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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Style Name: 10-12 Sheet Cross-Cut|Change
Price:£39.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 31 December 2014
Having used several shredders at home over the years, i was always looking for a shredder that actually lived up to the product description. This makes short work of papers, CD's and bank cards (and the like). It does say up to 8 sheets at a time but that is always going to depend on the weight of paper you are shredding, CD's are chopped into 4 pieces making them unreadable, cards are chewed up in to small pieces (the best I've ever seen).

I have found it very capable and have took to putting those pesky Amazon sticky labels into the shredder still attached to the cardboard now as this more than copes, (see Picture). Only one low point having bought this item it then appeared on "black Friday deals" and I could have saved some money, so if your thinking of buy this item in the future look out for deals.

Oh and don't forget to lubricate the cutters from time to time.
review image
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on 17 July 2012
Style Name: 10-12 Sheet Cross-Cut|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Most shredders we have used previously have been very disappointing, suffering from overheating problems, inability to shred properly and frequently breaking down. Consequently we viewed this, our latest shredder, with scepticism.

Once you begin shredding you notice straight away that this is no flimsy machine and not prone to the problems previously described. This shredder will shred and shred and shred until the cows come home. We have been having a sort out of old documents and so have had plenty of practice using this shredder to test its abilities. Not once has it stopped due to overheating and shreds well consistently.

Other reviews have highlighted how bulky this shredder is, but you cannot have things both ways. If you have a lightweight shredder then you can expect lightweight performance, whereas this shredder looks and feels like it can cope with seriously shredding.

The lack of handles on the box below the shredder is frustrating and makes picking up the shredder difficult. Twice we have gone to pick it up only to find that the top came away, knocking over the box and spilling shreddings everywhere. It would not take much to design indentations into the box to make things easier.

Finally the separate disc shredder is pretty useless really, badly designed and not up the job. If you want to shred credit/debit cards then the normal shredder will cope perfectly.

Despite the faults this shredder really knocks spots off every other shredder we have ever owned: it is fast, reliable and just shreds away perfectly for our needs - destroying sensitive documents hassle free.
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on 4 August 2014
Really sad to give this shredder 1 star, but the way it's designed, it just appears to accentuate any minor jam into a major catastrophe. I've had it about 2 hours, and already it's jammed twice, both to the point where I had to manually unscrew the thing to get inside.

The first time was bad enough that I had to take it apart, but I managed to pull out the pulped, jammed paper in a few minutes with the help of a screwdriver.

The second time, it jammed so badly that it took me about 30 minutes with a sharp knife to cut the paper, a screwdriver to lever the paper out, and some long-nosed pliers to attack the most densely compacted areas.

The entire inside of the grinding compartment got to the point where the powerful motor had packed so much paper in, and so incredibly densely, that the machine was effectively, dead.

Here's a shot where I've removed the middle section, but you can see the top bit which is still compacted and rammed to the point where it's as hard as wood, and took some serious sweat and a lot of swearing to clear:

The instructions say "to pour in some vegetable oil to help unblock it" but in my case all it did was to further solidify the jammed mass of shredded paper pulp, and make the whole process messy, dangerous, and incredibly frustrating because the damn this is also extremely heavy (you would break a toe if it slipped from your hands with the oil seeping everywhere, that's for sure).

If this device just had a simple guage before the main grinding wheels to stop too much paper going in before jamming, it could be a good device. As it is, it's just too easy to mis-judge how much paper you're putting in, and it doesn't give you any second chances. In the few seconds you get to realise something is wrong and press the reverse button, it's just too late - jamming Armageddon is upon you!

After the first jam I thought I'd learnt my lesson and was willing to persevere, but after the second one and all the hassle, mess and stress, there's no way I'm not sending this back.

Really disappointed, as apart from this issue, it's as the top review said, a beast, and would easily handle your shredding needs.

Bottom line - it's just not worth the risk.
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on 13 June 2013
Shredder arrived this morning, and now been able to catch up with 6 months of shredding.

Whilst it says 8 sheets, actually 4-5 is more realistic, however I don't have an issue with that as this is largely paper dependant. Been constantly shredding for 5-10 mins, then allowing it to cool down for 30 mins or so.

Credit card slot shreds well - the card is well and truly destroyed. Not tried the CD shredder.

The shreddings are small as you would expect, and take up a lot less space than strip cut shreddings. The shreddings themselves are about 4mm x 10mm.

It's not noisy when in use.

The plastic of the collection bin is a bit flimsy and not what I would consider to be robust, however it will not be removed on a regualr basis, so hopefully wont be a problem. The next nearest micro cut shredder is about £40 more, so you pay your money and take your choice.

Overall 5 stars as for £46 you can't complain.
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on 2 June 2012
Style Name: 10-12 Sheet Cross-Cut|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Well, this is a bit of a beast. Been feeding it a varied diet for a week or two now and no signs of indigestion yet. However, I have managed to jam it a couple of times which I was rather surprised by.

The first time was a mixture of paper and card but I didn't think it was particularly thick. Anyway, no problems - simply reversed the shredder, took a couple of sheets out and away it went again.

Let's see - what else have I tried? A little booklet with a couple of staples in it - no problems there at all.

A DVD - straight through. I was kind of expecting some horrible grunchy noises but no - pretty much the same as paper.

A credit card. Actually, this was the second time I managed to jam it. I was a bit mystified by that, but again I just reversed it out, trimmed it a bit and tried again - successfully.

Of course, the bin is now filled with a mixture of paper, DVD and credit card so I can't really recycle the contents, but obviously I could be a little more selective.

Being a cross-cut shredder, what comes out of it really isn't going to be stuck back together any time soon - so if you happen to be in a US embassy somewhere and you need to leave in a hurry, this is probably a good bet.

There are a few 'nevers' of course:

"Never shred large paper clips, window or insulated envelopes, continuous forms, newsprint, bound pages (in [sic] example: notepads, checkbooks, magazines, etc...), transparencies, laminated documents, cardboard, any items with adhesives, hard materials or plastic (except Credit Cards and CDs)."

So small paper clips are o.k. - well, small staples go through with no problems so why not small paper clips?

It really does feel like a quality bit of kit - very solidly made and quite a weight. There is a window in the side of the bin so you can see how full it is getting. I noticed that this window was actually screwed - rather than glued - in place. I know it's a little thing but it just seemed to suggest a rather better quality than one might have expected for the price.

So, yes, overall I think this is a practical and useful bit of kit at a good price.
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on 18 July 2013
this AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder is a SUPERB shredder !!!

i am a bit of a 'stationary fetishist' (always have been, always will be LOL ;-)) & having just destroyed my last shredder

((by being impatient, putting too much paper at a time & continuous paper feeding, it's only a machine until you break it & THEN it's 'important' ! LOL once i'm sure the machine is completely dead, drop it (to 'fix' it &/ or) clear it, stamp on it a few times (level two 'repairs' LOL to maybe make things inside come free ??/ again try & 'fix' it ;-))

i decide it's time to get a replacement ...

i'm a 'difficult' customer (expect a lot, impatient with machine, as above LOL) so i did quite a lot of looking & read A LOT of reviews (i might be 'difficult' but i still want a 'good' shredder) until i FINALLY DECIDED to 'commit' to buying this .

on arrival (Friday 28 June 2013) i rip it out the box (impatient LOL), plug it in & proceed to put it through it's paces ...

i have a backlog of paper needing shred so (to be kind to the machine & it's impending 'doom' LOL) i start by running a sheet of the Aurora (Aurora SP1000 Shredder Lubrication and Sharpening Sheets (Pack of 12)) first .

then i commence shredding running the machine solidly, continuous paper running for the best part of 40 mins filling the shredder bucket to the point it lifts the shredder head clear off THREE TIMES IN A ROW !!! see VIDEO

in doing so the ONLY ('unusual') sound this machine made was (working SO solidly & SO robustly as) to make my wooden floor rumbled !!! LOL

this shredder says it shreds 12 sheets; i'm not bothered about that so i doubt i went past 6, i don't need or want to test the 12 sheet aspect, it's not like i want to break this machine LOL

i DID put a DVD in & IT JAMMED (overloaded) on the 1st pass !!!

i simply reversed the mechanism then went started a 2nd pass, it ate the DVD NO PROBLEM AT ALL; it DID JAM but on the 2nd pass the machine sounded under (obvious) strain (& load) but NOT like it was struggling, just like it needed 2 passes for certain items ...

to be honest i don't really want to shred many DVDs anyway, i think if this function is needed the most then we should be looking at DVD shredders & not PAPER shredders LOL

that said staples & 2, 3, 6 & 8 ??? sheets at a time seemed to just GO, obviously putting the machine under load but once passed the machine seemed solid & happy to just keep (floor) rumbling on ...

i'll end saying i took the time & trouble to WRITE (& VIDEO review) this item to take ALL THE searching & reviewing I HAD TO DO to FINALLY come to a decision to & (in doing so) to HOPEFULLY make your processTHAT MUCH EASIER :-)))

also i took the t&t because i WOULD'NT HESITATE to recommend THIS SIMPLY SUPERB, ROBUST shredder !!!


& i hope this helps :-)))

Ben :-)))

REVIEW UPDATE [ 30 Jan 2015 ] :

" Just because you can "

So the truth be told i broke ' the beast ' ( sometime around the middle of 2014 ) ...

basically i trashed it , like i did in the video for all of it's reasonable short life , i fed it CDs and DVDs , crammed it with paper , plastic , sticking paper etc i did it all because i had confidence ' the beast ' could take it ...

it couldn't , loading it with 12 sheets of paper something went !

i asked a friend if they thought they could fix it , in the seconds it took to do so i bought another [ hatefully impatient consumer that i am ] my friend did manage to fix it so i said he could keep it

the interesting thing he told me was that the ' guts ' of ' the beast ' are near indestructible , but the foundation holding them are fairly frail plastic , so though the guts can take it the foundations can't

the point and the lesson being " Just because you can " doesn't mean you have to ...

seriously i have got through so many shredders through unrealistic expectations i've made my mind up to make this one ( ' the beast v.2 ' ) last

this one most certainly will ( paper CDs/ DVDs etc everything you might realistically need to shred ), if you treat it right

( i continue to ) hope this helps

( and again ) regards to all :-DDD

REVIEW UPDATE [ 18 May 2015 ] :

if you look at the Reviews you'll find one titled " i'm gonna call it 'the BEAST' " By BenGee333 on 18 July 20133 well as you will probably be able to see it's for a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT `BEAST' i have NO IDEA for the change and i have NO IDEA why AMAZON haven't changed the link etc but looking at this item i think it should be a pretty good buy and good enough for your requirements i.e. i think if i were buying [around this time] i would be buying this one

it's only for 7 sheets but [i think] the `Micro-Cut' will compensate for this and PLEASE keep in mind the

REVIEW UPDATE [ 30 Jan 2015 ] :

" Just because you can " part of the review

i.e. i [using the AmazonBasics 7- to 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper / CD / Credit Card Shredder with Pullout Basket] wouldn't be shredding more than 3 or 4 sheets to ensure the machine lasts ...

anyway i know this Review [and listing is now] a little convoluted but, none-the-less, i hope it helps
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on 29 November 2013
I've literally just received this and put it together. Yes, it needs a bit of putting together as it has wheels. Also the shredder sits permanently on the base so that the bin can be removed easily for emptying. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to keep a bin liner in this as the bin fits snuggly into the base, but, yes, the bin liner is fine which of course makes it easier to empty.

The paper shredding is really fine, tiny pieces. The credit card shredding is tiny too. The CD shredding is not as small, but it doesn't need to be. The are cut into about 4 pieces, which is sufficiently damaged to render them unreadable! If you don't want the writing on the CDs to be ready, you will need to sort that out before shredding I guess.

The shredder is heavy, so its a good job you don't need to lift the lid in order to empty it (like my last one). Wheels are handy. Seems like an excellent purchase. It's the first time I've bought an Amazon brand, and, as I said, I've just got it, but so far so good. I would recommend it.
review image
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on 3 September 2012
The first shredder received gave up after shredding a single piece of A4 paper - just left emitting a worrying electrical buzzing noise.

The replacement shredder has proven a little more reliable. It's construction is generally sound, though the finish is a little rough around the edges.

Performance-wise it's a little lacking - the shreds it produces aren't particularly small, and sounds laboured once more than three sheets are entered at the same time.

More worrying from a security/privacy point of view it does have a tendency to not cross cut everything so often produces long strands among the other shreds.

Generally ok, but not as good as the cheaper unit it replaced that was purchased from a certain German discount supermarket, but sadly gave up after several years of service.
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on 26 May 2012
Style Name: 10-12 Sheet Cross-Cut|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It's a shredder. It does what it does with competence. You can't really go wrong with buying it.

It's maybe a bit too big and heavy duty if all you usually shred is the occasional piece of junk mail. A smaller, cheaper shredder is all you would need for that task.
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on 14 November 2012
When my old,branded shredder broke down,my first inclination was to replace it with a well known make.However, after reading positive reviews for the AmazonBasics 12-sheet Cross-Cut Shredder,I decided to give it a try.
when it arrived,I was surprised at how sturdy and stable it was compared with my previous machine,which was lightweight and fell over easily.This machine appears very well made and the reasonably sized collection box, which has an inspection window, provides a firm base.
I particularly liked the fact that the shredder has an inbuilt feature which rendered it inoperable when removed from the collection box,as the heavy duty cutters could cause your fingers some serious damage if you forgot to unplug it first.
Although it is supposed to shred 12 sheets at a time,this relates to thinner,lesser grade paper.Using normal higher grade paper I tend to shred a maximum of 5-6 sheets at a time,which the machine handles quite well without jamming or over-heating.I think it is also important to regularly lubricate the shredder to esure it continues to run smoothly and quietly,which was something I neglected on the previous machine and probably helped its demise.
I would have no hesiation in recommending this shredder for home or small office use
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