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on 21 July 2013
Was going to go for a the bigger 10000mAh battery but thought I've give this a try first because it looked like a nice size and a good compromise.

Very happy with my purchase. The battery looks great, it's very small and comes with a nice little bag. As an iphone 5 user I knew I wasn't going to get an adapter included (it would be nice if Anker do in future) but it wasn't an issue, I just use the ridiculously short cable that apple supply with the phone.

Anyway, I charged it up straight away from the mains and did some tests in my first week with the Astro mini. First test was to top up my phone each evening until it was 100% and NOT charge the mini in between topups. I managed to charge it up on 3 consecutive nights from 60% to 100%, 50% to 100% and 53% to 83% before the mini was depleted.

The next test was to let the phone battery go completely flat and see how the mini coped charging it from 0% which I believe is harder to do. It coped well, I got one full 100% charge and then the next evening I charged the phone from 66% to nearly full, I think it was about 88%.

So conclusion is you can get about 3 half charges or about 1.3 full charges on an iPhone 5 with light use of the phone whilst charging. So in my view this fit's the bill perfectly for me for weekends camping or long distance walking where I might need to juice up my phone because I use it a lot as a camera. For the price and small size, this is perfect for my needs.

Nice one Anker! I would definitely purchase your products again.
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on 29 August 2016
I bought this back in June. First impressions were it was a nice little looking device, simple as it should be. When I first charged my iPhone it wasnt long til it showed the red light showing as empty? I thought it might have been just a one off but it has happened so many times I can't even get a good full charge out of this. So disappointed as the reviews were good and I have other good Anker products I've had no issues with. This device is no useless to me because it doesn't even work!!

I see nowhere where I can contact Anker directly! What can I do??
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on 3 January 2015
I initially purchased the Anker Astro Mini (2nd gen, 3200mAh) as a small backup to keep my smartphone topped up following a comparison and discussion at the Wirecutter ( My requirements were something small (that would fit into a small extra pocket in my backpack), lightweight, that would be able to charge my phone from dead to full or near full, and that was simple to operate.

I've been using the Anker Mini for over a week now and overall I'm extremely impressed. The box (which was satisfying to open thanks to small touches like the "Thanks for choosing Anker!" message on the flap) contains the Anker charger, a Micro USB cable, and a drawstring bag -- it does not come with a USB plug. The Mini comes precharged and is usable straight out of the box.

The Astro Mini has two ports, one for charging the itself and one for charging your devices; a LED light, and a single button. The device itself is not the most intuitive so I found I did need to read the manual -- a quickstart guide would have have been a nice addition. The LED indicates when the Mini is charging either a device or being charged (green), is low on battery (red), and is itself fully charged (yellow) however in my usage so far I haven't found the LED particularly necessary. The construction of the Mini is perhaps the most standout feature of the design. It feels rugged (as if it could be dropped and beaten, much like an iPod classic) and sturdy which is an overwhelming plus when compared to other similar products. I've discovered that the Mini fits into my jean pocket with my wallet which is another massive bonus for it.

I've found the charging speeds from the Astro Mini to my phone to be fast as advertised but not enough to keep up with my Nexus 7 (2012) whilst using it. Whilst charging I would have expected the Astro Mini to get hot to the touch but this is not the case, a positive if you're charging on the go. Charging the Mini is not as quick as I'd hope despite me using a fast charger but charging overnight eliminates this problem. A fully charged Astro Mini is able to revive my phone from dead to near full capacity and so I can confirm the advertised capacity is not far off reality. Overall the charging experience is solid. I cannot comment on the "power IQ technology" as I've only used this with two devices.

A few comment about the drawstring bag. It comfortably fits both the Astro Mini and the included USB cable and is my go to method of keeping them secure and together. After a week of carrying them in the bag I have noticed wearing from the inside of the bag and small black fluff on both the charger and the cable however this is not a huge concern of mine. The bag has a drawstring closing mechanism which in my experience is fairly hit and miss, occasionally not closing as smoothly or as fully as I'd hope. The bag does not feel as if it's the highest quality material and I'm certain it's not going to last anywhere near as long as the Astro Mini. All that said, I'm glad they included it and I will purchase a higher quality version when this one wears out.

Overall, the Astro Mini met and exceeded my expectations. The Astro Mini is well constructed, small enough to fit in my pocket with other items, and is solid in the charging department.
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on 5 October 2015
I was very happy when I bought it, very useful three times, I stopped using for a couple of months, and never worked again. Waste of money and illusion. I can't believe that is non eligible for return, warranty, anything? What a swindle!
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on 28 August 2014
Great little device. Charges my Samsung S3 very quickly and my Samsung table. The only downside is that it doesn't indicate when it running low and needs recharging so you won't know until your going to charge something - then you realise that it's dead :-). An indicator would be useful.
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on 17 November 2013
Item was excellently packaged and presentation was definetely 10/10. I charged it up out the box until it was at max capacity. It takes 4hrs 5 mins to charge the Anker powerpack up. Takes just over 2 hrs to charge my iPhone 4S fully and then there's enough left for another partial charge around 30-40%.
Its a perfect size to keep in a rucksack for an emergency which was why i purchased it as i ride a motorbike and so have no means to charge my phone or action cam while i'm out. The quality of the supplied USB-to-microUSB cable and adaptor for iPhones(3gs, 4, 4S etc) is top notch, and although there's no led indicator to let you know how much charge is left in it, as long as i charge it up before i leave then there was plenty for the day ahead. Build quality too was 10/10.

I edited the rest of my original review because with subsequent uses i found i was getting less and less charge on the second topup. Sadly it seemed i had a faulty one as the second charge that originally gave me 38%, then dropped to 15% and 8% etc each time round i used it. Looked like the powerpack wasn't holding charge.
I emailed Anker about the problem, and the customer support i got was fantastic. They really do aim to give their customers a 5 star service! It was all sorted out within a few days and i was left with nothing but praise for them afterwards. Nowadays aftersales support is as important as the product itself, and Anker really do excel in both.
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on 16 March 2015
I bought one of these to keep my iPhone and Garmin charged up during a multi day bike ride. It did the job perfectly - small, light and simple. But a few weeks later it suddenly stopped recharging. I contacted Anker through Amazon, who replaced it quickly and without quibbling. The replacement has now failed as well. I have ordered another product as a replacement.

A lot of the other reviewers have had similar experiences. I suspect that the higher ratings are from buyers who submitted their reviews before their unit had had time to fail.
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on 14 September 2016
Bought this as I wanted something compact that I could take with me to charge my phone on the go. I was going to take a size comparison pic but my hands are tiny and it would make it look bigger than it is.

It's a bit bigger than a lipstick tube and very light. I was surprised at how light it was. You won't even feel it in your bag or pocket.

It takes about 24 hours to charge but then I get about 3 full charges on my iPhone 6s.

I was worried about it accidentally turning on but I've kept it in the carry pouch and it hasn't happened so far.

I would recommend this charger.
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VINE VOICEon 11 August 2016
Great portable battery supply.

I use it on my bike to keep my phone charged up while on rides as it's being used for mapping/GPS. It's a really small size so fits in a top tube bag with room to spare.

It easily charges my iPhone 5 from empty to full with enough juice left to recharge again. I've never needed to do 2 full recharges, but it's copes with 1 and a half no problems.

The device is pretty robust. I've dropped it a few times and had it banging about in a bike bag while riding rough terrain and there seems to be no ill effect. I also go it wet while out for a ride in the rain and it still works fine.
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on 9 June 2015
I've been using this for the past 3 weeks almost. I've initially bought it to replace a smaller charger, both in size and capacity (it was great as well but unfortunately lost it).
I'm abroad for work a lot of the time and find myself on the road often. This little thing provided a perfect stop-gap for me in-between power plugs. I get a full charge out of my Xperia Z3 Compact and enough juice to keep my MiFi going for an extra 2 hours.
You can't beat that quality at that price. In fact, i'm not sure if this quality can't be at all beaten!

A little more than a month now and this beautiful stick can only hold half of its charge, even less. My Xperia Z3 barely gets to 54% loading up from 5%. Really disappointed as i was super impressed with it.

For 6 weeks now the Anker Customer Service have been in constant touch. They sent me a new, in-the-box Anker Mini. Unfortunately, i was away so couldn't try it immediately. I'm back now and everything looks back in order. I know that should anything go wrong, all i have to do is get in touch with their brilliant customer service who will go above and beyond the call of duty to rectify any issue. Getting the Anker and the guarantee that comes with it is cheaper than chips at this price point!
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