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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Far Cry 3 - The Lost Expeditions Edition (Xbox 360)
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£27.99+ £1.99 shipping

on 30 November 2012
Since Farcry instincts on the xbox when it was less known, it has evolved into something bigger and better each time whilst also learning from past mistakes.

4 years ago we had Farcry 2, a brilliant and realistic game, that with it's brilliance was marred by frustrations and chore like gameplay coupled with a nonsensical storyline or dilemmas with no consequence.

Now we have a somewhat anticipated Farcry 3 to top the year off, you may have read some reviews already giving it 10/10 and saying it's the best shooter ever made. They aren't far off.

FC2 was a chore to play, vehicles were slow and would need repairing every few yards, enemies could withstand a full clip before dying, enemies would somehow drive round a corner and attack you, enemy checkpoints would always respawn. The controls were a little sluggish and death meant suffering all of this again to travel to an objective again!

Thankfully Ubisoft was made aware of these problems, now the controls are more fluid and sharp. The vehicles are faster and scarcely break down. You don't have to worry about malaria. Enemies die if you shoot 1 bullet in the head. They don't magically spawn round corners from you or at checkpoints. Overall the game is a lot more fun to play.


There is now an intuitive cover and fire mechanic, where if near a wall your character realistically holds his gun upwards so it doesn't go through the wall like a ghost gun. If you press RT you will do some erratic shooting and holding LT makes you pop up to shoot, you aren't locked onto the wall and thus makes it the best cover/fire system I've used. Especially in comparison with perfect dark zero and Resident Evil 6's versions.

The AI in this game don't just magically respawn and no longer take bullets like The Terminator, but also don't magically appear near you to attack. They make their own patrolling rounds on the island or sometimes get into their own gun battles with the islands Natives (The Rakyat) or might simply be getting attacked by animals, and chancing upon such scenarios makes the world feel more realistic. If you attack them on the road backup will come and search for you in the area, it's nice. You can also use stealth to evade them, hiding behind bushes etc.

The game now has a perk system in single player, but not Call of Duty, you have 3 types of skills, the Heron, the..Bird, and the Spider (I forgot the 2nd) The perks you get are pretty good and feel quite useful in the game. From different takedowns, and health/stamina attributes to the running slide and dragging bodies. There are also perks in multiplayer more akin to Call of Duty.

Unlike the last game, they are faster and stronger. They also come in slightly more variety such as jet ski's and now the readily available ATV. They handle nicely too and you can handbrake with B, even jump out of the moving vehicle with a nice rolling animation. For those who don't know, you can use hang gliders too which handle better and are perched in places you won't be able to resist gliding from. Vehicles are all first person view and some have an unchangeable radio station, the music suiting the games theme perfectly. The only big problem is Ubisoft made the near fatal error of removing Vehicles from mutliplayer, more on this later.

Farcry 2 did certainly get one thing right, the guns, they were nice to look at and most realistic to use than any other game. They would over time get worn and rust before jamming and simply breaking in your hands. I think this game may have removed the weapon degradation and jamming? I don't particularly mind this. But the guns look even better and they sound fantastic, if fired in a WWII bunker it sounds the part. There are a good number of weapons too, from bows to heavy machine guns and of course the flamethrower. I should mention fire propagation is back.

The game still has the cool and painful looking healing mechanic. If your health dips into the last bar, rather than waiting for it to slowly regenerate, you can hold Y to regain the bar via healing yourself in a context sensitive fashion to however you were injured. Drop from a height and watch your dislocated thumb be snapped back into place. Get fired at? Watch the bullet be pulled out with your teeth then spat out, scratched by a crazy big bird? you'll wrap up the scratch wounds on your arm. Stand next to a grenade? a piece of shrapnel will be pulled from his hand. This mechanic is unique and fun to have. You can otherwise heal yourself with a syringe should you have some. Sometimes the healing animations do get muddled up, how crashing my car off a cliff would result in biting a bullet out ones arm I don't know. And there are fewer animations than Farcry 2, still nice to have though.

The game now has a crafting system like Skyrim, it factors in near everything, a wallet for how much money, a loot back for, loot, holsters for how many weapons you can carry (4 max) all different types of ammo pouches. They are made from skinning various animals, and it adds a nice new depth to the game, as you brave an area rife with tigers and rabid dogs. Plants and such can also be harvested for different syringes and effects.

You have a camera now which can be used to scout the area ahead and tag enemies or even take pictures, I presume you can view these. You will tag enemies upon aiming at them I believe but this is bad for a immersion and any challenge so I recommend turning it off in the options.

The animals are the level of depth Farcry 2 lacked, African savanah and no Lions? To be fair Lions and tigers etc don't need to be killed in a videogame but it isn't real after all and doesn't represent peoples disposition towards those animals. So it's a joy to see this game has realistic pigs, goats, dogs, crocs, tapir's (with ant eater trunks), large birds, tigers, cheetah's, panthers, turtles, sharks, jellyfish, manta's, vultures, monkeys, crows, the list goes on.. Without these mostly dangerous animals, the game would be standing on 3 rather than 4 legs.

Sadly this didn't work for me, and others, Ubisoft chose P2P servers rather than dedicated, and look at the result. Hopefully this will be resolved. You can however get all the weapons via ranks and several attachments/perks/equipment/special tier weapons like psyche gas and barrel bombs, also a somewhat basic tattoo editor.

You play as 1 of 4 characters, all different and thrown together in their same goal. But out for revenge after their money stolen by a boat captain. This mode is somewhat linear goes along set routes, it's ok though for a extra bit of content with a friend or two.

I loved FC2's one, so couldn't wait for this one. It does have some more content, like Thematics such as WWII and Chinese Temple pieces. It feels a little restrictive thanks to Ubi Massive including AI, Wildlife, and Vehicles that can't actually be used in the editor (it won't validate) Other than this annoyance and having to be careful with memory, you can make near anything. I'm currently making the area behind my flats, will run up and down the garden paths shooting my friend.

VISUALS: 9.8/10

Gorgeous visuals, your tv/monitor will look like you could jump inside it and being in a once in a life time holiday. The trees/foliage and grass, the views and everything inbetween. The lighting effects are rather nice, the water looks lovely and froths as it contacts the edges of structures. The guns all have nice design and the muzzle flash is great whether close or far (real looking battles from afar) The character modeling is decent and lip sync too. The reason not a full 10 is sometimes you turn and see objects materialize, all large games will do this to handle memory (a fully loaded world that's always visible would screw performance, but if you're facing one way, why have the things behind you rendered?) However other games don't allow you to see things materialize at like a group of bats swarming together. Also the draw distances in this game aren't as good as Farcry2, at least they don't seem it. Down a path about 200 meters, walls and tree's tops won't be visible, yet large rock/mountain set pieces will be.

The game has a mini map (no more switching back & forth between physical map like FC2) However a lack of options to configure the HUD and turn off tool tips etc is a shame for such a visually nice game, hopefully Ubisoft add this soon.


This game has very good sound. The guns mostly all sound wonderful and change if fired in a certain interior type. The dialog is great, most notably Vaas (the sure to be memorable psycho and antagonist of the game) The script is well written and enjoyable, but delivered in equal measures.
The music is great, somewhat tribal yet mixed with a "lost world" feel and pieces of dark/insanity. Though you won't hear it a lo as the game opts for a more realistic exploration.


You play as air head Jason Brody, he and his girldfriend, 2 brothers and friends go on this once in a life time holiday to party and be typical annoying tourists. But things end up tragically wrong, and you end up alone and hunted.
Thanks to the great antagonist Vaas I think the story will be enjoyable to play through. But The premise of the game is freedom and you must reveal more of the map via climbing and removing scramblers from radio towers, plus doing side missions and exploring. So the main story would be rescuing your friends etc. There probably isn't a big revelation lying in wait but I've not completed it so can't say.


For a brilliant game it has some niggles to iron out.
- Firstly there's a lack of HUD configuration which can affect immersion.
- Secondly Ubisoft removed vehicles from multiplayer to opt for more COD style team play. Bad move as vehicles are a staple of the Farcry series and differentiate it from most other games, it added unpredictability and much fun. 90% of fans according to a poll are angry with this choice and want them to not be restricted in the editor (you cannot publish maps with them in it)
Whether or not Ubisoft will make that change is anyones guess.
- The multiplayer is a bit off, the pre-made maps, the lobby, I can't put a finger to it. They did remove the new cover & fire system which is beyond me, removing such features will make it more linear and boring.
- Finally the game has some bug issues, the map editor is prone to freezing meaning SAVE OFTEN! to avoid frustration. Also the multiplayer isn't too playable at the moment, Ubi changed from Dedicated servers to P2P, this could be to do with it. I sat in a lobby for 5 minutes, only 2 people joined but they left with frustration, and me and my friend played firestorm for 20 minutes, no one joined. Patches are in the works however.

OVERALL: 10/10

The game offers what Call of Duty, Halo and Battlefield cannot or do not.
A large and addictive RPG-esque singleplayer.
Crocs, tigers, bears, gliders and more.
A big map editor for endless multiplayer fun.
Hopefully these bug/multiplayer related problems will be fixed and vehicles added as they stop it from being the perfect game experience.

But otherwise brilliant game, and perhaps game of the year narrowly ahead of the great Hitman Absolution.
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on 17 June 2017
This is better than Farcry 4 and Xbox One compatible The reason this is better is the villain and the location You will love too hate the villain The trippy cave mission is fun A perfect game
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on 17 August 2017
Decent game. Purchased as now playable on xbox one via backwards compatibility
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on 16 May 2017
Great purchase arrived soon and just as described, no problem
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on 14 September 2017
Very happy thanks
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on 3 December 2012
In a nutshell this is a fantastic game. I rarely buy games these days as they don't hold any lasting appeal and they take you down that same old linear route. I much prefer open world adventures where you can have so much fun exploring and seeing what you can encounter. Trouble is there are not many about that are pure class, such as Skyrim and Fallout 3. Im glad to say that Farcry 3 delivers in the fact you can go anywhere you want and do what you want. What i like about the game is that anything can happen when you are traveling around. The game doesn't revolve around you and the AI humans and animals react to each other aswell and that's the beauty. At one point i was sneaking over a hill and there were two pirates on the road, and here was me getting ready for the kill when a tiger just came out of nowhere and did the work for me. Any game that is unpredictable like this is certainly huge fun to play.

The main missions are really good and you do get involved in the story. The main villain is a bit psychotic and i wont say no more. You will have blast wading through the main quest.

There are a variety of side missions to go through and all of them fun. Find wanted posters and kill the baddie for rewards. Race other drivers in some of the many car races. Skin animals to create wallets, pouches and rucksacks. Collect plants so you can create various potions to help you survive. Also there are many pirate strongholds to reclaim, and when you do it becomes a safehouse for you so you can save your game.

If you love shooting the crap out of people and blowing things up, then that's fine, you have the choice to go that route if you like. And there's the stealth way which is really fun and rewarding. Playing this game you are most probably gonna be doing a hefty mix of both

Not gonna go in depth in anything else as most people have covered the rest. The graphics are amazing and the island is a pleasure to explore. Multiplayer is average, id rather stick to single player.

I think this is a better game than Dishonoured, Assasins Creed 3 and Hitman. This deserves game of the year. Great job
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on 3 December 2012
To start this is quite possibly one of the most endearing and well thought out games ever, massively improving on farcry 2, the level of depth and immersion into the game is outstanding with constant probable events happening such as; walking out of you house in the morning and possibly getting mauled by a tiger or skewered by a buffalo, or maybe even going for a quick swim in the incredible water (which is extremely well created) with manta rays and suddenly you are getting dragged to the depths by a great white, giving a sense of reality to the game that is absent among other games of the genre.

Storyline 10/10,

if you have seen the many adverts accross television and the internet then you would know that farcry 3 has been written by a guild of writers associate, and to be honest it has payed off, the storyline is incredible to say the least, a well thought out and highly emotive story that simply grasps you and will not let go untill you have finished it.

Characters 9.7/10

the characters in farcry are possibly the best, out of a comparison of many recent games, competing with call of duty, skyrim and grand theft auto,
and has THE best antagonist ever, an almost cornered or caged sense of insanity is prevailing in him, and of course im talking about Vaas, Vaas is quite literally the most insane character you will meet on the island but at the same time you can have a sense of fun with his insanity, almost a playful insanity, obviously this is personal experience but i think he is also quite a intelligent person. Although, the other characters are not so well thought out the doctor is, in my opinion, almost trying too hard to be insane he is pushing the boundries into just plain silly, but is still a very good character none the less.

Scenery 10/10

this is probably the most amazing part of farcry, the incredible scenery and detail of the scenery, it is so good that you can stand at the top of a radio tower and see for miles around in almost clear detail, which is incredible.

Vehicles/Weapons/Drugs 9/10

the extent of vehicles and weapons in farcry 3 is astounding to say the least i think its 42 weapons and 12 vehicles to choose from, all weapons have some extent that you can customise them to, from the humble AK-47 to the incredibly useful, yet highly impracticle flamethrower.
the vehicles also have a wide array of features including the jeep, ATV, jetski, helicopter and even a paraglider, these make getting around this huge island of insanity much easier and coupled with the fast travel function (which i advise not to use as you miss out all the random encounters) it is relatively easy to manouver around to get where you need to go, they coud have used more aerial vehicles but hey, what are you gonna do?
One problem i do have with the weapons is that they are incredibly easy to get right from the start of the game, and for some reason (it being a survival game after all) your character can instanly use a LMG or an RPG with apparantly no recoil to account for, now to me this seems a bit fishy as when in your life would you ever have training to use a LMG or RPG, as the main point is you are just a normal guy that has to face his insane side to face the trials of the island, he most probably had not used one before so a more realistic approach would improve upon an already insane game.
the problem i have with vehicle is that they are not in multiplayer ( WHAT i hear you scream ) yes its true there are NO vehicles in multiplayer, the defining feature of far cry is that it had vehicles to give it an element of surprise and manouvreability, but i can live with it. Now, a debatably subject, should drugs play such a prominent role in this game, ou can use drugs for pretty much anything, from healing to shrugging off flames even to make yourself see through walls, trees and hills to find animals to hunt, but it adds some more messing around to the game so why not.

Incredible scenery
Immersive stoyline
Captivating characters
Unforgettable Protagonist

NO vehicles in multiplayer
Non realistic recoil on guns
Could be more aerial vehicles

Overall i personally think this game is worth the Game Of The Year award for being an outright incredible game.
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on 4 May 2017
Didn't like
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on 1 December 2012
I rarely right reviews but i felt i just had too with this game!

I can't believe i played this game for around 10 hours today and i don't think i have EVER played a game for that long but that's how good the game is, I have always been into my games but as i got older i got bored easily of games but i just could'nt put this game down,

You can explore a huge open world, hunt, tigers, deers, pigs, wild dogs, bears, wild bore, sharks, turtle's, gian't lizard Komodo dragons, antelope and skin them all and sell the skins for money that can be used for weapons or weapons upgrades, you can parachute, hand glide, drive cars, jeeps, jet ski's, speed boats etc, Killing the savage bandits is fun and capturing thier camps,

This game is that good can't see me putting this one down anytime soon!! Gotta be one of the best games i ever played !
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on 29 December 2012
I decided to try Far Cry 3 based on all the good reviews it had received. I had not played any of the earlier renditions so didn't really know what to expect. I'm glad I did as it has been a great game to play and has given hours of enjoyment. The graphics are superb, although with the usual glitches prevalent in the limitations of a console release and the story line enjoyable although a little far fetched and can be fairly cliche. The controls are easy to get used to and the sense of atmosphere throughout the game add to the overall feel. The wildlife was a great touch and made for some difficult moments in the early stages when pounced upon by a tiger with little idea how to deal with them.

The reason I knocked a star off was mainly due to the far fetched story line and some of the level of repetition. A wimpy kid, locked up with a trained soldier, manages to escape and becomes a deadly killer in the space of about 5 minutes - taking out a well defended outpost single handed in the process with no prior combat experience. The premise is supposed to be that he adapts quickly to his surroundings and need to survive and you see him transform into the ruthless killer. It doesn't come across that way unfortunately and despite all the killing he is still quite whiny when it comes to the interaction with the female characters. Its also quite annoying how disgusted he continues to be when skinning an animal for what must be the thousandth time. Ruthless killer with a squeamish side perhaps.

After a while some of the missions such as the outposts and radio towers get a little repetitive, as do the hunter missions. You can argue some of these are skippable but you'd miss half the map without the radio towers. Skinning animals to make items was a great idea for the start of the game but it soon becomes needless once you have made everything and animals just become a bit of a pain as opposed to a particular use or deadly adversary.

I seem to have spoken about the minor negatives a little more than the positives. It really is a good game, not 5 star but a good addition none the less and well worth playing.
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