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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 19 February 2012
I LOVE Sophie Kinsella, I have enjoyed all of her books and laugh at each one I read.

I was so eager to get my hands on this new novel however I felt a bit anxious as I had read mixed reviews with some negative reaction to the use of footnotes.

Well I got the book on Friday and finished it on Saturday, like every other Sophie Kinsella novel I was gripped and couldn't wait to pick it up again when I had to stop reading for a while...(to cook tea for my children for instance.....not that I begrudge them their tea - but really, when I am in the middle of a good book!!?)

I really liked the character Poppy, she was funny, dizzy but intelligent with a high emotional quotient and she doesn't give up. I thought the story line was really clever, the use of text conversations were great fun and I really liked the addition of footnotes.....they were funny and fitted in with the story very astutely.

I loved it, I laughed out loud several times and read the whole book smiling - now that is worth paying for!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 16 February 2012
Poppy Wyatt is a 29 year old intelligent girl with a respected career and a clutch of close girlfriends. Catapaulted into a high-profile relationship with the erudite son, (Magnus), of an academic family, Poppy finds herself humiliated by the intellectual snobbery.The circumstances she finds herself in reveal her wits and guile to overcome her predicament. The synopsis of a lost engagement ring,( a family heirloom), a lost mobile phone, the finding of another in a litter bin (Sam enters the scene), provide Sophie Kinsella with a wealth of material for a tale full of humour, wit and observation of human nature. The scrabble game is fantastic.

This is a frenetic front to back read. I would have slowed it down if possible(purely for personal enjoyment reasons), but the plot is so fast-paced. Some may say there is a predictability but the acutely descriptive portrayal of life's dilemmas makes the whole flow. There are sharp corners taken with a tale and further character development around each one. The dialogue is so full of momentum. It is a cleverly crafted novel full of enterprise and laughter with all expected from the writer. Thoroughly enjoyed and recommended. I read the Kindle edition. I did not feel the footnotes a problem. In fact found them an addition to the book's character at the end of the chapters.
No spoilers. None needed. The narrative unravels without further detail.
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on 16 February 2012
I would seriously like to thank Sophie Kinsella for this amazing book. I loved it. I loved the main characters, Poppy and Sam, and the story itself. I won't relay the blurb, you can all read. But the book is so much more than what it says. A big applause for Sophie on creating such a real and genuine lead character like Poppy, she felt like a real person, i actually thought at a point this story was real. Although up until the end of the story, i thought that she was a bit of a coward. Keeping it all in, because i would have never stood for that much rubbish.

More importantly, i loved the side characters, Anthony and Wanda are amazing! I loved the development of their characters throughout the book, and the scrabble scene was so funny! Personally, i thought that Sophie was a bit shortsighted to call Annalise one of Poppy's best friend when all she tried to do was steal her man, and so blatantly as well. However, as a generally this story was funny, no doubt, i cracked up a couple of times-not a good thing on a crowded bus, people tend to look at you funnily-, the beginning was very eventful.

The romance itself is sweet. It wasn't the love at first sight romance that's completely unbelievable and totally stupid. I was a soft, getting to know you love. Sam sounds sexy. And so sweet, well, apart from the fake ring scene, which was hilarious! I could imagine the look on the shop assistant's face. I read this book pretty fast, only a couple of hours, so I'm still on a new-book high. But the way in which it was written was really good, the chapters linked brilliantly, as they should, and i was drawn completely in. The end was a bit predictable but nonetheless just as romantic. If you love comedy and romance, read this. It's good.

You're now probably wondering why i only gave it 3 stars if i love it so much. Well, simply because like i said it was a bit predictable at times and the main characters seemed too similar to the main characters of confessions of a shopaholic, Rebecca and Luke. Poppy seemed like Rebecca, flighty, outrageous and seem to end up in the weirdest situations. And Sam was like a mirror image of Luke, cold, corporate and mean at first but then really nice. Even though i love the storyline Sophie created, i can't help but feel that the new characters she created are too similar to her other characters. But it doesn't make the book dull at all. I just felt that and i knew it had to be reflected in my ratings.
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on 27 February 2012
Eagerly anticipated this latest Sophie Kinsella did not disappoint. Poppy is a fabulous character and her concern for everyone makes this story so easy to relate to. Great book, easy to read, loved it.
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on 24 February 2012
It has been years since I read a book and found myself laughing hysterically out loud at the story (I got some odd looks on the tube!). Yes, it's a little predictable and is in places similar to other stories she's written, but I didn't care. This is still a lovely story and a very, very funny book.
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on 24 February 2012
I totally loved this book! It's something to read if you really want to get completely wrapped up in a book.

It was laugh out loud funny - I often found people next to me on the tube trying to read over my shoulder to see why I was constantly snorting with laughter!

I had been a bit disappointed with the last couple of stand alone books - they weren't by any means bad, but they didn't have the same spark as the shopaholic series, or the stand alones like Can You Keep a Secret, or The Undomestic Godess. But Kinsella is clearly back on sterling form.

I do think the main characters have a slight similarity to Rebecca & Luke, but I don't see it as a bad thing - if it ain't broke...! And yes to a certain extent the plot is predictable - but who cares! It's what we were all rooting for to happen!

The footnotes were the only thing that were frustrating for me as it's difficult to flick back and forth on a Kindle - either that or I haven't yet mastered the art of doing so! So in the end I gave up on the footnotes.

Overall this book is definately worth buying, and I couldn't recommend it more highly for some delicious escapism!
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on 21 April 2012
This was my first Sophie Kinsella book and already I consider myself a devoted convert. What a wonderful wonderful book. I adored every page of it. Poppy is very close to walking up the aisle with the highly intelligent Marcus, when she goes on a girls night out. With a few drinks had by all, the girls all take it in turns to try on Poppy's amazing engagement ring, a magnificent emerald and diamond ring, and not just any old ring, this has been in Marcus's family for three generations, the classic family heirloom, and worth a fortune. Somewhere in the middle of concentrating on a raffle draw and an unfortunate fire alarm going off, the ring has somehow vanished. With everyone dispersed and gone home, its left to Poppy to stay on at the hotel on her hands and knees searching every nook and cranny for the missing ring and she is getting more hysterical with every moment. Cleaning staff are being pestered every two minutes to see if they have found it and the concierge is starting to get irked with her. Unable to get a good signal on her phone Poppy steps outside to see if anyone has texted her to say they have found it. As she holds her phone up to get a signal, someone zips past her on a bike and robs her phone straight out of her hand. Now she is utterly desperate. Her whole life is on that phone, and she has given her number to virtually everyone in the hotel to ring her if they find the ring. Wandering around the hotel lobby driving herself insane with worry, she suddenly spots a mobile phone which has been thrown away into a bin. Finders keepers is her motto and she grabs it and sees that its a top of the range phone and in working order. She gives the concierge and the cleaners the number of the new phone and manages to contact one friend who will pass the new number onto everyone else. No one is going to take THIS phone off her.

However.... Sam Roxton may have other ideas. A top business executive staying at the hotel, the phone is a company phone which belonged to Sam's PA who suddenly decided the job was not for her when the offer of a modelling contract materialised so she took off with no notice and dumped the phone in the bin. When Sam phones the number and gets Poppy instead, he is not best pleased....he demands she return the phone immediately, his whole life is on that phone, vitally important texts and emails, but Poppy is not giving in. Her crisis as far as she is concerned is more important and a thrown away phone is after all a finders keepers situation. So a very unusual arrangement unfolds. Sam agrees to let Poppy keep the phone only until her ring is found but she must in turn forward every email and text onto him as its vitally important for business transactions. Poppy and Sam, total strangers find themselves sharing a life in a very weird way. As Poppy becomes more and more drawn into Sam's world, she finds herself unable to stop herself interfering in his life, all for the best possible reasons of course.

And so unfolds ten extraordinary days in Poppy's life, where she has to cope with Marcus's uber intelligent family who make her feel so inferior, and who she knows in her heart don't want her to marry their precious son, the ongoing saga of the missing engagement ring and her desperation to keep the news that it's vanished from Marcus and his parents, Poppy's work as a physiotherapist where her colleague Annalise still feels miffed that it was Poppy who got to treat Marcus for his dodgy wrist all those months ago, and ended up bagging him instead of her, and of course Sam.......moody, curt Sam who never bothers answering half his emails, or noticing half of his staff, but with Poppy's interference, that's all going to change and Sam's life is never going to be quite the same again.

I re-read the glorious last chapter about three times........utterly adored it. Already I could see this story making such a good movie, and I hope someone has the sense to get a good screenwriter onto it. Sure fire hit if they do !.
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on 16 February 2012
Have just finished reading this, having started yesterday. As with all SK books it was difficult to put it down. Like others have said the story line was a tad predicatable and the footnotes were an annoyance. Most of the time I missed the number in the main text so had to read back to see what they related to and in the end gave up. I found that they just interrupted the flow of my reading.

That said overall the book was an enjoyable read.
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on 9 March 2012
I absolutely loved this book and would now include it as one of my all time favourites. As some other reviewers have said the characters are possibly a bit similar to those in shopaholic but for some reason I liked this more. I think it was the use of text and email that made it seem like a more up to date and realistic relationship between the main characters. There are footnotes dotted around and as I was reading on a kindle I found it a bit difficult to start with but soon got in to the hang of it. They actually were some of the funniest and most revealing parts of the book. One note of caution, I found it laugh out loud funny which is not good when you're on a busy train.
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on 17 February 2012
I was so excited when this appeared in my kindle - I had pre-ordered this a while back and totally forgotten it was arriving. This as another customer has said is definitely a feel good book - I smiled the whole way through, and there was some laugh out loud moments in this.

I love the fact the love story was a slow burner - I just went through a phase of reading books aimed at young adults (I'm in my early 20's) and the one thing I found a little off-putting was the instant love. The love story in this is something that falls into place without being overly mushy - just what I love! I agree this story was quite familiar - I've read a few like this before but none have been so finely crafted, and so funny. Honestly I am actually glad this was one of those books as it was like visiting a familiar, much loved place you've not visited in a while. Sometimes a little predictability is a good thing and I hope Kinsella writes many more like this!

The characters were really well developed and I loved them! - the only to characters I didn't like from start to end were Annalise the friend and Lucinda the wedding planner, and Magnus but I have a feeling these were deliberately made unlikeable.
This book is definitely Kinsella on top form although I think my favourite Sophie Kinsella stand alone book is definitely Twenties Girl but this is one I will definitely recommend and re-read again and again.

For those wanting books similar to this try Kinsella's shopaholic series as well as The Old Girl Network which is one of the earlier books by Catherine Alliot which is a similar feel good book.
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