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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 28 November 2012
Had the Lumia for quite some time now (March 2012?), which I feel is enough to finally cast judgement.

When I first had it, I had newphoneitus and would kill the battery in a matter of hours, as you would any smartphone. It was desperately bad however. After about 3 updates from Nokia life became easier and I'm happy with it now. It would still be nice to have a bit of feedback from the OS (not an app) to tell me what is eating the juice. There's little indication on the screen in regards what is switched on and I have managed to leave the Bluetooth turned on after leaving the car so another improvement required. I actually think that's my gripes over.

I came to WP7 from Android. My HTC Desire went awol on a drunken way home. It was a decent phone but the OS had turned into a sluggish dog - jerky animations, reboots aplenty etc. The Lumia is running as smoothly as the day I picked it up. Silky! Regular reboots required? Nope. I think the only time it has been rebooted by me is on a plane. I do remember seeing it reboot/recover itself once too. Not sure what that was about? All in all, a very solid OS.

Applications. I see it everywhere that WP doesn't have the gallery of Apps that Android or IOS has. Can I just say, GOOD! Trying to find the perfect app to do something simple was a nightmare! Too many options. With WP, the choice is curtailed and life is easy. I do wish Microsoft would get iron fist at this crucial time and vet out any disfunctional detritus that appears on their market (like it has on other platforms).
I'm not heavily into apps so I'm not dwelling on them too much. I don't avidly go looking for something that I don't need. I wait for a circumstance where I do find one maybe handy, and then go looking.
Marketplace usage: I needed a timer for cooking, so I went to the Marketplace and searched for 'Timer'. At the time, it only threw up about 20 results but now it's much more populated. Still, it's easy to find a well reviewed solution. I ended up with the excellent, SuperTimer. 4 asynchronous timers, perfectly matching my requirement.
I needed an interval timer for the exercise bike, so I put in 'interval timer' and from a choice of 20 odd, I ended up with the simply brilliant Push It!. So simple and so solid. Improved my achievements in the gym, no end. This app almost kills me!

Nokia Drive has replaced my old TomTom as a nav device. There are times when it can be a bit of a pig to find places(Thornbury powerstation springs to mind) because the search just hangs but there are always get-arounds that you'll discover (use Bing for instance). I still, as I did with TomTom, apply something called 'common sense' - I ignore it until I'm within 20 miles! Top tip. For an integrated option, it's neat though. It doesn't look as pretty as Google's but achieves the same purpose.

The camera has been excellent and the integrated ability to snap and upload to various social networks is amazing. Click, share, append optional message, upload. Done - Gordon Ramsey would be proud. In fact social networking is a very key feature of the phone. I'm not one for telling the world what I'm doing every second of the day but the Lumia has definitely caused me to up my Facebook activity - without ever going on Facebook! There is a Facebook app, but I rarely use it. The OS itself neatly takes care of all I need to achieve for me. Facebook (+chat), Messenger, Skype and Twitter all coming in one stream.

I have come to love my Lumia, I admit it. When I'm out and about, the ignorant Apple mob scoff and laugh (because it isn't an ehphone therefore uncool); the Android gang take a look then arrogantly claim it's rubbish as they reboot their phone. Persuading them that WP is actually good will be an uphill struggle because of course, it's Microsoft therefore must be rubbish, right? For me, fact is fact, the Lumia has given me no grief and still carry's out my day to day tasks effortlessly. Whilst out with the other OS phones, the Lumia has left them for dust in achieving what have become menial tasks.
On the battery life thing I offer this. A few weeks back, we did the Circle line pub crawl. Midday kick-off, batteries full, navigation on to find the first pub then off, 3G off, WiFi off. 12 hours, 3 phone calls, quite a bit on WhatsApp (3G on for uploads), 10 flash photos, 27 FB Check-in's (as evidence) later and the Lumia did actually shock me as it was still at 50% on the battery. iPhones dead, S3's on the last legs. I don't know but perhaps this was only because the others were phone fiddling more than me that day?

On the build quality, I can think of no other fitting way to comment on it other than if the Lumia 800 were an animal, it would be a Honey Badger. Cute to some, ugly to others, and either way, hard as nails. Drop it if you like, Lumia won't care! try scratching it if you like, Lumia won't care....

Why am I reviewing the phone now? Because I want the new Lumia 920 (Chuck Norris) - desperately. There could be a mass of 800's about to hit the market and felt it necessary to warn others that they may actually like it!

Note: I am finding that the Whatsapp program is a battery killer! Across platforms it seems to not be a patch on how good it was when it first appeared. There are much better alternatives available but unfortunately the masses are tied to Whatsapp now.
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Ok I was being a luddite, my previous phone was the original Google Android phone and although I still rate it, it was getting a little long in the tooth. So I was due an upgrade and decided on the Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia always made good reliable phones so it had to be OK didn't it?

In short yes, first off from a purely tactile point of view the phone feels right, its not massive but it sits comfortably in the hand, the buttons are in easy to reach places and there isn't a plethora of controls dotted all over. The included case is a soft touch rubber skin that clips over easily and feels like part of the phone. So OK on to setting it up, it imported all of my facebook friends as contacts but due to the age of my old phone couldn't handle the bluetooth contact exchange, so I had to add a few numbers manually, no big deal, but you can't add a number to a contact off facebook you have to add as a new contact then join the profile, this is simple enough but its an extra step that seems a little pointless.
So on to using the phone, ok the interface is really good, simple direct and very very easy to use, the tiles and a responsive touch screen make zipping about a pleasure and really fast, typing on the on screen keyboard works a treat, even with big sausage fingers like mine :) Some others are saying that as an MP3 player it doesn't work, well to be fair the speaker on the phone is a little quiet, but I use mine bluetoothed up to a motorcycle helmet and it works a treat, there are plenty of options on how to play your tunes and you can add your own playlists.
So would I recommend it? Yes its all there, decent battery life (I have had no problems at all) camera is decent (but I would take a DSLR if i wanted any proper photos) it is all there as a sleek good looking easy to use package, and a quick mention of nokia drive here, its Nokias own Sat Nav software, has a range of free to download maps and voices works very very well and updates quickly. The single core processor in the phone makes browsing, watching videos and everything a joy, always fast and no lag in performance. The windows operating system is light years away from any other windows mobile stuff I have used in the past and for a change a pleasure. My biggest gripe is Zune, I have never used iTunes and hate those software packages that try to take ove your PC, Zune is one, why can't I have a simple drag and drop interface? But although i dislike the integratedness of Zune, its not terrible to use just an annoyance but it works and it has loads of features that I will never use so thats why it looses a star for Zune. On the whole very very impressed with the phone, very well built, light, very good looking (I have the black one BTW) the screen is sharp, bright and clear. Apart from a couple of small niggles I have I am happy to be stuck with it for the next 18 months till my contact runs out :) Can't say better than that.
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on 20 November 2012
Coming from a Samsung Galaxy S II and being a lover of everything Android I wasn't too sure what to expect but I needed a new phone and I wasn't keen on spending so much money on an S II what with the S III out I decided to try out Windows Phone and not being a HTC fan I ended up looking toward Nokia!

The specs on this phone don't look too appealing if your choosing between the Lumia 800 and any other super-expensive phone out there but Windows Phone 7.5 takes care of that pretty easily, there's no apps sitting silently in the background eating the battery down to nothing in a mere 9 hours like on Android, there's no random glitches or screen freezes, app closures or WiFi randomly not working requiring a reboot for anything to happen again....

The Tiles feature is simply epic and navigating this phone takes a small bit to get used to, the integration of FB and Twitter is ingenious but not annoying, it just works. If you don't have Facebook then remove the ''People'' tile from your start screen and you're set! Anything can be added to your start screen, a favourite song, a contact, any app, pictures(I believe, I haven't taken any yet to try) you can also pin playlists and email accounts for easy access!
There's different colours to choose from which are really vibrant (I suggest always using the Dark theme as the Light one looks kind of...sickly) I found myself switching colours almost daily to match my mood, this will be added to with the upcoming ''7.8'' update the 800 is meant to be getting!

The phone out of the box simply requires an email address and your Micro Sim and our ready to go. Note: To anyone (like me) wishing to use XBOX Companion/Smartglass on their phones and wanting to access their Xbox LIVE Gamertags on their Lumias, if you are confused on the phone's start-up about what email to use, e.g I use a separate email address for my main email account and my xbox, have your initial email the one you use for XBOX Live and after that simply add your Hotmail account(s) that way you can fully enjoy the phone and take full advantage of Smartglass. Which is an epic feature that works SO well! You can add Gmail, Yahoo! and any other email account imaginable and pin it to your Start screen and it will update instantly on your screen if you've received new mail.

The Lumia simply works, and works well. Installing apps is a dream. The screen is unbelievably responsive yet I never make a mistake and my big fingers type very quickly with minimal mistakes!
Contacts Transfer went down a treat and I was ready to go with all my contacts on the phone and linked to their respective FB accounts in about 5 minutes.

Windows Phone is a relatively new player compared to iOS and Android so the app market is slightly saying that there's all the ones you're used to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Weather Apps, Games and Adobe Reader...there's no YouTube 'App' persay, it's more a glorified bookmark but YouTube's mobile page works remarkably well and signing in, commenting and favoriting are all simple tasks so it shouldn't be a problem for anybody! There's also a pretty sweet app worth mentioning ''Ask Ziggy'' is Windows Phone's answer to Siri!
YouTube videos play very well and the quality is pretty great for a phone and I've managed to watch full TV show episodes on it without any bother. There's a paid app on the market names ''SuperTube'' it's paid but you can, like almost every paid app ''try'' it out with seemingly 0 restrictions on usage, the app plays and downloads YouTube videos which is a nice touch!

Music is definitely something a lot of people care about, so most phone's that fall short in this area normally don't do very well. The Lumia comes with Zune Player which looks great and provides basic player info including a skip button on the Lock Screen. Music is transferred using Zune which I'll touch on in a bit. The external speakers are lacking but plug in a headset/earphones and you're set!
The best music feature on the Lumia is definitely the ''Nokia Music'' app, letting you stream music, have offline playlists and the ability to make playlists of your own. I've already discovered a ton of new amazing bands thanks to this feature. And it's free!

Like I said above, you can add Music, photos and Videos to your phone(and from phone to PC) via Zune on your computer. My pc has the worst spec but runs Zune smooth and efficiently and synchronises content with ease. This is also how you update your phone's firmware and anything else you can think of. It easily beats the likes of Kies and iTunes for ease of use and responsiveness.

Browsing on the Lumia 800, like any phone isn't preferable(for me anyway), but for checking random things like bus times or a wiki page or whatever it's pretty nice! Responsive, easy to use, fast, efficient and there's no clutter. As with everything else on Windows Phone it simply works and works well.

The phone comes with some nice extras from Nokia like Drive, Maps and Music which I've mentioned. The ability to download my country's map for offline use is a GODSEND! I always get lost and my S2 has died on too many occasions from data usage while I was trying to un-lose myself..this app will one day save me a ton of trouble!
I haven't yet used Nokia Drive but I'm sure it's just as good.

I don't know what else to say so I'll cover a few other nice things I discovered, holding on the Windows Logo on the bottom of the phone brings up all your recent apps for quicker orientation to the things you need, moving your finger down from the top of the screen slightly brings up useful icons like WiFi, signal strength and your phone's current profile and battery meter. The phone comes with a cover you should definitely use, it fits like a glove and no 3rd party cover will do half as good. If you are battery conscious like me don't just press the windows icon! Tap the hell out of the back button until your right back at your Start screen and feel safe knowing nothing on your phone is working in the background!

I think that's everything, I probably forgot something really stupid and blatant but yes...that's a pretty decent review by me for your pleasure, if your unsure of Android or Windows Phone hopefully this helps make up your mind. This phone looks DAMN good and feels that way as well. :D
If you have the extra cash get yourself an 820 or 920 as they'll be supported for longer with updates. If that's something that would worry you. If not the Lumia 800 is your phone!
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on 13 February 2012
Bought this phone to replace a HTC I managed to break. The Lumia feels robust and well built; phone comes with a rubber case for additional protection. The Windows OS is great and continues to improve with each update (ignore the haters who flinch because it says Microsoft!). Battery life is good, Nokia have done well with this phone. Give it a go, you wont regret it.
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on 4 June 2012
My dad has this phone and loves it. I have to say I was horrified when he told what phone he's getting, he's such a ludite that it takes him ages to get used to a new TVremote so him being this Nokia with all the frills filled me with dread with all the hours I was going to have to spend teaching him how to use it.

However I was pleasantly surprised as after installation he has never had to have my help on anything and has found everything very easy to use, including the use of the various applications.

A new modern phone that's robust, has plenty of frills but still maintains high usability, awesome!
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on 20 December 2011
I recently moved from an HTC HD2 and am impressed with the following:

1. Sheer quality of the device. Never seen a phone this well built.
2. Form factor. Brilliant compromise between screen acreage & portability
3. Windows 7.5. All in all, a great OS that just works
4. Speed & responsiveness of the device
5. It's not an i-something from App*e, so is not joining the herd :-)
6. Web page rendering. Nice.
7. Nokia Drive satnav. Works real well.

Less keen on some (OS) features

1. Unable to select *all* emails in a given folder to delete. When you get a load of emails in a day, most of which will be read then deleted, it's tiresome to individually select each for delete
2. The somewhat hurdles to be jumped to sync Outlook contacts, which need to be punted thru Windows Live account, so, if (like me) you don't have a Live account, you have to set one up in order to get your Windows (!!!) phone synced with Microsoft (!!!) Outlook... hmmmm. I'm OK with this kind of activity but others may not be & may find it daunting.
3. USB cable supplied is a little flimsy - sleeve on connector slips easily, but it works fine.

In summary - a very good quality device, with a slick interface for day to day use. Some limitations may need to be addressed to prevent long term niggles...But it's the nicest phone I've had to date.

UPDATE... I allowed the phone to fully discharge overnight. Next day, I put it on charge. Several hours later, still not charged. Phone dead, and won't accept a charge, just shows the battery level low symbol, but won't charge sufficiently even to turn on. So it's bricked. Returned for repair.

UPDATE 2... Nokia replaced it with a new Lumia 800 (with newer HW version I think). All well so far so I'm liking it again! Also Nokia have upcoming firmware that apparently fixes a raft of niggling problems, so it could be a real great phone at that point!!

UPDATE 3... Latest Nokia firmware downloaded & installed. All is well. Excellent battery life, improved SQ, loooooooooooooooooooovely phone now! Recommended!

UPDATE 4... WP7.8 now installed and the phone is even better, with 'close to WP8 capabilities/look'n'feel' ... A very savvy / careful buyer friend of mine recently bought a Lumia 820 on my recommendation & having seen mine and he's very happy with it.

My contract is up with the carrier later this year but, as things stand, I will not be looking to swap this phone, and will keep it...

So... more reasons to recommend this phone.
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on 9 December 2011
Got this phone a week ago and must say how impressed I am by it. After having an old type windows phone and then an android phone, this seems like a giant leap forward!

All the apps work in the same way and the 'live tiles' really are the way forward. I was concerned about battery life, but was surprised that it lasted a whole day even when I was using it constantly the first few days. I installed the update from Zune yesterday morning and then charged the phone fully... at the time of typing, the battery still has 37%, after 26 hours, I have only made 3 or 4 shortish calls, but have used Zune and text messaging/e-mail/internet a lot, so looks promising. The Carl Ziess camera is very good, not used it for HD video yet, but stills look pretty good and the auto fix software makes pics even better, if a little blurred. There is no front mounted camera, which could be a problem if you like using Skype.

When I installed Zune (Microsoft's equivalent on iTunes) on my PC, it uploaded my complete library of songs and videos from iTunes (huge bonus!), and installed all the latest upgrades to the phone (which took about 30 mins!), the Zune PC program really is good, but can be bit on the slow side on my 3 year old laptop.

When you want to purchase an app/song/video etc, you have to purchase Microsoft Points, similar to Xbox Live, which is a bit strange at first after having used iTunes for years, but prices seem to be more reasonable than on iTunes. There are no books I could find to download in Zune, but this seems to be the only omission.

Back to the phone itself, I really think the metro interface is the way forward, I showed a colleague at work who had just purchased an iPhone 4S and they said they wanted my phone instead. Everything is very, very smooth and slick. This new interface is soon to be on all new Microsoft products including Xbox 360, Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10, so everything should work in the same familiar way.

Is it better than the iPhone? I would say it's on par with it, I may change my mind after using it for several months, but either way you can be sure Apple will be 'borrowing' some of the features from this device!
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on 18 February 2012
After years of being a iPhone user I decided to look at windows as from what I have seen the software looks good. There has not been a good looking windows phone in my mind until the Nokia 800. And let's be honest, Nokia has been around so long the hardware was bound to be good. It is, the phone is a nice weight, perfect size and oozes class, just like a iPhone but a little more reserved. The charging port flap which many a reviewer has moaned about feels ok to me, I can see why nokia done it as it does look good when closed but we will see how long the plastic catch lasts! Oh and the free rubber case is a nice bonus!

The software is so far flawless, well not quite, the browser is a bit hit and miss and you cany always open links but it's liveable. I love the tiles and the whole way everything on the phone integrates. If your a social butterfly then you will love the way Facebook interacts with the phone and your contacts.

As for apps, they need to come down in price at least 50p for the paid ones. Not many apps about but all the important ones are there and I have no doubt more will be made.

Overall if I had to give a score out of 100. I'd give it a score of 87
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on 4 December 2012
First thing that catchs your eye is the clean matte black finish around the decent sized screen.The phone sits perfectly in the hand and feels good in the pocket.
Starting up the phone , first thing you notice is that it is remarkably quick. Everything loaded up and ready to go within seconds.

The interface is so clean, user friendly and so sleek. 100% the neatest cleanest interface on any smartphone out there.
Once you enter your hotmail or live email at the start, the phone basicly does the work for you. Links up your accounts and gets everything set up.

I would recommend the phone to anyone who whats a simple and clean experience with the backbones and features of top range smartphones on the market. 5/5.
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on 1 April 2012
Before I begin, let's get the 'Cons' out of the way first...

1) no front facing camera - but I personally never have use for this.
2) battery life MAY be kinda short lived - I say may be short lived because it lasts almost a day for me but i've been using this phone NON STOP since I bought it because I love it, this also happened with my iPhone so might just be me and will be fine when I calm down using it.
3) not as many common or high profile apps in the marketplace as with iPhone - but I hear Microsoft is working hard on that.

I bought this phone because my iPhone 4 started rebooting randomly with iOS updates and the continual screens of apps was very cluttered, using folders ment finding apps was a nightmare. Plus remembering where I put them caused me to keep using spotlight to find them (which sucked). All that plus lets be honest.... iOS is kinda dull.

I use to own windows mobile phones years ago and they were awful. It was PDA software stuck on a phone. Microsoft got lazy and made windows mobile 6.5. Which solved nothing. I chucked my phone at that point and got a Nokia. It had Symbian which was truly awful so chucked that for an iPhone 4.

When I seen Microsoft fixed their mobile OS and called it windows phone and now teamed up with Nokia I was interest and finally thanks to my iPhone being next to useless, I bought the Lumia 800.

All I can say is WOW! Every phone OS has its benefits. But for me this is th best. The live tiles is a brilliant idea. Everything YOU want is on the home screen. It's less cluttered and yet so full of the info relevant to you. Apps are great, although some higher profile ones as mentioned earlier are missing at the minute. (Angry Birds Space for example). Some games cost more than on iOS too but they come with the benefit of Xbox live integration and achievements which is in my opinion fantastic. As a social device, it cannot be beaten. Windows Phone 7.5 connects all your contacts and methods of contacting them into 1 place.

The phone itself is well built and solid. It's also quick, I am still surprised with how speedy it is. I also tend to find that when I had no 3G connection on my iPhone, all I had was a brick. It did nothing when the connection wasn't 3G. This lumia 800 on the other hand appears to just work all the time! Which is great for when I'm at work.

If you purchase this, note that it comes with a rubber case for the phone. It's by no means an expensive case but it does the job. I made the mistake of purchasing a case when buying this. Slight waste of money, even if it was only a tenner.

In conclusion, this is a quality phone, very quick, great social hub, also has office if you use that kinda thing for work, best phone operating system out there and Xbox integration is fantastic.

I'll just add this too for any iPhone owners who may be in the same boat as I was..... This phone means your not at the mercy of iTunes, that bloated, slowed media player that syncs everything so badly. Instead you get Zune software which is easy and quick. Transfer music and it just works, it doesn't tell you that everything else on your phone will be deleted for reasons unknown!

Buy this phone! (or at least wait till the Lumia 900)
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