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on 14 August 2013
I bought this in substitution for the HP OfficeJet 7310, which now belongs to my parents. In comparison the 8600 is impressive.

The CM750A version of the 8600 Plus allows me to do things that 7310 couldnt, or was limited in terms of capability. In comparison to the 7310, I have noticed:

- Update printer software wirelessly, rather than through Windows on 7310.
- Print wirelessly without the addition of a Solwise Homeplug wireless socket combo.
- Double sided printing & scanning from the top feeder rather than constantly opening the top to reveal the scanner bed.
- Feeder is extremely solid verses the crappy print/scan feeder tray on 7310 that can easily snap off.
- Much faster printing
- The HP software for 8600 is far more stable compared to 7310's software which relies on updates to be reflected for printer to function.
- Touchscreen
- USB & memory slots.

Touch wood I have owned this for a few months and I am very happy with this.

For those who complain about Printer Cartridge consumption should really take a step back and think exactly what you are likely to be printing rather than printing everything for the sake of it?! I use my printer with respect and occassionaly for general tasks (e.g printing e-tickets, flight tickets, CV's job descriptions, 1 page spreadsheets). My personal expectation of this Printer has been fantastic so far and its 5 stars for me.
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on 8 October 2013
I have been using an older model of these printers offshore for the past 12 months. I have been extremely impressed with the swiss army knife versatility of the product. So much so that i decided to buy the most recent revision for home. Out went the last in a long series of nasty epson cheap vertical feed paper jamming printer only units. I spent a bit of time setting the printer up today and networked the laptops and desktops in the house to the printer. Easy to do, if all your laptops etc are netted thru your online router then its just a case of putting the software disc into each laptop in the house and installing the software then choose the printer at the end of software install. Prints very fast and is a mega leap forward for me at home. Not going to get anal about speeds compared to etc, its just a great bit of kit!

Edit 10/11/2013
We have had a few weeks use out of the printer and as we have a few BTL properties, two late teeenage children and my own business paperwork the printer has been seeing a lot of action. Absolutely fantastic, prints a 12 page lease in the time it took my old epson printer to realise something was being asked of it (50/50 chance of it jamming at that point). I really can't emphasis the freedom of being able to print docs from a coffee table laptop during a kicked back morning meeting with my wife. Don't talk to me about the freedom of photocopying in my own house without having to scan in 1st and then print! Seriously, this machine saves me time and grief and does exactly what i need it to do with no fuss. Hell, i'd employ it if i could. +++++++++++++ :)
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on 11 February 2015
This must be one of the best printers ever the ink last forever the quality is unbelievable it scans faxes it does not make coffee now but very close
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on 17 March 2017
all good
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on 8 May 2014
If I had known I would have not purchased it, you can't print just using a black cartridge. Never had this problem before with HP, but it seems to me that they want you to buy colour cartridges even when you just want to print in black and white, or, like in my case, you have run out of one colour.
Very annoying as I always make sure I have replacement cartridges available, but one was faulty and while waiting for a replacement I cannot print, how stupid is that?
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on 20 June 2012
This is my first HP printer for many years and, boy, am I pleased I bought it.

Very fast and good quality print, but I expected that. What I didn't expect is that the ePrint, Apps and little extra product delivery print services that they offer would be so useful.

I have news and technology updates delivered to my printer and printed out every day, I can email items when I'm on the road with a customer, to have it ready and waiting for me in the printer's out-tray, brilliant.

It holds a decent amount of paper so I'm not constantly having to fill it up and the XL print cartridges hold enough ink to print over 1000 pages ... value for money, I'd say.

The scanner is quiet and fast. Air print from my iPad was instant and the fax now works.

I say 'now works' because, while setting up I was informed that the cable was the wrong type for my 'phone system, which was odd as it was the one they supplied with the unit where all I did was swap it from my old fax and it worked perfectly.

The only negative from my point of view is that the scanner list doesn't lift on it's hinges so, when you want to copy anything thicker than a magazine, like a book, you can't close the lid. This is me being fussy, I know, but it was a useful thing that Canon do with their scanner lids.

On the plus side, the HP8600 scans and copies double-sided, a wonderful extra with the 'plus' model.

Five stars for this as it wirelessly does it all, with ease. It was also the easiest to set up printer I've ever installed.

I print from a number of other desktops, laptops, mobile devices etc. and there was no problem 'finding' the printer and printing perfectly.

I have taken out a separate guarantee as, should it go faulty, you'll get a reconditioned replacement rather than a new replacement so do be aware and go for the extra cover (I opted for the 3 year, with accidental damage cover).

Highly recommended, a beautiful printer that is fast, efficient with extremely useful features.

HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy, Fax, Web)
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on 2 May 2013
First off this is a great printer. It does everything you would expect, it is a breeze to setup and delivers great results (mostly).

It would be 5 stars if not for a real problem and the attitude of HP.

If you never write Word documents (or excel) where you need to switch from portrait to landscape, then you will not experience this problem. If you do, then you are in for a very frustrating life.

Imagine a 2 page document with the first page portrait and the second as landscape. If you print this double sided, after turning over from page one, the second page would be printed in landscape with the top of the page on the left hand side (remember the piece of paper is still upright/landscape). Anyway, this is how it works with every other printer I have used, and believe me I have used a lot of them.

NOT WITH HP it doesn't. The landscape pages are the other way up - upside down. What makes it worse, if you print a PDF file it comes out fine.

Now, I can accept that this is probably something that Microsloth are doing wrong in Word. However why does every other print manufacturer on the planet seem to work around this and HP just blame Word? HP's response is that I should create a PDF from my Word document and then print that! Not a solution.

"I see that the document that you intend to print has 1 page in portrait and 1 page as landscape.

The orientation setting while printing from MS office application the orientation setting is fixed for the complete print job; that is either complete landscape or complete portrait.

Adobe provides an additional feature called as Auto portrait/landscape orientation which is a dynamic value and hence PDF files are printed fine. HP's response is below. My printer is probably going back.

The unit will print perfectly fine as there would be no conflict of settings. Hence we had recommended you to use PDF."
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on 17 August 2012
Like many others I spent hours researching printer/fax/scanner/copier/colour combos and it seems to me that nothing ever gets a good review from everyone. I took the plunge with this one, as on balance, it looked like the best bet and it had EVERYTHING I needed. The printer was delivered at 2.30pm and it is now 3.45pm and it is completely up and running. Wireless set up with no problems. Have printed from computer, from phone and from an email sent from my phone. Have received a fax, sent a fax, scanned a document and copied a document....all with no problems in either functionality or quality. I have no complaints whatsoever and have to say it is one of the easiest setting ups ever....10 times better than the Epson I returned earlier this week to unmentionable High Street retailer! I think if you try and jump ahead of the set up wizard and set up disc for your computer you could come unstuck, but I followed the process as dictated and it all went very smoothly.

The printer also comes with a complete set of cartridges, so I am hoping that it will be some time before I have to fork out any more money, but obviously it is too early to say whether it is as cost effective as it claims. Already saving paper as the duplex function works a treat. It is bigger than an ink jet printer, but given how much stuff this thing does I think we can forgive it a bit of extra room......also with all the desk space I now save with laptops, screens, wireless mice etc etc there's room enough for this!

I know it's early days, but all in all, very happy with this and would recommend.
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on 23 April 2012
I felt I had to write a review about this printer for others that are looking for a reliable, efficient printer in a small office. It took me ages to make a decision on what would be the best for our needs - a small charity that produces questionnaires and research documents. This printer has excelled my expectations. It produces good quality print, is fast and does not use large amounts of ink like it's predecessor (another HP that lasted ten years)! Ink cartridges are cheaper for this model too. I would highly recommend this printer - watch out for the money back offers from HP.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 18 January 2014
I was looking for a printer which would do the following

Connect to my router through a wifi connection rather than a cable
Carry our double sided scans
Carry out double side print
Be economical to run

After reading the reviews for this printer I decided to give it a go, I must admit I did not buy it from Amazon but from a High Street store.

It was well packaged, and took minimal set up.

Lots of blue tape to remove and then I had to attach the duplex unit to the rear of the machine.

The instructions seemed to miss essentials like how to pop in the ink cartridges, but, when you turn the printer on, the screen takes you through the initial set up easily.

Connecting to the router was a piece of cake, password entered and set up.

The HP software disk was inserted in my Mac computer and found the printer straight away, however it crashed at the final steps of setting up the printer.

After a few attempts I decided it must be that it is not Mavericks compatible.

So I had to go the the HP site and download an up to date printer driver.

{Start Rant} Not the best start, I wish companies would realise how annoying such problems are when setting up their products.

The updated driver works fine

After setting up various online pages, (which were easy) I am now

emailing files to the printer which it opens and prints
scanning wirelessly

However turning on duplex printing has evaded me.

The print quality is good, the print speed is good and the scanning is good as well.

I just wish the set up disk at the start had searched for up to date drivers, that would have cut an hour off setup time.

However I can do all I wanted, apart from duplex printing.

When I know how to carry out that little trick I will report back here.


I have just replaced the black ink cartridge, I was running on the one that came with the printer, according to the counter I have printed 1740 sheets with that cartridge, the colour ones are low as well, but I am very happy with that output in real life from a cartridge.
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