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on 26 February 2013
I have always liked my music at home to sound good and have a good pair of Bayer headphones for when the kids are in bed, but for some odd reason I have persisted with the (white) headphones that came with my Ipod. I think my logic said that the sound was never going to be any good on a train or walking along a busy London street, so why bother. I am glad I bothered. Money for Xmas from my parents meant that I didn't have to pretend to like some fashion shop knitwear and set a budget for the headphones. There are many types of headphones and too many reviews. Headphones that are loved by one person are reviled by the next. The more reviews I read the more confused I became. I chose the CX175s because they had a small number of consistent reviews and Sennheiser have a good reputation. For me they are a top choice. Having not used In-Ear headphones before I didn't know what to expect. I was initially disappointed as they lacked bass, but a day later I pushed them a little further into my ears and couldn't believe the sound. You will know when you have got them right and you probably need to experiment with the different size adaptors.
If you, like me, are a newbie to in-ear headphones, there are two huge advantages that had not occurred to me (had not thought about it - really):
1) The adaptors block out outside noise (not cancel it) to the extent that you can easily wear them on the loudest of underground trains and still clearly hear the music without turning it up to a level that will involve a trip to the doctors at some stage. The slight downside to this is that you cannot hear train announcements and are so enthralled in your own World that it is possible that you may wake up on an empty train at the end of Chingford line (only once, so far).
2) The adaptors block out the noise of your music so that fellow commuters etc don't give you the evils. I used my son as a gauge to tell me how loud I could go and it was louder than I would ever want. Sometimes I can't believe that the rest of the World are not listening too (and really hope that they are not).

For less than £30 I think that they are amazing, but as I have not tried any others, I accept that I am not exactly What Hifi.
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on 14 February 2013
Good sound, comfortable to wear,good qualty constrution. Yes l would recommend that others purchase this kit.i am quite elderly (82) so quite a fussy chap.

sennheiser headphones
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on 13 May 2013
Best headphones I have purchased! Price is fantastic and sound quality is second to none. The in-ear noise isolating feature actually works really well and completely blocks out the noise.
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on 21 December 2012
I'd previously owned some CX300-IIs and was very pleased with them. So when they eventually died I was interested in something similar.

From what I could find online, the CX175s are supposed to be the replacements for the venerable CX300s, and my impressions seem to back this up. The sound is incredibly impressive: clear and open, allowing me to hear detail in familiar songs I hadn't heard previously. But it's also surprisingly bassy for an in-ear headphone.

One of my only bugbears with the CX300s was the asymmetric cord which is mercifully absent on the CX175s.

Better still, Amazon currently seem to be selling these 'phones at 30% off the RRP.

One last word of warning. If their predecessors are anything to go by, there may well be quite a lot of fakes about, especially of they become popular, so be careful if buying from unscrupulous 3rd party sellers.
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on 21 August 2014
Okay so I've been using these headphones today and I have to say I'm really disappointed. Coming from Sennheiser I expected really good quality sound, but this wasn't the case at all. High frequency sounds like Hi-hats and claps sound extremely sharp and actually made me wince, causing me to turn the volume right down to stop the "hissing" noises. Any track with these sounds in instantly becomes unusable.
The bass is also extremely underwhelming and sometimes doesn't even sound like it's there, it has no power.

The build quality is also dreadful, the wires feel weak and thin and tangle extremely easily, the buds themselves also feel hollow and light plasticy as if they'd break as easily as egg-shells. The wires also make a noticeable chafing noise when they rub against clothing that's audible through the buds.

They seem to reproduce vocals quite well, but other than that other sounds seem toned down and bland, if they're not hissing in your ears. However, they have a really cool design that screams Sennheiser.

I wouldn't recommend this product, and instead would advice doing some research and finding a much better pair, you may have to spend more to get something satisfactory but I'd almost say anything sounds better than these.
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on 24 May 2013
I've been wanting to get a decent-ish low end pair of headphones for quite a while but just hadn't got round to it, so I've been putting up with the generic pair that came with my phone in the time being. Result being, I've only used them for phone calls and watching movies, not music.

I decided it was time to get a new pair and embarked on my hunt for something that will generate a good solid sound, have good noise reduction and are also reasonably priced. I don't know much about headphones, or sound in general: but I do know when I hear something good and I love music with all its intracacies. I want to hear everything, and I want it to sound good. I don't want it to make my ears bleed and I don't want to go deaf, but sometimes I want it loud with lots of boom boom boom too.

There are some comments about these not lasting so long, but the impression I got was that these people use them a lot, and are moving them around a lot, so I'm hoping if I take care of them they'll last longer. The same folk who have said about the longevity still find them to be good though. I have a Bluetooth adapter thingy for the headphones (I recommend these, they're terribly good) so I'm hoping it will help as it means they'll not be stretched and yanked about on account of being attached to my phone. It's a Galaxy SII by the way.

I read a lot of reviews about a lot of headphones: there were none for this product that made me think "nah" or "hmm, maybe not". I returned to them after a few hours of looking, read the reviews again and thought, sod it, I'll have them.

The price didn't turn me off because they're a top quality make with a good rep and write up so I felt it was value and worth the punt: they're not that expensive all things considered.

With regards to the noise cancelling, they've certainly worked well in doing that for me today. I've used them on the train, through the station and then on the tube, finally walking across the City to the office. All incredibly noisy places. I heard nothing but crystal clear music except for a slight background hum on the tube (stood leaning up against the door, very loud location).

They're also the most comfy in ear buds I've experienced (I've not played with the different size bud things yet which is a first for me) so that they are comfy is saying something as I have very small, sensitive ears and finding something that fits and is comfortable for me is always a challenge.

All I need to do now is find a music player that allows me to save multiple custom settings in the graphic equaliser so I can accommodate the different music I have. That, and avoid being arrested for being disorderly in a public place because with these headphones, my music sounds so wonderful I can hardly contain myself from bursting into a one woman flash mob.
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on 13 May 2013
Firstly, product was received one day before estimated. The product itself is amazing, i was not expecting the headphones to be this good for the price, but they are better. Sound quality is unbelievable, bass is deep and doesn't break at all with a nice crisp sound. Definitely worth the money. Highly recommended.
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on 14 April 2014
I have purchased a long line of headphones usually of the non-in-ear variety but have lately purchased two pairs of in ear headphones at extremely different prices with these being the 'cheap' ones and some Bose sound comforts which were over 10 times the price of these. To sum up, for the untrained ear, there is barely any difference between the two. The sound is rich and colourful and the bass is handled extremely well despite their small and light form factor.

I always test any new headphones by trawling through a small track-list containing a wide variety of music and these headphones performed admirably in each category, particularly of the 'Indie/Rock' variety in which guitar sounds were emphasized and the general feel of the tracks seemed perfectly balanced, to my ears anyways.

At the price they are now selling for, I literally cannot see any reason NOT to buy them. Incredible value. If you need a cheap but powerful and crisp sounding pair of in ear headphones for your phone, mp3 then these are currently the best I have found at this price range, and indeed even better than most at far higher price ranges.
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VINE VOICEon 12 February 2014
I've had a number of sets of earphones in the past. My partner usually takes a liking to them.
These however will be kept at work away from light fingers.
The sound is perfect for my rock music, but also perfect for the classical moments too.
Noise reduction is second to none, perhaps a little too good at work, can't hear the phone!!
Earphone line to the jack is made of a flexible rubber which seems pretty tuff.
A gold connector makes the perfect connection for perfect sound transfer from your device.
One down side is the size of the jack which doesn't bother me as I'm just using the earphones from my phone on the desk but i'm sure would bother and hinder some people.

All in all I think this is a well deserved 5 stars for this product because despite the jack being a bit chunky the oberall sound quality is quite amazing!
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on 8 September 2013
I would only recommend this product for MP3 Players or portable players, not laptops as I had issues with this in which I would hear the static interference of my hard drives.. Since I have another pair of headphones (but barely working) I have had no such issues and that pair of headphones came free with an MP3 Player (SanDisk).

You'd expect as did I that these headphones would be working perfectly fine especially because of the price but this was not the case with Laptops, this I would say is great pair of headphones and you'll know where the extra money went with it's noise cancelling effect compared to others I have used excluding the fact that they basically don't work on my laptop.

UPDATE1: They are more noise blocking than noise cancelling.

UPDATE2: Decided to keep them as the static is hardly noticeable or not at all when playing music etc I believe that this custom laptop may be different from others and these headphones may not cause the interference as I have an SSD and a 1TB hard drive so definitely more "noise" than a standard laptop.

UPDATE3: Dropped it in my breakfast (milk) still works, it's milk proof too.
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