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on 22 July 2016
I won't insult you by explaining the Walking Dead to you, you know what it is about. The end of the world, hordes of zombies and survivors fighting to survive.

After watching all of the episodes on television, I thought I had better go back to where it all began and read the graphic novel series. This could be an expensive decision as I rather enjoyed volume one and I think it is on volume twenty something now.

Obviously the tv show and the novel don't always follow the same plot but it was nice to see how the characters were originally imagined. I mean when I see Rick, I see Andrew Lincoln but this volume shows me the characters in a totally different light. It also shows how well the casting of the tv show did with matching some of the characters to their on screen counterparts.

The characters feel wonderfully real, from their facial expressions to the dialogue, all illustrated brilliantly, plus with it being drawn in monochrome shades the world looks suitably bleak.

Yes I know The Walking Dead does feature a lot of blood and gore, something that does not come in shades of gray but those zoms look suitably bloody and nasty, don't worry about that.

Volume One follows Rick's awakening from his coma, his discovery that the world has gone to hell and his family are gone. Rick finds his family but he also finds new friends, fellow survivors each with their own tale to tell - Carol is not a badass at this point!

I'm still new to reading graphic novels but I have a feeling it is going to expand considerably thanks to this. Gritty and gripping, it will keep me in zombies until season 7.
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on 8 June 2016
After being a fan of the show for years I finally got around to the graphic novel and it's everything I hoped it would be! I love how all of the art is in black and white as it adds to the post-apocalyptic feel of the story and the characters are well fleshed out.

**SPOILERS FOLLOW** The show changed things up a bit by changing some characters, adding new ones or removing some completely and the most notable absence from the graphic novel is Daryl - I know the GN came first but I found myself missing him (no Meryl either). Dale seems a little older in the novel and has a weird relationship with Andrea and her sister Amy. Glenn is pretty close to his show counterpart (or vice-versa) and Shane snuffs it very early on in the GN compared to the show. Rick seems a lot friendlier and emotional early on in this GN but his conflicts with Shane harden him early on. Carol is still a bit mysterious so far as she was at the beginning of the show and Lori does quite a bit of complaining.

Overall, it is a very good start and I read all six issues in one evening. Looking forward to getting the next installment on my Kindle!
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on 6 September 2014
This is my first ever comic I have ever bought and at 44, I m sure there are many who would feel I have issues haha, but I love the walking dead and wanted something I could collect. I got this and immersed myself into it, having already seen all the walking dead series I knew what to expect but, I love reading it in comic form and will now proceed to collect the whole set, for my own enjoyment, some may say I am a bit old to collect comics but what do I care, I love losing myself in the world of comic stories and really enjoyed my first one, have just bought the next one which I am currently waiting for. It brings the geek out in me.
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on 10 August 2017
The TV series is good...but these graphic novels are much better.

It was the same with The Expanse. I read the books before watching the series. The discrepancies between the two amazed me, but the books were\are so much better by far.

Same here...although I have watched the series first this time. It's nice to start over with the whole story and discover the original (and better) storyline.
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on 5 October 2010
Seriously people, you should be reading this series. These collections of the monthly comics are great. Don't be fooled by the 28 Days Later ... [DVD] [2002] style beginning (In the end, how many ways can you start a zombie story? Does it really matter?) this quickly builds into a unique "Zombie Apocalypse" saga. Also, even if you get hooked on the series, be patient and stick with the book versions - I started reading the individual monthly comics rather than the collections because I was "jonesing" for more of the story and the experience is less satisfying - I'm switching back to reading them in the big chunks that this format provide.

The real innovation with "Walking Dead" is that it's much more about the people than the Zombies. The writer sums it up in his intro when he says the real story of Zombies never ends - you can't just tie up loose ends and come up with a happy ending. Within a pretty short while it becomes apparent that in this world, danger comes less from animated corpses, and more from human beings, fighting amongst each other for resources and a safe haven as society breaks down.

Brilliantly written, evocatively drawn - this is a genuine masterpiece. It's going to be a TV series on the American Cable channel AMC in October and I'm pretty sure it'll be coming to the UK shortly after. The trailers look good, but they're bound to mess it up a bit, so read the source material.
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on 19 February 2013
As I imagine being the case for a fair few people I was first properly introduced to the walking dead via the tv show. Which I enjoyed so felt compelled to try the source material, as well let's be honest, they're usually better, bar a few exceptions. The first issue is fantastic, works well on the kindle. The black & white art work, suits the story. It is enjoyable to read also, a zombie epic, tho as the author states at the start the focus is not on horror but on character development, which suits me perfect as that's just the type of story I adore. But there is still plenty of Gore, it is a set after a zombie apocalypse after all. Some fairly noticeable difference from tv show, even this early on. Which is good as likely means they can both be enjoyed as separate things, & I doubt story of show will approach depth being attempted here. All in all impressed, jus wish had money to bulk buy them all & get up to date!
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on 3 February 2015
But this is so much better. One of the major problems many big US TV shows have is an unwillingness to kill characters off. It's what caused the end of Heroes and considering the zombie apocalypse the Walking Dead TV show is set within, the death toll is relatively low. Well, there are no nice actor's jobs on the line here, and thus things are far more cut-throat.

The characters themselves are better drawn here, have more depth and act in a much more believable way and the storyline is very well paced too.
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on 28 July 2016
Having seen the first season of The walking dead (yes,late to the party!!) I thought I'd check out the comic to see how the source material is handled. In short, I'd recommend this to any fan of comics looking for something a little different to the well trodden path of big lads in spandex thumping each other. Though this is only the first glimpse into Rick,Lori e.t.c's tales of survival, each character is given a bit of "room to breathe" and narrative space to ground each character. As far as pacing goes, some parts are condensed or expanded in different ways to that of the T.V show, but in terms of maintaining the readers attention, well, I certainly struggled to put it down at times!! All in all, an excellent opening chapter and I cannot wait to crack on with vol. 2.
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on 27 June 2012
And I mean, I can't stop reading these graphic novels... It's getting to be a problem. But I'm sorry, they are just SO GOOD!

I'm about to receive the 7th volume of the series, and I can say up to this point, I have laughed, cried, picked my jaw back up off the floor and panicked.

Of course, I'd seen the TV series after my boyfriend had recommended them. I was sceptical at first, but then after watching seasons one and two, I was loving it! Me and my other half discuss zombie apocalypses just like another couple would discuss what they want for dinner. This has just fuelled my love for anything zombie and survival based.

I love the fact the series focuses on humanity, and trying to retain it through immense hardship. We've all seen movies and TV series that focus on the infection and how it came about. But this, from what I have read so far, is so much more. They face tough decisions and situations, not just through the whole dead people waiting to eat off your face, but the problems with fellow survivors.

I also love the fact that each character has a little sub story of their own, mostly based on how they have survived up to this point, their love interests and what they "job" they do to keep their little "civilisation" running in order. As it is mentioned in the story that as a group of people what they did before the collapse of human kind is insignificant, now the fact is that you could end up dead at any moment.

I am seriously in love with this whole series, even though I've only read up to volume 7. The illustrations are perfect, gritty even. I would recommend these novels to anyone, especially someone who is a fan of horror and books. Even if you are not keen on reading books, this offers short and snappy dialogue, which for the people who despise reading is just about perfect, I believe.

One criticism, is that the novels are way too short for my liking. I am a very quick reader, and I find that I can finish one book in 40 minutes! Wonder if anyone else has that problem? I can always go back and soak up the drawings. As a person who likes to draw myself I am in awe.

To round off, buy it. Amazon offers the cheapest price. Shops in the UK retail at £10.99 per volume. Amazon is much more reasonable if you are sceptical like I was. Think of it as an investment, should any zombie related stuff goes down. :)
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on 13 December 2012
A very enjoyable read on my Kindle fire HD. The panel view brings out all the gory detail of the artwork, and really brings the story to life.

The story is very much based around the small group of survivors and how they interact with each over. There are plenty of gruesome moments in between the more "human" aspects of the story, and the result is a well balanced horror/human tale. The only slight complaints would be that some of the dialogue can seem a bit clunky at times (but not enough to spoil things), and it would have been nice if it had been colour graphics rather than black and white shading.

All in all a good start to the series.
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