ending, particularly how the narrator influences its happy conclusion albeit unknowingly, is ingenious. the Author brings happiness to the ever suffering good ones after agonising trauma and trials.
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on 2 April 2017
Not as bad as I expected. I was told it was rubbish, but found it interesting. I guess I saw it in a different light. I felt the the woman (girl) was always in control, and not the other way round, as the ending finally confirmed. Not a bad read after all.
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on 10 October 2013
These books are not well written, just hype, no one finishes book 3 as by then you are bored, the sex is repetative. Before you waste your money on this check out cara dee Twice the Touch An author on amazon. Her touch series is way WAY hotter than fifty shades and you can read the first one for 77p. Mark Cooper in book 2 (twice the touch) you will adore by the end of the first chapter, and trust me you would kick christian grey out of bed to get to Mark Cooper! Her books are shorter but have more feeling, story and passion than fifty shades, and although incredibley hot, are still beautiful stories. I have read everything Cara Dee has written, she is an amazing writer, I was so disappointed when I read fifty shades, so for the sake of 77p, please check out a great writer and some stories you will
want to read over and over.Look but Don't Touch
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on 14 March 2013
if you don't know whether to buy or not this book, well NO, don't do it. It's one of the most boring things I have read in my life. She will keep ripiting how much she loves him, how lucky she is that such a greek godness is in love with her and all this stuff, for the whole series of books. Most of the people I know left them at some point without finishing. I did finish them because I always finish what I start, but it was worst than a punishment reading them. It's okay once you are at the end of the third one and it's over.
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