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on 18 October 2011
My Mum had received an Amazon Kindle as an early birthday present and so I wanted to buy her something relevant to it. She had already bought herself a case and charger so that wasn't an option.

I searched on Google if Amazon did Kindle gift cards and the word was that there was nothing specific to Kindle's in the way of gift cards.

However, I came onto Amazon and saw the gift card link and was happy to see there is a Kindle gift card design. Ordered a £20 gift card on a Sunday and received it by Tuesday, so service was excellent.

The gift card design itself is very nice and the package comes with an enveloped and a card to write a message.

After the gift card is received its also very simple to input it into Amazon and actually use it.

Would definitely recommend for Kindle users and for birthday's, it is an excellent and speedy service and I cannot fault it at all.

The only thing I hope for is that Amazon add a few more gift card amount options, for example £15, £25 etc.

5 stars.
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on 10 December 2012
I ordered this voucher and was told guarantee delivery December 7th its now the 10th December and my post just arrived. Surprise surprise no voucher I would never recommend this product, if this was a birthday present it would be late, amazon should not guarantee what they can't relieved.
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on 13 December 2011
I have sent £15 gift vouchers to my nephews for the past few years - I am sure this is a popular amount. If I spend more here, then I need to spend more on all my nieces and nephews...which would really add up. It is not as nice a present if I print it out myself.
Can Amazon consider adding this amount?
I keep looking as I have a feeling £25 wasnt there before and is now.
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on 1 December 2012
Can Amazon please explain why the designs are so limited if I select the £15 amount. If I select any other amount I have a choice of all 9 designs but if I select £15 I just get a choice of 4 of the designs.

And in this particular case, the card is a Christmas present so Amazon allow me to choose between two birthday, 1 congratulations and one Thank You designs.

So basically, I had to order a Thank You card and throw it away on reciept and stick it in the Christmas Card of my choice.

Gets the job done, but rather pathetic on Amazon's part and not very environmentally friendly.

They should have an option just to send the plastic card on it's own if they are not prepared to make the designs available for one particular value.

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on 4 September 2015
I have not received my £10 promo code with buying gift vouchers
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 24 May 2016
I was looking for the best way from the UK to offer a present to my godson who lives back in France. Last year, I ended up paying £35 to ship a few Christmas presents and I'd have rather spent that money to buy him an additional gift instead of contributing to the Royal Mail's end-of-year bonanza. Sounds familiar?

I'd never bought any vouchers previously, as I've always thoughts that 1. they were not very personal and 2. the product selection, depending on the retailer of your choosing, is usually rather limited.

Instead, I was looking for the most convenient way to ship and redeem the voucher and offer the recipient a large choice of products to choose from. Amazon's global presence and immense product catalog sounded like the perfect choice.

And being a highly satisfied Amazon Prime customer, I decided to put the service to the test and buy a £10 voucher to myself here in the UK.

Please find below my experience of both ordering and redeeming the voucher.

There is a large selection for the delivery of those Amazon vouchers: printable gift voucher, email gift voucher, gift box, greeting cards, etc. I chose the basic, yet tangible and personal gift card.

You can choose from 40 designs which cover the most popular celebrations from mother or father's day to Christmas and of course birthdays. You will also find more versatile designs like 'thank you' or 'Amazon kindle'.
On that occasion, I chose the basic 'Amazon Boxes' design.

Price range
The minimun price of the voucher depends on its type: for the simple gift card or the email gift voucher, it starts as low as £10. For other more premium delivery options, it starts at £15 or even £30.
-Please note that you can enter any amount when opting for a delivery via email-

First and foremost, you need to make sure you ticked the 'This will be a gift' box directly on the item in your shopping basket.

The second step of the ordering process 'choose gift option' gives you the opportunity to 'add a free gift note' and (as expected) buy a 'gift-wrap for this item'.

Your note will have to fit into 240 characters and a maximum of 9 lines. You will find an example below (9 lines, 41 characters to spare):
"Dear Mom,
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Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum
Lots of love,

If you are a Amazon Prime customer, the card will be delivered to the recipient of the gift (living in the Amazon store's country) very fast: same day or next day, depending on when you made the purchase.

The card will be delivered in an Amazon parcel (of course) carrying a standard white enveloppe with the Amazon logo on the front and a couple of barcodes on the back. You will find inside your card a black Amazon voucher card credited with the full amount of your purchase.

The recipient has a few options to redeem the Amazon credit:

1. Go to www.amazon.co.uk/redeemgift (you will need to sign in).

2. Using your mobile phone, scan the QR code found on the back of the Amazon voucher (first you'll need to install any free QR code apps). Then, the app will retrieve and display a url (web link). You will open it. It will redirect you to the right page on your Amazon account (you'll need to sign in first).

Either way, once you reach the right page you will be prompted to check the value of the gift card by entering the long claim code displayed on the back of the card (manually for option 1, automatically for option 2).

Then click on the 'check' button to confirm the validity and the value of the voucher. Lastly, click on the 'Apply to your balance' button to credit your account. Et voila!

+ convenience
+ fast delivery
+ vast product choice for the recipient
+ you can buy and deliver a gift voucher on any Amazon store (not just your country) using your own account

- you could leave a message directly on the card (including signature), which would come handy especially when buying on an Amazon store abroad
- you could also personalise the enveloppe with the name of the recipient
- the gift note looked better than this sad little piece of paper
- there was a way and an incentive to reuse the Amazon voucher card

Even though you can't really personalise the gift card, which Amazon provides you essentially for free, this is an excellent way to offer a present that is guaranteed to satisfy even the more difficult to please recipients. And if you are an Amazon Prime customer, the delivery is lightning fast.

Last but not least, the ability to send the card in any country where Amazon is present is also rather convenient to reach out to long distance friends and relatives. I successfully sent one to my godson's parents, who wrote my message on the card themselves, via Amazon France.

-I hope you will find my review and my photo coverage helpful-

1. How long do you have to use the credit?
10 years.
2. Do I have to spend all the money in one go?
Nope. Your account is credited with the total amount of the voucher, you can use the money as you wish to buy anything available on Amazon at any price.
3. Can I personalise the card?
Not really. The 'gift note' is the only way to include some kind of personal message. Alternatively, you can ship the card to your personal address, personalise the card, and mail it to the recipient of your gift.
4. Is it the best way to offer an Amazon voucher?
This is subjective, but I now believe an email voucher might be even better due to the level of personalisation offered and the speed of delivery.
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on 9 December 2014
Wow! I ordered this £20 card without being sure it would be compatible with my Amazon account. Boy, what a pleasant surprise! Not only did the card arrive perfectly packaged in a tasteful Amazon envelope, but the quality and attention to detail is phenomenal, and it all worked flawlessly out of the box!

The card itself is made from high quality cardboard with a perfectly printed festive picture. The size is perfect for opening by hand, and the card is very easy to set up and stand on any level surface where there's enough space - I found that it's perfectly compatible with my kitchen window ledge.

Once mounted, the card will happily sit there and lighten your day every time you look at it. It's extremely quiet - I doubt you'll hear it operating at all - and it doesn't need any external power supplies to operate properly - how do they do that?!

Additionally, inside the card there is a credit-card sized, equally well fashioned piece of plastic. It is perfectly manufactured, and the attention to detail is something to behold. The plastic is nice and light, and it will fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. I'm still amazed that they managed to squeeze so much into such a small device!

The plastic has a silvered panel that hides the all important activation code for the gift part of the card, and it is very easy to scrape away to reveal the code underneath (handy tip: as the plastic card is fully waterproof (to 30+ meters) you can safely scrape the silver panel off under a running tap to wash away the silvering, otherwise you may have a small, silvery mess to clear up afterwards - this is my only gripe with the otherwise fantastic product).

Once the code is revealed, it's a very simple task of entering the details into your Amazon account. It can be a bit tricky to perform, especially if you're dyslexic, as the code is quite long - if needed, it may help to get assistance entering the code. I do wonder if the complicated code would be better placed with something a bit more 'human friendly' like a word or phrase - maybe something like "Amazon Twenty Quid" would make life easier, but, hey, nothing's perfect! :-)

Then the fun part - you should find that you now have £20 on your Amazon account you can spend on almost anything! Yes! Imagine that! Twenty whole pounds - for free! Amazing!

Cost - £20, and you get £20 to spend = outstanding value for such a well built quality product. How they can make any money from this, goodness knows. I, for one, will be more than happy to purchase more gift cards in the future!

Highly recommended! Thanks Amazon!
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on 1 May 2017
No, my last gift card purchase was 100% unsatisfactory. Actually, the last two gift card purchases were unsatisfactory. Initially, I bought a $100 birthday gift card for my daughter who lives in England only to find out she couldn't use it in England. I find this absurd. You are a world-wide company and I can't for the life of me understand why you can't do a simple conversion of Dollars to Pounds. If you need help, just go to Google and it will convert it for you! So, I had to buy a second gift card for her in Pounds. Then, I had to have her use the gift card in dollars for me. She'd already deposited it to her Amazon account so it was too late to give me the gift card number to use in my account. I had to figure out how close i could get to using the $100 (I ended up forfeiting 6 cents). I used the $100 in two transactions over a period of a few weeks. What a hassle!

You could have:

a) warned her not to deposit dollars into a UK based account telling her she could only order from the US with dollars and then pay huge overseas shipping (not a reasonable option) so she would not have deposited the gift card to begin with

b) been smart enough to convert Dollars to Pounds (once again, just Google it if you don't know how)

c) allowed her to send the gift card balance in dollars to my account (you prohibit that) because you failed to warn her she couldn't reasonably use it

It's almost as if I can hear you snickering in the background "hahaha ... he had to buy two gift cards and jump through hoops". Come on, you know you are aware of this as a problem and you do nothing about it.

I'm a long time Prime member and love Amazon. But this experience was absolutely the biggest pain and hassle. Shame on you for allowing such a mess to happen and you know it happens and do nothing. You have your act together so well - I was shocked at how poorly this is handled.
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on 25 February 2018
card arrived with gift card ripped out, even though it was in a sealed brown envelope and some weird coins were inside (see photo attached). As the envelope was sealed it is obvious that an amazon staff member stole the gift card. I now have nothing to give my sister in law for her birthday. Please send a replacement gift card. I no longer feel confident to order further amazon gift cards or anything further directly from amazon.
review image
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on 26 December 2017
This is perhaps not the right place to express my views on this 'problem', since this card was bought for my son, who reads 'real' books, while this review is on behalf of those, like me, who only read KINDLE books. But there is nowhere else I can find on your site to express my WRATH!!. "What would you like for Christmas, Mum" said my son. The other one, who really doesn't read books at all. "Amazon Voucher" I said confidently. And that's what I got. For £50. Isn't he kind? Very nice, I thought, I'll be able to buy some of the books I've been nursing on my Wishlist for months, carefully pruning and tweaking. First of all this morning, Boxing Day, I couldn't get the damn thing to register, then the son who reads and is smart, suggested I rip the cover off. At that moment in time, I wanted to rip it up AND JUMP ON IT, so I did that....and, hey presto, the card was INSIDE. Well, I'm obviously just too daft again. But then I tried to add the Gift Card Balance to the 1-Click settings...... But you can't DO that. But....you can only buy Kindle Books IF you use the 1-Click setting...!! And there is no place to COMPLAIN!! So I can't buy the books I want, the Voucher value will take a long time to use up and I'm NOT HAPPY!! Hankies for Christmas next year?
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