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on 23 June 2012
I've spent a long time trying to find a decent sounding iPod doc for under £100. After lots of disapointment from well rated products here on Amazon, I decided it was time to go and do some listening for myself BEFORE purchasing. Previously I have bought and then returned the popular GEAR4 HouseParty, the AZATOM and a Logitech, all of which failed to live up to thier 5* reviews. If you care about sound, but don't want to spend a fortune, I can heartilly recommend this Sony, it's not too big, but has a full, clear and sweet sound with good deep bass. I'm finally satisfied. Though the bigger brother, the RDPX60, looks like it could be even better, but it crosses the majic £100 line that I set for myself. Buy this one with confidence though. Remote and controls all work well and it works with all my versions of iPod and iPhone (3GS).
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on 7 June 2013
I have been relying on a JBL On Stage III for some time and have found it really useful when travelling. It has also been in the bedroom and the sound is a bit thin so I decided to look for something better. I had a scan through the Amazon reviews and plumped for the Sony RDPX301P. For an extra £40 or £50 over the JBL the difference in the sound quality is like night and day. The Sony has much more bass and depth and picks out very well across the frequencies so I hear sounds within a tune that I haven't heard before. I listen to a wide variety of music from jazz to modern pop, dance and electronic. All of them very good on this docking station. It has three choices of sound, either off, Mega Bass or what Sony call Mega Bass and Mega Xpand. I have chosen the last one and with the EQ function on the iPod there's a large choice. The remote control is well set out and switches the unit off and on and operates the menu function as well as the usual play/pause, skip, volume. It seems to work well.

Things to be aware of that have been written in other reviews. There is no connectivity to other devices supplied and no radio or other functions. It's just a simple docking station for the old style connector (not the fire wire). The speakers aren't far apart so you won't get a great separation of each channel, but playing Dave Brubeck's "Unsquare Dance" which is a good test of stereo sound it does very well. There seem to be other Sony docking stations available with a DAB radio and clock/alarm for less money, but looking at the spec they aren't as powerful as this one and I suspect the sound is not quite as good. I really didn't need a clock that lights up the room and have Tune In Radio as an App (if you haven't got it I would highly recommend it - 100s of stations from the UK and around the world) so don't need a radio function. If you want a very straightforward dock that holds the iPod/iPhone securely and gives excellent sound I'd recommend this. I'm very pleased with it.
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on 8 December 2012
At last I had psyched myself up to by a Bose Speaker Dock - a couple of friends have them and they sound amazing.
But there are a few negative comments on Amazon (about the Bose - they must have been unlucky), so I took my iPod down to a local retail store, played a few selected tracks on the Sony, summoned the wife to listen, and made a decision to buy it!
To us - the sound is really good, and we saved about £200 too. No regrets, AND we can play CDs from a Walkman plugged into the back
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on 22 October 2012
A lot of the cheaper iPod docs have suspect sound quality. I listened to them in stores. Obviously, by spending in excess of £100, the quality gets better. However, when I heard the quality of this SONY model, at this price, I decided this was the one for me. The sound is extremely good quality, and quite sufficient for a normal living room. The only down side - there is no radio built-in. However, I'm satisfied with this compromise of price and sound. The remote control is an excellent bonus facility. Highly recommended!!
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on 1 February 2013
Other people have commented on the sound quality of this item and I thoroughly agree with them.
My iPod sounds rich and the simple but comprehensive remote enables me to enjoy all the music and books I want without having to leave my chair.
If you are looking for hi-fi sound from your iPod look no further, this unit will satisfy the most discerning ear.
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on 25 December 2012
Firstly. As a Sony product I did expect this to be a good quality - however, I was really quite surprised by how good the quality is.

It's only a docking station of course but it's exceptionally easy to setup. Pretty much gave it a go right out the box. Easy to put your iPod onto - however, it is the old connector rather than the new iPhone 5 style. However, that's not a big issue either.

The sound was clear. Good range and bass is quite strong also. All in all, for the price I cannot complain at all. The little remote is handy also and has decent range too.

Looks good. Very good sound. Easy to setup and get going with. As some have said, the power lead is not very long at all but I guess most people are going to have the docking station close to a plug regardless.

Well worth it and very happy with it.
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on 8 January 2013
Very pleased with this purchase, I must have reviewed every speaker dock under £200 before
I settled for this one,I decided in the end not to spend a lot of money, it gets to a point in my experience when you can spend a hell of a lot more money for a little better sound, this Sony dock looks stylish, sounds great with no distortion at full volume, plenty load enough for a big living room, all for £70, what more do you want
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on 19 September 2012
Bought this recently after searching reviews of several products, finally made this choice after following Simon's review. Delighted with sound quality. Took the dock on holiday recently and was able to enjoy our choice of music with superb sound quality. Would definitely recommend to anybody that enjoys their music with a good quality sound. Thank you Simon for your review.
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on 12 August 2013
For the price and brand, would have expected more. Compared to an old (around 1998 or 2000) Bose Wave Radio I used to use in my bedroom, this just sounds so much less impressive. I don't know how to describe it exactly, but the sound doesn't seem to project as much, and when you turn it up you just want to turn it back down again because it increases the volume of all the nastiest sounds in song tracks. With my old Bose, you feel like you are right next to it even if you are a couple of metres away because the sound is so rich and well-projected, but with this Sony speaker you can clearly tell that the tinny sound is coming from over by the wall. I tried putting this and my old Bose next to each other, and the Bose sounds just so much nicer for the vast majority of songs. This Sony speaker picks up all the distortions in the audio tracks, and in the songs nowadays which are full of lots of electronic sounds they sound horrible on this speaker, just tinny and static-like.

Overall disappointment, makes me feel like build quality in speakers is one thing that has just got worse over the years. All the focus is on iPod docking or wi-fi playback, when really all you need is a good sounding speaker and an audio-in cable and you are set.
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on 17 December 2012
I do not know much about technology but, I like my music to sound crisp, clear and a heart throb of base to set my soul alight and get my feet moving. Well you know what!!? This Sony Audio docking system is the business. More than that - as another review suggested - apart from docking your ipods and iphones, you can also plug in your CD Walkman and play a CD, also for those of you who like music on the move will probably find this item handy as it is easy to pack/carry. Overall, good sound, good price, no setting up, arrived quickly and portable. Thank you to the other people who reviewed this product as it helped me in my choice
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