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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Colour: Raspberry|Change
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 March 2015
Update, 28th Jan 2016:

Well, almost a year on, and how has it fared? Well, extremely well. I am very impressed with the durability of it. It still works exactly the same as the first day we bought it, keeping the tea/coffee hot for several hours, and it has been used almost every day fo rthe daily commute to work. The elegant red paint has slowly been chipped and scratched, and eventually come away a little (mainly at the bottom, but most of it is still there on the rest of the bottle however), but then it has been thoroughly used - thrown onto empty car passenger seats and bouncing into the footwell, turned upside down and shoved into bags, squashed next to whatever else is in the bag that day (most likely a ton of paerwork and plastic files), dropped and kicked (accidentally). In all that, it still has not leaked, though it did suffer one very small dent on the bottom, but that didnt affect the functionality. Recently, my wife left it somewhere and lost it (NOOOO!!!), so i immediately ordered exactly the same product again, and i'm delighted to see it is still the same reliable product i purcahsed almost a year ago. Buy with confidence - the paint may get scratched, but the main function of this mug will continue to work as intended - its a keeper.

Original Review: 12th March 2015:

Really great item for what it is made for - as long as you know what it's made for :)

Ok, first things first - For those of you looking for a THERMOS FLASK, in other words, a product that will keep your chosen beverage boiling hot for hours and hours on end, THIS IS NOT THE PRODUCT. I've had a proper Thermos flask and after 24 hours i poured out my tea and it was still hot. This product will not do this.

This product will keep your tea/coffee hot for a few hours tops - 3- 4 hours max. Which is exactly what it startes in its claims. The product doesn't contain glass, nor is it a superbly vacuum insulated product - the stopper design is ingenious, but will still allow heat loss - much more so than the traditional screw-top Thermos flasks. It consists of a double walled steel container, which means it will transmit heat more than those made of glass and plastic/ glass and metal. As a result of both of these factors, its function is very specific - short term insulation.

So, why would you use this?

Well, remeber, it is designed as a travel mug. Its not a massive flask with a cup on top. It's purpose therefore is to simple last you on your travels and keep your drink nice and hot.

So, its 7am in the morning. You make your 400ml cup of tea, pop it in the travel mug, and off you go - driving/train etc. When you want a drink, you press the button and take a sip. 8am - you can still sip. 9am - still sipping and happy. 10am still sipping and well into my mornings work. 11am - just about still nice to drink. Then just refill if your workplace has a kitchen/tea making area. And of course do the same for the journey home.

So its function is just that - a very convenient, excellently made travel mug - exactly as it states, nothing more, nothing less.

Try this with a THERMOS flask? In a moving car where you are a passenger, just think of unscrewing the cup, unscrewing the lid pouring the flask whilst cradling the cup on your lap, risking the liquid falling onto your lap - and if you are the only person in the car and driving..well it's clearly dangerous to even attempt! Even in a parked car, there is still that risk! And you have to stop of course :) Wasting your precious time. Then you have to drink it carefully without letting it spill on yourself as you go over bumps and turns. Then you have to repeat it again if you want another cup.

IN short,

What this IS: this is a perfectly designed TRAVEL MUG, suitable for commuting, and also a little bit into your day :)
BUY THIS IF: You want to drink your tea/coffee while you commute to and from work, or on your travels in the car.

What this IS NOT: This is NOT a thermos flask. It will not be suitalbe for anyone going camping/fishing/hiking for extended periods of time. If you take this on an 8 hour hike, your tea will be cold.
DON't BUY THIS IF: You actually want boiling hot after 24 hours. Instead, buy a real thermos flask.

My wife loves it - she makes her tea in the morning, and gets to sip it as she drives along and also when she gets to work. Perfect. It's also very easy to clean, and the new design has a lock button which stops the button being pressed accidentally. We bought the Red Contigo one 470 ml. ALthough it says 470 ml, you can only realistically put in just under 400ml, as the rest of the space is needed for the lid.
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on 3 May 2012
As a coffee addict who travels over an hour to get to work, I got quite frustrated with many different types of travel mugs I tried. They kept my coffee warm but all had the same problem: They were leaking. So I had a look at what else is on offer and when I read the good reviews for this product, I decided to spend a bit more and ordered it.

It arrived safely and after cleaning it to make sure I don't have unwanted smells or an unpleasant taste in my coffee, I wanted to see how good it really is. I wouldn't normally let my coffee sit there for hours but I was curious to find out how long the mug keeps it hot. After 3,5 hours (full mug), it was still quite hot and even after I drank some, it didn't cool down as quick as it does in my other travel mug. The plastic lid doesn't smell or taste weird and that's another plus because I have another travel mug which wasn't cheap and it took a long time to get rid of that plastic taste and smell.

The Contigo West Loop has a good size. I have what I would call medium sized hands and I find it very easy to push the button at the back of the lid, which is partially rubberised. So far, I didn't burn myself because the coffee doesn't come shooting out and I won't end up with a lot more in my mouth than I expected. The lid also has a hole (autosealed) to let steam escape when you're drinking from it.

I've tried a lot to make this mug leak but I guess unless I use brute force, it's not that easy. I had a full mug sitting upside down for hours, walked around while shaking it, put it in my bag, on the car seat. Nothing. It doesn't leak. I finally found my perfect travel mug! :-)
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on 18 September 2010
Initially I bought a Bodum Vacuum Travel Mug, Stainless Steel with Black Lid and Band, Large, 0.45 l, 16 oz from Amazon and I found it leaked from the hole in the "drinking" flap in the top. I therefore returned it to Amazon and bought instead the Contigo® AUTOSEAL® Stainless Steel Travel Mug which is 100% guaranteed not to leak. I have had this item for over a week and it does not leek because of the clever locking mechanism used. It also keeps drinks hot for 4 hours - so it is a much better buy @ around the same price. It also contains the same amount of drink (16 oz) as the Bodum Travel mug. A word of warning is that as it keeps drinks hot for so long you can forget this when you first use it and burn your lips if you are not careful - pour it into a cup is the answer if you need a drink within the 1st 30 minutes. Buy the stainless steel version as that is 100% dishwasher friendly (unlike the colour versions).
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on 5 May 2013
Last year I realized that I was spending over 500 Euro buying coffee at work. This was definately an area that I could address in order to save money!! I purchased a Tassimo coffee maker (Espresso..Latte...Cappucinos...) in order to make some quality coffee at home. Now I needed to find a way to safely transport my lovely coffee to work. I read all of the reviews and watched customer videos that rated this Contigo West Loop Autoseal Mug and decided to splurge (you get what you pay for!). Well, it has been 5 months now since my purchase and I can honestly say that this travel mug is worth it's weight in gold! I warm up the mug with hot water and then fill as recommended to below the cap threads. I then throw the mug into my handbag. Never once has this mug dripped or leaked or spilled a single millilitre of liquid!!! The seal on the lid is amazing! When you depress the "serving button" you can hear the hiss as the heat and pressure is released. My coffee stays hot in the mug for 3 hours and there isn't any taste of plastic off of the cap. The mug itself is very stylish and has a great ergonimic design... feels great to hold! I absolutely love this travel mug and would DEFINATELY purchase another. I am saving a fortune by making my own specialty coffee and am confident that this mug will transport the contents safely. I cannot recommend this product enough. DO NOT HESTITATE.....BUY THIS ONE!!!
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on 17 August 2015
Would never buy another Contigo product again or recommend anyone else to.

I bought three of their flasks and love that I can use them one-handed. BUT - and this is why I would say don't buy from Contigo - one had a faulty lid & kept leaking. I e-mailed Contigo but they did not even do me the courtesy of replying. I then sent the lid to their Belgium office in the hope of getting a response. NOTHING! Customer service does not exist.... Badly and sadly let down. Not good enough.
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on 2 May 2015
The best travel mug I have come across yet. I wanted something that kept my coffee warm, did not spill when turned upside down, could be put in a bag full without fear of it leaking and easy to drink from without spilling. This fits the bill. It can be operated with one hand. It can last me a 2 hour car journey and the contents are still hot at the end. The button that opens the spout can be locked, so that it does not open when in a bag etc. It has to be remembered that if you put boiling water from the kettle into it, and try to drink from this soon after, you will get a shock, as the drink will still be boiling hot - so be careful if you are driving and wait a while for it to cool below scalding. Also, press the button to release the pressure that has built up first. This is when you realise just how much pressure there can be with a boiling drink in a cup. It is easily cleaned. They have thought about this, so the drinking part in the lid can be opened out for cleaning purposes. If you do not wait for the top to dry fully however, when you refit it to the base, the water will dribble down the sides. Many travel mugs give the drink a funny taste which I have found a disadvantage. This mug does not do that.
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on 10 April 2014
I love this mug! I've been using this for a while now as it takes me ages to drink a hot drink. I can fill this at 8am, throw it in my backpack and it's still too hot to drink by 11am if you don't vent the stream. I am usually still sipping my apple tea by lunchtime and it's still hot!

I've read others saying it's hard to clean but I've found it fine. A squirt of washing up liquid, boiling water and a good shake is fine. Occasionally I'll leave it to soak and use a bottle brush, but a colleague of mine usues a denture tablet for coffee stains about once a month.

I use mines daily and the paint is starting to chip off of the bottom, there are a few scratches and a small chip on the side, I have the green one and considering I throw it in my bag and have dropped it a few times it looks great.

Handy tip - you can use this in a well known coffee chain and get 25p off the price. Great for a hot chocolate to go. Ask for the smallest size, they fill it right up to the top anyway 😜
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on 9 October 2010
Completely leak proof/spill proof. exactly what i needed when i'm out travelling on the motorway...although you gotta be careful because i was a little afraid to drink the coffee from the travel mug with it being so've got to let the coffee cool down slightly before putting the top on. Overall a good product.
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on 9 August 2013
A few weeks in and no leaks and living up to expectations, the only problem I can for see are spares, e.g. new lids. I contacted Contigo (the are based in Belgium) and they wanted to charge as much for postage as for the replacement lid (£24.00), which means if and when the lid gives up it is currently cheaper to buy a whole new cup! Come on UK suppliers, get some replacement lids over in the UK, we all know at some point it will need replacing and it would be good to know that an excellent product was backed up by good LOCAL customer service.
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on 27 August 2015
Great Mug..But Beware: Some have a Lock Button and Some Don't! I had never used a Contigo mug before, and first I bought the bright Blue one from a third party seller but fulfilled by amazon. I used it (and liked it) before I looked at the reviews more closely. Then I was disappointed to find that I had paid the current price for an older version that did NOT have the lock button or the Easy Clean lid (and I couldn't return it because I had used it). So I researched the reviews and ordered the Raspberry one directly from amazon for the same price as the blue one (planning to return it if it was the older version). Happily, it DOES have the lock button on top of the lid and the Easy Clean button to push under the lid. But I am still cross that this difference is not made clear on the different colours, and that I was charged the same price for the new and old versions, purchased only a few days apart!! AMAZON, PLEASE CORRECT THIS! They should not have the same item numbers!
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