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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 9 March 2013
I would consider myself as an experienced Sat Nav user having owned at least 7 different ones, I am a 57 year old male with a 13 reg C220 estate. The becker arrived next day as agreed and upon opening there is a paper band around the device telling you to connect it to a PC. This I did.

Once connect (PC version only, not Mac) via the supplied cable to my Windows 8 laptop it started to download the required Home software for the device. This took about 3 mins on my i5 laptop via my medium speed wireless. Once download it automatically checks for versions of maps etc on the device and then starts to download them to the device (this took about 20 mins). Once downloaded the system asks you to backup the Becker to your Laptop - this I did and again this took about 15 mins. Once this is done the Becker is good to go and you can view the maps on the device and remove any European countries you may not want on there. As this is the new version of the Becker it has 8Gb of storage onboard and will easily accept all of western Europe to be downloaded - there is also an SD slot on the Becker which I presume you can download further maps (USA for example) on to to save space on the actual device.

The Becker comes with 45 days of free map update and I also noticed when I clicked on the 'Buy' button in the home software that there is an option to download the latest software update for the device... so at this stage I thought I would install both the updated software and the latest map updates (both show as free or €0). So I added both to my basket and checked out. The system then downloads each and installs them... I did one at a time, the software update first and then the latest map update. These both took what seemed an age, probably about 40 mins. Once downloaded I then backed the device up again to ensure everything was up to date.

Once this was done I safely ejected the device (rather then just unplugging it from my laptop) and slotted into the space in my C220's glove box and then turned on the ignition and pressed the Navi button on the radio.

The car immediately connected the device and showed the options on the radio screen to set the device up. Mine showed everything in English but the language for some reason was in Portuguese - just a case of going into the menu and changing to English.

Ive only been using it for 1 day but it is simple you use, put in address and customise to how you want it. The screen is clear and the icons in the Speedo window are easy to read and understand - however, to get these to show you have to select Navi from the multifunction steering wheel - this means you cant have MPG etc showing at the same time but you can flick between them from the steering wheel if you want to.

All Satnavs have their own foibles and show and say odd things like taking you off of motorways and then bringing you back on at the next roundabout etc etc... but all seems OK so far.

So, would I recommend the seller, definitely YES, was the price right, YES (Cheapest I could find on web and £130 cheaper then Dealer) and as for the Becker its self it was easy to install, setup and works well - YES I would recommend it.
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on 3 February 2013

Wanted an integrated sat-nav for my new car. Becker unit seemed ideal. Suggestion by a previous reviewer that only 5 digit input possible is incorrect - full 7 digit postcodes CAN be input, but it's tedious - enter first 5 digits, hit `back' button and enter 6th, back button again to enter final digit. Easier to enter first five digits and pick from list of streets/building numbers.

Works seamlessly with the cars controls BUT:

No map updates available from Becker for over 12 months now, so maps are increasingly out of date. Some glaring howlers such as trying to guide me down a metre wide public footpath, so common sense required, not blind faith.

Subscribing to updates is expensive - check the Becker website - anyone subscribing 12 months ago at 139 euros for 2 years updates will still be waiting for the first one, despite the declared intention by Becker to update twice yearly. Hopefully Becker will get their act together soon.

Fixed speed camera alerts require additional 30euro subscription.

Upgrading software and downloading maps is PAINFULLY slow - My Becker was obviously old stock, so I needed to update to the `latest' (Nov 2011) maps, and it took several hours. Free updates only last for 45days, doubtless I will be out of time (and therefore have to pay) when Becker get round to updating.

In summary, cheapest TomTom beats Becker hands down for functionality, the Beckers only saving grace is its simple plug and play integration into my Mercedes. Certainly not worth the £495 Mercedes dealers are charging, but if you can pick one up for £200 or so from ebay you may be prepared to overlook the shortcomings.
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on 19 September 2013
As always when I buy something of the internet I read all the reviews. Prior to this system I had the full Command system on my old Mercedes. I have only had this Becker system for a day but I am quite happy with it as I does what it should do and effectively. I do have a complaint and maybe this is down to me. It took 5 computers to find one that would allow me to down load the updates and this was an ancient laptop (used to keep doors open) running Vista. Prior to this on every other system it simply said the USB had malfunctioned. Not being unused to seeing this I did try various leads and sockets to no avail until I plugged it in (as a last resort) to the old laptop.

That all being said from there on all is well and I am pleased. Frankly the old command system cost £200 plus to update maps and they were not really up to date so this I hope works out a lot cheaper. I will post another review when I have completely tested the unit. The motto is keep trying computers until you find on it works with. There is a bit of hint about this in preamble when it tells you it will not work on a Mac.

It lost one star because of the computer problems.


I travel to all sorts of places around the UK so an effective sat nav is very important to me.This one works perfectly no complaints. I have loaded the speed camera software and that seems to be very much up to date and effective. So after giving it a good going over I would have no hesitation in recomending this product (if you have an ancient laptop to hand!!)


PS Excellent service ordered one day arrived the next - Well done Amazon!!
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on 1 June 2016
Can't believe Merc are 15years behind with this dismal technology, this went on a £40k SLK and wasn't even standard and you have to twiddle a dial to input your destination. Primitive, Lexus have had touchscreen for at least 8 years and even much less expensive Fords eclipse this luddite rubbish. Sharpen up this is not good enough, a £100 Tom Tom is infinitely better
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on 14 February 2013
Was unable to negotiate any discount from the MB dealer's price, so purchased here for much less. The product works fine - I updated the software and maps to the latest versions without any problems.
The functionality itself is not quite as slick as MB Comand, and is slightly fiddly in places (eg inputting full 7-digit postcodes) but on the whole works well.
If your car has the pre-wiring and you don't want to stick a mobile device on the window/dash then it's worth considering.
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on 10 February 2013
I ordered my Becker Map Pilot on Monday 28th of January this year as it was an amazing £200 cheaper than my Mercedes dealer, I was totally amazed by this and the sped it was delivered, it arrived the following day at my home in Glasgow.
Opened the packaging, updated the software in 35 mins them inserted the device in my lovely new Mercedes C Class AMG Sport + the hey presto it worked with no dramas, no fuss and no problems at all. It is a brilliant device and I would highly recommend buying from this seller, the service was fantastic and deserves the highest marks for that alone.
Buy with confidence and enjoy the wonders of the Becker Map Pilot, Mercedes wouldn't back this product to be fitted to their cars if it was rubbish, neither would I.

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on 30 January 2014
I bought this for my partners A-Class. Absolutely no issues with connection, software, update and the software version we have definitely supports full and direct postcode entry without any scrolling antics. We like the zoomable maps and so far, no issues with accuracy.
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on 10 March 2016
This satnav was integrated with a new Mercedes bought in Sept 2012. However, the map was already out of date as it did not show the Hindhead Tunnel taking the A3 around Hindhead and reducing the time to drive from London to, say, Portsmouth by up to 30 minutes. The tunnel was opened in the summer of 2011. Last month I used the Becker update which included "all the latest" maps. The Hindhead tunnel was still not shown after almost five years. When I complained to Becker, they said it was not their fault, I could complain to their map supplier. They said minor road changes were occurring all the time. I replied that it was their responsibility, not mine, to ensure their maps were up to date and that this major tunnel was not "a minor road change". Apart from suggesting a fix, which did not work, that ended their service. About the same time as my Becker update, I updated my wife's Tomtom. Of course, Tomtom showed the tunnel. Do not waste your money on Becker.
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on 6 June 2016
I have had two mercs now and both Beckers have been hopeless compared to a simple Tom Tom which is simple to operate and does what it says. Updating Beckers omg you need to be a computer whiz kid. I tried and it completely wiped it out , plus the so called traffic update is useless it never diverts or replans the journey, I have run the Tom Tom side by side and the Tom Tom takes the most direct route every time. I would rate the Becker if it the updating was simple and was efficient but in my experience it isn't.
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on 29 January 2013
This navigation aid is well thought out, clear, easy to read and attractive. Installation is almost instant and it has the added advantage of being able to be updated with the computer without having to remove the whole unit from the car. It is virtually theft proof as well.
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