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on 24 July 2013
I probably would have given this 5 stars as it is a great little printer, easy to use and to set up and the pictures are stunning. It is small and compact and I keep it in a drawer. I don't use it every day as I tend to share pictures digitally but my wife likes to have prints of her favourite photos and within a couple of minutes I can plug it in to my PC and start printing.
The paper and ink are very expensive but that is not an issue for occasional use and would only knock off half a star. The reason I only give it three is that, having had it less than a year, and having upgraded my PC to Windows 8, the CP810 is no longer supported; there are no drivers for Windows 8 and Canon support have told me that they do not intend to provide any - despite the fact they are still selling it!
If you want to print directly from your camera, SD card, compact flash, microdrive or USB stick this is a great, highly portable printer but if you want to print from your picture library on your PC - forget it!
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on 7 September 2012
I must say that when I saw my photos coming out of this printer I was more than pleased with the result. They were true to the colours of my computer monitor and to the display on the back of my camera. It can do a full range, colours can be vibrant and saturated, but it can also produce ones that are muted and pale, and still remain true to the original image file. The paper is of a good weight and the surface is of a true high gloss and smooth.

The software was easy to install and very user friendly. Very easily transported as well, due to its small size and reasonably light weight, considering its a printer. Saying that, it feels solid and well made, not flimsy or tacky. Inserting the paper and cartridges is also very easy. It took me a total of 15 mins to un-box, hook up, instal the software and start printing. Prints come out smoothly and in a mater of 30 seconds or less. While it does have basic image manipulation features, don't expect to find a copy of photoshop stuffed in there, if you want to tweak you photos a lot, then do so before you put them into the printer.

You do need to buy a USB lead to connect it to your computer if you don't have one, as it does not come with one. You also need to buy the other paper trays if you wish to print different sizes to the 6x4 postcard format. It also stresses that it should be kept and used in as dust free environment as possible, because dust on the paper will harm the print and ultimately scum up the printer, so you do need to keep it clean. It would also be nice to have a matt/canvas texture/acitate paper type packs, as it only comes in gloss as far as i'm aware.

The cost per print is equivalent to going to a non specialist digital photo-lab like you might find in a supermarket or highstreet store, you just get better prints from this printer than you would a most of the stores, as it does not add annoying overblown contrast and saturation enhancements, or digitally 'norm' the levels. How you put them in is how you get them out, thank you! FINALLY! a printer that does not require specific, long winded colour calibration to be true to the photos I see on my computer!

I would definitely recommend this printer.
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on 11 January 2013
Whether this is a good buy or not depends on your need.
I bought it to allow me to print directly from memory cards from my camera at a high quality at 6" x 4". For that it's very good indeed. It can print at several other small sizes (if you buy the additional required parts), but for most people that's probably all it needs to do.
Printer ink and paper is bought in packs which together print a fixed number of prints at a cost of around 30p a print.
So, if you can wait for prints, you can get them done cheaper at your local chemist/photo shop/supermarket.
If you need to be able to print at larger sizes this is not for you.
It's tiny, like a couple of books put together, and light. he print quality is excellent (dye sublimation). It prints in passes, each of the three primary colours in turn, then a glossy layer to protect. The prints are dry to touch as soon as delivered.
So, if you need to print at this size quickly (it takes about a minute per print) it's ideal. If you don't, save the money and go to the nearest photo shop.
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on 23 September 2013
An absolutely teriffic printer, great photos and able to print passport and I.D. photos.
Very compact and portable. Prints without being connected to a PC.
Pity no cable is supplied with printer
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on 5 September 2012
We bought this from the Canon store (sorry amazon) on a whim. Went home with it and seemed pretty easy to navigate. We borrowed a friend's older model selphy for a party to act as a photobooth (connected to an older powershot) and the comparision between the older by 3 years model is not that big of a difference.

The print quality is amazing. buying the photo paper and ink in one go is convenient. the price, ehhh, not too happy with it. wish it were about $50 cheaper just because the initial investment you have to make is quite high. the prints itself goes out to 2x as expensive compared to tradtionally printed out with the pros - and that's not counting the price of the printer in the per piece print.

still, it's very convenient - the little screen and editing functions are pretty spot on. i love the cropping tool on the screen - the only real thing i ever truly loved.

convenient and does what it's supposed to. wish it were cheaper. :)
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on 25 August 2012
Received the printer within 18hrs of ordering thanks to Amazon's great logistics. Was disappointed to find that the CP810 cannot directly take a rechargeable battery like its predecessor the CP800. This means that if you want to use a battery you have to also purchase a hugely expensive adapter to plug the battery into. Not only does this make for more wires but the combination of battery and adapter will easily cost more than the CP810 itself. For this reason, I have returned the CP810 and bought the earlier model instead.

The prints from the CP800 (and hence I presume from the CP810, because it used the same engine) are fantastic - just like those one gets back from a lab. Time will tell whether the printer will suffer from cleaning/blockage issues like every other printer I've ever had.
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on 5 October 2012
Be careful when purchasing this item, it needs a USB Male A to Male A cable (not supplied). Also not compatible with Windows 7 - after several frustrating attempts at installing, I phoned Canon UK direct to be advised that there is no printer driver available for Windows 7 on this model - returning this item to Amazon.

I think Amazon should show clearly what software this printer will work with.
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on 25 January 2014
This is a briliant bit of kit: You open the box, plug it in, put in your SD card, work the easy to use 2 buttons to select and crop your photo and in around 30 seconds it's all done, and you have a perfect print. I bought it for my elderly mum who is familiar only with the tv remote, and she had it sussed in....well they weren't second, but after a pleasant couple of hours she was up to speed. Intuitive, well designed and gives great results - going to get one for myself too. Very happy.
Ps - there's also a usb connection to attach whatever you want - phone etc.
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on 3 September 2013
I'm am professional photographer and a couple whose wedding I was shooting had asked if I could do some on-the-spot printing before their evening event so that they could display a selection of shot from the day in the evening venue. I bought this little printer for the purpose and found it perfect. Very easy to set-up and use with my Macbook Air. No special printer cable required, just a standard USB cable. The quality of the prints impressed my clients no end. Of course it's an expensive way to print but I'm only going to be using it for small batches on special occasions.
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on 25 May 2013
I bought this for three reasons,

1/ I saw one in my local camera shop it was being used for customers photos, yes really its that good.
The shop would have quite happily sold one to me also, but not as cheap as from Amazon.
2/ Its nice to see and keep your holiday photos. isn't it?
3/ The quality is just excellent.

Ps I recommend you buy the case for it to.
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