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on 24 November 2013
Great little product, if only volume controls would work properly, I either got full blast sound or nothing at all, the slightest touch to lower the volume turned it down completely, I tried 2 but same thing happened, had the control worked I would have been very impressed with it, build quality is good apart from that little but major design fault.
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on 30 March 2017
does exactly what it says and helped me keep using my phone for a while before i had to purchase a new one
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on 17 December 2013
Purchased for my wife, unboxed and.....just like many people who've reviewed, was left with the empty feeling of broken, non-functional hardware :(

Not sure if it's the stock from this seller, or the product in general, but don't waste your time.

One star because Amazon gave me a prompt refund!
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on 6 July 2012
The dock will leave that empty feeling when you purchase it.
I waited for 3 months for this device to finally arrive, trying different suppliers and it finally arrived.
First of all the dock looks very nice and is well built. It will fast charge your htc one x and give you a good viewing angle when watching movies, it also has built in speakers that work better than i expected. Sadly that is all that is good about this dock.

The dock connects using pogo pins on the back of the device, if its not seated exactly right and there is any dirt on the pins or your device the dock will buzz and crackle. this woke me up a number of times the first night of ownership. Sadly as its for a mobile phone they are prone to dirt and dust, the dock should recognize that the speakers are not needed and turn them off, sadly it wont.

I use mine as a night clock / bedtime stand. I like to listen to audiobooks to get me to sleep, this dock i thought would be ideal, again i was surprised that there is NO audio output along with hdmi, the only connection you get on the device is the power input nothing else!!. All the buttons and normal headphone jack are covered when in the dock.
I decided to try my Bluetooth adapter - again i hit a problem.
I use my one x in the car and have the Bluetooth audio set to max when docked, the one x will automatically turn the audio output to max, no problem normally as you would just turn it down, but the dock prevents you accessing the volume control on the phone, and the volume control on the dock only controls the built in speakers - NICE ONE HTX ......... software is the only option here that i will investigate at a later date.
Also for some reason when the phone is on the dock the Bluetooth audio becomes distorted and horrible to listen to - when removed from the dock the audio returns to normal.

You cannot connect to the pc and sync charge with mains at the same time. The dock will accept a normal usb (micro) to the back of the dock , you will also get reduced charge rate but it will only go into dock mode when connected to the pc and wont go into sync - seems silly as the pogo pins are suppose to be able to transferee data

HTC have incorporated their own desk dock (as well as car dock mode), both of these modes on the phone are useless, the ethos of android is customization, so HTC decided to lock the dock modes to only a handful (mostly useless) apps which you cannot edit, all you can do is choose another dock altogether taking away the htc sense feel. HTC if your reading this make these apps customizable now

Overall im given this a generous 2 stars as it is well made and feels solid, the speakers are far better quality than i expected - but the pure lack of feature and price of this dock make it a very very poor purchase.
there are far better docks around made by no name manufacturers, all htc needed to do was add a headphone socket and it would have been 3*, hdmi and headphone 4-5*

move along and get another dock
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on 3 August 2012
Great build quality , great sound can fill a room easy with a good quality sound not tinny or plasticy sounding . My only faults with it are that its not a micro USB adaptor for the power like I hoped as I wanted to use it in the car with leads to the next fault , it dosent hold the phone very well so loses connection very easy I.e vibrations from walking past it ect so wouldn't work in the car anyway but iv woke up a couple of times to find it hadn't been sitting right so hadn't charged witch was annoying but I'm gettin used to it now so not to bad , its very easy to use and looks and sounds great I just wish it held the phone a little better ,, other than that I defo recommend it , tbh this dock is the only reson I got the x one instead of the galaxy s 3 and i don't regret it at all
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on 7 November 2012
I'd read some bad reviews about this dock for the HTC One x but I'm glad that I went my own way and bought it. The speakers are decent quality, reviews were saying that whenever the phone was docked the speakers would turn on and make a noise and there was no way to turn it off, well, I haven't noticed this at all and frequently charge my phone on the dock in my bedroom at night....silently. Also some reviews said that once the phone is docked the screen stays lit and wont turn off, again I haven't had this problem either.

It sits the phone just at the right angle to use. It's great to use for watching youtube videos and using my media link to my tv. However, dont buy this dock if you were hoping to sync your phone with a pc because there are no ports in it to allow this unfortunately. I like the way that I can just drop my phone onto the dock and it just connects, charges and goes into dock mode as apposed to another dock I bought that you had to align the usb port with the dock port (trying not to scratch the sides of the phone)

I highly recommend this dock....unless something goes drastically wrong.
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on 10 August 2013
i will start off on a high note.

being pretty much the only option for a docking station for the HTC One X its very cheap, small and very easy to use.

but ... a big but!

its as useful as a piece paper made of water.

down sides:

sound quality is awful
trying to use the phone while docked proves to be a challenge, as every time you touch the HTC One X it moves off its connection thus changing the screen from docking to normal mode even if you switch dock screening off it still flicks the screen around from side to side.

the exact same problem too while playing music ... while doing so it moves off its connector pins which it very irritating
does this every so seconds and for that reason i actualy threw the dock station away it was so annoying and so useless

i also tried using it to charge the phone over night rather than the conventional plug that comes with the phone.
that also failed to do so, why? ... guess what...the connectors yet again weren't doing their job

before some one says oh its probably dust getting between the phone and the pins ... no its not no matter how much you clean it .. or how perfectly you place your HTC on the dock it will crackle and disconnect guaranteed.

i was so looking forward to having this as it would have been nice to have something fresh i could add to my HTC as playing music through the standard speakers is too quiet for me,

but rant over ..

i could not recommend anyone this product not because of its suppliers but the design faults it had bee built with

some people may disagree and say theirs is fine but mine was rubbish
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on 10 April 2014
I bought this as my HTC One X was no longer charging from the USB port and this charges using the docking port on the back (5 small metal circles on the bottom right of the back of the phone).

I had read a few bad reviews and this left me a tad worried but as long as it charged the rest was of no concern, however when it arrived I plugged it in (very easy to set-up) and it charged great I then played some radio through tunein radio and the sound was super loud but it can't handle the base it crackles and the volume is off, loud and too loud so not much in volume control but as an alarm clock WOW wakes you from across the room easy.

So initial tests seemed good, sound quality is ok its not competing with my Sony headset anyway its more of a podcast/streamed audio speaker anyway and the volume is off but this could be my settings on the phone I'll try and see if I can change it better (hence why I gave it a 4*).

Charging is great, very quick and the docked display is really good, I'm using Smart Launcher so I prefer that one but it jumps to landscape and you can still use the phone while it is docked to play games and check facebook or you can just leave it on and use it like a clock in the room.

Setting it up is as easy as plugging it in and putting your phone on the speaker, that's it done there is a extra holder but I found it better to use it with out however the trade off is with the holder (little plastic phone shaped card) you can get the phone out of the dock easier vs with out it connects better and fits like a glove (not that hard to remove unless you have big fingers)

Overall, a great product that does what I needed it to do and then some I'm more than happy to recommend this to others especially if your USB port is not working or you want a dock for work/bedroom as it will angle the phone great and you can see notifications while it charges.
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on 24 June 2013
Bought this on a whim if i'm honest, i'd just been paid and being lazy i though i couldnt be ask to fumble around with a charger cable every night, and thought it would be easier to just chuck my phone onto a plate. I use this dock as an alarm clock in which it i perfect. Turns out it was as simple as i thought, however, there are a couple of annoying additions. The phone is rather hard to get out of the dock, as i have quite chunky fingers and cant get underneath it, but if youre not so well built you should be alright with it. The speakers crackle like i cant believe at low volume, but contrary to another review i read, the speakers DO NOT stay active then the phone is asleep or music isnt playing, this crackling is annoying, but when turned up a little bit to 30% volume youre all good. However i will agree that the pogo pins are quite annoying in themselves, as i work in a workshop and hate phone cases my phone is about as dirty as they get, so i have to clean the pins every so often for it to work a well as it should. The dock screen is pretty damn good, you get all you really need, a clock, music player, phone, video viewer and gallery. However, back to the actual dock itself, the charge time is greatly improved compared to normal micro usb charger, it seems well built, but is white, so along with all the general rubbish on my bedside table is likely to be a light grey within a year. Although the speakers crackle, they do produce a decent sound, however they do seem to miss a bit of body from the music, and lack in bass, but they are a definite improvement on the phone speaker and my laptop speakers, and to be honest its no great loss as i have a far larger system when required. They are quite loud, and are able to fill a medium sized room with sound, even though it is lacking in body a little, but is good enough.
All in all, it pretty damn good, but with a few minor annoyances, definitely worth a buy
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on 15 July 2012
Well it charges your phone & plays sound through the internal speakers, that's the good bit.

As for the cradle itself, connect your phone as per instructions & listen it snap,crackle & pop ! as the dock picks up interference from the phones incoming/outgoing signals, my guess being this will drive you mad especially if you want to use it as a bedside cradle like me.

To silence it you have to turn the volume down, so what's the point ?

Save you're £50 & forget about the two month waiting list its not worth it.
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