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on 27 January 2012
Last year I wrote Trafficked: The Diary of a Sex Slave to try and raise awareness about trafficking, so after my research for it I was expecting a lot of the horrific ordeal that Sophie describes in her book, but many others will not be. The truly scary thing is that trafficking is a huge global problem, and yet many people aren't aware of it, or they often assume that it happens just to people from poor countries. Sophie's story shows this isn't the case. She is an educated British woman who, like a lot of us, had emotional baggage that made her more vulnerable. She put her trust in the wrong person. A mistake that was a tragedy for her and could've cost her life. It proves that a normal person who accidentally slips up could be in the same situation. It could happen to you, or your daughter, or your sister, or your wife. In fact, it's going on under your nose right now. That woman working on a street corner or in a sauna or massage parlour that you see every day could be trafficked. That's why Sophie's story is so important, and together, we can all do something to raise awareness.

This subject is hardly ever in the media so I applaud Sophie for having the strength and courage to share her story, and break the common misconceptions that surround trafficking. Victims hardly ever speak out because they're threatened that their families will be killed. Often they cannot escape because they are brainwashed into believing their captors and they don't know who to trust. Their lives are a living hell.

You will cry while reading Sophie's heart-breaking story, and you will feel disgusted, sick, and angry, but it's a story that needs to be read. No one should have to go through this, and I hope this book and the work she's doing with Stop the Traffik will aid her healing process. She's a truly courageous and inspiring woman.
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on 5 August 2012
Reading this at first, it was hard to see how anyone could get suckered into the life which befell Sophie and hard to understand why she didn't tell someone, or make her escape, despite the threats to harm her family. However, gradually, you come to realise that this is how scum like Kas, the trafficker, operate - they completely brainwash their victims and wear them down, having first wormed their way into their affections. It's a truly dreadful story and one which should be told loud and clear, in order to stop other girls suffering Sophie's pain and distress.The aftermath of an experience like this must be horrendous - it must take years to get your mind back to normal, if ever, and you have to feel for Sophie and her family.

The story was a little repetitive at times, and I admit to skimming the pages occasionally - maybe I just didn't want to open my eyes to everything that happened to this poor girl. This book is definitely worth reading.
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on 8 March 2012
This is a brilliant book, written with strong feeling and courage by a woman trafficked from the UK to mainland Europe by a man posing as her friend. It is a must-read, because although the subject of Human Trafficking is gaining momentum, and the message is getting out there that this really does happen, there is very little information about British girls or women being trafficked.

Please read it and tell your friends and family about it.......everyone needs to know about this awful crime that has been under the radar for too long and is, finally, being brought out into the open.
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on 5 February 2012
Trafficked: The Terrifying True Story of a British Girl Forced into the Sex Trade

I have been aware and involved in anti trafficking for over 4 years, but this book gives a whole insight into the way a victim can be groomed, broken down and controlled. Brought tears to my eyes.
I have had the privilege of meeting with Sophie, and after reading this have EVEN more respect for her. Sophie to be able to come through this and then face and move on from all that happened, SO proud of you!
If you have you know trafficking happens, if you think no not in England then this book a must.
And for every teenage girl, let them read, really this could be a life saver.
At times you may need to pinch yourself as it is a true story.
Thanks Sophie for sharing your heart, your story, truly compelling and thanks for charities like Stop the Trafik
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on 22 January 2012
I ordered this book after watching Sophie on This Morning. This is a heartbreaking true story. Sophie describes in some detail what happened to her, I am sure there was a lot more she could have said but feel that it was kept just right. I read this book in one day as I was unable to put it down. Knowing that this had actually happened to another human being is heartbreaking and unthinkable! I cried whilst reading this book, but felt at the end Sophie had moved on so, so far from this dreadful period in her life, and really showed herself to be a truely remarkable person!

Trafficking doesn't just happen to a sterotype as this book proves. Sophie is a truely remarkable lady and I hope that this book might in some way help her move on from this terrible and unthinkable experience.
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on 23 January 2012
I downloaded this book after watching Sophie on the TV. I couldn't put the book down. What I was reading was unimaginable and what a brave individual Sophie is. This really isn't the sort of book I would normally read but I will say this - Buy it NOW.
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on 9 February 2012
This frank, hones account doesn't have to try to have a huge impact on the reader. It isn't written to shock or impress, but simply describes a series of events that add up in to a horrifying nightmare. I cannot overstate the feeling of respect and admiration I was left with for Sophie's courage and bravery. Sophie survived through incredible presence of mind, courage and the good fortune to have a loving, supportive mother and step father who couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong and raced to Sophie's side the moment she felt able to ask for help.

As Sophie highlights herself, it's sobering to think of people going through this who don't have the same internal resources or ability to cope, or family at home who are in a position to come to their aid.

This is an important story that had to be told and I'm so glad I read it. It's compelled me to do research about Stop the Traffik, the charity that helped support Sophie after her return home, and to write to my MP in support of their campaigns, which reflect the many different types of human trafficking. It might be hard to stop this as an individual but governments and law enforcment agencies can make a difference by taking time to really explore and understand the issues, and working together to combat it.
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on 22 January 2012
I bought this book on the recommendation of the Stop The Traffik team - they do fantastic work in raising awareness of trafficking!

They told me that Sophie is a phenomenal woman; her story is so atypical in that most trafficking happens to foreigners who are trafficked into the UK (or to other countries). Sophie is an educated woman and this still happened to her - a gripping read, and a sobering story which shows that trafficking can happen to anyone!
I pre-ordered it so I could start it at the earliest opportunity and read it in just a couple of days (a record for me!)- un-put-downable!
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on 18 February 2012
I really admire Sophie for having the strength to tell her story. I hope that her putting it down in writing has helped her.However, I feel the writing itself has badly let down the impact of Sophie's story. Had she written this herself it would be understandable, but she didn't and it's school-girl stuff. Repetative and padded. Despite the riveting subject matter, I was bored by the plodding writing style. This should have been much more sharply edited, but then it would have only been a very short story or perhaps a chapter in a book about this horrific subject. Remarkable though her story is, I feel cheated by the publisher.
This is not to detract from Sophie's story and her bravery in telling it and I wish you good luck with the future.
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on 13 February 2012
Words cannot describe the admiration I have for Sophie for not just sharing her ordeals, but for helping to bring this major issue out into the international arena.
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